Iron Banner 4.0 Guide

Published on: Jan 13, 2015 @ 1:11

What is Iron Banner?

The Iron Banner seeks great champions to lead the fight against the Darkness. It was born to honor the Iron Lords and their efforts in the earliest days of the City. Iron Banner will last until January 20th, 4 AM EST.

In normal Crucible matches, your character level and equipment’s Attack/Defense stats do not matter, as all weapons deal the same base damage relative to their archetype.

However, in matches where Level Advantages are enabled (IB & Trials of Osiris), those stats do matter and will function similarly – though not as extreme – to how they do in PvE.

Iron Banner Gear

Normal Crucible matches rarely award you high-quality gear, but in the Iron Banner you’ll have better odds of Legendary rewards.

Reforge any of the Iron Banner weapons by equipping them and talking to Lord Saladin.

Rank XP to Unlock Rewards
1 100 Sigil of the Iron Lords (10% boost)
2 1,200 Million Million (10% boost), Scar of Radegast (10% boost)
3 2,400
4 2,400

Mantle of Gheleon (10% boost), Skorri’s Iron Bond (10% boost), Jolder’s Iron Sash (10% boost)

5 2,400


  • Lord Saladin will offer a 12-hour buff called Tempered which will boost Iron Banner reputation gains.
  • You can use this buff multiple times throughout the week.
  • As the week goes forward, this buff will boost gains even more, so people who start later in the week will be able to catch up easier.
Day Potency
1 10%
2 15%
3 25%
4 40%
5 60%
6 100%
7 150%

Each win will earn you 50 experience. With an Iron Banner class item, shader, and emblem equipped – which give a stacking bonus to reputation gains – this will increase to 66 experience.

Without the 10-30% buffs, or Tempering, it’ll take about 140 games to reach Rank 5, starting from Rank 0.

If you didn’t win, you still won Iron Medallions. With these, you’re able to convert up to 5 losses into wins. The Tempering buff also works for these Medallions!

You gain 40 experience for the Medallion, so when you’ve won your next game, you’ll get not only the experience for the Medallion but also the experience for winning.

Iron Medallionsbg_iron_banner_section_winningeverything_en

  • Reputation gains are only awarded to the winners, but when you lose, you’ll be rewarded with an Iron Medallion token.
  • You can carry up to 5 of these tokens, and they can be redeemed after your next win.
  • Once redeemed, each Medallion you carry will convert into Iron Banner reputation.


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    Can I equip last times iron banner shaders, emblems etc and get the bonuses or do I have to buy them again? Thanks

    • Marco Mertens

      Shaders, emblems and class items from previous Iron Banners used to work, expect them to work again.

    • Tremain W.

      You can use them again but they only take affect once you gained the ib level at which you would have bought them

  • Lance Davis

    I want the chests so bad. Why the hell do they have to be 31?

    • dstripedape

      I agree, what’s the point of going through with IB again (except the challenge) of competing again for veterans? Who am i kidding I’ll probably do it anyways!

      • Lance Davis

        Me too. I don’t even touch regular Crucible anymore. Better drops and legit levels. I’m also a collector and I don’t have Timur’s Lash yet.

    • Fenrir

      It is pathetic. The iron banner is the option for people who do not do the raid or for people who can not get the gear they need ( that is my case) i have played crota’s end since day 1 and i have not been able to get the chest.

      Iron banner was my option to get that chest…but bungie really screwed it.

      I am not a game designer, nor planner nor a executive on a big company, but why do you think they gave us the lvl 31 chest and lvl 36 gloves? It makes no sense.

      This iron banner i am just going for the weapons.

      • Ryan C.

        So you’re mad Bungie isn’t spoonfeeding you?

        Also, I ran Crota last week and got the chest…so my experience negates yours entirely.

        And it’s clear you’re not a game designer…good game design doesn’t shower people with endgame gear for minimal effort, which is what you’re really mad about.

      • Mat

        IMO the chest should have been available at level 5 and be level 32(36)

        it makes no sense for level 5 to be the weakest rewards

      • FlipFlipadelfia

        Iron Banner isn’t THE option for people that don’t raid, its AN option.

