Infinite Farming

Published on: Oct 23, 2014 @ 2:32

Farming… it’s something we all try, at least once. Sometimes it turns into a bad habit, or worse, an addiction. 

There’s an Easier Way

To make your farming experience easier, this really simple video guide will show you how to just focus on a few nodes that you can come back to again and again, thus allowing you to farm indefinitely! If you’re in need of a Planetary materials or chests, remember this guide the next time you’re out in the wild: Steps:

  1. Choose Patrol on the Planet you’d like to farm at.
  2. Find an area where a few materials or chests are close together, near a new location zone. It’s not required they be close together, but it’ll help.
  3. Pick up the materials, then quickly go to the new location zone.
  4. Once you ‘load’ the new zone (its name will show up on the bottom left), immediately go back and pick up your previously looted materials/chests.
  5. Repeat 1-4 to farm infinitely, until you’re ready to stop.


  • Try to find materials that are close together to maximize your efficiency.
  • Be wary of other people; if someone comes by and picks up the node you’re using, you might have to wait a few minutes for it to reappear.
  • If you really want to ensure you’re not interrupted, set your NAT to “Strict” by going to your router configuration and turning off UPnP and any port forwarding.
  • A fast Sparrow helps a lot!

Other Farming Guides

In addition to the video above, we’ve got a growing list of farming guides at our YT channel:

For a comprehensive guide for all materials, click here. For even more farming guides, click here. If you’d like to check out all of our guides, click here.


Check out if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)


  • Sigmund

    wow… so now your just completely wanting them to take Farming out of the game due to the glitch thanks for showing it to the masses it will now just be another thing they will patch now and take out how often chests spawn…. or some other bull shit and make it to where no materials will spawn good for you!

  • Sigmund

    so yeah now that you have shown this video to the masses it now it will be just another thing for Bungie to go and patch later, however Doing a normal chest run/ material run yields more per hour than this glitch I get about 250 a hour plus glimmer and Rare and Legendary Engrams…. so this is really a terrible glitch to exploit.

    • insanetrasher

      Ffs.. what is your “normal” chest run!!? The run I know the most (moon starting zone) only gets me barely 120 mats/hour, and that is without killing enemies so no engrams. And I do not mention that only found 1 legendary engram in 50+ strikes since the patch, thats awesome.

      • Jer

        Learn where the loot spawns. Have you ever played an MMO where farming loot nodes was involved? I can name a few. A glitch is a glitch. And glitches should be patched, whether you like it or not.

        As for the farming run on the moon… 120 mats an hour is nothing to scoff at.. why do you need to farm 250 in an hour? After 120 mats, I can usually upgrade everything I can that requires that mat, until I get more shards/energy, unless I put off farming entirely for more than a week.

  • Krysl3r

    It’s not a glitch so why the hell are you trolling? They are chests on a spawn timer which you FARM. If you want/need materials that’s what you do, run around farming them as has always been in mmo’s.
    It won’t get removed, it’s not breaking the game.
    I’m not sure how plausible 250ph is. I can maybe do 150bloom an hour and even then that’s condensed. Hitting double that on hf? I must be missing a shed load.

    • Raxs

      I think you misunderstood. This is a glitch. Running around and farming randomly spawning chests is legitimate. What he is doing is a method that forces chests to constantly re-spawn in exactly the same place over and over. This is a glitch that takes advantage of the games loot spawning system. This should be random and move to a different location every time, but this method prevents that.

      • Krysl3r

        The author even says that the chests spawn randomly and that they don’t respawn in the same place!
        Looting a chest resets the timer in that vicinity, meaning that there will, after a time, following a particular route. The chests are a part of the material farming. It’s not “forcing” them to respawn, it’s the mechanic of farming. It is with every mmo and always will be. As long as it doesn’t mean that it generally surpasses other parts of the game such as trading for vanguard/crucible (which it may be in some areas) the only thing that might happen is they slightly increase the respawn timer for some chests.
        15years of mmo playing – there are always farm routes.

        • Krysl3r

          The author pointed out maybe 50+ locations? And looted what, maybe 10-15? That’s not the same place every time.

          • What are you talking about?

          • Krysl3r

            Hi Ryan,
            My opinion is that this isn’t a “glitch” as it’s the natural mechanics of the chest/HF respawn times. In any mmo there are farming routes that become most efficient spots. Although there maybe a need to reduce the spawn times in some areas as (if it is possible) someone farming 250ph can make it a better farming option then strikes for vanguard/crucible marks.
            Personally, it’s not a glitch but an efficient gathering route. Patch not required!

          • I’m not sure if this will be patched or not, but I doubt this is how they intended for people to gather these materials. Doing it with this method, the items aren’t on a timer, they’re being respawned immediately when you pass the new zone threshold.

            So you can use the exact same node, over and over again, without having to wait for the normal spawn time on it (just need to pass the zone threshold).

        • Raxs

          Yes, he did say that, but that is not what he is showing us. Trust me, re-watch the video. He is trying to show us how to get chests to respawn in the same place over and over. That’s why he says “Don’t just go out and try to do this, do it when the timing is right. Like, when you see two materials spawning really close together, or you find two chests nearby each-other on the edge of the map.” What you are saying is an un-exploited method. The legitimate way. He is showing us a nook in the games mechanics where re-loading a part of the map causes the game to put all of the materials and chests back in exactly the same location instead of re-shuffling them.

  • Raxs

    I’ll be honest. I found that doing this the legitimate way was just a profitable. When you learn where all of the Chests and Materials spawn and how sparsely the game spawns them it’s just as effective as know exactly where they are, because in a way you do.

    Fox example, I know a spot at the back of the Divide in old russia. In the corner where 3 shanks and a fallen stealth spawn. There is room 2 chests that CAN (Usually one) spawn at once, one silver one in the loot room, one in the box, one next to the tube, one in the tube, one between the stone pillars, one on top of the power box and lastly, one on the other side on the big silo.

    There is a 100% guarantee there is be at least 1 loot chest and possibly an additional silver chest. All areas of the game work like this, so once you figure out where the designated areas are that at least one chest has to spawn it is very easy to find them. I might actually make some maps of these and post them somewhere (: For when this glitch method gets used the legit methods will be mandatory.

  • Paratrooper2000

    Didn’t work for me. Found a chest on Mars next to a border. Went on my bike, next terrain & back. Chest was gone. Anyway, I guess I would have been bored pretty soon. But thanks for the hint.

    • It might have actually been patched today

  • I actually put this to use last night. Needed a few more spirit blooms for an upgrade and was running around until I got to one near an area transition. Was able to get the last few very quickly so that was support helpful! It’d be hard doing that for more than just a couple though, I think…

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