House of Wolves: Do or Die

Published on: Mar 23, 2015 @ 3:46

With House of Wolves not so far around the corner, all eyes have turned to one question: what can Bungie do to alleviate the Destiny fatigue? But while discussing House of Wolves with members of the community, I also began to wonder if our expectations for the next expansion were entirely realistic.

I found myself saying things like, “If House of Wolves doesn’t have A, B, C… then I’ll be truly disappointed,” and when looking back, I realized asking so much in such a short span of time would mean guaranteed disappointment.

But House of Wolves is not the last expansion we can expect from Bungie. “Comet” should come a few months after HoW, and will bring even larger changes and content additions.

We’ll focus on the immediate future by considering House of Wolves, and then turn to the foggier Comet and what we hope comes with it.

House of Wolves Necessities

What we want to do is look at what House of Wolves must have to satisfy our itch, and also what changes or additions we’d be willing to wait on for Comet’s release.

Please let us know your must-have list as well, because the more voices we have, the better. Perhaps Bungie will hear the masses and take heed.

First let’s talk about some changes we feel are integral in the short-term to keep us interested. These might be from problems the community has been vocal about for a long time, or they might simply be around content we’ve seem so much that it has lost its luster. Boredom is as much a killer as frustration, so these are our top ways to hook us again.

Meatier Storylines

It’s not enough to just toss us a few lines of intro dialogue and an NPC or two handing out bounties. Nope, at this point we’ve got to see Bungie step up their storytelling chops in missions and raids. There’s a whole list of ideas on how this can happen in our story analysis, but the central theme is the same: We need to understand that Bungie is capable of weaving a tale.

The Dark Below, while it gave us interesting lore behind the Hive, Crota, and whatever is going on beneath the Hellmouth, it didn’t do enough to give us interesting characters or root us in this world.

A stronger storyline is a must, if for nothing else than to restore confidence that Destiny is more than just a solid shooter. Will the new social space be an integral part of the House of Wolves story?

Improvements in Handling Gear

Limited high-level equipment options, the nightmare that was Exotic upgrading, and raid gear losing its usefulness the moment new expansions hit – everyone has been burned by the issues with gear. When every level 32 is indistinguishable in appearance, when hours of work sunk into raids just to get and upgrade a full set of gear is lost in a moment, when almost everyone ignores Exotic leg armor and gauntlets, you know you have a problem.

If Bungie subjects its players to more of the same, we’re not sure people will stick around. There are multiple ways of handling the problems, some of which involve light shards used to upgrade gear instead of light embedded in the equipment, and one of our community members has created a viable way of bringing Queen’s Bounty equipment back with minimal effort.

Thankfully, Bungie has already acknowledged a lot of the issues and are making plans to improve them, but how? That question mark is concerning. But one thing is certain, if it means our options for getting maximum light levels are just as limited, it might just break us.


New Raid Approach

Sure, Crota’s End isn’t perfect, but at least it’s different than Vault of Glass. The problem: it’s different in a more generic, nearly mediocre way after the intro. If we’re to enjoy the new raid as much as we love Vault of Glass, it has to have an approach that involves more of the players in a meaningful way.

While I love firing rockets when one guy with a sword yells, “Rockets!” as much as the next guy, when that’s all five people are doing for the final boss on a raid, creativity has taken a sick day.

We’d love to see new mechanics that involve everyone in different, dynamic ways during raids. The sparrow is great, but why not larger-scale vehicular combat? Or give us some interesting puzzles that require teamwork to survive.

Whatever they think up, something different that involves all six people in unique was is a must.

Variety in the Crucible

The general approach to expansions for multiplayer boils down to new maps and maybe a new game type, but House of Wolves is going to have to do better. The fact is, very few people even play the Dark Below exclusive maps, and the game types they have are growing thin.

So instead of a few more maps, we need to see new life injected into the PvP world. That means different game types. No, not variations of Skirmish or Control, but Capture the Flag or King of the Hill. Anything that will integrate some fresh maps in interesting ways. Thankfully we most likely will see Trials of Osiris with HoW, which also will introduce a new Exotic scout rifle.

And then there’s the drop rate in Crucible. If it is going to be a serious alternative to PvE for players, the drop rate needs to be improved. Statistical analysis has been done to compare Crucible drops against Strikes, and the difference is almost comical. This shouldn’t be, so players who prefer PvP are going to need incentive to stick with it.

There is much more we’d like to see from the Crucible, but we don’t expect to see it all in House of Wolves, which leads us to our expectations for Comet.

Our Comet Necessities

We now consider changes we still consider essential, but that we’re willing to wait a bit longer for. Some of these require more time to implement, while some are lower priority. We understand beggars can’t always be choosers, so these are things we want to see, but other things take precedence.

Revamped Storylines

Most of us still do story missions and strikes, regardless of our levels. New weapons and equipment need experience, and experience sometimes means taking bounties and retreading old ground. What we’d love to see is another reason to revisit those old stomping grounds.

Imagine Bungie goes through and implements interactive storytelling techniques into old environments. Projections on the walls of Guardians who have gone before. Fallen Ghosts with bits of lore you can skip or listen to. NPCs joining you on missions or scattered with information throughout maps.

There are an infinite number of ways to make grizzled veterans say, “Hey, I don’t remember this being here,” and Easter egg storylines are one of the most satisfying. Oh, and bring those Grimoire cards in-game. While not essential, it can only improve the experience at this point.

We expect Comet to be a game changer, which means breathing new life into things that have grown stale, and the story is an ideal place to start.

house of wolves features

Custom Crucible Games

It’s a bit baffling why this hasn’t been included to-date, but the time is ripe for some custom game lobbies for the PvP sections. While it might mean excluding the MMO atmosphere, it would give the PvP a much-needed leg to stand on. Players expect custom lobbies with friends and modified rule sets in this age of multiplayer shooters, and by barring that option, Bungie has limited how much time players are spending with the game.

Sure, it might mean no drops, but does anyone really mind? The sheer joy of mucking about with friends, the ability to learn map, heavy weapon and capture zone layouts, and increase in skill without the constant reminder that everyone is infinitely better than you would only improve the experience.

Oh, and while we’re piling on things: a theater mode and forge system would be great too. We don’t need them, but we can dream, right?

Re-imagined Content

While new content is a given for Comet, we’d love to see those old strikes and raids we’ve been doing to death get a facelift. This could be anything from new enemy layouts, a few new enemy types, or even changing boss tactics. Anything to give those cracking walls a patch-up job and fresh coat of paint.

And let’s not forget bounties. While we can probably endure the same rotating set until Comet drops, it’s unlikely we’ll be so content if things aren’t mixed up considerably after that. There are several neglected story mission in the bounty set, and we’ve become very adept at gaming all the others.

If I have to suffer through The Dark Beyond mission with DinkleBot screaming, “We’ve woken the Hive!” much more just so I can knock out four bounties, I’m likely to snap.

Give us a reason to re-experience those old missions and you can bet we’ll take the opportunity. Add some more experience bonuses (or better yet, double XP weekends!), or some crafting materials – anything to make those oldies good again.

