How to Get Husk of the Pit / Necrochasm

Published on: Dec 13, 2014 @ 1:44

The Husk of the Pit is a common auto rifle that can eventually be upgraded into the Exotic Necrochasm.

How exactly is it obtained though?

How To Get It?

Blade’s of Crota have a chance at dropping this weapon. We outline the easiest way to get the Husk of the Pit in this video

Upgrade Process

husk of the pit necrochasm

Husk of the Pit is upgraded via 1 Embalming Orb, using the “Cannibalism” perk. The Embalming Orb is purchased from Eris Morn for 10 Black Wax Idols.

nercochasm upgradeCannibalism

The Husk exudes a sense of sinister satisfaction when used to expire its former allies.

After purchasing the Orb from Eris, you’ll be able to evolve this weapon into its Legendary version: Eidolon Ally.

Eidolon Ally is upgraded in a similar way, though you’re not going to be able to simply buy the Crux of Crota for Burgeoning Hunger.

nercochasm upgradeBurgeoning Hunger

What power drives this appetite that grows after each meal?

The Crux of Crota is obtained exclusively from the hard mode of the raid, a reward from defeating Crota.

This perk will transform the Legendary Eidolon Ally into its final form: Necrochasm.


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  • sbrozzi

    I imagine by giving it to demo users then that would provide the incentive to buy the full version of the game…? Smart business.

    • I highly doubt it’s intentional for *only* demo users to have access to it though.

    • Ryan Powers

      It could be that you have to be low level to get it to drop since after you level up high enough the white engrams don’t drop anymore.

      • sbrozzi

        That’s interesting… I have a low level Titan… Maybe I will load him up tonight and see what happens.

        • James

          It doesn’t drop by a normal white engram. It drops from one of the white triangle things they drop. And the only reason its in the demo is because of a bug in the demo coding.

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Disappointed that the ‘Urn’ bounty only gave us gauntlets as I hoped it would give me the Husk of the Pit. Also had similar gauntlets already!
    Really want this weapon!!

  • Micah Yang

    Honestly if I ever find this weapon I might not upgrade it to exotic

    • Christian

      It’s pretty damn amazing. It has twice the impact of a usual high ROF auto rifle. It’s basically aetheon’s epilogue with double damage.

      • Florin

        yea… that’s the problem… it’s atheon’s epilogue lookalike

        • Christian

          Lol. Not really. The two are nothing alike. They just fall into the same category of High ROF auto-rifles. That’s like saying Bad-Juju is a look alike to a common Pulse rifle 🙂

  • Christian

    I assume this is the Raid mode Hard drop. I don’t know any other Exotic raid weapon, so this must be it. The Hard raid will be out January.

  • EnlargedProcrastinator

    Has anyone tried buying white primaries from the Cryptarch?

    • It’s not from an Engram

      • Luke Thomson

        I got it today as a PvP drop

        • Justin Cicchetti

          you on the demo version?
          hate to do this tho….link?

        • bullshit

  • Brick fanatic

    I’m thinking a reward for level 2 Eris

  • ORB1T4L

    Can’t we simply play the demo with our account, get the gun and go back to the full game ? Just a question, thanks 😉

    • I’d just wait for it to be introduced the proper way to avoid any issues you may have

      • Anon E. Mouse

        I tried to play the demo version for my PS3 but it says my account is not compatible with that version. It looks like if you already play Destiny, you are locked out of the demo version.

        • ORB1T4L

          Thanks for the info

  • Micah Yang

    Murmur review?

    • That’s coming

  • Eric Scott

    I have it

    • sbrozzi

      How did you get it…?

  • Brent Buchanan

    Playing Crucible Clash yesterday (Xbox 360) on Pantheon, saw “Husk of the Pit” (white rarity) as a end game random reward in the activity feed when the round ended. No drops on my (Bravo) team. Not sure how to confirm anything from this experience, permalink:

  • Luke Thomson

    I have this

  • Jason Anstey

    I have this rifle. It dropped in the Divide. From a Fallen Vandal I think it was. And yes I was playing the Demo at the time. It does look cool but unless you can upgrade it (you have to have the Dark Below expansion to do so, which I don’t right now) it is not equal to many other common auto rifles you can easily come across. It doesn’t scale to your level when it drops I don’t think, perhaps evidence that it is a bug. So unless you have the Dark Below there is no point in hunting for it. Less of course you like having something only few do. Is it really a bug though? If so I hope my game won’t get screwed up because of it…

  • TruEastSydeBoi

    I have this gun on my account. I just bought the game today. Psn is TruEastSydeBoi

  • Donnie Stuart

    how do you become under the effect of a black wax idol?

