No Raid with House of Wolves!

Published on: Apr 13, 2015 @ 16:57

With just one minute and forty-two seconds of video to go on, the House of Wolves Prologue practically defines the word “teaser”.

Still, as the biggest influx of content to hit Destiny since The Dark Below, we’d be out of our minds to not engage in a little speculation.

Wait, is there a Raid?


House of Wolves will not have a Raid activity. We didn’t make this decision lightly. Our team has been humbled by the reception of Raids in Destiny and we are creating a new Raid for a release later this year.

House of Wolves will have a new cooperative end game activity focused on variety, replayability, and skill – a new battle Arena called The Prison of Elders.

Bungie has now confirmed explicitly that there will be no “raid” as we have previously defined the term. There will be a raid with Comet though, the next major expansion coming in Fall 2015. However, we are now buzzing with excitement over this new “arena” activity.

Guardians have been clamoring for an endurance test à la “horde mode” since the dawn of the game and, absent any information to the contrary, a “battle Arena” seems the most likely venue in which to deliver this PvE mode.

We know there is non-vendor Legendary gear thanks to our database, so you’ve that to look forward to if nothing else. We’re hoping conquering the Prison of Elders will provide a path to this exclusive, stylish gear.

With that said, what can we expect from the Prison of Elders? We have a lot of questions and not a lot of answers, but we do know it’ll be limited to 3 players instead of 6.

Will there be strict checkpoints like VoG and Crota? Could it possibly be performance-based, with the best Guardians receiving the best gear? Will Destiny eschew the gear-dropping in the event itself in lieu of currency that can be exchanged for the armor from a vendor in the Reef? If this is the case, how will the rolls be determined?

Reddit user Themiffins thinks it may be something akin to Crusaders’ Coliseum from WoW, a raid that takes place in an arena setting, essentially fighting waves of bosses. It would make sense, seeing as the Prison of Elders is known to contain many royals from the House of Wolves. Perhaps we’ll be fighting them, with the final boss being a Prime Servitor?

Kaliks Prime is the former prime Servitor of the House of Wolves in The Reef. After the Queen of the Reef murdered the house’s Kell, Kaliks went into hiding and the Awoken are currently hunting him.

What we do know is that feedback from Bungie’s leading developers has indicated their interest in making progression and rewards less arbitrary and more respectful of time investment.

We feel hopeful that House of Wolves will reflect this design philosophy in letting Guardians “get to the good stuff” faster.

Are we a part of the story?

Another tricky question to answer. Indications from the theatrical trailer are that we are being brought in as the strong arm of the Queen herself — mercenaries who are exacting precise revenge for the actions of the treacherous Fallen cowards. The betrayal the Queen mentioned, the anguished screams of the Awoken who fell victim to the Fallen, and the steely gaze of the monarch in her decision to declare open season on her enemies, even at the expense of her isolationist ideology, all suggest we’ll have a cathartic – if violent – role in bringing justice to a people.

But what does this mean for our Guardian? Will we forge relationships with some of the benighted citizens? Will we assist in reconstruction and defense, or be exterminators who are simply in it for the gear?

house of wolves the arena

There are lots of avenues for the narrative to take, and one can only hope that House of Wolves can bring a personal, interactive element to a story format that has grown a little stale. With no disrespect to the stellar voiceovers, there’s only so much dramatic tension that can be wrung out of a one-sided story.

We will have to see if House of Wolves puts the idea of “forging your own path” back into the limelight.

What else can we look forward to?

Aside from the myriad of questions we have about The Arena, there are a few things we know for sure. We can expect that there will be a “social space” in the Reef. It could very well be a second Tower of sorts, providing access to House of Wolves-specific vendors and a new set of merchants and quest-givers.

After all, it doesn’t make much sense for the Queen to suddenly appear in the Tower, when she has her own people to worry about. Will there be an open chat? More emotes? Activities or games? Only time will tell.

The second thing we know is the return of Queen’s Wrath. The bounty-focused event that was put “back in the oven” by developers a while ago, is slated to return at just the right moment. If it in any way resembles its predecessor, expect to see longer bounties, assassination missions, and high-quality gear that is available to those who earn satisfactory reputation with the Queen herself.