Your Wish List

Now it’s your turn. What make-or-breaks do you want to see from House of Wolves, and what can wait until Comet decides to plunge upon us and change everything? We’ve already seen a ton of great ideas from the forums, but what are the things that have gotten under your skin the most, and what do you think is reasonably for Bungie to fix by the time HoW comes in a couple of months?

Just remember, HoW isn’t very far away, and the amount of drastic changes Bungie can likely cram in that time frame is pretty small. That doesn’t mean we can’t get creative (creativity might be just what we need) but it does mean we should be realistic. Sure, six new strikes would be awesome, but it’s probably not going to happen until something major like Comet.

And speaking of Comet – well, all bets are off – which kind of makes it even more fun. So let us know what would really knock your socks off for the big one, and we’ll chime in with our own as they keep coming!

Taylor Bair
I write about the intersection between the games we love and the lives we live. When I'm not working on websites and marketing projects, I'm writing with a hot cup of chai tea in one hand and a computer in the other. Makes typing exceedingly difficult, let me tell you.
  • Yaroslav Kulagin

    map editor for crucible and system around it: community voting, playlists etc.

  • Luke

    It hurts that you wrote “we’ve summoned the hive” instead of “we’ve woken the hive”. Think you’d get that right after all the times everyone has heard it.

    • Taylor Bair

      So true. Guess I just tuned it out eventually XD

    • sbrozzi

      Honestly, even after grinding this game for HUNDREDS of hours I tune out 99% of the dialogue. it’s just, blah blah blah, HORDE MODE!

  • eiffiks

    I’d love a ‘new’ way of upgrading gear: something like this, done by either the speaker or Ikora Rey (warlocks understand light better, no?):
    – vanguard or crucible level X armor: can be increased to light level Y(maxed to new level cap-1) for (Y-X)x10 motes of lights. -> intellect/discipline/strength stats would however remain the same
    – raid gear: can be increased to light level Y(maxed to new level cap -1) for (Y-X)x15 motes of lights. Intellect/discipilne/strength increase too. Can be icnreased to max light level (once increased to light level Y) for x15 motes of light and a piece of raid armor from HoW (or 2 from Crota’s end, or 3 from VoG)

    – vanguard or crucible legendary weapons: could be increased to new damage level if:
    – fully maxed
    – in exchange for one HoW vanguard or crucible weapon, fully unblocked (but not compulsorily upgraded)
    – and some glimmer / ascendant energies?
    – max of two weapons upgrade by character

    – raid weapons: could be increased to new damage level if:
    – fully maxed
    – in exchange for 2 HoW vanguard or crucible weapon, fully unblocked
    – motes of lights & glimmer
    – a specific random drop from the new raid (new energy material?)

    – Exotic weapons/armor: same as today, with one difference: unblocked perks in ‘ old version’ are directly unblocked in the ‘ new version’, except for the last two ‘upgrade damage’ in the last column.

  • Ascending Legend

    If Bunige were to make raids ‘relevant’ and add level 34 VOG/ CE, how would people rather the upgrade system. Would the community rather delving back into the vault in attempt to ‘re-earn’ upgraded weapons. Or would Bungie just release a massive patch that changed the stats.

  • ghostscout BEN1

    1st all,current,raid gear should,be the same light level. Have the raid weapons need to,be re”earned” for,the New damage rating excluding exotics.

    There is awash 2 ships why not 2 or 3 sets of raid gear that are all different this will Give guardians the ability to customize.

    Ability to pay to,change your guardians appearance with New unlocked items that you earn or purchase.

    New vehicles

    Ships let them,give you abilities or something which leads me to my,next subject.

    Class items NEED to,be able,to,do something

    Better appearance of Sanders. This is mainly,for,my,hunter I hate putting shaders on and have random a$$ colors

    Server upgrades

    I can,continue but this will be good for now

    • Kenshiro Genjuro

      I agree with the class items. One thought I had was that it would be the class items, not just armor, that would be necessary to obtain maximum level.

      • ghostscout BEN1

        That could be good or make it,so the class item can unlock,New abilities at maximum level

        • Kenshiro Genjuro

          Or here’s another one…Raid-specific class items that would not drop until all of whichever given raid’s armor is earned, but while donning that raid’s class item (perhaps after leveling said class item up), any and all previously-maxed legendary gear (or at least gear from other raids) equipped is advanced to the max light level.

          This would keep VoG gear relevant without Bungie having to decide whether or not to re-formulate Raid difficulties, if Guardians should have to repeat leveling-up re-acquired gear, etc.


  • TheK1D_OvO

    With Comet coming up later this fall, I would LOVE to see a an intriguing Destiny story (that made sense and replaced the old ones) with great cinematic cut scenes (that you can skip) and new game mechanics that change the way the game play works with each character. I would also like to see the factions being important with satisfying side quests you can do the gain you rep and xp (similar to the queens wrath event)
    And more than ANYTHING I would Go BERSERK if there collectible Ghost Shells that can be obtained through slightly difficult quests (similar to the urn of sacrifice but simpler)
    I think I’m asking too much here but with the potential Destiny has I think Bungie can make it work.

  • Kenshiro Genjuro

    Thinking about it specifically, this close to the next DLC and with so many 32s running around anyway, I see no reason why another cycle of Queen’s Wrath shouldn’t include level 32 gear. Kind of another PvE route to contrast Iron Banner. A lot of people don’t have enough friends available at the same time of the day or week to do raids, and others (like me) can’t stand competitive multiplayer online. Although it should have some appropriately hefty tasks. Some re-rollable weapons, again with hefty tasks required to gain access to, could also be cool.

    Some ways to do it might include Nightfall-like rules (especially mythic-level enemies and a burn or two) applied to campaign missions. Each planet (or moon) would have specific gear drop, in the same spirit as the raids. After sufficient experience is accumulated the possibility of earning weapons opens up. Really I don’t know why they didn’t do something like this a long time ago. Along that note I think adding random burns to level-30 dailies should definitely happen.

    More integrated story would also be titanically beneficial. I really lament how dissappointing it was when, after filling the Urn of Sacrifice, killing a bunch of baddies all the while hearing Eris crowing about needing “the eyes”, I get it back to her and get a nondescript “good job here’s a completely uninteresting set of guantlets no cutscene mkay bye”. Talk about a dissappointing and dragged-out way to get shards. Have a damn cutscene dialoguing how Eris lost her real eyes and what the significance of this was, dammit!

    • Cygnus2112

      I love the idea of nightfall-like missions. The daily’s get boring since each time a mission comes up it has the same modifiers. It’d be some nice variety to run through some missions with burns (never used in the daily’s) and heavily shielded enemies.

  • Jesse

    Light level should not be solely exclusive to any one type of content. People that don’t have time to do raids every week or month really suffer. I happened to grind out iron banner (lucky enough NOT to be chewed out by my wife for ignoring her and my child), and get my character to 32. By universally allowing ALL armor to upgrade to 32 light (or whichever light level it will be at a point in time), will allow players from all corners of life and time scheduling to reach a fun and similar rank to others who have the time on their hands to grind for shards and raid gear. Another problem this could solve is diversity in the look of each character you cross. Players could truly customize their characters to what they want to see without the loss of light level. Some people grind much more in the time they DO have to play doing strike playlist or nightfalls (because you dont need back to back hours to do these things), the reward should be equal to that of a raid.

