Iron Banner Review

Published on: Dec 22, 2014 @ 14:51

The latest Iron Banner wasn’t necessarily well received by many people. Some asked, “what’s the point?”

Was this Iron Banner event too early after the last one? rewarding enough? This article will explore how the event could be improved.

If you missed out, check out our preparation guide for the next time it’s available.


Before we get into the pros and cons of the Iron Banner and ideas for improvement, let’s first overview what the rank/XP means for you.

Tempered, Gear, and Iron Medallions

The Tempered buff, which costs 1 Mote of Light each, is an investment buff that accelerates reputation gains every twelve hours. The table below shows how much you would benefit each day:

Day Potency
1 10%
2 15%
3 25%
4 40%
5 60%
6 100%
7 150%

Each win will earn you 50 experience. With an Iron Banner class item, shader, and emblem equipped – which give a stacking bonus to reputation gains – this will increase to 66 experience.

Without the 10-30% buffs, or Tempering, it’ll take about 140 games to reach Rank 5, starting from Rank 0.

If you didn’t win, you still won Iron Medallions. With these, you’re able to convert up to 5 losses into wins. The Tempering buff also works for these Medallions!

You gain 40 experience for the Medallion, so when you’ve won your next game, you’ll get not only the experience for the Medallion but also the experience for winning.

What’s Good

Gear matters, skill rules. Nothing was more evident in Iron Banner than player level and gun damage.

Players with maxed gear; 1463 Armor rating and 300 damage weapons, definitely ruled the field over their lesser geared counterparts.

The same principle applies with your Guardian’s light level. The higher it is, the more bullets you can soak up and the more damage you can deal. It’s designed to be merciless against those that are ill equipped, while stronger players dominate the field.

The gear that’s available with the Iron Banner is powerful, but is it enough? We’ll discuss more on that below. It’s worth noting that the end-of-match rewards are more prevalent in the Iron Banner.

Iron Banner also has its own unique bounties, which grant plenty of XP; another great opportunity to charge through your upgrade trees.

What’s Not So Good

It seems the controversy with the Iron Banner is that most people don’t feel it’s worth participating in. People say “what’s the point?” or “why bother?” – and why is that?

All of our ranks have been reset, which of course was expected, but the new loot that we can earn when we finally rank up again just doesn’t seem useful enough.

I believe people are more concerned about the rewards for participating, and because they’re few and far between, it’s causing them to question why to even participate at all.

Another big problem is the bounty variation (or lack thereof).

iron banner review

Possible Improvements


There should be an acceleration system for those who have reached the rank 5 in a previous event, instead of a hard reset, where everyone is completely equal.

Players who have already put in the time and effort in the previous event should have an easier way to get ahead. It could be a purchasable buff only available to them.


A skill-focused reward system in Iron Banner would also be appreciated. Currently the match rewards in IB are random, but they do have a higher chance at rewarding items.

In addition to the higher drop rate, how about also giving players who preform exceptionally well, a higher chance at receiving rewards.


Speaking of rewards, there should be at least double the amount of items available for purchase. By the time the week is up, just about everyone is able to buy the gear that’s for sale, but a lot of people don’t even find that gear useful.

It’s clear that people want meaningful rewards for participation. While I personally would play simply because it is enjoyable, Destiny is centered around loot, and the IB vendor loot is too limited.

iron banner rewards


It’s safe to say that the attack and defense mechanics in the Iron Banner feel good, and prepared players are benefiting from the experience. The bounties are easy enough and very rewarding, and it’s not hard to rank up each week.

What’s up for debate is the frequency of rewards, and the amount of loot available from Lord Saladin. Thankfully DeeJ is going to share these concerns with the design team,

Interesting feedback about what compels you. Very few comments about enjoying the fact that Attack/Defense ratings are more of a factor. I’ll pass along feedback about rewards.

So what do you guys think? Are you happy with just playing the Iron Banner for the fun of it, or do you need more rewards to make it worthwhile?

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  • Juan Columbie

    the loot drops from the IB playlist itself is a lot better than any other play list ive encountered. From the last 2 IBs I’ve gotten 2 hawkmoons, planc, timurs lash, 4 ships and universal remote. The vendor items need imrpovement but IB is playable just for the increased loot drop rate.