        You can get the Helm from Crota in Normal (unlike VoG where you could only get it in Hard). So you just need 3 CE armor drops + Exotic to get to lvl 32. With Iron Banner, no you only need 2 CE drops + Exotic (that aren’t gloves)

        And honestly if you don’t raid then you then you don’t NEED to get to lvl 32. The only people that NEED lvl 32 are people that raid and people playing IB. And honestly you don’t even have to be 32 to do the raid, it just makes it a little bit easier.

      • zzz

        Use exotic chest. Also gloves provide reload speed for primary. I’d gladly be ditching my crota end gauntlets.

  • Finlay Jones

    Can’t believe I ground to level 5 last time, and didnt buy efrideet’s spear, now I’m hoping it’ll drop as random! I did get 2 Peruun’s fires last time.

  • Oriel76

    I see the Iron Banner is in the Dark Below Crucible… Does that mean non DLC owner can’t play it or do they have the regular crucible IB ?

    • I’m pretty sure everyone can participate

      • Oriel76


      • Ryan C.

        I’m pretty sure they can’t, since three of the maps are new DLC maps.

        • Oriel76

          Ryan, I’ve been playing all day long and I have yet to see the new DLC maps ??? Is that a Bug ?

  • I will fight for the warlock Iron Regalia Gloves. The crota’s warlock gloves looks terrible. Btw, all warlock gear at crota’s end look terrible.

    • FlipFlipadelfia

      The helm looks pretty badass imo. The chest is meh.

    • thesadmagistrate

      No way – the helm is pretty awesome and the kit as a whole looks pretty solid.

    • Mat

      same! though I like the Crota raid boots and the helmet, but the chest and gloves look awful and I’ll be doing this just to get the gloves (again)

  • Dean Archer

    Oh come on. It’s the exact same as each previous event. The same bounties. Same shaders. Same guns/armor but with increased level. Could they not change the bounties at least? It’s like an Iron Banner Ground Hog Day!

    • thesadmagistrate

      Amen. I hate the same bounties, in particular. Can’t at least change the auto rifle head shot bounty to ANY other weapon? SUROS Regime everywhere…

    • Ryan C.

      Just shut up, you whiny, entitled child.

      What’s New: MAPS, WEAPONS, ARMOR
      What’s Old: Gear matters. You are not forced to do it.

      So did you get the chest plate last iron Banner? I’m guessing you didn’t, because it wasn’t a thing to get. For people with alts, this is the easiest way to get a 31 light chest without racking up 125 Vanguard marks + a commendation.

      Also, if you’re doing PvP to complete bounties, then you’re a silly person..

      A: Hey Dean, why are you doing Iron Banner? I thought you hated it.
      B: Well, I do…but I like doing bounties, so I’m doing Iron Banner.

      If you can’t do the bounties in the course of normal PvP gameplay, I suggest that you’re not that good at pvp.

      Also, can you explain what other content in Destiny changes so dramatically, that you would single out Iron Banner as being the ‘same thing’ when the addition of three maps to the rotation means it isn’t the ‘same thing’? I’ll save you the time…you can’t explain it.

      • Devon Humpert

        I’ll probably buy the chest because it looks cool. I actually need the gauntlets to hit 32 and it means that I don’t need to use Radiant Shards to upgrade.

      • inquisitor314

        I think you are childish to call someone entitled. You dont know what that word really means. The man made an investment into the game as well as the expansion so your description of him is wrong. he brings forth good concerns as well as a valid points. the same shader as well as armour and guns is not an IB event but a rinse and repeat that if not expressed as being undesired will continue. This is the 4th IB and the 2nd time they repeated the prize output. You gains timers lash and the sniper rifle as prises in the other IB. I should know i had 6 of them.

        The IB maps were repeating and the ratio of new maps were turned down. New maps does not mean new IB content. I would have a better chance at getting the new maps in regular pvp. I dont think you understand what he was talking about as to new bounties. it sounds like this is his 4th IB so he is tired of the repeat function. he wants different bounties with some bonus in them or some bounties that require a bit more thinking. You are becoming a jerk in nature to not see what the man is talking about. I for one think he wants the IB to be better. To have thoughts behind it and change it up. This is done in all pvp games. add capture the flag. add save the cell block add other features besides control to the IB. He wants a game to be better and his concern is expressed in a valid point. He is not. BTW only the arms went to 36.

