Iron Banner Reforge Guide

Updated on: Apr 28, 2015 @ 17:52

With enough Motes of Light, you’ve got the opportunity to Reforge any Iron Banner weapon.

With persistence and a little luck, you can essentially create the perfect weapon for your playstyle, and this article will show off some of the best perk choices.

To reroll the perks on an Iron Banner weapon, simply equip it and talk to Lord Salad[man]in.

We also have a general tips and tricks guide for Iron Banner and a complete Control guide, with strategies for each map.

Reforging to Perfection

iron banner helm rewards
Jolder’s Hammer & Silimar’s Wrath will drop as match rewards once you reach Rank 3

Jolder’s Hammer

Aggressive Ballistics

You’ll get more damage out of this ballistics upgrade and should be able to down other Guardians with 3-4 shots with it.

Counterbalance / Rodeo / Perfect Balance

Even though the slow rate of fire helps you control the recoil, the base stability is below average, so any extra can only help you. Avoid Persistence since it’s practically useless in PvP.

Field Scout

The magazine size without this perk is only 26, very low compared to many other machine guns.

Hammer Forged

You won’t be able to have Field Scout & Hammer Forged, but the additional range will help each precision shot go where its intended, hopefully saving ammo.

Crowd Control

The more damage the better! You’ll undoubtedly be getting multiple kills with this heavy-hitter.

Feeding Frenzy

Arguably just as good as Crowd Control (if not better), the slow reload speed will be alleviated with this perk. Kills will be easy to get which means you shouldn’t have to worry about reloading.

Felwinter’s Lie

Field Choke

This barrel provides tighter spread, increasing range and damage but greatly increasing recoil.


Cascade kicks in after performing melee kills. You can use Cascade when facing weak (or weakened) enemies, allowing you to reload incredibly quickly and continue your spree, possibly bolstered by a melee kill ability bonus.

Cascade is a fantastic mod if you make heavy use of melee combat, and with the slowest reload of Legendary shotguns, you’ll want it.

Luck in the Chamber

An extra bit of damage boost is helpful in any situation and sometimes it might be just enough to finish off an opponent.

Field Scout

A base magazine of 6 is good, but more ammo means less reloading, and that’s always a good thing.

Full Auto

All of the column 6 perks aren’t too bad but a full auto shotgun is just so deadly.

Rangefinder / Shot Package

Equally useful in their own way, both of these perks will help you hit your target more accurately.

Rangefinder boosts your weapon’s performance at a distance while in ADS.

Shot Package is a high-risk, high-reward perk that tightens your pellet spread, giving you a better chance of landing all of Felwinter’s Lie‘s potential damage.

Efrideet’s Spear


Unflinching reduces the effect of incoming damage on your accuracy. The overall effect is a 33% reduction on incoming flinch damage which has a positive effect on your accuracy, though the exact benefit can vary considerably depending on how much incoming damage you’re taking.

In PvP, where you are very frequently in a heads-up firefight against another player, minimizing Flinch can absolutely win battles. In PvE isn’t not particularly as helpful.


For the same reason that Unflinching is helpful, Rodeo reduces the recoil of this sniper rifle, which in turn makes it easier to aim/shoot.

Efrideet’s Spear has the lowest stability of any Legendary sniper rifle, so for Guardians who aren’t particularly steady with their aim, this is going to help a lot.

Spray and Play

An extremely useful and easily triggered +50% Reload boost, this mod demands that you fully empty your magazine to gain its benefit. With just a 3 round magazine, there’s a high probability that you’ll be emptying the entire magazine quite often.

In PvP this can occasionally save your life if you burn your entire magazine on one opponent.


Even though we didn’t rank this perk very well in our “best and worst perks” article, it’s still one of the best choices in PvP for this sniper rifle.

The 30% increased ADS speed is particularly useful when taking advantage of Final Round; quickly aim at the body and shoot.

Field Scout / Clown Cartridge

Both of these perks will help out with magazine size, obviously one more consistently than the other.

Field Scout is really helpful for Efrideet’s Spear as it maximizes the below average magazine & inventory capacity. You’ll be able to double the magazine size to 6.

Clown Cartridge has a 25% chance to add 1 additional round to the magazine after reloading.

Perfect Balance

Obviously a great choice since this sniper rifle has very low stability.

Final Round

This perk gives you a 100% chance of dealing 33% more damage with the last shot in your magazine; an absolute must-have. In PvP this means that the final shot will always kill your opponent with just 1 hit!