    • Blivy

      And yet I played yesterday for at least 3 hours and recieved 2 Blue Engrams. 2 Blue Handcannons. Some Blue gloves and whole lot of nothings. Truth is what your saying is no different to you doing Nightfall and getting lucky and me getting coins. Working hard to come top in IB only for a dice to then roll to see if your deserving gets tiresome quick. Plus paying 11000 + Glimmer to buy my grinded weapon is actually an insult. What does farming glimmer have to do with PVP and why not just reward winners with decent Glimmer in the first place? Seems Destiny really is just a Beta for Destiny 2. That will be another £50 please sir. /Rant over :p Sorry 🙂

  • Alter

    I got to rank 5 last time simply because I wanted to be level 30 and look DIFFERENT. Since 32 is the cap, I wasn’t compelled to get the new gear and the weapons aren’t that great either, so I passed up on the entire thing.

    • Mezi-Crochet

      Exactly… We passed! IB it’s a waste of time right now!

    • Mat

      yup, it’s a waste to put in the time to get it only for it to be obsolete by the time you get some raid gear, which isn’t hard

    • I thought that the armor gave the same light level as an exotic and raid gear (36) but when I saw it gave 33 I was very disapointed because now it doesn’t really standout from normal legendary gear

      • Yeah, I wonder why they did that, especially since in the last IB you could get gear that would help you to max out (at the time to level 30). But besides any aesthetics, the gear won’t get you any higher than regular Vanguard or Faction gear. :/ They should’ve bumped it up to 36…

  • Mezi-Crochet

    Seriously, I’m more a PVP player than a PVE, At least was… I grinded a lot the last IB to buy EVERYTHING Lord Stallion has to sell. Less than a month after that, all my stuff is OBSOLETE. I was hoping at least I could REFORGE my weapons to get the news Post-DLC stats… NO. Furthermore, My rank has been reset and the LORD sell same thing again (Boots and Gloves). I played some games (20 maybe) for the Loot drops and the fun (Because yeah, it’s fun!), but I won’t spend my time in that event anymore! IB is a dispointement cause it has great potential!

    • Juan Columbie

      they did warn you that the rank standings were going to be reset. If they increased the vendor items it would be a good balance. Itll give you incentive to grind the lvls again.

      • Mezi-Crochet

        Exactly… I don’t really care about the rank reset… But I grind like crazy last time… And they left me with nothing… No competitive Weapons, No competitive armor, And no energy and shard when you dismantle it… So why I did this again?

        • Mat

          exactly. when you say obsolete, you dont mean the stupid rank number, you mean the gear you EARNED. Then a week later they come out with the expansion and give everyone light-33 gear to buy, and all the stuff you EARNED is useless.

          Sure, they offered light-33 stuff this time, but it’s the same identical gear as last time, and at this point most of us have bought 33-gear to do the raid, so why earn gear that isnt any better than what we have and on top of that pay 10,000 glimmer a piece?

          • NLK3

            I just hate the commendation system. Not hard to level up the vanguard bounty, but PVP would take ages (only one of mine just reach 3 last week). It now forces you to level up each time you want one thing. Extending the life of the game the wrong way, making people work more for less or the same.


            Crucible commendations are easy to come by since you get them for ranking up a faction, and can rank up a faction by only doing PVE bounties.

          • Gilbert M

            I did not know you can rank up factions doing just pve bounties. Pretty much thought you had to do crucible to do that.

    • Xelement

      And can we get something new…?
      IB for what the 4th time now?

  • Phoenix

    I enjoyed the event. I play a lot of control anyway, so double experience for leveling my exotics by way of 10 IB AND Crucible bounties being worked on at once was awesome, and seemingly overlooked. Loot drop was nice for me (and seemed even more frequent than the last event, could have just been RNG being nice), and more so than that – I enjoyed how much rank mattered. The new matchmaking update helped as well. If my fireteam (all 30/31s) faced a team that were high 20s, and we pulverized them (as we should have) we were put up against a team with similar skill…some of the best games in the crucible i’ve had were games decided by a few hundred points, and I seemed to get that a lot more this time around.

    Yes, there could be more things to buy/more rewards, but I enjoyed it either way. Maybe a new currency system introduced (that way if you have IB marks they stay in your inventory until the next event, so when you do level up you can get something you need or want that wasn’t around last time, hint – chestpiece).