Although the event was met with a fairly warm reception the first time around, many agreed the bounty format simply constituted “more of the same” and grew tiresome when combined with the usual bounties available from the Vanguard. I’d bet the Queen’s Wrath will surprise us in all the right ways.

Finally, we’ve got the usual assortment of Expansion goodies: “New weapons, new armor, new missions, new Crucible maps, and a new strike.” You can take a look at what content has been divulged over here, but keep in mind that some of the stats and perks are placeholders.

Thankfully, Bungie has given us these information release dates ahead of time, so we know just when to start embracing the hype.

house of wolves timeline

What do you think about House of Wolves? Anything you’d like to see? Let us know!


I’m aWrySharK, your resident Exotic guru and lover of all things min/max. At PlanetDestiny, my perfectionism is no longer simply a matter of form over function.


  • curious george

    While i would love an arena mode…i would be upset if there wasn’t a proper raid like vog or crota in the HoW.

    • Zach

      They stated in the article that there would be no raid from how 🙁

      • Twinsfantravis

        They just said there wouldn’t be one released with it, but they also said there will be one later this year. Who knows, that could be midsummer timeframe just when everyone has run the arena to death.

        • Kenshiro Genjuro

          I would hope also that they may simply have an unfinished raid that wouldn’t make it in time but is still intended to be part of the HoW package which will release sometime before Comet. But it’s also thoroughly possible they didn’t feel like they could develop what they had into a full-blown raid to live up to what VoG was and instead compacted it into this 3-person co-op activity.

          I’ll just hope we can be a little luckier than not and get a raid a little later.

      • curious george

        Yea i commented before they updated the article. I’m pretty disappointed as raiding with friends and making new ones on lfg is my favorite activity in destiny. without a raid i don’t see this content holding people over till comet, which i think will be delayed as well.

  • Updated the article with breaking news

  • Steve

    365 fatebringer confirmed

    • Illwill_55$

      Where ?

      • Deciver95

        Did you like, not even look at the article?

        • Illwill_55$

          I seen a picture of a Fatebringer. I thought you had a link or something that officially states raid weapons etc will be able to be upgraded . Guess we’re waiting til 22APR15?

  • Pretty insane, right? We’re still scrambling to parse through Bungie’s breaking news. Expect this article to be updated with any pertinent information over the next few hours. We’re still very excited to see what House of Wolves brings, and we encourage all speculation and conversation in the comments here – no matter how crazy!

    Get ready, Guardians.

  • WOLF

    Raids make Destiny special and worth playing. I wish I hadn’t bought both expansions. This is just an excuse to grind without the prize of the raid at the end. Horde mode is a lazy excuse for new content. Bungie bit off more than they can chew. They released half a raid in December and nothing since. They are promoting fixing bugs that have been in the game since September. Yay?

    Good article:

    • Amanda Gabriele Mayer

      Its True!!

    • pulseimpact

      I wish we got both tbh. A lot of people were disappointed by The Dark Below, but it would have been a great improvement to have a raid AND new arena mode.

    • insanetrasher

      I’d take a well crafted and challenging “horde” mode that you can’t cheese over another CE raid anytime.

      • Justin Bradfield

        CE is not easily cheesed for its best rewards anymore and just because there is cheese doesn’t invalidate the fun and excitement of a new raid.

        • insanetrasher

          Well, okay you can’t cheese Crota but you still can cheese lamp and bridge. And because it takes way less time with cheese nobody does them legit anymore on LFGs, I think I never did the bridge legit on about 12 hard runs, too easy/quick to cheese (easy to fix as well, just add invisible walls to prevent crossing without the bridge formed or make it so everybody is required on the other side).

          I honestly don’t have much fun in CE after a dozen of hard runs compared to VoG (which I don’t run since a while because it doesn’t give any rewards thats worth my time).

          So thats why I’d take “horde” mode over another CE, for HoW that is. It takes a lot of time to craft a raid like VoG and they couldn’t make it in time for HoW thats why they made the right decision to just push it back to Comet.

    • Peter

      Absolutely agree, this sounds ridicolous.This game is becoming a joke like Serious Sam. No Power there.

