Is That Worth Buying?

Published on: Mar 6, 2015 @ 3:10

Xûr is in town offering new gear. What’s worth your hard-earned Strange Coins?

Remember to finish the Urn of Sacrifice quest before he leaves!


Item Class Subclass Type Strange Coin
Ice Breaker Any Any Sniper Rifle 17
Helm of Saint-14 Titan Defender Helm 13
Young Ahamkara’s Spine Hunter Gunslinger Gauntlets 13
Skull of Dire Ahamkara Warlock Voidwalker Helm 13

Be sure to test your luck with Exotic Chest Engrams!

Ice Breakerice breaker xur

This sniper rifle hits like it has the Traveler’s weight behind it. It has very high Impact rating, so precision shots will be rewarded. It packs quite a punch in PvP too, but usually you’ll want to stick to using it in PvE.

Should I buy it?

Ice Breaker is one of the best sniper rifles for PvE. The utility of regenerating ammo can’t be understated, so if you don’t have this, now you’ve got another chance.

It will also replenish some of your other special weapon ammo! If you are out of special ammo, switch to this gun and wait for a few seconds, and then switch back to your special weapon of choice.


Stats Compared to Other Sniper Rifles

  • Above Average: Impact, Range
  • Below Average: Stability

Notable Perks

  • No Backpack: Cannot be reloaded. Regenerates ammo over time.
  • Mulligan: Missing a shot has a chance to return ammo directly to the magazine.
  • Ice Breaker: Ice Breaker’s victims spontaneously combust, dealing damage to others nearby.

Helm of Saint-14helm of saint-14 exotic review

Helm of Saint-14 is what a PvE Defender Titan dreams about. With bolts, a crest and big metal plates, Helm of Saint-14 looks like a futuristic knight, and the luminous purple glow is also a very nice touch.

This helm has an OK roll of 106/114 Intellect (max is about 130), more than the last time it was sold.


  • Rain Blows – Increases melee attack speed.
  • Inverse Shadow – Increased Super energy gained from killing minions of the Darkness.
  • Starless Night – Your Ward of Dawn blinds enemies who enter it.

Should I buy it?

Starless Night will blind any enemy (aside from bosses) that enter the Ward of Dawn bubble. Being able to blind enemies is incredibly useful in PvE and even PvP, and adds a new depth to the Ward of Dawn.

When enemies enter the Ward of Dawn, they’ll be unable to consciously react. Being overwhelmed by any number of enemies is nothing this helmet can’t handle; it’s a great way to get easy punches on powerful enemies which you wouldn’t normally engage up close.

The bubble can now be used in a more aggressive manner, completely blocking off choke points.

This is a perfect helmet for a Defender – buy it!


Young Ahamkara’s Spineyoung ahamkara's spine

These gauntlets lose some credibility in PvE as Tripmine grenades are not a popular choice due to their singular targeting habits and are usually swapped out with something that provides more area of effect damage.

They’ve got 91/98 Discipline, slightly more than the last time they were sold.


  • Special Weapon Loader – Increases the reload speed of all Special Weapons.
  • Ashes to Asset – Replenish Super energy when you kill an enemy with a grenade.
  • Improved Tripmine Grenade – Tripmine grenades last longer when placed.

Should I buy it?

Young Ahamkara’s Spine will double the time your the tripmine lasts for, just like the Sunbreakers with the Solar grenade. With Tripmines this is especially useful, lasting a total of 30 seconds, if you’ve got enough Disipline you can breifly have 2 out at once!

What is also great on these is the Ashes to Asset perk, which gives you more super energy for grenade kills. It’s always good when the perks support each other, and with enough Discipline, you’ll be able to have 2 tripmine grenades out at once for a few seconds.

The typical Special Weapon’s Loader perk will reduce the reload speed by about .7 seconds.

These are not bad gauntlets for PvP, but ultimately we recommended that you wait for an Exotic helm such as Achlyophage Symbiote.


Skull of Dire Ahamkaraskull of dire ahamkara exotic review

A first-time sale, this intimidating helmet will give you more durability when using the Nova Bomb and Super energy with grenade kills.

This helmet has a low stat roll of only 94/101 Intellect, while the maximum could reach up to ~130.


  • Energy Projection – Increases grenade throw distance.
  • Quintessence Transfer – Replenish Super energy when you kill an enemy with a grenade.
  • Delusions of Grandeur – You take reduced damage while using your Nova Bomb. Your siphon abilities are also improved.

Should I buy it?

Personally I’d much rather have Obsidian Mind for PvE, but you should probably pick this up for PvP; who knows when Xur will sell it again.

Energy Drain is a 5 second buff that accelerates the rate of grenade recharge and can be increased to 8 seconds with Delusions of Grandeur.

This helm is designed for the Voidwalker who wants to use the Soul Rip/Embrace the Void talents. It entirely revolves around giving you a larger up-time on the Energy Drain buff, which will give you more grenades (leading to more kills).

