House of Wolves Images!

Published on: Feb 3, 2015 @ 11:00

Update: Trials, Gear Upgrades, and more are outlined here.

Reddit user megamanexe4 uncovered what appears to be much of the new content for the House of Wolves expansion!

We already outlined all of this content (and more) in another article, but now we have images of the Crucible and Vanguard gear. Click on an image to enlarge it.

Luke Smith recently admitted to a few mistakes that he promises will not happen in the House of Wolves, so be sure to check out those comments if you haven’t already.

May 19th is the date that the House of Wolves is set to be released.


As with all leaks, some information is bound to change. If the May 19th release date is true, we’ve got awhile to go before its accessible, so don’t expect everything you see here to be accurate.

The Crucible armor has incorrect Defense/Light levels, but the Vanguard sets appear to be accurate. It looks like the new Light levels for vendor armor will be 30/39.

Our database values (Attack/Defense/Light) for the new House of Wolves weapons & armor are not valid.

DeeJ House of Wolves
DeeJ’s response to the leak
house of wolves release date may
Click here to check out the rest of the House of Wolves content.
Level 32 Strike Difficulty
Nightfall Strike Difficulty: Level 32


  • As you can see in the images below, the weekly Heroic & Nightfall will have a max difficulty at Level 32.
  • Vanguard Dragon will be the new random strike selection at Level 28, as we mentioned in this article.
  • It also appears that the new raid, The Arena, will have weekly modifiers. The image is obviously outdated though, so it’s just speculation at this point.


We don’t have any in-game images of the new Exotics, or raid armor, but we gave our first impressions of the House of Wolves Exotics in this video:

The HoW raid armor still has placeholder perks.

Warlock Crucible Armor

Warlock Vanguard Armor

Warlock House of Wolves armor
Light Levels at 30/39


Armor Vendor
Extropy Morph Crucible
Extropy Morph Crucible
Extropy Morph Crucible
Extropy Morph Crucible
Talion Glory Crucible
Talion Glory Crucible
Talion Glory Crucible
Talion Glory Crucible
Unity Clade Vanguard
Unity Clade Vanguard
Unity Clade Vanguard
Unity Clade Vanguard
Apex Harmonic Vanguard
Apex Harmonic Vanguard
Apex Harmonic Vanguard
Apex Harmonic Vanguard
Fusion Canister Vanguard
Wearable Collider Vanguard
“Metastability Event” Crucible
“The Conflagration” Crucible

Hunter Crucible Armor

Hunter Vanguard Armor

Armor Vendor
Carnivore Match Crucible
Carnivore Match Crucible
Carnivore Match Crucible
Carnivore Match Crucible
Sanction Custom Crucible
Sanction Custom Crucible
Sanction Custom Crucible
Sanction Custom Crucible
Fear Eater Vanguard
Fear Eater Vanguard
Fear Eater Vanguard
Fear Eater Vanguard
Sanction Six Vanguard
Sanction Six Vanguard
Sanction Six Vanguard
Sanction Six Vanguard
Competitor Flair Crucible
Artificial Selection Cape Crucible

Titan Crucible Armor

Titan Vanguard Armor

Armor Vendor
Commando Custom Crucible
Commando Custom Crucible
Commando Custom Crucible
Commando Custom Crucible
Ursus Tactical Crucible
Ursus Tactical Crucible
Ursus Tactical Crucible
Ursus Tactical Crucible
Spearhead Type 0 Vanguard
Spearhead Type 0 Vanguard
Spearhead Type 0 Vanguard
Spearhead Type 0 Vanguard
Commando Type 0 Vanguard
Commando Type 0 Vanguard
Commando Type 0 Vanguard
Commando Type 0 Vanguard
Formation Mark Crucible
Mark of Favor Crucible

Attack Values

It’s assumed that the new max Attack value will be 365, but that’s just speculation at this point.

According to the images below, it definitely looks like 300 will be the new base Attack for the vendor weapons.