  • Captainbirdseye

    You have to pick one up off a knight firstly.
    Then in your inventory your see the black wax idol, just hover over it with your cursor and hold down the relevant button it says use.
    Your now be under the effect of the wax idol for 10mins.
    On your character page there will now be an emblem which you can hover over telling you how long you have left till it runs out.

  • BigBadMadJay

    i have the actual version of destiny and i just picked this gun up. almost broke it down because its uncommon. luckily i decided to look it up first and found this site.

  • BigBadMadJay

    piocked it up by killing random enemies in skywatch. i also completed an eris bounty on the same kill that it dropped

  • Chimers

    I jusr picked up husk of the pit

  • Chimers

    In think in the divide

  • Alex Torrez

    i have it.

    – Blvdnit3 (PSN)

  • Ethanator72

    I got it just barely it’s equipped Ethanator72… I was waiting for sword of crotas people in skywatch In the cosmodrone and got it. I haven’t read the full article but I do have the full game.

  • Jesus Daniel Seraph

    Hey guys, found it at skywatch, i was killing a blade of crota and dropped it, i did not download the demo.

  • lucas pavanelli


    CREDITS TO : Joao Victor da Silveira

  • William L Gmeinwieser

    I just got husk of pit in full version of game

  • James

    This is not a bug I just got husk of the pit. If you don’t beleive me look me up on the app PieMan457.

  • bob.

    wrong, its in the live game.

  • Morbidly8

    Hi. So I just got The Husk. I was doing the Eris mission to kill Blades of Crota when it dropped for me. No Wax Idol, just from killing the Blade dude. I’m also a level 30 right now. Didn’t get an engram, just showed I obtained the gun.

  • adam

    Just got this drop from a blade of Crota enemy in the mothyards on earth, I’m a level 29 warlock, and obviously have the full version of the game. Ive yet to reach Croats bane rank 3 in order to purchase an embalming orb to upgrade it to its next level

  • James Pookie Walker


  • Michael King

    I just got the Husk of The Pit while on Earth Patrol killing the three Hive majors that appear in the Steppes. I am playing the full game with DLC.

  • James Pookie Walker

    just got husk!!!!!!

  • Philly Gannon

    My friend got this today. He killed a Blade of Crota and it dropped. he ALMOST broke it down as it was just a grey weapon. I had to explain it to him. I don’t know if it is as rare as you all think.

  • Aaron Likes Cookies

    A friend of mine who is level 29 got the Husk and he never downloaded the demo version

  • Aidan Carman


  • James Pookie Walker

    i got husk about an hour ago doing the swords of crota bounty with a black wax idol active. and poof. it dropped.

  • Mark

    I just picked this gun up… I’m not running the demo version of the game either… I almost got rid of it on accident.. 🙂

  • Kevoo

    i just got the husk of the pit after i completed a bounty for Eris. I don’t know if it requires a specific bounty to be completed, but the bounty that i finished was to kill 3 Blades of Crotas. I got it on the moon. Idk if this helps at all, but its worth a try.

  • Caleb Duty

    I just got it patrolling in cosmodome. 138 power on it. Only had two levels of upgrade.
    And I don’t have the demo. Regular game

  • Andy Gibbon

    I have this gun, just acquired it after the hive dropped it, and it’s on the game not the demo

  • Ollie Jackson II

    i got the husk of pit!

  • Shawn Sanchez

    My friend just recently acquired this on his level 30 character got photo proof

  • Ollie Jackson II

    i got the husk of pit on a drop from a blades of crota on the moon

  • Nater-ater


  • Steven Comstock

    DUUUDE! I just got the Husk of the Pit from killing a Blade of Crota while doing patrol missions on the moon. Full version of game, XBox One with expansion pass. SO STOKED!!
    Gamertag– HeinousFuzzball

  • crazace

    Lvl 31 hunter,,,I just got the husk of the pit. I was doing the Eris Moon bounty for killing the 3 knights on earth. On my final knight it dropped. I used Murmer on arch damage.