  • FlipFlipadelfia

    Would be helpful to have the specific stats for the armor/weapons (since you can’t view them out of game). As well as a section on re-rolling your gear and the associated cost.

    Granted I can go to to see the gear prices, but would be nice to have it in the guide.

    Emblem – Rank 1 – 2400 glimmer
    Shader – Rank 2 – 7500 glimmer
    Emblem – Rank 3 – 2400 glimmer
    Chest – Rank 3 – 9950 glimmer
    Class Item – Rank 4 – 4500 glimmer
    Gloves – Rank 4 – 9950 glimmer
    Radegast’s Fury – Rank 4 – 11500 glimmer
    Shader – Rank 5 – 7500 glimmer
    Timur’s Lash – Rank 5 – 11500 glimmer

    • Each of the prices/stats are on the item’s page

  • Devon Humpert

    Aww I really wanted another shot at a 331 Jolder’s Hammer. I have a 300 one with Field Scout, Rangefinder and Grenadier and it completely wrecks Atheon.

    • MattG

      You can still get one, the same way anyone ever got one. As a random reward at the end of an IB match. That’s how I got Timur’s Lash in IB2. (love that thing)

      • Devon Humpert

        They announced that you can buy the Hand Cannon and Rocket Launcher from ranking and only receive the AR and Sniper for random rewards.

  • Lzzzzzz

    So in this iron banner 4.0. You can’t get 36 light gear???

    • gauntlets, it’s in bold…

  • Lzzzzzz

    Can you get 36 light gear in this iron banner????

    • the gauntlets

  • sbrozzi


    I have NEVER achieved this bounty;

    Defeat 10 Guardians without dying while competing in the Iron Banner Tournament

    What does this mean exactly? Does it mean that I have to kill 10 Guardians without dying? My team has to kill 10 Guardians and in that time I can’t die? Sometimes I finish a match and the I have completed 4/10, sometimes 6/10 and then next game it is wiped. It sounds like it should be straight forward but clearly I am having trouble grasping it.

    I wish Bungie gave a little more description to some of their bounties. Whoever helps me with this a GIANT thanks!

    • JoshJ

      Defeat 10 Guardians without dying……what is there not to get…….go on a 10 killstreak

      • sbrozzi

        Sounds simple. I guess I never paid close enough attention as to whether I killed 10 without dying. I have done 5 numerous times. I will try tonight…

        • JoshJ

          O its by far the most difficult one in Iron Banner unless you’re equipment is stacked

    • Matt Potter

      You don’t have to get 10 kills in a row without dying to achieve this bounty. Your assists also count towards the 10 and your streak can be across games, which is why you sometimes see it filled in after games. The key word to the bounty is ‘defeat’, not ‘kill’.

    • sbrozzi

      Actually managed to do it last night! So you do NOT have to kill 10, but rather a combo of kills and assists without dying would count. Just takes a more cautious game play for a bit to get the bounty.

  • I really appreciate your skills on PVP.

  • LiL-D Da Prince

    Took me 19 hours to get from 0 to 4, 6 man fire team helps a ton even 3 honestly.. Stopped at four because I only wanted the 36 light gloves for my hunter don’t care about the weapons as I have some pretty great ones now.

  • inquisitor314

    this iron banner had no difference the from before. The other maps where incorporated inside the banner sometimes but the bounties where the same. the mission was the same and to have lash as a reward when it was given out in the last banner was ignorant by nature. the 36 gloves i dont know. The banner is losing its purpose as well as its once renowed muster. Bungie is not being held accountable to the bar of making this game better. they are given to many passes by people who say nothing but nice things and glorious marks. This allows a company to do rinse and repeat. it allows bungie developers to say hey we can just throw this out again. The bounties have not been changed since day one. This goes for the IB bounties.
    Bungie needs new blood or perhaps some new vitality from its current designers. Some not many understand we are getting screwed on the croats end content with less materials the VOG but to fail on both the pve and pvp front is to show greed and a lazy habbit taking hold.