    • leo

      How do you know all you want to do are raids if you haven’t even tried this mode yet! Who knows maybe you’ll love this new arena thing

      • WOLF

        I know that without the vault of glass, I would have traded this in by last October. This arena thing might be fun. But it’s not enough. The Dark Below contained Crota’s End….everything else was a rehash that could be completed in less than an hour. Of course, it was designed to grind this minimal content over and over and over. One new strike is not enough. Nightfalls will have one more strike until Fall. That’s ridiculous. People are sick of the Nightfall selection now…can you imagine by August?? The new story missions? They all take place in areas we’ve already seen. The quests? Those are like bounties that take 15 mins to do all of them.

  • Jono Griffiths

    Would love for the Arena to have leader boards

    • I bet there will be

      • Illwill_55$

        Is there any evidence that old legendary weapons will be upgraded? I love my Fatebringer etc.. but I have to say if this is allowed it’ll be a bore… there will be no insensitive to jump on first day if we can just bump everything

  • Noah Hamilton

    I guess i’m okay with there not being a raid I am not going to judge HOW until some more info comes out.

    • MakkinjeM

      Exactly; assumption is nothing more than an expectation apart from what could be.

  • Adamms

    A Horde mode!? YES! I’m a bit upset about no Raid, but I love endless wave games!

  • ceedoubleyou

    Hmm… no raid. Odd. And is it just me, or does a three-man “arena” game sound an awful lot like a “strike”?

    Still, I have my fingers tightly crossed that Bungie is about to give us something really great. Because they HAVE to. After eight months of grinding missions, I think we’ve all had enough and whether Bungie realizes it or not (and Lord God I hope they DO realize it) if they hand us a few missions, a couple new strikes and then say, “But just wait till Comet!”, a whole lot of players –including myself– will wander off forever.

  • Smathalgoth

    Personally, I couldn’t be happier to hear that we are getting new PVE content explicitly designed around replayability instead of another Raid with HoW. Remember that HoW content is all we get until Comet drops in the Fall, the Raids are great fun and all but after one go they lose the majority of their appeal. If Bungie puts as much effort and care into this Prison of Elders Arena as they did with Firefight in ODST/Reach, I’ll be a very happy camper for the foreseeable future.

  • Salvador

    This is it. I quit. I used to play destiny all the time months ago. Now I rarely play it maybe once a week and for 1 hour. But after they said there is no new raid, bye bye destiny. Bye bye planet destiny u guys r awesome see u in another game

  • Allen

    I was so happy to hear the relese date when I got home from school today, to just find out their is no raid 🙁 However from the looks of this “Arena” thing that you will be faced with a lot of bosses or stupid ads. I personally think that it will be like a zombies mode but in destiny but you get to use your own weopons you already have or even better go into the arena and buy weopons in the game mode but you don’t get to keep them, like zombies in black ops. And finally that big guy in trailer might actully be the last boss in the new arena mode and if you beat him you get all this sick gear. If this is what it will be like then I will actully be looking foward to it but then again waiting an other month to get get the HoW official raid is a little sketchy and Bungie and Activision should of just worked their butts of to get this raid ready in time.

    • MakkinjeM

      Still glad they didn’t rush into things with this raid, and take some good time to make it perfect.

  • allen

    Hopefully the arena is like zombies and that big guy in the traile is like the final boss like in black ops zombies.

    • MakkinjeM

      Yep that would be the political leader of the Fallen Wolves, leading the betrayal on the Awoken. I reckon we’ll get their god Kaliks Prime in the raid, which is coming later this year.

  • Chris610000

    OK guys it is a raid but only 3 man raid. Anyone remember the Crusaders’ Coliseum in wow in the Lich King expansion? I believe this will be just like that but only a 3 man.

    Edit : but I also expected more content than this. I don’t see how this can hold us off until the fall. Guess I’ll be joining Elder scrolls online for the Xbox one when it comes out.

    • Deciver95

      How much more? Surely the Dark below was a good indicator?

      • MakkinjeM

        Due to the fact we’ll actually get all new game types, next to expansion on existing modes, I reckon we will get more than in TDB. Next to that, the Fallen raid will come most likely later in the year, before the launch of Comet; Plague of Darkness i’d reckon.