365 max attack
Glitched TDB weapon showing possible new max Attack


Crucible Weapons

Vanguard Weapons

Weapons Type Mark Type
CenTac Mod 8 IBR Scout Rifle Crucible
Down/Out Pulse Rifle Crucible
Dreamcatcher ARC Auto Rifle Crucible
Peregrine LongRail Pulse Rifles Crucible
RAKSHASA T3S Compact Auto Rifle Crucible
The Great Refusal Hand Cannon Crucible
Zero Point LOTP  Scout Rifle Crucible
Hellfire Pylon Fusion Rifle Crucible
SDN-5 Hoplite Heavy Sniper Rifle Crucible
The Fun Police Shotgun Crucible
Scorch Torch CC Rocket Launcher Crucible
White Field, Silver Scythe Machine Gun Crucible
Hard Luck Charm Auto Rifle Vanguard
One/One Synesthete Scout Rifle Vanguard
P-O-R 1562 Auto Rifle Vanguard
Sojourner Compass Hand Cannon Vanguard
TAU 5051505 UAT Pulse Rifle Vanguard
55A-allFATE Pulse Rifle Vanguard
Trust Fall Scout Rifle Vanguard
GIVE/Take .95 Fusion Rifle Vanguard
Subtle Nudge DN7 Sniper Rifle Vanguard
Bury the Truth Machine Gun Vanguard
Pax Totalus ES/8 Rocket Launcher Vanguard
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  • xkingxnitemare

    i am glad they finally decided to take a more creative look for hunter armor. hope it continues in the future.

    • SGT_Pannenkoek

      Yup, Hunter armor is really ugly.. even the exotics!!

      • True Radiant Free

        What? No way

        • SGT_Pannenkoek

          yea it is. haven’t you seen the ragevid from Planet Destiny about the hunter gauntlets? I think he is right 😛 it looks like shit haha

      • Octus

        i gotta disagree with you. i love the exotic helmet “the third man” and the wolf chest piece(cant remember the name on that one)

        and i feel like all of the dark below armor was great for pretty much every character, but especially the hunters raid gear.

        • NLK3

          I think they’re the only ones. And you mean the Alpha Lupi, which revives you and others you revive faster.

    • NLK3

      All I want to know is why my ninja masks are all under Legendary. I mean… c’mon now.

    • Shane Blackburn

      I rather like the CE hunter armor. But the new Warlock Armor man…. HHHNNNGgg

  • Octus

    Armor looks pretty cool, crucible hunter is what i will be going for.

  • SGT_Pannenkoek

    And once again, our cool looking Raid armor will be worthless once the DlC drops 🙁

    • Octus

      you will most likely need it since its going to have you sitting at 32 right away so you can do the weekly strikes at the 32 level.
      afterwards when you have grinded the new raid for new armor higher light levels the Crota armor wont matter much anymore, unless you are like me and just the love the look of it so much, that you will keep it and use it for everything else besides the raid.

      its kind of how you choose to look at it. do you want the new content to always be at the same level so no matter what all raid armor is equal? or do you want the new content to push your level higher and add more levels of difficulty? either way there is someone who is not going to be happy.
      i have learned that this is the way this game is going to run, so there isnt much use for me being upset about it, i might as well embrace it, remember the fun i had with the armor, and move on.

      hopefully you have a lot of fun with the new content. or the new raid gear is just as cool looking.

      • Ipiggyluck


        My goal on TDB was to get lv32 to all my 3 class char, it’s achieved. Now i’m raiding/nightfall/weekly/daily only when i’m invited. Otherwise I’m just chatting in party lol

        • Octus

          my goal now is to get all of my characters with 200 resource of each type(bloom, helium, etc.), 200 of each type in the bank, as many vanguard/crucible/faction postmaster deliveries waiting to be claimed once the dlc hits. And im getting each faction about 200 or less away from being completed to claim another delivery right away.
          this weeks strike(archon priest) is my favorite one, so im happy to do that one and practice soloing it later this week.

  • True Radiant Free

    3 Crucible Maps… I guess that means the 4th is part of the PS4 exclusive content.

    • YouHeardMe

      if you look at the buttons. the screen shot is from a playstation.