Silimar’s Wrath


Counterbalance provides a 9% bonus to recoil control on top of Silimar’s Wrath base Stability. Unfortunately the base stability is below average (similar to Payback SOS), so the increased control you’ll gain from this perk is crucial.

Field Scout

With this perk you’ll be able to increase the magazine size to a respectable 84 rounds, enough for 4 kills without having to reload.

Perfect Balance / Fitted Stock

Either of these column 5 perks will increase the stability, which is very much needed for the high rate of fire archetype.

Hammer Forged

Silimar’s Wrath has the absolute lowest base range for any Legendary auto rifle, which is why this perk is so critical.

Third Eye

Most useful in PvP, this is going to allow you to keep an ‘eye’ on your radar at all times. Obviously the increased awareness while aiming down sights is nothing but a good thing.


With nearly the worst range out of all of the auto rifles, you’ll benefit greatly from this perk.

Gheleon’s Demise


The ranged equivalent of Cascade, granting you 150% of your base reload speed after a precision kill. This scout rifle nearly has the slowest reload speed, only slightly faster than B-Line Trauma (full review).

Zen Moment / Rodeo

Zen Moment boosts your Stability by a percentage, capping at 66% after five hits.

Rodeo adds a overall recoil reduction with no special prerequisites to activate it.

These are the best perk to have because the base stability is so poor; it’s going to help those who have trouble steadying their aim.

High Caliber Rounds

Perfect for PvE as you’ll want to stagger enemies as much as possible, and this perk will cause that extra flinch you’re looking for.

If you prefer to stay at medium to long range in PvP, High Caliber Rounds can improve your chances in almost every engagement.

Explosive Rounds

This perk will increase your damage on single targets and also give you the ability to damage other nearby enemies. Great for PvP and PvE.

Flared Magwell

The final column 5 option, you want to be able to reload as fast as possible, given the nearly 2.6 seconds it’ll take you to reload without upgrades.

Don’t worry about range perks like Hammer Forged, Send it, or Custom Optics – this scout rifle already has a strong range as it is.


Best used in PvE, this perk will decimate enemies that are stacked up on each other. If you’ve used Fatebringer or The Saterienne Rapier (full review), you already know the power of this.

iron banner destiny rewardsPerun’s Fire

Rangefinder / Hip Fire

Our #1 Legendary fusion rifle, it suffers from low Impact and range. You’ll want to increase the chance of hitting your target by increasing the range with either of these perks.

Flared Magwell

The reload speed is already very quick, but it can always be quicker!

Send it

Range and accuracy is essential in PvP, especially since the base range is so slow on Perun’s Fire.

Enhanced Battery

The benefits of an increased magazine size should be obvious.

Feeding Frenzy / Who’s Next?

You will be getting a lot of kills with this weapon, so going for feeding frenzy feels almost like a no-brainer.

While the reload speed doesn’t need much help, a buff to it helps since the magazine size is low.


If you want to get a little something extra out of your weapon, Grenadier is always a good choice. This will make it into a more PvE-viable weapon since you will get your grenade cooldown up much quicker.

Timur’s Lash (Full Review)


Even though its got the highest range out of the Legendary hand cannons, the upcoming patch will decrease the effective range of hand cannons.

Rangefinder will increase your range by 10% and also help with falloff damage.

Outlaw / Spray and Play

Outlaw will help out with the downright sluggish reload speed. This hand cannon is built for precision damage, so it only makes sense to quicken reload speed whenever possible.

Spray and Play is also to counteract the slow reload speed of the weapon. This choice should be complimented with Final Round considering you’ll be emptying the low magazine often.

Perfect Balance

With the lowest stability among Legendary hand cannons, Perfect Balance helps counter the recoil. This perk will make correcting your follow up shots a easier.

Flared Magwell

As mentioned above, the reload speed is extremely slow, so anything you can do to increase it should be your priority. This perk doesn’t stack with Outlaw though.

Field Scout

If you plan on using this in PvE then you absolutely need Field Scout, which will increase the magazine size from 7 to 13.

Final Round / Luck in the Chamber

The high Impact + Final Round/Luck in the Chamber = massive damage.

Crowd Control

If you are able to dispatch someone and still have rounds in the magazine, then this perk is capable of making the gun a 2 shot kill in PvP (15% damage for 3 seconds after a kill). It feels like more of a PvE talent though.

iron banner weapons

Radegast’s Fury

Cluster Bomb

This will basically turn your Iron Banner rocket launcher into Hunger of Crota (full review). Less powerful than Wolfpack Rounds, cluster bombs don’t track their target causing a lot of their damage to whiff.