    • Mezi-Crochet

      I think the game and the idea is great… As you said… It’s fun… Really. But the loots isn’t there… If you have time to do the nightfalls, heroic, The Both Raids with your 3 characters and you still has some time to spare on the game, Go ahead! But if not, everybody should priorize those things before considering spending time in IB

      • Christian

        That is the pity. I threw aside Iron banner this time around because I don’t have the time, on top of my usual weeklies, to do it. The rewards seem redundant when you instead focus your time on activities like the weeklies.

        I love Iron Banner, and I know I will play it next time around because Bungie has always done what the people want, so they will refine the Banner once again to a much better and worthwhile standard.

  • Reflex

    I grinded last IB to get to rank 5 primarily for the shader and mark. I don’t care for the weapons, they seem pretty generic to me. I would really only play IB banner again if they updated with a new shader/mark each time. I got what I wanted out of it and the rewards are pretty much the same. Not really any motivation to keep playing it.

  • Guest

    Love PvP, The Iron Banner is the champ PvP mode in Destiny for now, ahem….enter Osiris. You have to work to get your stuff, we all know this and we’ll all do it if it seems worth it. I second Mezi-Crochet’s opinion, TDB DLC came out and completely wiped out IB 2.0 gear, that’s where it all went wrong and makes it not worth it now. I grinded 2.0 pretty good to be outdated mere weeks later by new Vanguard/faction gear that trumped IB 2.0 gear and even the new IB 3.0 gear falls a little short. This was a bad move, i’d rather buy the new gear and grind to level that up, it’s common sense. If Bungie wants me to play IB i will, but give me an incentive to. The clear choice for me is to grind Vanguard Marks and get all that gear which i have and will max it out. Same thing with VoG gear, no sense in grinding that anymore for gear because it’s junk too. I love this game but it’s time robbing and I’m always thinking about leveling the fastest way I could. I played IB 3.0 for the fun as well but only got into Rank 1, I came, I saw, and I decided to do something else worth my time, simple as that. I really wanted to keep playing IB 3.0 but i need shards to upgrade my new gear i just bought so that’s why I quit playing IB 3.0, my attention needed to be elsewhere. Bungie, you’re having a hard time keeping me focused on playing the game the way i want to…….

  • sbrozzi

    I played the first IB and hit rank 3. The second IB I put in more time and hit rank 5 & was able to purchase the IB gear & guns. This third IB not only did I not play but I haven’t played Crucible in more than two weeks, because why bother? The reward system as we all know is laughable. The Bounties are the same as before. Even the new IB gear & the guns are not more powerful than regular Legendaries. This IB felt a little rushed to be released & was too close to the last. I would have much preferred seeing the Queen return or some other NEW special event.

    Any other PS4 players please add…
    PSN sbrozzi
    LVL 31 Hunter.

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Personally I find the Iron Banner no different to the standard ‘Control’ or at least not significantly different. I still find that level 24’s and lower with weapons like Shingen-E (not even fully upgraded) are just as likely to come top with a positive K/D as a Level 31 with fully upgraded Legendary or Exotics with a 331 attack stat.
    As a one of those Level 31 players with fully upgraded weapons, I actually find it easier to compete in the standard control matches against lower level players where stats apparently don’t matter.
    As for the rewards – well the game rewards seem to be very similar – lots of ‘blue’ items. I only saw 1 person end up with a Legendary engram and I just seemed to get the standard crucible type rewards myself. Saladins selection certainly didn’t appeal as I preferred the stats of the vendors items.
    I am not much of a PvP player when it comes to Destiny in general – I have played ‘some’ but no-where near as much as the PvE. I just find the whole experience unrewarding and gets very boring very quickly due to the lack of maps and modes. I ended up playing the same map 4 times in a row yesterday.
    For me, I can earn more rep and items playing PvE and have more fun too so it does seem rather pointless

  • Igor Chernyy

    A lot of it comes down to the fact that Bungie has no respect for the time players have spent getting their gear. It is evident from the way they handled DLC transition and IB events.

    That kind of attitude is what is making it very difficult for me to justify keep playing the game. I know that during the next event Bungie will say – oh well all the gear you earned so far is useless, thus you have re-do everything you have already done to get the gear you already have but with 31 points of armor more.

    I don’t know if I will bother to go through IB regrind ever again.

    • Christian

      I’ll be honest. I liked how they made the VoG Armour redundant. It just means there is two whole new tiers of armour to work towards. I reached lv 30 before the DLC, and I plan to do it again. It’s just boring if they add in hundreds of new items into the DLC that are already worthless. I can’t imagine why you’d want them to add basically just add useless content with the DLC.

