Hunter, Warlock & Titan Upgrades


‘Uniquely Average Gamers’ and DattoDoesDestiny both have new videos out that give us a concise overview of the upgrade paths we’ll be able to enhance our Guardian’s with. They weigh in with their thoughts about the armor stats, and which of them you’ll want to focus on. Unfortunately this is a limited preview of the subclasses we’ll have in the full game, but the information is still really valuable.

A subclass is an array of abilities that you choose, based on how’d you like your Guardian to progress. All of these abilities will improve your overall class while simultaneously allowing you to differentiate from other Warlocks, Hunter’s or Titan’s based on your subclass choice.

The big takeaway is that nearly all of the buffs you’ll have access to will be equally balanced. Based on how you prefer to play, you can for example decide whether you would like to recharge HP faster or improve overall armor rating.




For level 15 subclasses, check out this article.


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  • Nater-ater

    After this, I definitely want to be a Warlock. All of their abilities remind me of syphoning attacks, which is always a badass ability in games.

    • Jeuthy

      I played the Alpha and liked the 3 classes a lot !!!! still havent decided witch one will be the first one XD

  • Hi there! I’m Eric (eraddicus) from the uniquely average gamers youtube page. We just posted the video for Titan as well, in case anyone here was particularly interested in the way we covered the first two. Thanks again for sharing!

  • Drey

    How many classes are there for the Warlock?
    Just two? I don’t like healing stuff because that’s pretty lame, and the voidwalker is ok but not my type of magic style I’d like to see.

    The more options the better imo, less the worst.

  • Gerald Otto Stacy

    After looking at this information I’m still torn between the three classes. I like the hunter’s focus on precision hits, but I’m not into doing the golden gun thing so much. Although, it may be a good survival technique for when things try to rush my sniping perch. That, and their defensively minded grenades, that is.