In the Crucible, Radegast’s Fury has enough blast radius to kill most targets with its initial payload. This perk is better suited to PvE, where it’s bound to cause extra damage, but it’s not terrible for PvP.

Grenades and Horseshoes

This perk causes rockets to detonate based on proximity, which is invaluable for PvP. This perk will pick up kills you would have otherwise missed so make sure you have it.

Surplus / Tripod / Field Scout

Surplus is a solid perk netting you double ammo on pick ups.

Tripod is another extremely useful perk. Tripod will allow you to burst larger bosses quicker and clean up adds without the constant need to reload. In PvP it’ll have you ready for the next guardian that turns a corner too fast.

Field Scout also increases the magazine size, but does not stack with Tripod.


This perk shines in PvP where your targets are extremely mobile. In PvE this perk still has its uses in swatting pesky Wizards or other mobile targets from far ranges.

Heavy Payload

Exactly what you’re looking for in rocket launchers. Usually this perk is an easy choice, but the blast radius is so high that the benefit is minor. It’ll help, but not by much.

Flared Magwell

On most heavy weapons this perk makes a considerable difference. Reload is more important in PvP where getting caught while doing so usually results in death.


Arguably the best perk here, having a raw boost to velocity means that there’s less time for enemy counter-play.

Spray and Play

A phenomenal perk on rocket launchers, increasing reload speed by 50%. Even if you’re running Tripod or Field Scout, you’re likely to empty Radegast’s Fury‘s magazine quickly, and you’ll be stuck in reload frames with enemies barring down on you.

This situation is so frequent with rocket launchers that you’re bound to get tons of use out of this perk.

Clown Cartridge

What could be better than reloading and receiving more ammo than normal? Not much. Every reload has a 25% chance to add additional rounds to the magazine.

General Tips

Tempered Bonus

Lord Saladin will offer a 12-hour buff called Tempered which will boost Iron Banner reputation gains. You can use this buff multiple times throughout the week.

As the week goes forward, this buff will boost gains even more, so people who start later in the week will be able to catch up easier.

Day Tempered XP Bonus Tempered XP + Class Items Tempered XP Win XP with Buff & Items
Tuesday 5% 40% 4 70
Wednesday 12.5% 50% 9 75
Thursday 25% 66% 17 83
Friday 40% 86% 27 93
Saturday 60% 112% 40 106
Sunday 100% 166% 67 133
Monday 150% 232% 100 166

Iron Medallions

iron banner best rerollsReputation gains are only awarded to the winners, but when you lose, you’ll be rewarded with an Iron Medallion token. You can carry up to 5 of these tokens.

Each Medallion you carry will convert into Iron Banner reputation after winning a match. Medallion XP is worth 80% of a victory.



Use the daily bounties to increase your Iron Banner standing so you’re able to purchase the armor and weapons.

With an Iron Banner class item, shader, and emblem equipped – which give a stacking bonus to reputation gains – you’re going to be able to gain a lot more XP (outlined above).

Day Base Bounty Value Bounty + Class Items Bounty XP Amount with Tempered
Tuesday 100 133 141
Wednesday 100 133 153
Thursday 100 133 166
Friday 100 133 186
Saturday 100 133 212
Sunday 100 133 266
Monday 100 133 332

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  • Cioger

    Is there a list with Iron Banner drops yet, or will they be revealed tomorrow?

    • I’m 99.9% sure the sniper and AR will be either drops or sold, but yeah we’ll just have to find out tomorrow

      • Finlay Jones

        looks like RF and TL drops, and GD and FL sold.

        I want my damn spear!

        • You’ve seen those drop?

  • Reflex

    Anyone else get tired of the Iron Banner after the 2nd round?

    • Gonji

      For me there was only one true Iron Banner, when they sold lvl 30 armor before TDB. It was fun and had value.
      After that… It feels like they thought “OMG we managed to make IB 2.0 an actually decent event, let’s stick with it forever!”
      Ah, I remember good old days in the beginning, when I thought they’ll have unique event every couple of weeks.