  • osmar carrizales

    So what would happen if I said I own the husk of the pit on a disk version of destiny on ps4 my psn is Chill_Envy add me you don’t believe me

  • Darth Ruprecht

    I received it when I killed a Blade of Crota in the Cosmodrome tonight. See the link.
    [url=] Husk of the Pit[/url]

  • Shelby

    I also got it from killing a blade of crota.

    • Alberto Sanchez

      Do u need the dark below expansion pack purchased in order for this gun to drop from blades of crota?

      • Crota’s Bane

        I don’t think so, pretty sure I got my first one before I bought the expansion.

  • Tessa

    I have the full game and it literally just dropped for me in the Cosmodrome while killing the Blade of Crota.

  • Austin Smith

    I just got it today on 360. Add me A97S I’ll show you how I got it tomorrow

  • Austin Smith

    And I’m not on the demo

  • Chaz Quillen

    Just found the “Husk of the Pit” myself. Not in the demo or trial versions of the game. Dropped of a “Blades of Crota”. Here is a clip from my game.

  • uglykarma

    I just got the husk of the pit tonight. I was helping a friend with the urn bounty. He has at the part were you have to kill uorck during a public event in skywatch. After we killed him I got it as a green engram. I will look for other ways to contact you. I don’t want my email on a public forum. My psn user name is uglykarma. Same in destiny if you need proof.

  • Bobby Jennings

    Just got it myself.

  • Christopher

    I have it as well

  • ceedoubleyou

    Like others, I got the weapon after about fifteen runs in the “Fist Of Crota” mission just as outlined in the video above. Go get yours!

  • Lee Juriet

    I got it from blowing a Sword Knights head off with Mythoclast…. yea gods, do you need to kill a fair few hive to level it up!

  • Yung

    I Just Got This Gun. I Think I Found Out How To Do It After 50 Tries Last Night.

  • Reflex

    I just got the Husk of the Pit. I ran the “Fist of Crota” mission about 150 times (I am off today) and finally got it. My friend ran it 3 times and got it. I would love to see the percent chance you have to obtain it. Good luck, Everyone

  • Battleshiplid

    I’ve been slaying blades in patrol for 6 HOURS!! Still no gun 🙁
    Well, back to the grind I guess….. it better feel rewarding when I finally get it!

    • Battleshiplid

      It did take another two hours but I finally got it. I think it’s a really awesome gun, fun to use although not very practical. Looking forward to upgrading it 🙂

  • druss

    got husk of crota last nigh 17th dec 2014 on Earth after killing one of the Blades of Crota full version of the game Xbox

  • Diego Pedrollo

    To much time for a gun.
    Will keep my Suros.

  • Matt

    Been going for almost an hour and ive gotten nothin 🙁

  • Drayson Heingartner


    • Drayson Heingartner


  • FriedCats

    Heh… husky pits…

  • Edwin Flores

    Omg that’s so awesome! Thanks for the update!

  • Spacedruid2001

    My first one dropped grinding on the Moon , second one dropped whilst killing blade of Crota on Earth about 8 hours apart.

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I now have my Eidolon Ally and fully upgraded Murmur too 🙂

  • bobillyfofilly

    Do you need the dark below to get it?

  • Grinded Fist of Crota for more than 10 hours in total and was killing blades of crota in patrol for the almost same amount of time.. No husk =( I’ve upped 4 levels already 😀 But it just won’t drop :/

  • chris

    I have it and love it ,it is fun .Trying to upgrade it now got it on the moon from a blade off crota.

  • chris

    Get an Xbox.

  • Adrian

    I have two. LOL 1 for each character.

  • Alberto Sanchez

    Do u need the dark below expansion pack purchased in order for the gun to drop from blades of crota?

  • Joseph Snyder

    You don’t have to be rank 3. I was rank 2 when I got mine.

  • Jake

    Necrochasm is mine at long last

  • Decdog2

    Does the Husk of The Pit have a level requirement? if not im gonna give it to my level 6 titan 😛