    • Topside 21

      This is a great solution. You could easily implement this system with the Motes of light since right now they have no real purpose. Basically you could use Motes of light to increase the light level of armor, allowing you to reach Light level 32 with other types of armor. My concern is should it also increase the Defense stat and how would it affect weapons.

      • smellyjacket45

        … but you gain motes of light as you gain experience, so the light level system would be no different from the base level system.

        • overthetoppickle

          Maybe it should cost about 7 motes of light for a Shard of light, which will boost an armors Light by 2 (max 36 for legendary armor, max 22 for rare) and for weapons each Shard of Light should upgrade the weapons level by 1 (max 20 for all weapons)

      • smellyjacket45

        also, purposes of motes of light include: rerolling iron banner gear, buying vendor items from the Speaker, buying exotic engrams from Xur, etc.

    • sycoteck

      I’m not trying to be a dick or any thing but if you don’t have time to do the raids then you don’t really need to be 32 for any reason other than bragging rights

      • Jesse

        I do the raids, however at a rate of 1 every month or so. My point is the light level shouldn’t be as big of a deal as it has been made. Personally I like rocking my VoG raid helmet for my warlock anyways because its simply the best looking helm regardless. But it makes life easier when you have the light level to do the hard raid when you need it.

        • ROBOLIC93

          I feel the same way. I got one Raid piece from my very intermittent attempts at raids and just dismantled it because I know i dont have the time to grind shards from Crota. I love destiny (check my 8 days of play time) I just wish to be able to be a high level and be like ” yeah I got there all by myself, no help from 5 other people.” People see all that 32 gear and they know that person succeeded at destroying Crota, why not have something that someone could solo and would seperate them from all those ugly Warlocks.

          • Fugitive

            You can get to 32 on your own it’s called the Iron Banner…

          • Twinsfantravis

            Maybe there could be an exclusive set(s) of 36 light gear you could gain from doing the nightfall. Those are possible to solo for a very skilled player but are significantly more difficult than any other content except hard mode raids.

        • SpaceGas

          To echo sycoteck, I don’t want to come across as abrasive, but if you don’t have the time to raid more than once a month and you can’t find a clan that takes on casual gamers, why do you think you are entitled to have the same gear as someone who puts in at least 5-10 hours a week into raiding or iron banner? I’m not equating gaming with gainful employment, but to apply your logic to having a job, it seems you think someone who works 5 hours a week should receive the same reward (paycheck) as someone who works 20 hours a week (doing the exact same job) because they have other commitments?
          I do the raids for fun, I have to do the raids to acquire new gear. I then still have to run bounties and strikes to level that gear up. Grinding strikes shouldn’t offer the same upgrade path/reward system as a raid which can only be done once per week (for drops), requires effective communication and full team coordination.
          The beauty of Destiny is that you play at your own pace. The casual gamer can progress as far as a hardcore gamer – at a slower rate and within a longer timetable.
          I hope I haven’t given offense. I simply disagree with some of your suggestions and claims. They seem to reward the casual gamer and punish the hardcore player.
          Personally, before September, I had never played a game like Destiny. I wouldn’t still be playing it now if it weren’t for the social aspects of the game. I found a clan that accepts all types of gamers. Whether you pick up the game for an hour or two a week or you’re on most nights for a few hours. I’ve gone from noob not knowing what a conflux is to Kinderguardian teacher and I’m not even great at the game.
          I would like to change up my gear and remain level 32, I totally respect your issue with how restrictive the gear is, but there has to be another solution where time spent in the game offers rewards/upgrade options that are proportional to your efforts.
          Regardless of our difference of opinion, I wish you good hunting and favorable loot from RNGesus!

    • Jesse

      And to be honest, I think EVERYONE knows there has to be communication with a team for raids. So regardless of whether or not matchmaking is included, its silently understood the team communicates. At least make matchmaking optional for people that do not have the friends and spend hours trying to constantly add hundreds of random people to my PSN friend list JUST to do one raid together…. and never speak to them again. Oh, and just add choice of language… I am en English speaker currently located in a foreign land.

    • smellyjacket45

      I think the system of leveling is perfectly fine as it is. The difference between hardcore players who do the raid all of the time and the casual players who don’t do the raids is only one level(you can reach 31 with only vanguard gear). I want to be able to feel superior to people who don’t put as much time into the game as I do, and I think players should be rewarded for completing the most difficult content in the game. The grind to 32 is definitely a long one, but that just makes it all the more worth it in the end. P.S. I also don’t really have a problem with the system of leveling up gear that involves grinding for ascendant and radiant materials.

  • J.T

    More customization is a must, obviously, but that horse has been dead for a while. As for story, the House of Wolves has the potential to be very interesting given the characters it revolves around. I can only hope they do the Queen justice, and actually have her and her brother appear more than once or twice. Heck, I wouldn’t even mind if they introduced an Awoken companion to follow us around on missions or something. As for the Comet, I’d love to see them revamp Destiny’s original story by redoing the dialogue to get rid of the poorly written lines and provide more exposition on certain subjects. But that’s more of a wish.

  • Nick

    I would love to remove the emotes on the arrow keys and use them to be able to quick swap gear load outs.

  • Nick

    I’d love to see emotes removed from the D pad and instead use them to be able to quick switch your gear load out. Would make juggling exotics around less of a pain.

    • Kenshiro Genjuro

      Well…I’d love to see more emotes. But hey.

      • Taylor Bair

        Yeah, I like the emotes as well. Wish there were more selection there.

        • Kenshiro Genjuro

          There should be one where you wave your arms in frustration, and another where you shrug your shoulders. And a facepalm. Got to have the facepalm.

    • Bok Choy

      Yes, this is what I want. While I do think emotes are amusing and entertaining, I’d rather have some sort of quick swap weapon system. I constantly switch between sniper and fusion rifles and it would make Destiny much more fun if I or my teammates didn’t have to always go AFK to mess with equipment loadouts during a strike or raid.

  • RAZR 3D

    Gear needs to look different as everyone looks the same after a while.
    One way of doing this is that after you have an item of armour that is say level 32, all vendors start selling specific gear that matches your light level.
    For example, You have an equipped pair of level 32 Gauntlets from the raid on, you will see that the Vanguard are also selling level 32 boots with different perks and looks.
    But if you only have level 30 boots on then the vendors will only sell level 30 boots.
    This will enable all players to build there character up with the specific skill sets they require. You may want Gauntlets that increase reload speed with Hand Cannons, so as long as you have Maxed 32 level Gauntlets equipped then you can buy them without having to buy an inferior level 31 pair just to have that perk.
    Hopefully I’ve explained this properly lol

    • inquisitor314

      id say gear needs to be different. looking different can come third but having gear that does very little is kinda sad dont you agree?

