• F1r3p47h


    • Austinn Buckley

      i didnt know you could pre-order it yet

      • Andre Richard

        your a vagina lol

        • Austinn Buckley

          Ya haven’t you heard the saying “You are what you eat”

          • F1r3p47h


          • Liam Sutton

            That is literally the most clever thing ive ever heard anyone on the internet say ever dude, props to you, you just blow my mind

  • Thor Titan

    i love how saturated the colors can get in the dark!!

  • TylerHerndon

    i wonder how people get into squads

    • Boomtista

      hey i can help with that u just need to be in orbit clic on a players name then invite to firestream

  • RemoteCrab131

    lulz, idk why but I thought of The Elder Scroll when I see some of these screenshots

  • Venge Drac

    Need to Pre Order it.

  • Pillarshock

    the public events are going to be awesome

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  • Cortanis

    Why hello thar…. first screenshot in the row second row from the bottom. Check far left in the shot. That’s not a fallen unit of any kind. The head’s all wrong and it’s armored up like a higher rank, but it only has the two arms. Darkness faction member maybe?