      Bungie has demonstrated quite the opposite. They don’t have to change the Iron Banner at all. They never had to add it in the first place, it’s just additional content. No need to take it for granted. They revamp it almost every time it comes around. I’d be pretty grateful you have a company willing to strip down and rework an event every time it comes out just because people complained.

      If you even have doubts about enjoying the game. Just don’t play it. It’s designed for entertainment, if you aren’t being entertained, why play it at all? It just defeats the purpose of playing games in the first place, lol (:

      • Igor Chernyy

        I don’t understand why would you like that. They took 50% of all raids in the game and made them well pointless for the most part. There is no need to ever run VoG ever again.

        They took all my exotic weapons that I have worked very hard to max out and pretty much reset them.

        Iron Banner hasn’t changed all that much in the last two iterations. The gear you get from it doesn’t even begin to compare to what you get from CE. Since you actually can’t get level 32 from IB but you can from CE. Meaning people who PvE will still be stronger than you are, in IB.

        As far as old argument of, ‘if you don’t like it just don’t play the game’. No this doesn’t work and it doesn’t help the game or the developers. People who stand up, and point out problems is the saving grace of any game. If everyone just adopted that philosophy. People would just leave, and you as developer would never know what was the problem in the first place.

        • Christian

          I like it because I don’t want to buy a DLC full of content that is useless. Why would anybody? There is no need to buy a DLC full of gear that is already redundant. If it wasn’t for that gear, I would already have Full raid gear and would already be waiting for the next DLC. It would be another 3 months of boredom.

          Nobody is making you reset all of your exotics. There is no need to do it with half of them because I doubt all of them are even used. Exotic weapons are very prestigious. They should be hard to maintain and you need to be dedicated to a weapon to make it perform at its best. That’s why this system was introduced, so no one player should possess all of the best items in the game at max.

          The iron banner hasn’t been made 36 light yet because the players that worked to complete the raid will immediately be pushed out of that prestigious level 32 zone by players who just earned some gear from a far easier challenge. The Devs are allowing raiders the exclusive opportunity to be this rank for their efforts for a bit longer. The IB is still a work in progress, the reason there want a complete overhaul this time around is because players seemed unanimously happy with the previous changes and Bungie went for another test run to see if it sticked.

          You might be noticing a pattern with all these things you hate. They are designed to set players back and constantly give them things to work towards. Bungie doesn’t want people to achieve all of the End-Game items at Max because then people will just stop playing when the get said items. It would become boring and there would be no benchmarks left.

          This is what is wrong with gaming communities. They feel that if they don’t like something they deserve the right to protest for it to be changed, when in many cases, it’s not the game at fault, the players just don’t occupy the same taste.
          For example: I feel making the VoG armour temporarily redundant was a much more favoured move. It gives the raid completionists 2 extra tiers to strive through; More content to play and work for. It also gives players who can’t do the raid the chance to get on top again and have a fighting chance. It’s the perfect way to balance the economy of the game. Just to say you don’t approve of it doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing. This isn’t an ordinary FPS. This is Destiny. Players are expected to constantly be reworking and achieving new gear. It’s not about getting all the best stuff, it’s about constantly working towards that great stuff, and by the time you get there, new better stuff takes it place and keeps you working for it. If you don’t like the game being this way then you shouldn’t play it. There are other games out there like Destiny that don’t have the gear being reset and downgraded, if they changed it it would be just like those other games that you could play instead. Don’t like it, don’t try to change it, play another game that does it already. If you look hard enough, you’ll find plenty of games that are what you want Destiny to be. Give it a go. Destiny already occupies this signature concept of gear being downgraded, there is no need to make it identical to the many already existing games.