      • True Radiant Free

        That doesn’t make a difference, for the Dark Below on PS, it said 1 new strike (the other one was PS exclusive). Bungie only includes the multiplatform content in all their general trailers and promotion.

  • Kadaj73

    I want some more beastly looking Titan armor. Kind of just looks like a regular trooper.. not a hero of the ranks..

    • Octus

      i kinda feel the same way, the poor titan never really gets anything that really sticks out to me….besides Crota raid gear. all of the armor for that raid is really nice looking and unique for all classes.

  • Cell

    OMG !! OMG !! OMG !! I’m throwing money at the screen but nothing happens!! WTF !! Take my whole wallet bungie!!

    • Death

      That transaction won’t post for another 3 months. Good luck with that.

    • Amaroq

      I already threw my money. 😛 A while back, I got the expansion pass thing that would get you both expansions as they come out.

  • CrimmReap3r

    Anyone know if the daily-guide will be back up soon?

  • Man, I kind of wish that they would update the look of the factions’ armor, too. I like picking up the majority of my gear from FWC, but really don’t feel like wearing the Astrolord gear all the time :/

    • Octus

      it would be nice if they had different pages to choose from on the vanguard, crucible and faction stores. that way you could choose the older armor or the new armors. they could just bump the older stuff to be the new light level, and you just have to aquire it and level it, or trade in you old gear with a commendation to complete the transaction. it would also help with everyone feeling like they all look the same, since you could mix and match the old with the new.

      • NLK3

        I’d say cycle between the old and new vendor weapons and armor. I mean, it makes sense, right? And PLEASE remove commendations. They do nothing for us at all!

        • cool_herc

          Disagree as far as cycling between old and new. More of a selection would be preferable, as far as I’m concerned. One thing the game desperately needs is the addition of some new shaders. There’s tons that are available and we’re only seeing about half.

          • Octus

            yep, and more space for those shaders, unfortunately im having to delete some as they pop up for me to make room for new ones to try out.

    • NLK3

      I think there should be bonuses when wearing a full set. Otherwise it’s pointless besides the overall look.

      • Octus

        that would be cool. i think right now the only thing that even sort of does that is raid armor, for the particular raid its from. since the stats on them tend to help with enemies or whatnot during certain parts.

  • Topside 21

    Not gonna lie those 2 Crucible scout rifles look pretty impressive. Every other weapon just looks the same, Vanguard just being the worst (Can’t they use other colors besides black and orange?)

    Hunter armor looks pretty sick, Warlocks is okay and the Titans just looks meh. Hopefully the Raid armor looks as good as its pictures.

    • BaeSuzy

      Look like you and i share the same perspectives about the looks of vendors’ armors.

  • Sterling Mallory Archer

    All the armor looks from “meh” to ugly…and they are STILL using the exact same gun models from the vanilla game….guess their $500 million budget doesn’t include a little variety….

    Another small content boost to for a game with very little content to begin with…laughable. Nice work Bungle.

    At any rate it doesn’t matter to me how The House Of Wolves is if it comes out on May 19th…as that is the release date of The Witcher 3- which will take up all of my gaming time for the foreseeable future.

    Probably won’t ever come back to Destiny…and this is coming from someone with three lvl 32s (Warlock, Titan, and Hunter as well- not three characters that switch one set of lvl 32 armor around…..).

    • Octus

      i agree that they should add diversity to more of the game.
      i recently switched to three hunters, because i wasnt having fun with the other classes as much…i dont like the jump styles for the other two, or the armors really.

  • Thiago123

    Helmets look straight out of Halo.

    • Evan Wolkonowski

      The Fear Eater hunter helm looks almost exactly like Master Chief’s helmet in Halo 1, personally i love it. Unlike this go around all the vanguard gear looks soooo amazing and I want to buy it all 😀

  • Adamms

    Not the hugest fan of the Titan’s armor. But I’m sure I’ll get used to it after a while. I mainly liked the Dark Below’s armor the best since I always wanted to wear Shaxx’s armor.

