Future Iron Banner Gear Revealed?

Published on: Feb 19, 2015 @ 23:05

It appears there will be another Iron Banner event in March, and according to megamanexe4 (the same person who delivered the HoW images), he seems to know what Lord Saladin will have.

The next Iron Banner event is supposedly coming on the week of March 17th.

Iron Banner Gear for March

This isn’t confirmed, but according megamanexe4, the following items will be unveiled in Iron Banner’s March event:

jolder's hammer iron banner silimar's wrath iron banner

No More Gjallarhorn?

He also suggests that Xur is on a set “predetermined, ordered list” and that Heavy Ammo Synthesis are set to be sold this weekend (February 20th).

Sadly, he alleges that Gjallarhorn will not be sold any time soon, if ever. This is not confirmed but certainly a possibility.

He also lets people know that Hard Light and Thunderlord will be sold, but we knew that via his loot table (video published before TDB).

Update: DeeJ Responds

Lots of interesting conspiracy theories about Xur today, too. What I have been told is that his loot table is randomly generated – just like so many other systems that govern the game.

You’re smarter than me if you can predict the future by datamining a server, but foresight doesn’t change the random realities of the way things work.

I have asked for the chance to provide input on his inventory, and have been told that the option for manipulation does not exist.


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  • Adam Bryan

    Hope he sells hardlight

  • Random Guardian

    I hope this is true. If xur sells heavy in 4 hours then I will believe everything this guy says. If he doesn’t then I wont be to excited for what he leaks next

  • Wesley Shillings

    ummm 5 weeks no heavy syths he is bound to sell it ….I still wouldn’t follow his time table…

  • Tenabrus

    if he sells hardlight and thunderlord I’ll forgive all the BS Bungie has ever…. actually I still wouldn’t…

  • ravewolf77

    Well, he’s already been proven wrong. No heavy synths this week either so take his word for what it is… Someone else guessing.

    • DJSongstorm

      There are heavy synths this week…

    • Dan

      Yeah check again, he’s selling synth

    • 1whiteguy

      You’re wrong fool

    • cool_herc

      Umm, when was the las time you played the game? Obviously not this past weekend. Try to keep up, huh?

      • Joshua

        He sold heavy synth last weekend. I purchased 100 coin worth.

        • cool_herc

          Yes, I know he did (hence my comment). I, too, picked up a ton.

  • Jonathan Bowers-Bone

    Jolder’s Hammer looks like a slightly better, slight stability increase, to my RNG Against All Odds. In fact they are VERY similar…. (CQB Ballistics, Persistence, Hammer Forge, and Grenadier are the perks on my Against All Odds.)

  • Matt Dunnigan

    I hope at least sells Thunderlord. I never been able to get that weapons because of Bungie’s f***in RNG system.

    • NLK3

      It’s broken.

      • Matt Dunnigan

        The RNG system or the Thunderlord?

  • NLK3

    In other words… FUCK YOU, XUR!!! It’ official, I WON’T get a Gjllarhorn. I already have Hardlight, but not Thunderlord, and why not Universal Remote? Hell, why not sell everything once in a random cycle? Make it where they aren’t in order, but no repeats until everything is sold once. And increase the drop rate for things that Xur “won’t” sell “anymore”.
    I… WANT… GJALLARHORN!!! (and Helm of Saint 14, and Apotheosis Veil, and Praxic Fire). Why constantly have us upgrade a weapon that everybody has already upgraded, since the drop is so rare? I already got 3 Vex Mythoclasts, 2 in 2 weeks!

    • Omega8Trigun

      Because once in a random cycle means that eventually if you play enough, you’ll have everything. And in games like this, you’re not supposed to be able to do that. It means that there’s an eventual end to the loot.


      And so does everyone else. That doesn’t make you get it any sooner.

      “Why constantly have us upgrade a weapon that everybody has already upgraded, since the drop is so rare?”

      Because what upgrades he sells are random too.

      • And what’s wrong with having everything?

        • Omega8Trigun

          Because the point of a game like this where loot is the main goal, if you have everything then you lose a lot of reason to keep playing. Then you stop playing. Which is not what they want you to do.

          I’m not saying that you should never ever be able to get everything. You should be able to. And you can just fine as it is. But people want to be able to get everything in a really short time span. The goal is to give you enough things to work towards that it lasts until more content comes out. If content is 3 months apart, and you could get everything in a month, then that would be 2 months of no reason to play.

          Also, a lot of people want some kind of system where you are guaranteed things. Which is not how this type of game is designed. You’re not supposed to be able to have everything after X amount of time spent. It’s supposed to vary from person to person.

          Being able to get everything is fine. Being able to get it in either or both of A. A fixed amount of time B. Too short of time are the problem.

    • guest

      actually most people have ghally not from xur, from random drops like me. so i dont think many actually bought it originally.

      • I got my GHorn from VoG raid, so I’m lucky for that…I missed out on 2 prior Icebreaker sales from Xur, but I was fortunate to get it on the 3rd. Xur can sell me anything he wants! [=

  • Sandmitches

    Still Waiting for the Iron Regalia Mask…. Destiny had it once, for like an hour.

  • Truth

    Deej we are all tired of your crap, you can’t play both sides of the fence you are either a money whore with Activision or someone who cares about the playerbase that continues to believe they are actually getting “x” weapon/armor without having to grind it longer than they already have. You don’t know anything that happens so fuck off don’t give us your shit sweet talk.

    • Omega8Trigun

      He’s not playing both sides of anything, retard. He’s just saying what he knows. He’s a community manager. They don’t always get told 100% of everything. And he knows more than you will know, and nobody else is going to tell you any more than he knows.

      Cry fucking more about a weapon in a video game.

  • Jafetgx

    Well, he was right on both the heavy, and this week’s weekly and nightfall. So…

  • EmbIade

    He is wrong about Xur’s loot this weekend, maybe he is wrong about the gjally too

  • Zanefier

    You know, it’s funny, really. The first Exotic Weapon I ever got in Destiny was a Gally, from Xûr as a matter of fact. Every time I mention I have this I get the same general reaction along the lines of “OH MY GOD, YOU HAVE A GALLY?” to which I, like a level 32 snob who gets blowjobs from the RNG and has won the lottery five times in their life, respond with an indifferent “Yeah, it’s cool, I guess.”

    The thing is still sitting in my Vault as I type this, fully upgraded save for the last damage buff. Unfortunately, this gun was acquired back when 300 was the damage cap, and Cthulu-face has yet to serve the upgrade for it when I have the glimmer (also, Pocket Infinity FTW), so it remains neglected in my few Crota’s End runs.