If you’d like to use your grenades and Super a lot, the Skull of Dire Ahamkara will allow you to throw grenades further, which hopefully results in better accuracy. Energy Projection definitely isn’t the most useful perk to have though, and may never even help you.

This helm will give you Intellect, increasing the passive charge of your Super, which meshes well with the other two perks.

The increased effectiveness of your Energy Drain ability (“siphon”) is wonderful, as it’ll allow you to have more grenades at your disposal. More grenade kills means more Nova Bombs!



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  • DaFrenchGamer

    Icebreaker, really?! WTF Bungie…

    • Christian

      People have been demanding it for months. It’s no wonder they are giving everyone a chance to get it.

      • steven

        The again part is annoying though

        • Christian

          Not everyone was able to save up for it the first or even second time around. If they don’t sell it a good few times, it’ll only take a month before players begin whining about it again. Sadly, when people complain about things so demandingly they will get everything they asked for and more.

          Like for example, the Vault space thing. If Bungie gives everyone 1000s of spaces in their vault, people will cram it full of every item whey pick up, then they’ll complain at Bungie that their vaults are a mess and are completely disorganised, and will then demand for some automatic sorting system. This is how it works. If people demand this stuff all the time, they’ll get a lot of it, and because people don’t actually know what they want, they’ll just complain about it some more when they finally get it. Destiny is just a place for people to complain about stuff over and over. They get what they want, then throw another tantrum crying out for more. People need to learn self control, Bungie wont teach them that because if Bungie doesn’t give people exactly what they ask for, people will stop playing. It’s a complete mess at the moment and I really worry for the future of this game.

          • steven

            Unfortunately your correct the vocal minority get what they what whilst the rest patiently wait fir what they need and get bent over the issue I really have though is the fact icebreaker was available 2 weeks ago and if the reddit guy is correct universal remote is next week so I’ve and many others have had no use fir xur for the better part of a month

          • Nimai Kearney

            Just a point of correction, I think. For the warlock Helm, you mention first time sale .If you mean this is the first time Xur has sold (if you didnt, please disregard the below) that isnt true, since that was my first exotic helm and I’ve had it several months. I think he sold it the week after he first sold Apothesis veil. Cheers

          • dstripedape

            I dropped a lot of coin on heavy ammo so i cant put foot to crotas scotum for awhile

          • dstripedape

            I agree with your statement about vocals but some growth to the vaults will have to come sooner because why grind for equipment when you can’t keep it

      • insanetrasher

        I’m actually always glad to see him selling IceBreaker since I told myself “hey now casuals will at least always have 1 decent item”, but truth is not everyone even buy it when they should..

      • pv

        Maybe he is selling icebreaker a little to much though? Surely just a one of week selling gallajhorn wouldent be such a bad thing as not everyone would buy it. Can’t knock heavy ammo though :-).

        • ed

          Never gonna see xur sell ghorn. Too op, it was basically givin to us week 1 and 2. Launch week xurs first visit, he was selling strange coin for glimmer then the next week he had ghorn. That’s how me and most my friends got out first. You all need to get over the fact everyone in the game can’t have ghorn.

          • pv

            Yeah not complaining, I could have bought it but didn’t. I’d rather randomly earn it anyway. Managed to cope without a gally for sometime now anyways.

          • MattyLu22

            GET OVER IT,try playing 1000 hours plus(no lie)since week one ive done everything possible-raids,strikes capped out all marks each week,nightfalls with 3 different characters.Still no g-horn. Admittedly so its OP.But how is EVERYONE having icebreaker not in the same convo then.Ive seen mad ppl get multiple g-horns,such as i got 4 Hawkmoons one week.Heres an idea,besides xur not selling-Take every exotic u get and decrease the % of u getting it again,thus increasing the % of the exotics u have yet to get.I cant begin to say how very frustrating it gets time after time grinding for g-horn.I think my destiny resume as far as things i have accomplished completing various chances to finally snag g-horn.I think he should sell it no matter,I DEFINITELY EARNED IT!

          • ed

            Yeah I have just as many hrs if not more. Maybe take a week off from destiny or shift your focus. Nobody seems to understand that you can’t earn somthing that is random, its random you have no control over it. The sooner you realize this the sooner you might have some fun….

  • ProfessionalCitizen (near the end)
    Interesting implications.
    If my memory serves me well though, didn’t Deej once say that, although they don’t control what he sells any given week, they do know what he will sell? In any case, it seems maimon guy is the real deal. Interested to see what else he may have to say.

    • ProfessionalCitizen

      I also want to say how impressed I am that planet destiny managed to pick the apparently wild speculation that turned out to be true. I have read several articles on other sites full of meaningless drivel and speculation, but they ended up being wrong.

      • He predicted it correctly last week too so I didn’t consider it wild 😛

        • Hanayo Asa

          I’m gonna guess the algorythmn for Xûr is random.. But the inventory is made like 2 or 3 weeks in advance by this algorythm. Hence why Bungie knows what he will sell in advance.