  • Mou3ledge

    Destiny has infinite potential to become one of the greatest games I will ever play. Bungie has made claims that this will be a “10 Year” game, but the only way they will be able to do that is if they listen to their people. Our solar system is a big place but in the grand scale of the universe, it’s incredibly small. Make use of the space that you have! Let us visit different planets and moons within our solar system! Introduce a vast amount of new enemies! Not just bigger versions of knights or captains, but actually new species of enemies. If you look into the lore of the grimoire cards, there’s even the possibility of dragons existing in Destiny. If dragons were implemented into this game, a crap ton of people would enjoy this game. Give NPCs more depth besides casual monologue that you can hear when you stand by them for lengths of time. How awesome would it be to have Commander Zavala go into battle with you against some ridiculously strong boss enemy?!? As far as PVP goes, everything listed above in this article is something that many people want. Maybe even bring in a “horde” or “firefight” mode but instead of staying in one place the entire match, you have to move or even teleport to different areas we’ve visited in the past. Imagine battling a horde of enemies on earth first, and then having to defend confluxes on Venus, and later battling a boss like enemy after a set number of waves. Bungie…Please hear our call. Grant us some amazing content and depth and we will be forever grateful.

    • inquisitor314

      While i can agree of the visiting our solar system you wouldnt visit another place if you had problem at home now would you. Id say not to visit but conquer back the solar system that once belong to our civilization. remember we owned this solar system at one time. bungie is making it so that we will forget this attribute and just pay them more money for story

  • Jimi Marklund

    Wishlists for HoW and Comet:

    More story missions
    Exporation and discovery
    Transmogrification – to further even more make your Guardian yours
    Raids improvements – more puzzles ,

    For example: The Arena in coming HoW…why dont make it that we all start in a area alone and we need to actually fight our way to the rest of the team. Also more puzzles like unlocking doors by doing certain things, activation plates etc. Use the entirety of the 6 man raidteam not just our firepower.

    The upcoming if this is true, maps and stuff that can drop in HoW is a great way to improve and change the bounty system for exotics and such.

    • Jesse Aguinaga

      i really love this idea right here son!!! i mean could you imagine having 3 groupd of 2 in a raid and have them solve the puzzle to open a door but the catch is your not opening your door your opening other team mates door and so on till eventually you get your team together only to have to do like a extream sniping competition or something like that… i imagine something like the time trials in Smash bros where you had to destroy the targets the faster the higher the score you get

      • Jimi Marklund

        Yeah , something like that was what I had in mind. If the raid gives us more puzzles and events that require the players to work together other than coordinate rockets or shoot down specific enemies to avoid a wipe that would be truly engaging.

        I imagine that the start of the new raid Arena would put each Guardian in a separate starting area. Forcing us to solve puzzles and coordinate with your teammates without seeing them, only by using the voice chat for example. Now that would put the raid in a entirely new level of engagement and challenge. I’d relish at the chance to best a raid with that type of puzzles and obstacles to overcome.

    • MakkinjeM

      I really like that solo-start idea of the HoW Arena Raid. Hope this will come in a raid at all, in the future.

    • WTS3


      * Exploration
      * Scale
      * Discovery

      Particularly in the raid.

      The beauty of the Vault was not its fight sequences (well, not those alone), but the elegant and sophisticated map exploration that took place between fights–navigating your way down vast cavernous spaces, stalking your way through winding underground labyrinths, leaping across massive rifts and platforms, and wandering in all directions to discover hidden treasures along the way.

      The downside of Crota’s End was that, after the Abyss (which was its only truly puzzling aspect, and not for long), you’re prettying much just spamming your trigger in two comparatively small rooms.

      Storytelling happens in all aspects of the game, not just an uninspired Dinklebot murmuring his way through the story missions. It happens in the designs of the maps, the monsters, and the mechanics of how the game is interacted with itself–an experience design that culminates with the raid.

      Here’s to high hopes and low expectations for the Arena.

    • Fedge

      I made this a while ago. I think something along these lines would be great for the Arena.

    • MakkinjeM

      Made a poll/topic about that solo Raid start, on the Bungie forum:

      I really support that idea!

  • Martín Trabichet

    I still don’t see why we’re not able to trade/drop items to our teammates, maybe they can restrict it only to do it with people who belong to your clan. We’re a group of 6 friends to play regularly (with two/three characters ea) and I cannot stand the fact that most of them have two or three of the same exotic while the others keep struggling to get them (most of the time me and my terrible luck). I’m considering more and more going back to Borderlands The handsome collection where that frustration would not be found

    • inquisitor314

      its all about control buddy. bungie wants to control how we play and how we do game functions. making it small for us to work in the game.

  • Jacob

    Please fix the exotic weapon and armor upgrade system with Xur. Also raise the Glimmer cap.

  • Icedoggshadey

    How about a practice mode for the raids? Just give us the maps without the enemies.
    Many people don’t run the raids because they don’t want to embarrass themselves or drag down the team. This way they could learn the maps before they join a fire team. I happen to like running through the vault. Let me just open the doors and run through that area whenever I want to. Reduce the grind to level armor. Do I really have to run Crota 20 times to get the shards I need? I HATE it. I earned the gear now let me level it quicker. I understand the need for random drops but there should be some guaranteed rewards. Run the Vault 15 times get Mythoclast guaranteed etc… Create a fire team area in the tower. If you want to run crota go to the crota room etc… I shouldn’t have to go to an LFG website to get on a team.

    • inquisitor314

      Hmmm, this wont happen as the attributes of practice are the whole feature of doing the raid. As for the other aspect. You got gear from the raid now you should learn how to use it. This is the hole feature of leveling up your gear. To learn its ways and features. Not to have it instant lvl up and maybe just maybe You do not know how to lvl it up fast. Gear can be lvled up fast with all the bounties at hand within a few hours. here is a suggestion on gaining lvls. make sure to lvl up items one at a time. the more items you are lvling up the more time it will take to get them to max lvl. personally i dont see the point to maxing out fast as instant gratification has made this game go downhill. trust me its not pretty at the game cap. You find yourself playing other games and well not really wanting to help friends do raids anymore lol

    • cool_herc

      Man, you people just want it all handed to you. You ARE guaranteed to get something in the raid… doesn’t mean it’s going to be what you want/need. You have the same “chance” at getting what you want as anyone else. Maybe you’ll get lucky and it will drop, maybe it won’t. That’s the way it works. Deal with it or don’t.

      As far as “earning” – I’ve never understood that concept. No matter how much you might protest, you didn’t “earn” your raid gear. Those are all random drops…that stuff was “given” to you – you didn’t “earn” any of it.

  • inquisitor314

    hmmm Are you bi-polar because while in one hand you say dont have high expectations on the other hand you want high expectations. Bungie needs to stop the hype form and make things true. To many times we hear BS from bungie and Deej and when things come around the fall flat on their face. Why because of the non transparent format they have. Deej lies or for a better short term. Lies in place of being a true PR manager. PVP would be nice if people knew the maps coming up or for that matter voted on the next map out of 3. Bungie also lied about iron banner. The same BS with map repeats and no dark below maps integrated sooo basically iron banner 2.

    1 revamped bounty from all that we here you BS they talked about. It is hard to believe that these people actually hear us when we talk about the iron banner. Bungie its not your own personal game. That is the major problem. The tailor is not making the suit for us but for himself and perhaps we will fit into it. Sorry to say this game is turning out like titan fall. many gemmics with some flavor here and there but the substance and actual game function is broken everywhere. The fixs are soooooo blah that they are trying to pass them off as something new. celebrating a fix in a game is not new. it should go in with some patch notes and a whimper to be humble. celebrate the big items that are actually new.