    • Octus

      totally agree. dark below had all the armor i wanted for my hunter, really awesome looking stuff. i do like the crucible hunter armor shown here with the blood and grime splattered on it. might be fun to mix with some other armors.

  • Finally a decent looking for warlock.

  • TheAlexEah

    The Vanguard AR is basically a reskinned Shadow Price. Even the perks are the same lmao

  • Sora_

    Make the new raids more skillbased and not which fireteams that has the most gjallarhorns! This makes me so mad because vault of glas was sutch a good raid with the oracle and all. And now if your not a fireteam with fully uppgraded rockets you cant even clear Crota on normal. And dont get me started on the hard raid!

    • NLK3

      Xur needs to stop bullshitting and sell Gjallarhorn again. It’s been 19 weeks, aka week 2… two… FUCKING TWO!!! Truth? THREE FUCKING TIMES, PLUS 2 DROPS!!!

      • Alastor Lakiska Lines

        + 2 Dragon Breaths

      • Decdog2

        Xur is randomized. I know it makes everyone pissed, but i will say that Bungie needs quit the random crap and listen to the community

    • inquisitor314

      the problem with the dark below is that its a single mind base raid. in the end you need the fire team leader with a good connection to kill croata as to in the VOG you needed the whole team to get athean. a croat battle should be based upon the whole team not just one person.

    • Octus

      the only thing that bums me about the Crota raid is the time limits set on pretty much each part. its like they wanted us to clear it as fast as possible.

      • Gabstep

        taking a full hour per steps would make it too easy for unexperience players. They have to repeat the steps and build on strategies to get through it instead of taking too much time reviving each other and finally passing it.

    • Robert

      Why can’t you clear Crota without upgraded rockets? You can down Crota with just normal guns. Have you seen that group that beat the whole raid with NO GUNS?!?! You don’t need upgraded rockets, you just need a smart team with a good plan of attack.

      • Gabstep

        Yes, but it’s certainly easier with upgraded rockets.

        • Robert

          Easier, but definitely not necessary for normal raid.

  • ramaanica

    Please let there be cutscenes. I love when they make me actually care about the storyline and not just the grind. I will sadly buy this either with cutscenes or without, but those those would make the story telling from crap to kinda ok.

    • Octus

      im hoping for cutscenes also. i really enjoyed everything with the queen and her brother in the game.

  • NLK3

    My only issue with leveling exotics was that I was expecting it to be like the Iron Banner system where you just equip what you want to level up and do it yourself. Relying on Xur to level the right thing is so much worse. He never even did Voidfang Vestments yet, and my brother got a Red Death in the VOG with max 300 damage and he hasn’t offered that yet either. He hasn’t used it for almost a month because of it, wanting to save his shards and glimmer just in case. Why not just let us upgrade what we want to upgrade, let alone the rare and legendaries (which also have increase damage). Hate that they made vendor items pre-DLC worthless and require them to be even rarer drops.

  • cool_herc

    I thought this content was coming out in March (next month), not May?!?!

  • BaeSuzy

    Yush!! Finally, hunter armors that are actually great looking!! Warlocks aren’t that bad either. Titan, a little off my taste but still decent.

  • JediJulius

    Holy crap, Shadow Price is coming back with a new name and new attack value! Just compare these two.

  • JediJulius

    Shadow Price is coming back as the Rakshasta T3S Compact. That’s fantastic news, a worthy Vanguard Auto rifle once more for purchase.

    • Luffy

      I’d rather pick the hard luck charm. More stability over range for an auto rifle is better for me 😀

      • JediJulius

        Holy crap, two Vanguard high impact auto rifles, thanks for pointing me to Hard Luck Charm, two sellable high impact autos made my day.

  • Tenabrus

    Oh thank god the armor actually looks good this time around especially the helmets.

    Also BS on Bungie not upping the weapon values for the next DLC.

    • Vendor weapon values are 300/365

  • Mr. Pickles

    Full Auto Pulse rifles with Impact
    Auto Rifles with impact
    a non ugly crucible color scheme…….sign me up!

