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Published on: Oct 16, 2014 @ 1:16

“In Other News” is a new segment we’ve started to let you all know about some miscellaneous Destiny news or information that isn’t quite ‘news-worthy’ enough to warrant an entire article by itself.

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Legendary Hunter Cloaks

Thanks to Imgur user TwilightGap, he’s gathered up all the Legendary cloaks the Speaker sells and put them into an album.

Look at the Ground

We are not confirming this, but many people have said that when in the VoG, all you need to do to avoid the pain inflicted by these creatures is simply to look at the ground. You don’t necessarily need to avoid being around them, you just need to make sure that you can’t visibly see them – even if they can see you. Face the ground.


Atheon in 20 Seconds!

Atheon was downed in less than 30 seconds on Hard mode! And look at all that loot…

Master Rahool, a Traitor!

They say he slipped… but we know the truth! The Cryptarch has a dark, evil secret, and this man was about to unveil it! He was about to publish his findings! Until… he happened to “slip” to his death.

Speaking of Master Rahool…

UI Improvements

There were a lot of criticisms discussed with DeeJ recently, but the UI hasn’t been a hot topic of discussion.

What do you all think about these designs by Reddit users anrock1 and Vespene?

If you think these changes would improve the game, go ahead and retweet this to ensure Bungie takes a look at it.

Companion app updated



Our latest video guides are for the Moon and Venus, farming Helium Filaments, Spirit Bloom and chests. This is one of the easiest areas of the Moon and Venus to farm: Just spawn in on Patrol and you’re ready to go!

Bungie Bounty

The latest Bungie bounty is out!

Thursday, October 16th
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Pacific
PlayStation 4

Check out if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)

  • Aaron Bullock


  • Corey Neher

    It makes sense that looking at the ground would keep you alive. A Gorgon in Greek mythology would turn you into stone only if you looked them in the face. So if you don’t see them, they can’t kill you lol. Pretty clever of bungie to be honest.

  • skarnl

    Those UI changes would fix a lot issues I now have. The first is not something I miss, but quickly go to the Tower, see my ranks per vendor and quickly check my Bounty progress. Awesome ideas!

  • Elisei Filimon

    When can we finally get an in-game map so we don’t have to head into orbit in order to see which way to go (public event / material farming reasons)

    • ƩɴɪɢϺΛ™ does show you a map of each area with dotted lines showing paths

      • Elisei Filimon

        Don’t bring that “go to this website” shit up, dude. I want an in-game map, could even make it like a transparent hologram when you pull out your ghost, with your position and direction you’re facing etc.

      • Elisei Filimon

        > in-game

  • sycoteck

    the UI improvements would be bad ass a reputation/grimour card page would be nice

  • MazdayGuy

    How did those people beat Hard that quickly?
    What weapons was everyone using?

  • Raxs

    Aw man, that “Slip” video had me laughing my ass off XD so unexpected.

  • Raxs

    I also love these UI designs. I don’t think bungie will be changing them :/ But I really wish they do. These are really brilliant.

  • Raxs

    Please take down the “Embelem Video” and replace it with a Legit one. The one you used was taken from a channel run by a troll who is just re-uploading other peoples’ videos :/

    • emblem video?

      • Raxs

        Wait? Did you do it already? I watched a video on this page yesterday where DPJ did a test on whether or not the speaker sold Emblems that gave hidden buffs. You are the only one who edits these pages, aren’t you? Man I must be going crazy… Must’ve clicked something, haha.

        • You must have seen it on another site, I definitely didn’t talk about or link any emblem related video 😉

          We did an emblem speculation article awhile ago, but we updated that when we got confirmation that the Speaker’s emblems don’t give buffs

          • Raxs

            Nope, figured it out. I watched one of DPJs videos and my Youtube preferences shuffled it to the next recommended video. I’m not quite sure how it didn’t occur to me the video had ended and a new one started, haha.

  • Berend Lauwebeer

    a quick way to check bounties, yes please. See reputation progress without going to the tower yes please. There are enough incentives to visit the tower as it is

  • Brett

    how about something as simple as being able to skip a cut scene. its not a make it or break it for the future but it would be nice to not have to watch the cut scene every time I do the daily story