    Most of this problem comes from Deej PR performance. Some people still trust him while many do not. his words are forked and well I can call out many BS statements from him and his spin game or lack of spin game. You cant fault him completely as bungie hold his strings back from actually talking str8 to us. each time he speaks it is the “riddle me this, riddle me that” format. I can barely take the time to read his post each week, mostly skipping his story telling BS to just go str8 to the bottom.

    Deej Someone has to say it. You are not a good story teller or a good writer. You lack this talent and well if you or someone else is writing your material. Get a new person.

    Lets be frank while destiny is acting in a slow death manner. We the community or at least many of us with substance function dont want hype. It lead to the constant lying and BS game functions we still have to this day. Learn from other game developers who just speak the truth and not try and sugar us with a useless story to fill in for your lack of truth. If you cant fit something in then just say it. Dont talk on an event and then leave us in the dark about it. Trails of osiris has been coming since NOV. WTH bungie it is almost april.

    As for You Planet Destiny. while i enjoy your articles and videos. I ask that you dont become or start to display bungie like hype. we need no hype but str8 talk. Hype is what sold this game and cloaked its major change for us to fall prey to. We dont care about comet. its nice but We dont wish to see comet info especially when bungie has not given us destiny info and change. Its the same iron banner in october, The same game play since Dec and the only thing that is new is the mere fact we dont have to go to the tower to get info and change out items.

    Its the same weapon types, The same game function, The same raid gear with no new features of the gear being special or exotic. why does a purple work better then a gold. hmmm because the only difference is the color. why are we venturing off to other planets when earth is still infested with the enemy. why is it that the story has not changed but we are light 32. I dont want the hype of comet in place to get someone rich with no real game play function coming. Hold Bungie accountable. Hold deej accountable unless you really care about not hurting there feelings.

    sorry if this went long but then again my post has more depth then destiny so i figure it evens it out. If I am wrong in some way or fashion please dont just say it. Show me where i am wrong at. I dont mind the debate.

  • oldlinedevil

    One of the best approaches to fixing the game for me would be only a couple of things. The first being the destruction of the bloated economy. Commendations, Radiant Materials, Ascendant Materials, Motes, Strange Coins, etc. They should definitely ditch commendations at least, since this economy absolutely has zero purpose.

    The other would be keeping the premise of allowing unique gear presence by eliminating the need to wear a specific faction item to gain exp for that faction, instead going an exp pool route which would do two things at once. We would be able to place the exp earned wherever we wished, allowing us complete control over our faction builds, and it would allow us to wear whatever we chose while still trying to build special relationships with factions. I mean who doesnt love being forced to wear a red New Monarchy cloak while sporting that dapper cool green camo shader, am i right?

    One final note, id REALLY like to know why i have flipped faction levels well over fifty times for all of one unique faction shader as well. Thats the part that irks me the most. Funneling us and forcing us into specific roles/looks/faction chases is tiring now.

    P.S. more vault space too, please.

    • inquisitor314

      filler to give you something to do. because if you do not realize you don’t have anything to do then you’re still interested in the game. it happens with a game is lackluster and devs are burnt out cant make anything interesting and new

  • disqus_SPjCugzWhh

    Id love to see more complexity in game upgrade/skill systems. I am still playing Diablo 3 just to get that 2% more damage on my amulet. Bungie wants us to play Destiny fo 10 years yet they fail to deliver any good reason to do that. I totally lost my sense of progresion in Destiny. They should start listening to community. It;s kinda annoying when they change something because “It’s our game, and you guys are playing it wrong way”. Well it’s our game. We paid for it, Check Digital Extreme game Warframe. It;s free to play and by the end of the week with this game i was like “Digital Extreme Stahp adding new content, im not following up” Shame on you Bungie.

    • Y0urDepression

      I had an issue with getting my preorder copy of destiny so all I could do was play warframe, by the time I spent 120$ and waited 2 months I had enjoyed the time I spent on warframe more than the time I have spent up until now on destiny

  • Peake

    What I would absolutely love is an audio presentation of the Grimoire cards as I received a new one. Imagine starting playing Destiny from scratch, and every time you got the Grimoire toast, you could press a button and a full screen picture of the card would appear, while a “radio theater” version of the text, complete with an ambitious sound stage, would be read aloud to you. I believe that most calling out for Lore would not have been heard, if this had been the case!!!

  • Cire_Lancaster

    I wish we could find upgrades in the game world that we could add to our weapons. Say you find an explosive rounds upgrade from a strike, you can replace a perk slot of one of your weapons (minus exotics). This would be like reforging but take longer. Also this could let you upgrade previous 300 weapons to 331 (or whatever HoW has).

  • Time to shut the lights off

    Finally an article that actually holds Bungle some what accountable on here! Good work, keep it up and maybe Bungle might notice.

    What can Bungle do for me to keep me playing? Nothing.

    I have done everything I want to, and many many many things I did NOT want to, in Destiny many times over. I have three level 32s of different classes, nearly every single exotic in the game (missing three or four), more legendary gear than I literally have room for, played hour and hours of Destiny’s laggy ass crucible, etc, etc.

    The simple fact is now there are legitimately amazing games coming out in the very near future and Destiny cannot compete. I doubt I will ever go back to Destiny after Bloodborne/ The Witcher 3 comes out. Which sucks, because it makes me feel like ALL that time I put into my characters was mostly wasted….

    I also truly believe Bungle will not make any of the widely asked for necessary changes to Destiny, nor do they really even care about it anymore. They are now focused on Destiny 2 and making more money on false promises. Good luck to them on that though, as they no long have the wealth of good faith they had from Halo players/fans going into Destiny 2….

    • Cire_Lancaster

      So you totally just through out the question so that you could rant?

  • Matt R

    IMO the Comet will define Destiny’s success. HoW will be very much like TDB in that it was premade DLC. I expect it to be marginally better thatn TDB but not much. The best thing Bungie could do would be to release more weekly and better weekly events until the Comet comes.

    For Comet I expect the story to be told, I expect the missions variety to be greater, and for Crucible to have more variety. The major errors and lack of content must be addressed in Comet or this game will burn out all but the most dedicated players.

  • Donnie Stuart


    • Oscar Enrique Miranda

      no please 🙁

      • Donnie Stuart


  • sbrozzi

    So many great suggestions by the community already.

    I think that they should allow all armor to have their Light Levels increased via Motes of Light. I actually find it hard to believe that this wasn’t the original intention. Why would Motes be so hard to attain just so that I can buy a new Cloak or Emblem? This would allow customization around character appearance. Increasing the damage to the armor piece would just follow the pattern of similar items at similar light levels.

    Double the amount of Raid gear offered. Why one Raid helmet for Hunters, Titans and ‘Locks? There are HUNDREDS of non Raid helmets, why not two or three different Raid ones? Same with raid weapons. If we are expected to run the raid DOZENS of times then double the possible rewards, keep it fresh.

    VOG? Upgrade all weapons and armor. I want to be able to rock a full VOG armor piece and it still be relevant. I want to show off in the Tower that I completed VOG on Hard. Maybe the VOG chest piece with Crota Helmet. I would be wearing my trophies from Raids completed. Maybe earning “stripes” on my armor for the amount of Raids I have done. Show my fellow Guardians that I ran Crota 25 times and didn’t just get lucky getting a full Raid set after one attempt.

