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Infinite Weapon Variation?

Infinite Weapon Variation?

In a recent Breaking In with one of Bungie’s 3D artists, Raj Nattem gave us an awesome hint at the amount of weapon diversity that will be in Destiny.

Weapons! I can’t wait for players to ogle, collect, and fire all the awesome weaponry we’ve put together for them. Destiny has more weapons than all the Halo games put together – squared and then squared again.

The way he puts it makes Destiny seem like it will have an almost infinite number of weapons. A conservative estimate will say that Halo has had at least 30 weapons, square that and you get 900 weapons, square that again and you get over 800,000.

Destiny seems like it may in fact have a weapon system similar to Borderlands. Where no two weapons are the same;  different attachments, stocks, and ammo create an endless arsenal of weaponry.

What do you guys think? Lots of customization?

Also you can check out all the weapons we have seen so far on our DestinyNews Weapons page.

In case you didn’t see it, MoreConsole taked about it in his latest gun manufacturers video.

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      Hullo! I kinda like it here. Very cool, well-informed community of Destiny fans. My kinda people! :)

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        There are so many Destiny communities too. It’s enough to make you r head spin, but it’s good to know that most are well written and have good content so far.

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          this is the best Destiny community

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        I can’t wait for Destiny and try to get all the news I can get. Being subscribed to your channel is a big source of info. Main thing I’m interested in right now is the competitive multiplayer. Halo is my fav game series, mostly for it’s multiplayer and I want to see what Bungie does with this. I may just have to wait till E3. Until then it’s your channel and this site.

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        Beautiful bastards

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    I wonder what activities the last city will hold

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    Lol :D I’m loving all the news that’s coming up! It’s great that you present it to us so frequently! It’s also pretty cool that you come here regularly :D Good to see you!

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  • Squatchmen

    As for me, I want some super-omega powerful pistol/magnum that no one else has. I just kind of thought about that because ever since Reach, I just find that pistol to be super addictive especially in the anniversary (doubt there’ll be a gun that powerful in destiny especially a sidearm)

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