      • Finlay Jones

        a rotation of 4 events, once a fortnight would be awesome

    • Dan

      One of my irritations is that there are only 5 maps. They don’t even use the current Control map rotation which has more. Makes it all the more monotonous

      • Reflex

        Also only control. They should have unique gamemodes for Iron Banner

  • dstripedape

    Hopefully HoW has a IB mode permenately with better loot drop for 30+, regular crucible is finally getting tired to me

  • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

    man…you guys are not tired of this? It’s fun for the first 2 times…..however, it now seems that Bungie has only the budget for ONE special event for the base Destiny package………..and that is iron banner.

  • Illwill_55$

    They should at least make all weapons available to purchase switch a slightly stale event up

  • Captainbirdseye

    Hmmm, so if the next DLC does come out in march as originally planned, these will just be another gun & armour you can’t update in an ever over filled vault making them worthless.

    If they offered the Rocket Launcher with tracking people maybe bothered because of Crota and the fact the Gally hasn’t been sold in so long.

    Dear Bungie, is The House of Wolves coming out in March or May ?
    If it is May then you really should employing some extra staff to bring newer content quicker to the Destiny community.
    Releasing Iron Banner is not new content.
    I understand costs and time to take to implement new content, extra staff also mean extra cost but what will it cost in the long run if everybody leaves because of boredom .
    4 of my main raid guys have quit due to boredom .
    You could do smaller things .
    Xur having something completely new every month.
    Re-doing the guns again is great and does make a more balanced game but isn’t it all a little to late ?
    If you haven’t rebuffed No Land Beyond then there is no hope for this game. 2x Exotic weapons per DLC is bad enough , the fact you ever thought this weapon was close to an exotic weapon raises an eyebrow .
    Maybe Bungie needs to bring in there Teenage kids for the week so staff actually have a source for imagination.
    Imagination does not mean having bosses in the raids that are just bigger versions of everything else.
    I’m going to hazard a guess that the House of Wolves final boss is a bigger version of a captain.

    Sticking bones on top of old guns and ships doesn’t make them look new but just a lazy attempt of using your imagination.

    Rant over.
    I love the game, but come on Bungie.

    • Dude!

      They’ve already stated it will come out in the second quarter (April-June), so the (second) leaked release date of May 19th fits there.

    • Aceces

      The Iron banner rocket has tracking. I got it the other day.

  • Keith Christmas

    No Jolders Hammer? I have one with Rodeo, Field Scout, Perfect Balance and Feeding Frenzy. Took me forever to get one with decent perks, but it’s a really fantastic MG

    • guest

      hey i still have that. can i reforge it with lets say void damage? or is simply just perks. also i think mine is 300, can i reforge to 331 now?

      • Keith Christmas

        Elemental damage is randomised along with perks. And if it was a 300 version, it rerolls as a 300, for some stupid reason.

        So basically.. Good luck

  • Blackoutman

    Where’s the helmets? And I hate to have to buy the legs…again.

  • Puerple_haze

    I miss the Queen, she was a saucy little tart!

  • Rafzillaa

    any one else wondering why they stopped doing todays events? i used to always come here to check the nightfall.

    • Guest

      They still do it, it’s just harder to find:

    • It automatically updates

  • Pino Show

    What are the weapons that can be dropped during matches in this IronBanner?

    • I think Timur’s Lash and Radegast’s Fury

      • Pino Show

        Thanks Ryan <3
        Hope to get Timur's Lash 😀

  • Lotoran

    Why is Full Auto on a shotgun “…just so deadly”? From what I understand, it’s nice as a convenience perk or to suit a playstyle, but can it do anything that you can’t do without it?

    • scythe

      It actually increases the fire rate to make up for its normal super low impact. So with full auto it will shoot just as fast as found verdict even if you single shot plus have more range and impact

      • GabeNewell90

        its actually kind of bad, shot package is way more useful, and not risky at all, it actually gives you an advantage in any shotgun battle. Reducing spread on a max range high impact shotgun is devestating. Full auto makes it fire faster but its slow rof affects full auto making it kind of lame, along with the low rof, this just isnt a gun that needs or can use full auto effectively. You only need one shot, full auto is a totally different playstyle benefiting another shotty archetype.