    Weapons! This is the future, where are the laser guns? There should be much more variety in the types of weapons available and the damage they do. Heavy Weapons can either be Rocket Launchers or LMGs. How about Sonic Cannons? Or something that shoots Lightening or a something that disrupts flying enemies or mechanical enemies that they malfunction for a short time. The Fusion Rifle is about as “futuristic” as the weapons get.

    Crucible… Loot drops suck! They really need to pick that up. On the winning team? Everyone gets 500 glimmer! At the VERY least. I grinded AGAIN to LVL 5 of Iron Banner and received ONE Felwinter’s Lie! For the entire week. The Irony is that I received it for the game that I used my existing Felwinter’s Lie to get the Nail in the Coffin award! Anyways, the Loot Drops need increasing but we all know that.

    Glimmer cap? Increase it. Vault Space? Increase it. Why are there so many spaces available in my characters personal inventory for Sparrows & Ghost “shells” ?

    Grimoire Cards, I have almost all of them and have read next to none. Somehow please inject them into the game. Hire a voice actor to read them and maybe make them accessible during the loading screen. I don’t need to see my ship floating above _____ planet anymore.

    Double the amount of Exotic Weapons & Armor and make their abilities truly unique.

    I can go on and on. My hope is that Bungie will take a look at this article and see what we in the Destiny community are saying.

    PD, your site is awesome.

  • uycop8vp

    I just want a bunch of new exotics to grind for, a lot more, and good ones

  • JuanDfor

    One word: TRANSMOGRIFICATION, please bungie, all guardians look the same and it is booooring, I would stick around for that..

    • Tenabrus

      they’ll charge you 10 dollars to do it like all the mmos Destiny is trying to mingle with

      • JuanDfor

        No, i dont think they would

        • Jimi Marklund

          They can’t use the same MMO formula to pay for vanity items and looks. Sure if it where on PC with a true P2Play style of sub. Now it is on console only and that brings an entirely different type of approach not to alienate the player base completely.

  • Pure Ego03

    Most of the things I’d like to see are already covered here. Two things I keep thinking would be handy is some type status or beacon I could set advertising what I’m interested I doing to my friends. IE if I want to raid when my friends look at me in game instead of just saying what I am doing it could say “up for crota hard” or something along those lines. Also how about some blending of PVE and PVP? Maybe introduce some of the strike bosses in crucible content as a kind of public event for crucible or something like that?

    • Taylor Bair

      Yeah, I like that advertising what you want to do idea. Too many times I’ve been knocking out bounties when I’d actually rather do something else.

    • Kenshiro Genjuro

      I’ve said it elsewhere, that NPCs could really be used to some awesome effect integrated into PvP.

      For example in Halo how cool it would have been if you could have random Brutes or Flood parked in the middle of a CTF map that just attack passerbys indiscriminately.

      For Destiny have Control points be something that has to be seized from Vex (or whatever), who retake their areas if you die, just like at the entryway to the VoG. NPCs in multiplayer don’t have to directly compete for scoring to add to the fun-factor, they can just do what they normally would do when they see a guardian in PvE. As far as AI is concerned it would require almost no programming work, although perhaps the networking side would present more issues.

  • Anthony Notaroberta

    One change that would make a huge difference in keeping me from getting bored with Destiny. PLEASE make the weekly heroic and the Nightfall, TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT STRIKES. i have two characters, so I have to run the same strike four times. God forbid I make a third character, then six times. It definitely becomes boring quickly.At least if they were different it would add a tiny bit of variety. Does anyone else agree??

    • Kenshiro Genjuro

      Have the game on both Xbox and PS4…so that’s 12 times I do the weeklies and nightfalls

  • Oscar Enrique Miranda

    light swapper!!! so i can change my 36 light from my crota raid armor to my astrolord armor!!! tada!!!!!! an astrolord with 36 light and transforms the crota armor to mote of light or whatever bungie wants

    • TheDaywalker

      Jeez, first thing I read was light sabre instead of light swapper 🙂

  • Tenabrus

    I hope they don’t just wipe the slate clean with light levels again, I hope there is some way to upgrade the legendary equipment cause grinding out Crota;s End or Iron Banner to no end for gear just for it to become null and void to vendor gear is going to be the end for me.

  • ZJ Explosion

    I am posting this on behalf of my brother.

    A lot of the elements I am hoping for were actually used in Mass Effect 3. I was a huge ME fan, and the thought of multiplayer just seemed wrong at first. But it was surprisingly fun, and had some very good elements that made it a highlight of the game. I thought it was great how the multiplayer was like firefight, but it also had larger objectives set every week by Bioware. Larger objectives were often to play certain maps, or enemies, or collect so much intel. These objectives weren’t tedious, and they led to the whole community getting involved. Success or failure was based on the group, not the individual. And with DLC they added new maps that brought you closer to the battle for earth. Where they failed is that in the end it ultimately did not matter. All that time and effort had no effect on how the story played out. I could rant about what they should have done for a long time, but will skip that for now.
    So combing elements from Journey and the ME3 multiplayer I think Destiny could be truly epic. Bungie would basically set up environments for us to explore and fight in. They could have major events for their storyline setup but not readily available. Then based on how the community overall is playing these could eventually become available. An example:
    People all play the game, starting on earth. Eventually we expand and start to explore the galaxy. The other planets have some wicked maps, and most people start spending their time on the others planets. Then through in game updates (bungie could use cinematics, or notifications, challenges) we are told that space exploration is going well (cool), but the last city is getting hit hard as no one is around anymore. They could offer rewards, or simply consequences to get players back to earth. This gets us to change up what we were doing, and involves us in a larger narrative. Which I think would be awesome! And to take it further maps could change in events like this so that it isn’t the same old thing you are used to. And with drop in/drop out matchmaking you won’t have the same experience twice, as you won’t know where the fight is until you find it.
    And to kick it up a notch from there, they could start introducing multiple objectives. This is where factions could start coming into play. Say there is a major invasion on Venus, a massive assault on the last city, and a pirate fleet harassing all space travel between Earth and Mars. Different factions could organize to take on different objectives. Some objectives will be completed, others will fail. Ground will be gained, and ground will be lost. The galaxy will be fluid, and ever changing. And the variety for us, the players, will be infinite!

  • Ryan Ingram

    For the love of god, please let more shaders exist in the game world. I’m sick of seeing the same ones; and even sicker of not having cool ones drop for me.
    There are what, 6 that drop in Crucible and then the others. Where are the multitude of shaders we see on the shader preview site?

    Why not make it easier to get some of those and allow people the ability to have a unique looking character.

  • Walter Nelson Yarbrough

    I am a PvE freak. Mostly cause I am horrible at pvp. I don’t want this to become call of duty jr. I want this to be something new, not something rehashed by Activision because they have money the Bungie doesnt.

    I want the story to buffed up a bit. With a game like this, a linear storyline that cuts into gameplay would be a bit annoying. I would rather the story stay shallow, engraciating is into the world slowly. Then later, you can take the story deeper.