        • Deciver95

          I’m not complaining. I’m excited for this and hopes it’s implemented well. I was confused as to why he expected more when we have TDB. Even if it seems like we’re getting more

          And while I like the notion of a raid before Comet, and think it would be awesome, I don’t know if it would happen. Comet is meant to drop in 4 months after HoW. So unless it was a month or at the lateness, 2 months after How, it wouldn’t make much sense. And then there’s the notion of charging for it. I doubt they’d make it free, but is $10 really worth it for a raid. Yes, they’re fun adn awesome, but man. But we shall see. No need to get upset over assumptions

          • MakkinjeM

            Exactly! Let’s hope for the best, and a super awesome Fallen raid. (comet will most likely be about the Canal, therefore the assumption of a Fallen raid before Comet)

          • Deciver95

            Interesting. I wonder if they’ll be focusing on one story line instead of introducing many enemy types like the main campaign. Excited to find out!

          • MakkinjeM

            If we may believe the leaked timeline, from a couple of months ago, you may expect a DLC twice as big as one of the other two. In terms of story content, that would be 7-8 missions. So I reckon it’ll be solely focussed on the Cabal story line for two reasons: One it’s the least explained story line of the game thusfar, and two it’s the last force of darkness, that didn’t have any form of expansion. That would mean, after 3 DLC’s and the original story, all forces of Darkness have their own story. So that would make it focus on one enemy force purely in Comet, but in total makes the first part of the story complete.
            (we already know expansion 4 is gonna be Vex Void, so Comet must be the Cabal story)

          • MakkinjeM

            And perhaps: The last two DLC’s might contain clashes of enemy forces. Wouldn’t it be sweet if a war between Simiks Prime and Oryx threatened everything that exists in the world of Destiny?!

          • Chris610000

            The reason I’m complaining is, not having a new raid and doing the same old raids when I already have everything is pointless. I don’t participate much anymore on the pvp side of the game and without a raid to work towards getting though I don’t see a reason to continue playing as much as I do now, which is login everyday and go run strikes and raids with my friends. Also I have already purchased house of wolves when I purchased the game. Without a lot of new content to take up my time, I’ll get bored rather quickly if its the same stuff over and over again and quit playing. I’ll just buy Elder scrolls online and play it and I may or may not come back to Destiny

          • Chris610000

            Also by asking for more content, there are those of us out there that clear Crota and VoG on easy and hard rather quickly because we know the fights so well now and have no reason or incentive of running them again. So why run it? If you dont pvp very much because of all the bad connections then why even play the game?

  • Michael

    Bungie lets us down again.

    • Deciver95


  • Monosocratic

    Just once I would like to see gamers react to change with a little positivity. Can we upgrade our favorite legendaries? Looks like it. Trials of Osiris? Check. New PVP content. Having no raid is unfortunate, but the Arena is something new, and no one here has played it, so let’s try to not be whiny chicken littles, declaring the sky is falling.

    • Niro

      Well said! I’m not holding my breath for anything groundbreaking, but it’ll at least fuel my addiction for a few more months, I’d wager.

    • Kenshiro Genjuro

      Agreed. Sure a fully well-implemented raid would have been preferable, but I’ll take a new fully well-implemented 3-person co-op activity over an unpolished raid any day of the week.

      Crota wasn’t THAT bad in fact it was pretty enjoyable and I liked almost all the visual design but it wasn’t the cohesive piece of work VoG was and it’s pretty clear most people want future raids to be closer to VoG’s level. When soloing Crota becomes easier than operating as a 6-man team some retooling is probably in order.

      There’s also the question of accessibility to be able to raid which was a big barrier to large numbers of players like myself. Somehow or another I accumulated enough friends to occasionally jump in with and get 1 character to 32 before too ridiculously long, and now a second might happen to get there before HoW releases but by then it’s somewhat of a moot point. If the current plan gives more players more accessibility to participate than whatever they were planning to do before then it’s a good thing.

    • WOLF

      Some people play Destiny for the Raids, so they have a right to be very disappointed.

      • tave84

        Can you show me where it actually says that?

