Iron Banner… Broken?

Published on: Oct 9, 2014 @ 4:59

Iron Banner started a few days ago as most of you know, and it seems to be facing some issues. Not only are many people speculating that the event is “broken” but it’s also being quit by people who are losing.

The latter problem is happening because the Iron Banner does not reward people with any Iron Banner reputation if you lose, which is much worse than the supposed lack of level advantages.

Quitting Penalty?

Iron Banner rewards wins with reputation points, which can be used to access unique Legendary gear, which you can view here. When you lose and don’t earn any points, it’s encouraging players to drop off, so they can jump to another game to try and earn some reputation. The problem with the Crucible, and especially this mode, is that there’s virtually no penalty for quitting a game.

If your team goes a few hundred points behind, even with a substantial amount of time left on the clock, you’re almost certainly doomed to failure, because half your team will just leave. It’s spoiling the experience for many.

IB Broken?

Iron Banner is supposed to allow the Attack and Defense ratings of your weapons and armor to have a noticeable effect on matches. Where these stats are usually balanced, Iron Banner favors high level players and maxed out armor. But are these level advantages significant enough? Are people expecting these “level advantages” to give them much more of an advantage/disadvantage than is reasonable?

Since the event launched, players have been questioning whether these stat differences really made a difference. Even those with the highest rated gear were claiming to be vulnerable to very low level players with common weapons.

DeeJ is currently looking for feedback on their forum, asking “Did the experience feel different than standard Crucible combat?” This will be addressed further in Friday’s weekly update.

Were you detecting an advantage attributed to your more powerful gear and weapons? Did the experience feel different than standard Crucible combat?

UPDATE: I know people quit games when they know they won’t win. I’m more curious about your perceptions for how the power-level advantages work. Help me help you. Stay on target!

The majority of people have said no. However, we need to keep in mind that skill is going to win games and firefights in the end, and gear can only help out so much. If you go into the Iron Banner with a team of friends, shoot consistently and play well, it ultimately doesn’t matter if you’re going against someone with better gear – as long as you can shoot better.

Maybe they oversold the significance of the level differences? Perhaps it’s not working as intended? What do you all think about the situation, does it need changing?

For Iron Banner tips, check out this guide. For general Crucible best practices, click here.


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  • LJ84

    As long as the game can distinguish between disconnects and quitters, I welcome penalties.

    • Luiz Junior

      yes, i can play just fine with my skill, but when it comes to internet+Destiny’s servers…


    i’ll stick to regular crucible for now then…

  • Tom F

    How about the best 6 players gain rep? It’s really a pain to loose every game even when you’re always one of the best 3 in the game..

    • Micah White

      NO! Then all of a sudden it becomes a game not of who is the best team, but which individuals can get the most points and keep others from getting some themselves. Remember COD? Little kids sitting prone all game just to get their harriers? That would be devastating. Also, then anyone who is just plain unskilled all of sudden gets completely severed out of the entire event benefits, and so they quit. Then there is a skill skew, and players who are just above par are facing the same issues, and so they quit. This goes on for several days and then no one plays it. Plus we all already know that Destiny matchmaking is still being worked on, and is far from perfect, and so throwing in just another variable of level and armor and weapons just exacerbates the problems above.

      A far better solution is to give rep to everyone, just a bit more to those who win. No one gets screwed over by a bad team (at least not to an unusual extent), and anyone who can play well can still get a decent amount of rep.

      Now, the main issue at hand here is really just a extrapolation of the issue of level requirements. Now I may be wrong, but based on the comments above, anyone can play Iron Banner, regardless of their level and gear. That means that a level 6 can join games, ruin his team’s chance of winning, and then gain gear that is way out of his area. Making it so that only the winning team gets rep can potentially fix this, but I think that that is just fixing one glaring problem with an equal and opposite one, which does not work in the gaming world. The best solution would be to have a decent level requirement going in, maybe like 22, and further emphasize the level advantages, while giving everyone in the game rep based on whether they won, their kills, points, etc. Its a tried and true formula that is simply not worth straying from, regardless of any sort of special event.

  • Raxs

    I’ve noticed probably about a 10-20% advantage in armour to damage a 28+ lv player is to me a Lv25. I think it’s good. It’s not a sheer advantage, it just makes higher levels slightly more formidable. It wouldn’t need to go any higher because it will just make it so lv 22 and below players wont even be able to compete.

  • Toh Tohs

    I would just like to point out I’ve got Shadow Price maxed out and im well on my way to being level 29 with one or two more upgrades.
    but when a level 15 hunter pops around the corner and kills me when I’ve laid 15 rounds in to him its a little messed up

    • Matt Dunnigan

      Something like that also happened to me when I had my Level 28 Warlock go up against a Level 9 Hunter and I fired almost all my shots at him/her with my maxed out Auto Rifle and didn’t die while I received a few shots from him/her and I died. Talk about Level Advantages.
      Maybe I just had some bad luck or maybe Bungie messed up the Level Advantages.

      • Rick Kump

        I think a lot of that could be attributed to general lag, not anything specific to the Iron Banner event parameters. Those things happen in normal Crucible when you get a bad connection, too.

  • Micah Yang

    I get disconnected all the time. Sometimes I wish you could choose the map that you want rather than random. Random is nice but I just HATE Bastion and that other mars map…that is not blind watch. Idk why I just can’t play them. But I hate quitting

  • Jay

    Even in regular crucible play people drop out if they are losing or your team starts out with less players on a team. This happens on almost every game i play. Which hurts the overall experience. My team is either getting destroyed because we don’t have enough players or it’s laughably easy because the other team lacks enough players. People will drop out to nurse their K/D ratio scores leaving the rest of the team doomed. There has to be strict penalties for manually dropping out. Not only should you lose reputation points, and crucible marks, but also automatically take a hit on your K/d ratio. Like 10 deaths per drop out.

  • QuietBillG

    Why should I stay and be fodder for your target practice?????

    You people that are complaining about people quitting are just mad because we won’t stay and let you stomp on us.

    You are Sadistic Bastards!! 🙂

  • John Meyer

    I think the level advantage is about right (granted I’ve only seen 1 or 2 really low level characters). As a level 26/27 Titan I am finding that my shoulder isn’t a 1 hit kill on higher level players (just barely), and gun fights are a tougher against higher level players.
    I haven’t noticed too much against players lower level than me, but most people in the matches I’m in are at least level 25 with a lot of 27/28’s. I assume the fights are a little tougher for them as well.
    My K/D has taken a little bit of a hit so I think the level advantage is there (or the lag has been kicked up a lot in the last few days).
    As far as people quitting. They should give out IB rep to the losing team, actual quitters should get punished (maybe negative rep or as someone else stated a negative kill, or maybe just count their deaths in stats), not full team matches shouldn’t count in stats though I could have sworn I saw a message at some point saying that a match wouldn’t count unless our team won because I came in in the middle of the match so maybe that is there.

  • Jeff Zawacki

    no rep for losing is BS….you can be the best player in the world and get on a sh*t team and lose and lose and lose and get no Rep…i’ll stick to regular Crucible…..

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  • Murat Ozcan

    IB must not match PREMADES vs PUGS. Keep it pug v pug or premade v premade.

  • Dresden

    I seem to be in the minority here, but I’ve never experienced a disconnect in any mode EVER. I also don’t quit. Even when the other 5 members of my control team do and I’m left to act as a target for the opposition. Because you never know how things will turn out. Maybe they’ll catch a bit of bad luck and I can sit in a glitchy corner headshotting them continuously, or maybe new members will come and help and stay strong and not be little brats about losing.