    The presentation needs to be fixed, more lively and catches our attention

  • Pure Ego03

    One other thing that has been bouncing around my brain. I’ve been maxed out on van guard marks for weeks on end. I’ve purchased everything I’m ever going to purchase from the vanguard at this, and while there are weapons from the other vendors would like, I’m only now starting the grind for crucible marks to get them. How about for the factions we either be able to use all marks everywhere? I mean the tokens work that way, and excluding the crucible vendors you can generate rank experience with pve activities, so why not? Or may be able to exchange van guard marks for crucible marks? Like 2 VG for one crucible? And vise versa for plaers who do more PVP and don’t want to grind PVE. Just seems like it would be a good idea for everyone

    • Kenshiro Genjuro

      Yeah, SIX vendors that sell via PvP-acquired marks while only ONE (Van Guard) sells via PvE marks seems a little skewed to me. New Monarchy, Dead Orbit and FWC should all accept Crucible and Van Guard marks interchangably says I. I do think Van Guard weapons should be exclusive to Van Guard and Crucible weapons exclusive to Crucible though. Same for Iron Banner, Trials of Osiris etc.

      OR…simplify things further and just say marks are marks wherever you get them from, but Van Guard would still require Van Guard Commendations and Crucible require Crucible commendations, while everyone else accepts either. That would finally justify the existance of these stupid commendations as more than yet another completely superfluous petty hurdle for newer players.

      Luckily there’s a side-step, and that’s doing lots of nightfalls, weeklies, and strikes. Granted you’re just waiting for random drops until something comes along that fits the bill, but honestly I think if you use wide-ranges of weapons and have 3 guardians to accumulate gear for it will take less time to build up complete artillery.

      AND you can expect to eventually get those weapons with better rolls and in different burns that you can’t buy from any vendors. Like as of 7 hours ago I finally have my favorite machine gun Against All Odds in Solar, Arc, and Void damage. All random drops. I have an Arc Valedictorian Rocket Launcher with proximity detect filling the gap Truth and Gjallahorn can’t occupy that’s been INSANELY good for these Arc Hive nightfalls. Also The Good Doctor Rocket Launcher in Void that has tracking (I like to call it Pocket Truth). All random drops…can’t buy them anywhere.

  • metalman5150

    On point, as always!! Great post & excellent read!

  • metalman5150

    The Crota encounter has become my favorite Raid encounter. Paint me as silly, but our Raid group puts everyone’s abilities to use.

    Stick with the Crota encounter:

    Raid group consists of two Titans; two Locks; a Hunter for sword and an addition guardian (preferred Titan / Warlock).

    From the crystal room, the two Locks are responsible for generating Orbs that will heal and replenish orbs for supers. This is key for ensuring that our sword bearer has a full super for every sword.

    Our two titans have major responsibilities. Each Titan will drop a bubble; one for distraction (aggro-ing the right or left tower boomers) & one for escape (back into the crystal room).

    An additional Titan / bubble can be used for either the Ogre room or the initial movement from crystal to center -lip to give all guardians an over shield.

    Mitigating the risks in the raid goes a long way!

    Sure – This strategy is not the only way to skin Crota.

    But this method, when executed to perfection, makes every one in the encounter feel as though they had a direct impact on the success of the raid! It is a genuine feeling too, bc their abilities have lessened the risks, for all guardians.

    Please give the vid a glimpse and see what I mean!

  • R.Gaz

    I think it’s such a missed opportunity that there are no vanity slots for armor. I know so many people, my friends and myself included, that refuse to wear armor that brings us up to 32 because it forces you to look like everyone else. Having a vanity slot for your armor pieces is a necessity at this point. For those of you who don’t know, a vanity slot is a secondary slot for armor next to the standard armor slot. You put your lvl 32 raid armor in the standard slot, but whatever you put in the vanity slot is what your guardian actually wears. Vanity slot is strictly for looks and grants no bonus stats.

    • That Guy

      That’s such an awesome idea! I hate looking like every other 32 and it’s funny that there is some blue armour which I think actually looks better than purple/yellow

  • YNWA


    And some story telling. (:

  • Sawyer Greisen

    While it’s definitely not a feature high on people’s lists (or even on them at all, I’d personally like to see some form of trading. Of course certain items would have to be exempt (exotics, marks, commendations, reward items, etc.) it’d be nice to swap that legendary rocket launcher you got that your friend has been dying for in exchange for that useless armor he pulled from an engram that he can’t equip

  • Anthony Murphy

    1. Loadouts/Favorites for inventory
    2. More Vault Space
    3. Glimmer with no cap, remove all the quasi currencies
    4. Access to vault from orbit
    5. Space combat
    6. In game trading economy
    7. Matchmaking for nightfall and daily heroic
    8. In game LFG
    9. Weapon/Ship shaders
    10. Can order pizza from Eva Levante

    • Kenshiro Genjuro

      Can never go wrong with pepperoni, mushroom, and salami.

    • Googlebright

      We already have access to the vault from orbit. You should check out the app sometime. The ability to grab weapons from orbit is already there. Its pretty sweet.

      In game trading is something that would quickly be exploited. There is a reason Blizzard removed that from Diablo 3. Bungie would be creating a huge headache for their users and themselves by adding that.

      If they do add matchmaking to the Nightfall it better be as an option. It sucks that I can no longer start the Weekly Heroic and have my friends join me in progress when they are done with whatever they are doing. And I solo the Daily three times a day, the last thing I want is d-bags joining my Daily and then ramming me off a cliff with their sparrow or jumping in front of my rocket.

      Everything else, yes please! Especially the vault space. I’ve already filled up the weapons section of my vault and with new exotic and raid weapons coming in HoW the need for more space will be dire.

  • tiger man

    What I really want to see is more cut scenes. Instead of our enemies being nothing more than things that shoot at us, we might actually get a sense of the differences between them. The only real show of enemy character in the game for me is the first scene with the fallen scanning around and chasing your ghost. Think about it. Does any other race get that sort of introduction? Where they do something outside of the regular in game animations? The vex do a bit at the end, but not much. Of course they’re sort of supposed to be unfeeling machines anyways… I digress. I would like to see this in alleys as well. Imagine if we actually got to see the Cryptarch talking with the speaker, or the Vanguard at a City Consensus meeting. So far, all our allies are limited to something like four lines of dialogue each. The Queen and her Brother get a bit of a fair introduction, hopefully more to be seen. Maybe even that cutscene from some of those earlier trailers with the queen’s brother, when he seemed like more than an angry speaker for the queen. Sorry this is too long already hope I’m somewhat clear and maybe concise?

  • Martin Makarov

    I’m on the exact same page as what you said in this article. My exact opinion. The only thing I want to add is that my wish is that they finally get the weapons right. So they are ALL on an equal playing field (this goes for exotics too but they should be a step above the rest). This way you can bring almost any gun into a PvP, or even PvE for that matter, and still do well with it because it fits your playstyle.

  • Ilovedestiny

    All these ideas sound great, but will bungie actually change things, probably not!

  • Liam

    Theater mode

  • Ryan

    Perhaps some better exotics that are not otherwise helmets or Chestplates,gauntlets and boots there hardly is much reason to use most of those exotics.

    I would love to see warlock boots that are specifically for sunsinger that apply to the perk Angel of Light.