          • Mezi-Crochet

            I’m agree with you Christian! The beauty of the game is you’ll always have to grind! Bungie doesn’t want you to have EVERYTHING. All the armors 36 easily. They want you too rush! Same for the exotics, people complains for the “reforging” systems. I think it´s great! They don’t want you to have 10 exotics weapons maxed! At least not the majority of us! Amd anyway people complain about the exotics systems but you knpw what?? 300 weapons when you’re are level 31 is this quite enough to do EVERYTHING right now! Nightfall, heroics and the raids so…

            My only point was about IB that is still work in progress… To much time for the rewards…

          • Christian

            Thanks for that. And yes, simply agreed 🙂

  • pochi

    IB was in a way of a disappointment but if u didn’t care bout the weapons getting all the different ships was something I was grinding for but Bungie needs to change things. Trail of Osaris has a lot of potential of separated skill players from non skill players by rewarded the good so hopefully bungie doesn’t mess this up at all and let IB follow-up from it

  • BigScaryBunny

    I skip this latest iron banner. I enjoy pvp, and i have both friends and clan mates to play with. What bother me is that i don’t need or want the gear and weapons he is selling. There was no guarantee reward in the event that I want. If he was selling gear that equals to light level 36 then i would.


    I have limited time and playing IB to reach level 5 would mean that i would have to miss out on my bounties, daily mission and maybe even raids. Not worth it IMO

  • Lara Croft

    If u want PVP fun, just play normal crucible. This IB was just plain pointless.

    • Mezi-Crochet

      It’s better play IB cause of the XP, Bounties and potential drop loots. But better to play PVE than PVP… that’s the pity of the game!

  • Diego Pedrollo

    I love play IB. Much more than crucible.
    But the reward it’s sooo poor in this one…

  • iDuk3

    i just played this time for fun. i like the new iron banner und enjoy it, because i’m more of a pvp-player. but i didn’t use the buff this week, just because there was really no good reward… maybe the sniper, but not for another 11,500 glimmer ;). only good thing was, that i got lucky yesterday, when i got the dreagons breath after an IB game. I think it would be nice, if Lord Saladin would sell ALL of the IB-Weapons, as soon as you hit rank 5. Still trying to get the Timurs Lash…

  • Christian

    Bungie was seriously on the right track with Iron Banner. There are just a few things that don’t compel most players to play it. We can’t deny they are onto a fantastic concept, but the limitation with rewards just don’t make it worthwhile when we have other far more important challenges at hand. Iron Banner is “Fun”, there is no denying that. But I think we all agree that we wont throw aside other potentially worthwhile activities just to enjoy it.

    • Mezi-Crochet

      Yep on the right track, I agree! Now they must make IB a ” must do”, something the PVP players have to do! Exemple:
      Armors and weapons with PVP perks, special exotics that only can be obtain in IB, armor with 36 lights, More interesting loot

      • Christian

        It will go up to 36 regardless, they just didn’t do it this time because it’s too early for people to be shortcut ting the raid. Frankly, IB should wait for a while. That’ll give them the time to add all of the right changes.

  • Wiz

    The reward for effort just isn’t there. Like others have also said, I’m very disappointed that I grinded to purchase the weapons from the last iron banner because now they have become obsolete. Also it’s pretty dumb that iron banner gear isn’t even the best to use during the event. I already have better gear that ive obtained from the new raid. Why should pve gear give you more of an advantage than iron banner gear. I definitely felt that this iron banner was almost meaningless.

    • Mezi-Crochet

      Exactly… If at LEAST the IB armor had PVP perks… like the raid armor have raid perks

  • Spiggs

    I loath the PvP aspect of Destiny, all grind for useless and haphazard loot, that becomes obsolete way too quickly.

    For a FPS to be a whopping 6v6 is a joke. They promote this open expansive world but 6v6 is Nintendo esk, Now I know the maps would have to get bigger…there’s a thought to accommodate 12v12. One player for better or worse depending on skill has too much of a factor on the outcome, where as if they had 12v12 you could water down the effects scrubs or pros have on the results imo. Then they complicate the PvP with the bounties that have players not playing the objectives to complete said bounties.

    I haven’t touched the Crucible or IB in months, there’s no point, most of my clan and friends have done the same. You can get gear of equal value from the Vanguard, so what’s the point? Maybe it gets better, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

  • Tyler Ragghianti

    I wasn’t nearly as involved as the last time. I wanted the gear for aesthetic reasons, but wound up getting new vanguard gear from drops and never felt the need to go back to IB. Also, I was a 29 last time and felt the significance of being in the top half the players, since a lot were 27-29 last time. This time i was still a 29 and equally felt the difference being on the lower end of the scale this time (which is both a good and a bad thing). Hopefully the next IB is slightly different, i.e. differnet game mode, new gear, etc.

