Iron Banner XP & Rank Recap

Published on: Nov 30, 2014 @ 11:09

The recent Iron Banner event was considered by most to be much better than the first. Of course, we’d like to hear from you guys about your personal experiences in the event too!

If you missed out on the Iron Banner event, be sure to check out our preparation guide for next time.

We’ve also got an in-depth analysis of all of the changes, and an article showing all of the new gear.

Tempered, Gear, and Iron Medallions

New to last week’s Iron Banner was the Tempered buff, which cost 1 Mote of Light each.

This investment buff accelerated reputation gains, every twelve hours, if you decided it was worth the cost. The table below shows how much you would benefit each day:

Day Potency
1 10%
2 15%
3 25%
4 40%
5 60%
6 100%
7 150%

For those who weren’t able to play as much, and even for those that were, the buff was a huge benefit. Being able to rank up faster means unlocking more gear:

Rank XP to Unlock Rewards
1 100 Sigil of the Iron Lords (10% boost)
2 1,200 Million Million (10% boost) Scar of Radegast (10% boost)
3 2,400 Iron Regalia BootsIron Regalia BootsIron Regalia Greaves
4 2,400 Iron Regalia SleevesIron Regalia GlovesIron Regalia Gauntlets

Perun’s Fire

Mantle of Gheleon (10% boost), Skorri’s Iron Bond (10% boost), Jolder’s Iron Sash (10% boost)

5 2,400 Gheleon’s Demise

Goldspiral (10% boost)

Each win will earn you 50 experience. With an Iron Banner class item, shader, and emblem equipped – which give a stacking bonus to reputation gains – this will increase to 66 experience.

Without the 10-30% buffs, or Tempering, it’ll take about 140 games to reach Rank 5, starting from Rank 0.

If you didn’t win, you still won Iron Medallions. With these, you’re able to convert up to 5 losses into wins. The Tempering buff also works for these Medallions!

You gain 40 experience for the Medallion, so when you’ve won your next game, you’ll get not only the experience for the Medallion but also the experience for winning.

Damage and Stats Matter

Nothing was more evident in last week’s Iron Banner than the stat change up in terms of player level and gun damage. It actually mattered this time around without being too punishing towards players lower than level 27.

Players with maxed gear; 1463 Armor rating and 300 damage weapons, definitely ruled the field over their lesser geared counterparts.

However, as Patrick Casey said, “gear mattered, but skill still ruled.”

While gear did carry heavy benefits, especially when there was a 3+ level difference between players, you’d still need the map awareness and aim to compliment your gear.

For tips to the Iron Banner, and PvP in general, check out this video:

We also have a complete guide to Control!

For more guides, be sure to visit our Guides section.


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  • Godin Intaki

    I assume there’s nothing else to write about for The Dark Below? 😛

      • Godin Intaki

        I know, I’m teasing. I read every post you guys make, I just find it amusing that you covered so much for TDB that you went and did a recap for the IB.

        • We were actually going to post this sooner, bu wanted to focus on Dark Below content 😛

          • Godin Intaki

            Makes sense 😀

  • Godin Intaki

    Anyways, the only thing that I disliked about the IB was that

    1: I had to grind for so long (532 games) just to get two TL’s for both of my accounts.

    2: That you couldn’t reforge the armor, and I hate Int. (even though I’m a Hunter; I know, I’m a weird person. Knucklehead radar charges my super fast enough imo, so I don’t need more Int.).

  • Jimmy Jenga

    Went up 3 Iron Banner ranks this time around to achieve rank 4 and purchased the Iron boots/gauntlets. At times I had to avoid drinking coffee as my body was naturally producing well enough adrenaline for me. Every now and then you can find my character sitting in front of the entrance to access the Iron Banner, anticipating the next event. Even if I don’t compete in any more, this was the best multi-player FPS experience I’ve had since the days of Doom/Blood/Duke Nukem 3D/etc. Good job Bungie!