        I think you’re referring to the data mined image that wasn’t officially released by Bungue

        • WOLF

          You are correct. I think the image was released on websites, so I guess it was taken as fact. The data mining was all accurate…until this. Dark Below had hardly any new content. The story missions used the same environments we’ve already played….except we may have had to go backwards through it. The raid was the only new content, and that’s almost 6 months old. While this is bad for Destiny, it’s good for people to play other things. I’m certainly behind. And the Witcher 3 comes out May 19th.

          • Chris610000

            Wow with that image i would say we are getting short changed.

    • Etienne

      Most of HoW looks like it’s gonna be PvP oriented, which I hate. I was looking forward for the PvE content, which is absent and reported to later expansion that I haven’t paid for because of their stupid season pass. Now they have my money and I can’t do anything about it.

      • Donny D.

        Where are you seeing that it’s mainly pvp based? The only thing that’s pvp based that I have seen thus far is Trials of Osiris.

        Prison of Elders is pve, as well as new story missions, and a new strike.. Not to mention Queen’s Wrath.

        • Justin Bradfield

          The only mention of end game gear in the announcement is for the Trials of Osiris so if thats the case then that is huge disappointment for me.

          • Donny D.

            Making the only end game gear come from a pvp activity would be a huge mistake, especially one where you have to get multiple wins in a row. Surely they know better than that.

            My guess is that Prison of Elders will reward the same, or most likely similar gear. They wouldn’t really be able to tout is as “end game” otherwise.

      • josh robinson

        Etienne, that was your choice of buying the season pass. Nobody is aware of what the content may give when they buy the season pass either, such as I. But that’s not Bungies fault for leaning towards a game environment in which you aren’t a fan of. Point is, is that it was your choice to buy season pass, unaware of what it may contain. So don’t start complaining about even more about what Bungie has chose to pursue. Same for everyone who just complains about what is wrong with the game. Grow up. And maybe look at what the game has granted you. Im sure some very enjoyable moments were floating in the air before you started reading other complaints of other people. Plus I dont think judging an event poorly is fair considering you have no idea what it contains. Now I understand Raids are some peoples reason to play the game. But if it is. I would personally wait a bit longer to see some gameplay or anything to indicate if the dlc is worth purchasing. And again if you bought season pass and are angry to hear what is to be expected of the House of Wolves. You bought it from your choice, even unaware of what each dlc would contain. For those of you who do enjoy Destiny for what it truly is made of, you are like me. Good for us right. For everyone one else who gives bungie ONLY grief and hard times, don’t play the game for damn sake.

    • Dan

      Normally I would agree with you, but I think people have a right to be pretty upset about this one

    • DangerousDonnyD

      I like your positivity and feel the same way. The raids are the most fun I have had playing Destiny but I really think we have only scratched the surface of what Destiny has to offer. With only %21 of players having completed a raid I think bungie is looking at the other %80 and trying to find out how to engage them. This arena could still have stellar mechanics and bring extreme teamwork with only 3 guardians. Sounds fun to me.

      • insanetrasher


  • Pure Ego03

    Kinda relieved that there is no raid, I have enjoyed them but grown a little tired of that grind. Crossing fingers for this or that and then waiting for next week to try again. Sounds like this may be changing the formula some, I’m excited. Maybe this going to mean more variety in terms of gear that increases the light level as well.

  • Disgruntled Bethesda Consumer

    I’m freaking stoked, I’m glad they’re not leaving the old raid weapons in the dust. I’m honestly glad there’s no raid. I am really looking forward to the arean part. I’m hoping they have the checkpoints like the raids so you can continue from where you left off at instead of doing it all over again. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume it’ll be like the raids and nightfall as in they reset every Tuesday and once you’ve beaten it on one character you won’t get any rewards until reset.

    • KrisDude

      pardon my writing i play games not take grammer classes but i will make my point

      i think with there being burns and other objective within these game areas

      hopefully they can make it more differential as to how you earn rewards that

      way instead of doing things once you can do it multiple times multiple different

      ways i mean it does seem like there getting the point that people dont like to do

      the same thing over and over again

  • Keith Christmas

    So when they leaked that data that showed that The Arena had modifiers, I said “it’s gonna be horde mode”. Whoever wrote the article (pretty sure it was Ryan) turned around and said “nah, we’re completely sure that’s just a mistake because the data is incomplete”

    So I’m just stopping by to say; Called it 🙂

    Although god knows I’m sure the feeling of smugness will pass pretty quickly. Sometimes it’s no fun being right.