  • ski

    -This talk about lower ranked players having a disadvantage
    is BS. I saw level 25s, 26s and 27s destroying teams of 31s consistently. How
    is it possible a level 26 is able to 3 shot a level 31 with fully upgraded
    armor if this is true? This math is not adding up. I know a bunch of people
    will just say its skill but I rank in the top 24% and consistently finish 1st
    or 2nd in PvP matches and had my ass handed to me on more than one occasion
    this weekend from low level players with weapons that have not been upgraded. I
    saw a narrow range of damage done with a fully upgraded shadow price on head
    shots. Head shot damage ranging from a low of 27 to a high of 31. That is not
    much of a difference or an amount of damage being done.

    -I was one of the people saying what is the point of Iron
    Banner before it dropped due to the underpowered weapons are and the armor cannot
    get your player to level 32. I did play however and reached level 5 playing the
    majority of the time on Sunday where you could get the 100% buff which was nice.
    Why isn’t all the armor offered to buy btw? Relying on random drops really
    doesn’t work especially when the guys finishing in 1st place consistently do
    not get the nice drops the last place and 2nd to last place guys get. Is that
    because Bungie feels the guys that are getting their butts kicked deserved to
    get better drops to level the playing field? Should I just play hard enough to
    get by to get the rewards instead of trying my best to win?

    -My last issue comes with the reforge. I played the reforge slot
    machine and lost big. I kept re-rolling trying to get something that would be
    useful on the 2 scout rifles and sniper rifle and lost all 28 motes of life
    with nothing to show for it. More than once not a single perk would change!?!?
    Would it be too much to ask for, to implement a system where we could custom
    build our weapons instead of relying on luck? Possibly having to complete
    special missions or bounties to find materials to forge weapon perks we are
    looking for? I understand the Destiny creators do not want people having these
    super OP weapons so there could be some restrictions of combos placed on
    different weapons but it would be nice to pick the perks we wanted. Picking the
    weapon perks not just for Iron banner weapons but all weapons. This could
    possibly be a way to bring some legitimacy back to having a gunsmith. I think
    we would all be willing to work hard to custom build weapons we would be proud
    to show off to all our friends. I enjoy building fire teams based off of different
    player’s skill types, playing style and equipment owned. Adding the option to choose
    perks on weapons would be an added element to consider when taking on the hard raids.
    Thinking about this a little more why limit this to weapons alone? Could we
    reforge and customize our armor too?

    -I love this game but like everything there is always room
    for improvement. My last suggestion is when the next expansion drops can there
    be a system where players who work hard for certain items do not lose value on
    their most prized weapons and armor? The way things transitioned from the last
    expansion did not go very smooth. It is really disappointing having spent a
    bunch of shards or energy just to loose all of it due to that weapon and armor
    are now obsolete. It takes months of effort to get these materials and we all
    feel we got screwed not getting close to the same value back. If we are going
    to be trading or old items in we should get close to what we put into it back.
    I understand some depreciation but don’t treat us like we are going to a lemon
    lot trading in my 2013 Lexus for an 1987 Honda. We are losing out with variety
    and personal preference by forcing everyone to all have the exact same armor to
    reach level 32.

  • Wade Ekisz

    I hit Rank 5 on IB’s 5th day using temperament (btw, thank you bungie! I got 2 kids, a wife that works multiple jobs, and one car between us so this has helped a lot!) but unlike IB 2 I didn’t go for the gear, just the weapons. I’m enjoying the autorifle, needed a new one as shadow price is getting old. I think they should wait a good month or two before the next Iron Banner, make new gear and offer helmets and chestpieces this time as opposed to gloves and boots. Or offer all of it and the ability to upgrade your previous gear and weapons to light lvl 36 or something. Maybe they wanted to get another Iron Banner out quickly before they drop Osiris? I don’t know. Not that upset, to be honest, but I do think it could be better.

  • Baryn Alex Dumas

    I just wish Queens Bounty and trials would show up

  • AlecJ

    The main problem was the armor rating of the gear available. Last time they made the highest light level gear available. Gear you couldnt get anywhere else but from raid drops. This time the gear was no better than the stuff you could buy from any vendor. I know i didnt feel like it was worth it to grind Crucible reputation for gear i already had.

    I stopped playing around level 3. I was just bored of fusion rifles and grenades in my face.