  • Missi Eliza Davis McElroy

    I play casual and got to rank 5 by the 6th day of the event. Te trick is remembering to get the buff, and to wear the items you have for the 10% bonus…I had the first shader and emblem from the first event, so I was in a good spot to start. With the stacking and increasing xp bonus, it became easier ad easier. Really liked this round. I just really wanted that Gheleon’s Demis scout rifle ^___^

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  • Got to rank 4, I loved the banner, but I didn’t get Timur’s Lash. Had both the emblems, the cloak, the arms and boots, and the 1st shader (cuz the 2nd one is too close to chatter white (which I’ll get eventually))

  • Christian

    Admittedly, Iron banner was much better and did take a lot of consideration for the damage potencies. I noticed, however, that I was only being paired up with lv 28+ players. Admittedly I saw a few level 27s but never saw anyone below that rank. So, I didn’t really get to experience the Iron Banner’s Hook. I think Bungie introduced a system to match make everyone with a similar K/D. If that was the case, it showed. Everyone in each of my games tended to get 0.8 – 1.2.

    Crazily, Bungie managed to make it even more balanced than crucible! Haha. But the heavy damage dealing weapons did make it quite challenging, so it was brutal, as it was supposed to be.

    The available loot for purchase was much better than before. I was able to complete my LV 30 gear from that, so it was good. I would lower the prices a bit, though. I spent well over forty-thousand glimmer that I had to grind strikes for. It would be nice not having to worry about that. It would also be nice if it was on for 2 weeks. I did a grind for IB all week. It was all I did. I ignored the weeklies and such. I got to level 5 on the 6th day (Starting at rank 2) after buying tempered every day, then grinded all of the 7th day to actually be able to afford the gear. It would be nice to have another week to enjoy it rather than it feeling like such a rush.

    I also only got 2 rewards all week. I’d have gotten better stuff, had I ignored IB and done something else. So more frequent rewards would be great too. It was overall much better and they did a good job of it this time around. Kudos (:

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Personally I found the Iron Banner frustrating and like the rest of the PvP, not very enjoyable. It seems that connection matters more than power. I was still being killed easily by Level 26 or less using weapons like Shingen-E (rare 242 attack) despite being a level 29 (I just can’t get Raid armour – weapons though in abundance) and shooting them first with fully upgraded (300 attack Legendary+ weapons like Suros, Atheon’s Epilogue, Vex Mythoclast, Visions of Confluence…) I tried a variety of weapon set-ups but it appeared that these didn’t matter so much. In my observations of the matches I played, Level 30’s seemed to dominate but then the 20-26’s tended to come next on the scoreboard followed by the rest.
    The reason I think connection mattered more though is that many matches seemed to have glitchy players – One even appeared to be in 2 places at once and though I appeared to be shooting at one and then the other, no numbers came up and they killed me from the general area.
    I don’t understand why it doesn’t work in a similar way to PvE and level differences. 24’s shouldn’t be able to kill 29’s as easily as they still can especially with Shingen-E’s and taking fire from Suros’s or other 300 attack weapons. A level 24/25 is really ineffective in the Raid/Nightfall against higher level enemies – it certainly takes them a LOT of bullets to kill.
    Either way, I will continue to focus on the PvE area of Destiny and play faster paced and ultimately more fun MP FPS games

  • inquisitor314

    hmmm. you knew the iron banner was coming and frankly it really isnt hard to get to 25k. i can do it in 10 hours of crucible and strike, matches you had a week of its coming. completing your 10 bounties gives you a good amount of glimmer over 15k. I was able to buy both weapons and gear so uhmm. maybe one should not blame bungie but the lack of being prepared as a player yourself. you did have a lot of info on the iron banner. i went from 3 to 5 in 2 days skill matters more then guns and gear. team work helps a great deal and that wins best and overall

  • icwhatudidthere

    Actually enjoyed Iron Banner and I’m not much of a PVP player. But the 30 light armor was quite the incentive since I’ve not done the raid. I ended up deciding to go all-in with Iron Banner pretty late Sunday so I only had a few days to get my rep up (starting from 0). I did the Tempered buff twice and managed to get to level 3 to at least get the leg armor. Not bad considering I sucked and had losing streaks 6-7 games long.

    Not nearly as bad now! Only problem is now I’ve got 180 Crucible marks and I’m only level 1. Not too bad a problem to have but it’ll suck wasting about 75 marks before I can actually use them.

    ETA: I didn’t have any of the problems people mentioned here, I was matched up pretty randomly, I always saw a bunch of 30s with 27-29s and then a few random 20-26s. Didn’t see too many random network glitches but it sucked when it said you were dead and you didn’t even see the hits on screen.