  • MotorBreath

    No factions’ New Gear? :c

  • Hydreigon530

    I don’t like the hunter gear for Vanguard, blood splatters do not appeal to me…..but that means I have to Crucible…….oh no……

    Side note, really disappointed in Vanguard Weapons, they look, for the most part (and in TDB) the exact same as before, Crucible had their weapons get a makeover, why not Vanguard?

  • Nighthawk_0430

    Union? That’s a new weapons manufacturer, they haven’t created anything before. That’s kinda interesting

  • Skarush

    Raid with Juggler and Lightswitch… wheres your god now? 😀
    hope the rewards are worth it

    • Neil

      Gjallarhorn is the only salvation I need.

    • Octus

      i believe the icebreaker will work for me in this situation.

  • Thomas Cai Jinzhan

    Can’t wait to play even more of the same levels (just in reverse) and also using weapons that’s inferior to the existing weapons but with ‘fallen skins’ attached on it.!!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

    • Octus

      seems like you might be sick of the game?

  • Finlay Jones

    wait, so luke smith said they wouldnt make vendor gear obsolete raid gear immediately, and now they’ve made light 39 vendor gear, obsoleting raid gear immediately?

    • David B

      Read Deej’s response.

  • Lance Davis

    I hope they keep this color scheme. I hate the Dark Below Crucible “Superman/Spiderman” crap. It looks really shitty on the ships too. The red and silver weapons were great and then they give us these primary school colors. I’m not 5, guys. I don’t have to have nothing but red and blue on everything.

  • Puerple_haze

    I’m afraid that if the launch date is 19th of May, bungie will lose customers. The dark below did not offer nearly enough to keep me busy for 1-2 months, so the 5+ month gap will most likely tire out even the most devoted players. I love destiny, its a great game, but each day I find it harder to log in.

    Anyone have any game suggestions to keep me busy for the coming months?

    • Thomas Harrison

      hmm well i would have to say take gaps… well what i mean is switch between multiple games to keep refreshing your palette also if your playing destiny then i recommend playing it with friends if your on PS4 add me im TLR_Cruentus

      • Puerple_haze

        I have been switching. I play with an active raid clan, we have beaten hard crota 3+ times a week and I already got Crux + other new raid weapons. If it were not for the friends I play with, I don’t think I would have ventured into the dark beyond DLC.

        I guess I have over done it a bit. My problem is I liked the game so much, I find it a shame they have decided to wait so long to release content that is 90% already built.

        <—–my PSN is same as my name

  • Jon Low

    So a few days ago Luke smith says they won’t make the same mistake twice regarding the expansion instantly making raid gear obsolete. Now we see that vendor gear is going to hit light 39.

  • Cody Ryan Cantrell

    Makes no sense.

    Why would they drop the base value for weapons from 302 to 300?

  • Thomas Harrison

    hm one shotgun seems to be missing because i can see only the crucible shotgun

  • Gabstep

    The release date is awful, i guess i will have to repeat, everyweek, the weekly strike and the nightfall, hoping to keep my interest in the game since i’m maxed… the wait is definitely too long, 6 months between expansion, really bungie?

  • Micah Yang

    IT ALL LOOKS SO BADASS…except the vanguard weapons because they all look the same as before 🙁

  • dedication15

    I really hope they keep this armor.
    The way Deej was talking made it sound like these are just place holders.
    This armor is truly different looking for all classes.

  • Robestis

    I think it is cool that they make the armor sets look like the mobs that you defeated to wear the armor. VoG makes you look like a vex lord, crota makes you look straight Hive’n it and this makes you look like a fallen. I think fallen are the coolest looking enemies and look forward to looting their corpses for clothing.

  • LordSilencio

    They should change crucible and iron banner armor to include pvp buffs, so that there is more of a reason to collect them specifically.

  • MakkinjeM

    Any intel on when Bungie is gonna tell more about the new Arena Raid?

  • Jackson

    Does anybody think that the word “Union” on the weapons will mean anything for the upcoming DLC?