          • ProfessionalCitizen


  • NeverTheOne

    Soooooooo…do you think Bungie is aware of that Reddit user who can accurately predict Xur’s inventory yet? He’s cracked Xur accurately for 2 weeks in a row now. AWFULLY suspicious that someone who’s not a part of Bungie can do this 100% accurately when Xur’s SUPPOSED to be COMPLETELY RNG… -_-

    • Fredo Gallardo

      Was thinking exactly the same thing…

    • Puddi

      But he isn’t completely RNG, Deej said so

    • As Deej told – they have a guy or two who have control on XUR. Also, that situation was discussed in the latest Planet Destiny Podcast) Better check it out)

    • Finlay Jones

      Think he said on reddit they contacted him

    • C

      Xur’s stuff is supposedly chosen about 2 weeks ahead of time, but he is not random. The people who can “predict” what he is going to have aren’t exactly doing anything mystical, just doing something difficult, time consuming, and something no one else thought of. He’s just packet sniffing.

  • Martin Kennedy

    Helm of saint 14 has Intellect not strength mate

  • kabuki
    • Christian

      I thought Deej said recently that Xur is NOT Rng. Rather than he is.

    • Edwin

      Why not? They could randomly generate the list a month/year ahead. Megaman just happens to know where to look for it.

      It might even prove the randomeness as they did/could not change it to something else then the leaked list 😉

      I think they set the drop chances per item and then generate the (random?) list with those settings.

      Random doesn’t mean one item can’t drop 3 times in a row 😉

  • insanetrasher

    Do yourself a favor and buy 20-40 heavy ammo for each of your characters, I’m so tired of hearing and waiting for players doing the heavy ammo glitch….

    • dstripedape

      I dropped at least 60 strange coins doing this, now watch Xur sell red death next weekend

  • Fine with this

    Regardless of whether or not Xur is random, the list Megaman released being right two weeks in a row makes them look terrible. We can look forward to Universal Remote next week. Personally, I like knowing weeks in advance what crap will be there. Lets me know there is no hope, and I’m better that way than waiting til Friday to see if Xur is finally selling anything worth a damn.

  • Keith Christmas

    Well, I’ve had a crazy week or so. Last week, after about 600 hours, I finally got Thunderlord as a raid drop. Then on Monday, I handed in a legendary engram and got my third Gjallarhorn. Then Xur finally sells Saint 14, and I just handed in another legendary engram, and… Another Thunderlord. What the hell is happening?

    • Guest

      pretty sweet. i got 3 thunderlords. i cant express how good this thing is esp on the nightfall this week. Slices up fallen captains with ease. ull love it

      • Keith Christmas

        Oh, it’s a beaut. Up there with Jolders Hammer as the best MG in the game.

    • FloydRTC95

      They’ve been upping Exotic drop rates, methinks. Last week I got 6 exotic drops, more than I had in the past 2 months. Lots of my friends are getting more exotics than ever in the past few weeks.

  • NLK3

    I think without the Helm of Saint 14, defender titans aren’t that good in PVP. It’s perks revolve solely on the barrier, which requries a kill against longer ranged melee players (Warlocks and Hunters) and isn’t even that strong, while supers in general aren’t easy to accumulate if you aren’t even a good player at killing. Without the grenades he uses (and he’s the only one with no exotic armor to spawn with grenade energy), he’s pretty weak. Fast melees, but that’s all.

    • dstripedape

      I agree, defender also has grenades that aren’t on par with strikers. However don’t underestimate the bubble, it is the single most dominant super in the game (as long as the opponents haven’t gotten their super yet).

  • FloydRTC95

    Just so you all know, if you got the gloves and boots from Iron Banner as a Warlock and don’t have the DLC, buy the Skull. Next Iron Banner has the chest, so you can hit 32 without the DLC.

    • mayhem_x178

      I thought it was you couldn’t hit 32 with more than 2 IB light level 36 Gears equipped.

  • Edwin

    Anyone else feels the regen of the icebreaker feels slower then last week?
    Not sure if I’m imagianing it or not…

    • th3color

      Def much slower slower almost not worth it. Its went from 2seconds to 4

      • Edwin

        Yeah, same feeling. Can’t find anything about it online so not sure what/why :S

  • Bryon

    Please make an app for this site. That would be super!

  • Decdog2

    Im curious… why do the warlocks and titans have more helmets than the hunters? they both have 4 while the hunters have 3 (achlyophage symbiote, mask of the third man, and ATS-8 Arachnid). Also, why do the warlocks get more chest pieces? Hunters and Titans have 2, while warlocks have 3. Granted, hunters and titans have exotic boots, and we have 2 gauntlets for each class, but i just feel that titans and hunters are left out in certain aspects of exotic armor.

    -Correction, i left out knucklehead radar, so please excuse the helmet argument