  • Danm u bungie i only play to run raids and there aint coming one i shouldent have bought a season pass what a waste, many say gamers should be more positive in this post but screw that cuz this is absolute BULLSHIT

    • joeyt045

      I am withholding judgment until I see The Arena in action. I loved the Vault, but the Crota raid didn’t have that same sense of mystery and exploration the Vault had. So if they want to switch it up and give us something different to try, I am all for it. Besides, they said they are creating another raid for later this year.

      “Our team has been humbled by the reception of Raids in Destiny and we are creating a new Raid for a release later this year”

      • Mike M

        Yeah but it’s not gonna be free so what’s the point in bringing up that when season pass buyers are disappointed? Hopefully the Arena will be good I’m holding out hope, but still feel a little bit shortchanged at the end of the day. And for those of us who suck at PVP and find nothing but frustration there, the Trials of Osiris gear/weapons will basically be unobtainable so there’s that too

  • BungieBlows

    If i wanted to play a game thats mostly PVP and has a story mode with a horde mode id play Call of Duty… WTF Bungie

    • Deciver95

      Judging by your name, I’m confused why you’re here. How about doing this magical thing and waiting to see some footage before getting on the Whinge train

  • Justin Bradfield

    Raiding is my favorite thing to do in destiny I hope this new content is worth it. I am still confused if the only way to increase your level is through PVP? I hope that the prison of elders also is a way to do it because I am. It interested in PVP playing to level up.

  • Riotpelaaja

    I’m glad the DLC has different content compared to the previous one. Definitely missing the Raid, but excited there’s different kind of gameplat/content to make up for it. Change is good and exciting 🙂

  • Allon

    I have no problems at all with no raid, the horde mode seems to be something fresh and exiting for me. And now players with less friends can join in as well. instead of having to gather a group of guardians with gjallarhorns, you can simple ask 2 friends. I’m really curious to see how bungie is going to implement this new mode into the game. Also I would be stunned if i can upgrade my VoG titan set to level 32 ( or maybe 34? )

  • Aron Beijl

    I am glad to see that they are finally doing the vendor gear right when it comes to aesthetics. The Titan armor in particular looks incredible, Halo 3: ODST anyone?

  • XEGtechnomancer

    My biggest disappointment is the arena is only a three man activity. It’s a pain juggling my clan mates for nightfall when we have gotten used to the end game being a six man team. Also, I wonder if all legendaries will be able to be upgraded, or just raid gear? And will they ever bring back pre dlc gear with updated values? When will they add the rest of the shaders that are in the database? Why do we have to wait almost a year for simple customization options that are already in the game to be released?

  • MakkinjeM

    My educated guess on the first real Fallen story, is fighting all political leaders of the HoW in the arena, saving Kaliks Prime Servitor, for the raid coming later this year. Kaliks is the god of wolves. And we all know by now, gods are the endstage of raids.
    Kaliks will be a Deathstar shaped servitor I’d reckon. The showdown will be major, and will most likely conclude the first Fallen story. So if this upcoming raid, later this year will be the Fallen Raid, there is where we’ll meet Kaliks! Can’t wait for it!

  • ORB1T4L

    Oh My Ghost…

  • pulseimpact

    The one positive about no raid is the countless hours wasted finding groups off lfg and user made matchmaking. Maybe the arena will have matchmaking (one can hope).

  • Gabriel Guimarães Horta

    RIP Destiny!

  • Dan

    I want to be excited about this new content. I want there to be some new stuff to do other than upgrade gear. I honestly think Bungie totally would have nailed it if we got this Arena mode and a great new Raid. Especially after the 2 month delay. Big mistake in my opinion. Trials of Osiris feels like a very niche PvP activity. Arena feels like an easy way to add what seems like big new content, but will be just as repetitive as anything else. Upgrading old gear is great, but that falls back to my original concern about being tired of just upgrading gear. But a lot of people bought in on the expansion pass because of new Raids. I’m an admin for 2 pretty big clans on Xbox and we are all considering throwing in the towel. Personally I will wait to reserve final judgment (I have no choice, I can’t get my money back), but I think people have a right to be upset

    • Deciver95

      What delay? There was no delay. There was a rumored release date. But it never got delayed.

