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  • sbrozzi

    IB 4 already huh? My thoughts…Please provide new shaders & new emblems. That way players can differentiate which Iron Banner they achieved each reward. New weapons & new more powerful armour. What ever happened to the IB helmets? Armour that can get you closer to Level 32. There is no reason why only grinding Crota should get you to 32.
    New bounties would be nice. Maybe mix the bounties? Kill 5 Warlocks & 5 Titans in one game. Complete one game only using sniper rifle…? Use your imagination. I didn’t play IB 3 (I explain below) but it would be cool if IB was not only for “Control” but also included the other Crucible games as well. How about unique IB maps? Imagine the response IB would get if you could only play some great maps during the tournament?
    And what stopped me from playing IB 3…? Aside from IB armour being the same power with DLC Vendor armour and the same old emblems & shaders… Your IB level should NOT reset. I hit rank 5 during IB 2, why would I want to start all over again? Instead of requiring you to hit certain levels before you can buy items, how about just advancing up the same number of levels? So an IB level 4 beginning the new tournament would have to become a level 9 to reach max level of the tournament. What is the difference? For me, a level 9 (in this case) illustrates the time that I have put into IB already over the many tournaments.
    Anyways, thats just what I think.

  • Fenrir

    It’s been 3 iron banners with only the gauntlets and leg parts, being able to get the chest and helmet would really make a lot of players to participate.

    Another thing that i would like is that it could be possible to upgrade the iron banner weapons to lvl 32, i have my dream jolder’s hammer with all the perks i want, but because the dlc was not out yet, it is useless.

    Let us see if bungie give us a surprise, but if they keep doing the same thing, a lot of players (including myself) will lost their fate in the iron banner, which i really like playing.

  • lopezz_

    I feel that one aspect is totally missing in IB. Why couldn’t bungie build a simple platform to the web where you can see your stats, top lists, the best players based on class, location, weapons, platform, maps, clans etc. It would create this feeling of tournament and new incentive to attend the IB.

  • Noisey

    Please.. Please .. Please! let your reputation for iron banner carry across your characters, its ALREADY DIFFICULT to get to the required rank for armour for ONE character! I don’t think its humanly possible for a person to get the rank on all three, I know some people will complain and say ” Why don’t just make the Vanguard and factions carry across as well?” Iron banner is different. Iron banner only lasts a week! A WEEK!. I was really excited about the previous the iron banner as it advertised your iron banner rank carrying forward and I had managed to get to rank 2 on iron banner before that, and then I saw that you had to get to RANK 5!. Please heed my begging Bungie!

    • LokeMata

      Same thing Noisey said Bungie! Some of us CAN’T play every single day of the week to rank up more, in just one week.