Iron Banner Armor

If you missed the Iron Banner events that took place earlier today, fear not because Bungie has announced that the Iron Banner will also be open tomorrow (Sunday), 7/20 at 2PM and 7PM (PST).

In the meantime, here are some awesome screenshots falconbox posted on reddit of the Iron Banner Titan gear. Beautifully crafted indeed.

For a deeper look at the goodies you’ll receive, watch this video:

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  • Noles93

    that Hunter cloak is beautiful

    • Johan Lindqvist

      I would like a long black cloak 🙂

  • Michael Loomis

    Ok… slow the hell down…
    1: Where did that beast of a ship come from?!
    2: How are you wearing the Iron Banner Items if your lvl 8? The ones I saw said they require lvl 20!
    3: Tree Armor of the Future!

    • Johan Lindqvist

      He is not wearing them. He is previewing them from the shop.

      • DrowningFish

        Well you can wear the hunters cloak. But none of the armor or weapons.

    • navioner .

      The ship is from the Iron Banner event, I got it and the hand cannon, and the cloak and banner. Only the cloak, banner, and ship are equip able.

  • Raylon

    I got the ship as a reward in the Crucible. I’m guessing that’s how he got the ship since I don’t believe you could buy it.

  • Daniel

    GREAT! 7/20 at 2PM and 7PM(PST). Big thank you from Europe for this shit times again.

  • Bilal Mvw

    Every armour pic I’ve seen is spectacular. But what connections do this armour, to everyday live? Can I get an actual army camo, or spider man colours. See my point?

  • Drey

    No warlock love? DF OUTTA HERE!