      • Dan

        Everybody knows it was delayed. Even Bungie admitted it at some point

  • Matt Hardwick

    I shall be seeing a partial refund on my Season Pass. That was meant to include two Raids. If if doesn’t then it’s false advertising.

    • MakkinjeM

      Or we’ll still get that promised raid. That’s where my personal preference lies. Better a perfect, epic, but late Raid, than a half finished crap raid (which it would most likely have been if it came out in a month, together with HoW)
      Be honest CE was fun, but it wasn’t even close to the raid feeling of the Vault of Glass. Better a few months later, topping that experience, then another CE like raid!

  • Wow

    First they took my OP Mythoclast. They made the loot drops low on VoG, so I was a 29 forever. Then they nerfed my autorifles. I’m REALLY trying here Bungie, but to me it sure looks like you dislike your community. Now, you put off telling us that you don’t really HAVE a raid for the last installment of content for your game until football starts. You’re like that girlfriend that was really awesome 7 months ago, but now you’re super annoying and have crappy friends that do lame things over, and over, and over and over again. Massively under delivered for this game. We are disappoint.

  • I am excited for this new content. Mutliple reasons why. Yes I am disapointed that there is no raid, as it was part of the end game content I love. But Bungie has also been very forward in celebrating the statistics, and the numbers don’t lie when the vast majority of players have never completed a raid. They are clearly trying to open the end game content a lot more users to give them a chance at some coveted weapons. Also, with the teased Fatebringer going up to 365, it will then make your hard earned raid gear that much more valuable. The majoirty of people will not be able to obtain those weapons due to not completing the raids before. The PVP community has been begging for more in terms of content as well, and the trials definitely seems to answer that question.
    Bungie also acknowledged that another Raid is in the pipeline. So really if there are more avenues to get end game content, and different ways to play, doesn’t that address the concerns we have all had since launch that the game is repetative and needs more to it.
    Change is good people. We are not playing the same Destiny that was launched back in September.

    • Adam

      New raids may be in the pipe line, but we all know “the comet” isn’t coming for at least 6 months. Will most likely drop just in time to drum up excitement for Christmas sales………


    They should name this expansion into Destiny – the shit continues.
    Thats it, they sold 2 expansions with raids, and now theres is not another raid?
    We payed for this , i call this betraying.

  • MazdaGuy80

    I was telling my clan mates last week that I believe the patch was being release this week. I called it. This patch can’t come any sooner… Sick of all those shotgunning pansies in PVP.

    I’m not going to lie.. I do it myself in PVP, but not for the whole match.. tired of those who just charge you the whole match trying to shotgun you. Hopefully this special ammo change will fix that.

  • Justin Bradfield

    I think this sucks I have never been mad about destiny before I didn’t care about the upgrade problem of the first expansion and I love the CE raid. I feel like bungie put another pay wall in for the next raid and people think I should be glad they have added a horde mode? I think they should have tried to knock this expansion out of the park instead of cutting things we expected. I think a raid should be added later for people who bought this expansion pass I am not interested in Comet raid if its not going to be until fall till we see it there will be plenty of other better games to play by then.

  • DangerousDonnyD

    while I do feel much disappointment about the lack of a raid, I really think Bungie is looking at the amount of players who have completed raids. Only about %21 of players have completed a raid. I am sure Bungie is looking at these numbers and trying to think of a way to engage the other %80 of players. Not that is hard to find a group on a lfg site, but some people are just not comfortable playing with randoms and a lot of that probably has to do with the “ghorn” only invites. I like all the content destiny has put out and now they have really engaged me as a active player unlike any other game has done. I am willing to wait on a new Raid if they are really working into giving us something great with great mechanics. Who knows this arena mode could still have very interesting mechanics, just as good of loot, more people will be able to play and suddenly I only need to find two other willing guardians rather than 5.

  • leo

    Personally I think that this is great idea on buggies part, because there are a lot of destiny gamers who either do not have the time to do a raid or don’t feel like

  • drsprite

    it was called Trials of the Crusader