  • Residenthawk90

    I like games where you get items and have to upgrade them. specifically finding them and upgrading them. I only have four exotics total, and one rare high impact sniper. I like how they patched Legendary engrams to decrypt into legendary items instead of the frowned upon blues. Also bringing back the Iron banner as a event gets REALLY boring. I liked the queen event because it had PVE bounties. The house of wolves exotic weapons attack stat should be equal with other exotic weapons. Vex Mythoclaust being as high as the necrochasm attack stat wise, Legendary engrams in PVE activities should be easier to find and the extremely once in a lifetime of find exotic engrams. When i did the raid on normal i got the hard light, my friend got the last word, and another got Gjallhorn (hatterhorn). I think the story mode is easier than most, But has a major hole in the black garden, Finding exotics and legendaries is a pain in the butthole. The game isn’t perfect, but the only reason i think its overated is because you find all your gear instead of getting it handed to you for that situation like in the MW series or battlefield. Bungie needs to work on making the factions. Getting rep the old way (turning in materials for rep and marks) was so much easier, now everyone rams strikes and cucible in the ass. Love the idea, love how it’s set up, just extremely frustrating and getting jealous of other’s gear. Also the exclusives for PS is just stupid, Bungie needs to stop giving them exclusves unless us X-box users that are just as good (or better) for x-box.

  • Residenthawk90

    Wow that was a long comment. But i agree with gonjji and Captin birds eye. There arent enough scout rifles that can do arc or void damage (any if i remember correctly) that’s the end of my thoughts on the game. Hope bungie reads these comments,

  • itsfrank_yeah

    With Efrideet’s Spear you may want to add that if you have field scout AND clown cartridge you sometimes get 8 rounds in the mag, which is utterly 😛 😛

  • ChrisIlls

    What I don’t like about Iron Banner armour is that you will invest a lot of time to get to the level necessary to buy it and after that, you’ll spend your time upgrading those pieces with shards and materials as normal but then new DLC comes out with higher light levels so you dismantle your Iron Banner armour and you get absolutely nothing back, no shards, or armour parts, nothing. After having played Iron Banner when it came around so I could get my Titan up to level 30 because VOG wasn’t dropping the armour it was useful. Since then I have not played Iron Banner again as I’m not going to invest all that time getting the armour only to get nothing back when it’s dismantled. Re-rolling the perks on weapons is a great addition though. As many others have commented, this should be a standard thing available in the game, either through Xur or the Vanguard and Crucible Quartermasters. I think you should be able to re-roll exotics as well, plus you should be able to change the colour so it matches an equipped shader. The glasshouse helmet drives me mad, lol.

    • ResidentHawk90

      The Vangaurd and Crucible marks come in little amounts so buying gear is harder than it was before. Iron banner is boring and has gotten old. The Queen bounties are missed. I agree with you. Iron banner sucks.

      • ChrisIlls

        It must be difficult for Bungie because they’re never going to please everyone and maybe that’s part of the problem because it seems they’re trying to do that but it makes everything middle of the road, rather than great, but yes those Vanguard & Crucible marks are completely pointless. I remember seeing a Planet Destiny video where they mentioned that too many currencies can kill MMO’s (I know they dont like the MMO tag, but it is one) and what do they do? They introduce another currency (marks) and then they sort of monetize things like Black Wax Idols. The Queens bounties will probably come back in House of Wolves I guess.

        • Residenthawk90

          yeah i’m getting so bored of the Iorn Banner. I see the point in the marks but the 100 limit is just awful, it makes ramming vangaurd roc strikes, more pointless. The motes of light should not be in the items chart they should be seperate from the other items. Vex Myth should have the same attack stat as the necrochasm. And material details should mean if you dismantle something you should get what it says. it dissapears on a full upgraded legendary weapon. You get a weapon telementry if and a ton of materals for it. Also The hardlight should have high caliber rounds or the only auto rifle with explosive rounds. (along with volatle light.

  • sbrozzi

    Always enjoy playing IB, however… MAPS! Why no DLC maps? I know, not everyone has paid for it but what better way to sell them than offer them for free during the IB. That way people can see what they are missing. Yesterday playing IB for a couple of hours, I must have played Blind Watch 6 times! It’s a fun map, but not over & over again. I wish during the IB week all the maps were available. Even make it clash instead of control. Some variety is badly needed.

    • sbrozzi

      Correction, I played Blind Watch 9 times…

  • kevin_gee

    For people saying that the weapon are going to be rendered useless after the next DLC drops dont know what they are talking about.

    For example my Fatebringer is extremely useful in the beginning of Crota’s End on hard mode, i easily one shot every thrall with a headshot, also right now during Iron Banner im still using my Judgement VI shotgun that is only a 300 max attack and i still am able to destroy level 32 guardian, Im a level 32 as well.