  • NLK3

    We need a way to upgrade the max damage for rare and legendary gear too. It’s just unfair to have to start over with new stuff when the old stuff was not only good, but may have been obtained very late before the DLC release. Seeing that the gear doesn’t get you to 32 and that the sniper was just a Preydeth’s Revenge with lower ammo meant that it wasn’t worth it. They need to be fair to all the players of this game. Nothing should have to become obsolete just because you CAN get something better, not that you WILL, nor would the new stuff be similar to the old. Why not cycle between the new weapons and the old (upgraded) weapons daily or weekly? Shadow Price was a good weapon with overpenetrate (awesome for mobs), but now, there’s no newer auto rifles that does that, but just a fusion rifle.

    P.S. I still want a bulletin board/recurit/invite type system to join games based on my preferences (mission, level, class, etc.). No matchmaking, but something to get us going without constantly sending friend requests or messaging people who won’t join us.

  • D-Cubed Sean

    For me, it was more of a goal. I had gotten Rank 3 and only gotten the boots last time, so I decided I was going to get to Rank 5, and by the end of it all, I got it! I wasn’t able to get all the stuff because I ran out of Glimmer and wasn’t able to get enough for the Rank 5 auto rifle. But I had gotten the Gloves, Boots, Hunter Cape, IB Sniper, and IB Void Fusion Rifle during my trials. And that was fine for me.

  • TitanGodRace

    pvp only kids out to have a cry in a pve game again, nothing to see here,

  • Ali

    Got to rank five, bought the boss sniper rifle bc I don’t have an icebreaker, the auto is the premier high rof/low impact rifle period (uniquely unreal stability), plus got two drops of IV scout rifle, two fusions (including a void)… Oh and a SUROS Regime.

    Was totally worth it, don’t know what you all are on about..

  • Dylan Pickles Schneider

    I think that Iron Banner needs more rewards with higher quality. What’s the point of grinding in a rank just so you can get armor you can easily get somewhere else? And why just boots and gloves from IB? Why not a whole set of IB armor that’ll help us get to higher levels? Not only that, the weapons served no purpose either, and if the reward system for winning each match is the same as the Crucible, why bother playing IB? Give it a higher chance to drop Legendaries and Exotics, give Saladin a better inventory, and there will be more incentive to play Iron Banner.

  • Kas Alley Caserole

    Jolder’s Hammer w/ void damage continues to be a favorite heavy of ine. It packs a lot of power, extremely low recoil and enough precision for headshots. I played the second Iron Banner to level 4. I only participated for bounties this last time.

  • John Fussell

    What is it you think the Iron Banner is about? Is it about the gear or the chance to pawn weaker noobs with your raid gear? To me the Iron Banner is a test of your own will to fight against unfair odds, the Iron Banner is not some easy way to get high gear or weapons but a invitation for me to face off against other living people who may have stronger armor then my own to see if I can fight and overcome such disadvantaging odds. Its a way to make new friends who shares these same ideas and team up with them to fight our way through other fire-teams to prove that we do have the heart and will to push forward even against those who pride them selves in grinding out raids for the strongest gear you can get in the game, its about the sportsmanship encountering other Guardians, fighting and then thanking them for a good game at the end. I truly love and enjoy taking part in the Iron Banner as it allows me to fully push myself and my skills past there limits to better myself as well as my team when we enter each time it comes out so from the bottom of my heart I want to say thank you bungie for bring both Lord Saladin and the Iron Banner to Destiny and allowing me to witness and take part in such a great and enjoyable event.

  • Xelement

    There really is no point.
    Even the holiday noobies should be having some vanguard marks for a legendary or two by now.

    I remember last IB I did it to get the legs. Thought I’d hit 31 quickly and since I was capped in Vanguard marks I’d use IB to get their legs and be set.
    By the time I hit rank 4 the resets were around the corner and I was able to farm enough marks that could have went to the legs then. NOw I did use it for a gun so did save myself time there but..overall the main purpose was to save myself time. Grinding to Rank 4 takes a long time.

  • kspiller

    See, I loved IB the first couple times it was out, but now this is like, the 4th time now? Seriously?! How about bringing the Queen back? That was fun, and for PvE players, it was the perfect event! Or even, release both IB and QW for the same week, so everyone has an event to participate in. The Queen event was good fun, giving you targets in missions with different modifiers on, offering different challenges, plus, unlike the IB, it didn’t really need a work to play better. Iron Banner is just boring now, how about some variation, people?