    The only way that the 300 max attack weapons are kind of useless is Iron Banner but that is of course because of the nature that iron banner is. but if you play story mode the highest level enemy is 30 so its on par to your 300 damage weapon. But not every one plays crucible yet alone do raids, i have some friends that bought destiny around the time it released and have yet to do a raid because of whatever reason.

  • BosToNProuD

    can you reroll the scout to get Fully auto mode?

  • MarcoLorenzo

    That picture underneath Timur’s Lash with the Hunter and Warlock posing in front of the camera, can anyone tell me what weapons they’re holding? Looks deadly!


    I thought this was “best perks”, not “every perk available”…?

  • babyryanimay

    i got Timur’s lash and re rolled it and run out of mote’s of light so i ended up with spray and play(increases the reload speed of this weapon when the mag is empty) and who’s next(a kill with the final round in the mag increases reload speed) i haven’t upgraded it yet so i would like to ask does this two stack also got flared magwell,perfect balance and send it

  • babyryanimay

    i got Timur’s lash and re rolled it and run out of mote’s of light so i ended up with spray and play(increases the reload speed of this weapon when the mag is empty) and who’s next(a kill with the final round in the mag increases reload speed) i haven’t upgraded it yet so i would like to ask does this two stack also got flared magwell,perfect balance and send it

  • Jonathan Bowers-Bone

    This might sound silly… Could you change up the format to the article a bit maybe for next iron banner? I shall explain some perks share trees, as such can be equipped at the same time. I like that you show which perks you think are the strongest however I still visit a wiki to work out which are possible together. I understand this is just to highlight perks so i might just sound entitled, of so don’t worry about it. I visit your visit you page first for destiny stuffs BTW. 🙂

    Edit; they are already laid out in that pattern I am a noob… 🙂

  • unileeco

    One quick question about shotguns. I like full auto mode perk for shotguns and I have it with my Secret Handshake. Yeah it’s a beast with high RoF. I rolled for Felwinter’s Lie and I manage to get full auto perk as well. But the RoF on this is very slow. So I wonder how effective full auto perk works for slow RoF shotguns. Any thoughts?

    I rolled again and got Luck in the Chamber + Shot Package + Perfect Balance. I think I can live with this.

    • Jonathan Bowers-Bone

      Nice roll! I only had 2, motes of light which gave me; accurized ballistics, Final round, 3 movement speed and handling perks, and shot package. No hammer forge, going to try it out in a week or something (next time on, Crucible) I don’t think it will make too much difference to the overall weapon archetype range. Might be wrong though!

      • unileeco

        Some people say Full Auto perk actually speeds up RoF. Some people say it doesn’t. Well since I don’t have exact same shot gun with/without, I need someone to clarify this. Final round is good if you always keep only 1 bullet for your shotgun. But Felwinter’s Lie has huge impact which can one shot kill anyone already.

        • Jonathan Bowers-Bone

          I agree that last round is sub par for pvp when you should always be going for 1 hit kill. I was happy that I rolled shot package, and I had no more motes left. If I am not looking for stat changes than grenadier is on of my favourite perks.

  • Corr

    Can I reroll my IB weapons from now (Frebruary) on the next Iron Banner event ?

  • entropy_one

    Is hammer forged no longer a rollable perk for felwinter’s lie? i know a lot of people complaining spending over 100 motes and it not coming up. I lucked out and have hammer forged and shot package and luck in the chamber from the last iron banner but i’m under the assumption that this perk is not being offered for this iron banner cycle.

    • It’s available

    • MakkinjeM

      Got it 5-6 times in about 10 reforges. Eventually got it with Who’s Next (Which doesn’t only increase reload speed for the last round, but as well, slightly less, on reloading after a kill (still makes a huge difference)) and Shot Package, with Solar Damage.
      It’s an absolute beast! Got 11 Buckshot Bruiser medals in 6 matches of Rumble yesterday. Apart from it being Solar (I’d rather had Void or Arc), this is one of the best reforges imaginable for this weapon!

      When the next IB lands, I definitely will be trying to get another alike, with a different damage type to make it more viable for a variaty of PVE activities. (Return to Sender, would also be a neat perk for the second collumn)

      Next to that, you may consider yourself to be lucky, having a Rangefinder/Shot Package combi, since they ruled out that combination for Shotguns after the last perk. Cherish that gun till after Comet, I would say!

      • MakkinjeM

        ”after the last patch” I meant ofcourse.