    Here’s just an example that I thought up earlier:

    Destiny Exotic Idea:

    Name -Champion Of The Sun
    Exotic Warlock Leg Armor

    -Carry more Heavy Ammo
    -Increased Super energy gained from killing minions of the darkness.
    -Gives Angel of Light and Viking Funeral , Angel of light lasts 3 seconds longer.

    And some exotics need rebalancing, Red Death for one one was one of my favorite exotics and then of course pulse rifles are buffed which was fine,and Xur sells Red Death and so many players have it now when in my opinion it is now too strong in PvP.

    Also I would like to see perhaps Hardlight get a buff,I know it’s stability was previously increased but something should be done about its range/impact.Or even give it Arc damage instead of kinetic damage at least.

    And Necrochasm needs a buff as well, it’s ammo capacity should be increased from 43 to 50 as it’s quite difficult to kill majors with it,(Unless like Arc burn is on),It should get the same perk as all the rest of the Crotas End raid weapons that allows for increased damage to hive majors.

    With matchmaking for weekly heroic strikes,it’s even easier for most players to get enough strange coins to buy at least something from Xur every week.I believe prices for exotics should go up as I see them as too easily attainable.

    Also there should be better crucible drops for rewards.

    And remove the glimmer cap, and perhaps add more achievements for Xbox one,and others consoles, for destiny in a future DLC.
    Accessing the vault from your ship would be a nice conveince too.

  • Patrick Sauberan

    i herd they were just gonna add damage upgrades to all skill tree, so that players just had to level their weapons up from the current damage to the new.

  • sim

    I really want to see something differendifferent more exotics better gear more objectives not just grading the dam robot i know you guys are trying to appeal to a young crowd but seriously it’s time for them to nut up or shut up

  • Kangaroo Jack

    I feel that the advancement of level relying solely on gear for such a huge percentage of overall character strength needs work. With vanilla gear you are at level 20 (big whoop), with vendor gear you can get to 31, only giving one option to get to level 32 by doing raids. I would like to see a way to get to level 32 (or whatever max level becomes) that doesn’t rely on one task and is heavily luck based at that. It shouldn’t be a fast or easy path, but should have a slow and regular progression that somebody who has a crazy work schedule and cant devote time to a clan or find three hours to raid with randoms can achieve.
    A few other things I would like to see eventually, An actual raid, not a done in a short time raid. But an actual raid that still has progression points and requires maybe five hours to finish. To extend the hardcore gamers (probably not happening for a while)
    An effective counter for blink/felwinters lie, invincible until in the range of a longe range instant kill shotgun is pretty OP.
    More player influence on the game world, possibly open up some battlegrounds around the tower where different races attack at times. If players consistently ignore this problem then maybe vendors supplies become limited, or Xur gets attacked on the way and has only half his normal stock. But also open the other way, fireteams can push into cabal territory and liberate a vendor for a week, supplies etc.
    If people can reforge IB weapons till they are perfect (cough, cough) Felwinters, Efrideets. Why can’t I spend my commendations to change a perk on a crucible weapon? Or slow down reforging somehow, one shot to the ankle shouldn’t kill anyone straight out.
    Faction wars,
    (tricky to figure) due to people swapping factions all the time.
    Manufacturing, by players.
    I know it is a long list.
    Deal with it.

  • AdventurerMacz

    This is my wish list for House of Wolves:
    1. Customizable raid gear or multiple raid gear from the same raid.
    2. More Crucible game types and a custom Crucible mode.
    3. More story.
    4. More vault space, which is accessible in orbit.
    5. Unlockable weapon shaders.
    6. Removed matchmaking, because most of the time you get noobs
    7. A faction that requires vanguard marks, besides the Warlock, Titan, and Hunter
    Vanguard and the Vanguard Quartermaster.

    And this is my Comet wish list:
    2. Ship combat.

  • dire

    They need to include something that we can upgrade our legendary weapons with because i have some good rolls on mine and i do not want to dismantle them.

  • MakkinjeM

    Well, i think you forget something crucial for the survival of Destiny in the two upcoming DLC’s.

    Let’s be clear. I expect this to come out for Comet mainly.

    Number one is to ditch last-gen consoles completely, which makes it possible to really open up the existing worlds.

    ”Huh?! What are you talking about?”

    Well; Since it was a last moment decision to include PS3 and XB360 into the line-up of consoles for Destiny, they deleted about 75% of the explorable areas on the current existing planets of Destiny, so last-gen consoles could be included in the compatability for Destiny. This is a change I certainly demand for Comet, to keep this game as interesting as it was before launch.

    Number two is the expansion of the universe of Desiny, in terms of explorable areas.

    We already know of a small expansion on this subject, with the introduction of a new social hub (a second Tower) in The Reef. This gives some good hope on a new section of the universe, which is essential to the survival of the franchise, in my opinion.
    By that i mean that i expect Comet to open up Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury as Patrol, Story, Strike and Raid areas, or at least one of the three, or a more than decent alternative.

    In my opinion, next to improvements in Handling Gear, these two aspects are essential for at least my interest in the game and in the survival of the franchise.

    I must say i’m sincerely surprised, these points weren’t mentioned in this topic at all!

    But we’ll see what’s next to come!

    • Clapper55

      I feel this is more likely for destiny 2 rather then a comet the game was already created for last gen consoles

      • MakkinjeM

        No offence, but i really hope you’re wrong man. No more new explorable areas till D2, would most certainly cost my interest in the game, and gradually others as well. They can not only add some strikes, weapons and gear to keep the game interesting till D2. Even additional raids will loose their appeal over time. (although i have major hopes on the Fallen raid, ending in a Deathstar-like showdown with a Prime Servitor) By the way. there are two more DLC’s to come áfter Comet, before D2. So i still have good hopes. Nonetheless i still expect a expansion on explorable areas for Comet..

    • MakkinjeM

      Forgot about something else, on the topic of explorable areas:
      When the time is ripe, we’ll probably get acces to The City as well. in the current way of making explorations possible, with an open world filled with groups of ads. I really wonder what that’s gonna look like in the City. I think it’s the perfect opportunitie for Bungie to show some real creativity! i wouldn’t be surprised if the last raid of the entire franchise would take place in The City. But that’s just speculating ofcourse,

  • SorrowSong

    HoW Needs:
    Larger and Revamped vaults
    Some kind of a halfway decent storyline
    More avaliable weapon archetypes then abysmal impact high RoF everything.
    At least 2 new pvp game modes
    Revamped crucible drops

    Between expansion needs:
    Add in a way to change appearance of my Guardian and my armor

    Comet Needs:
    Revamp to shard economy
    Revamp to light how light levels work
    Storyline revamp across the board
    Revamp the Gunsmith and all other misc vendors
    Revamp Xur.

  • thekilnor

    I think expanding the shared items list would be helpful. Just like glimmer, vanguard and crucible marks should be shared along with strange coins.
    Also make it so that changing your stats has a noticeable effect. Like maxing out your armor should allow you to sustain a lot more damage, same for agility and recovery.

  • Huck

    Test firing range for legendaries and exotics. Since it’s all about the grind, I want to be sure what I’m grinding for is worthwhile to my play style. Make it no XP gains, one magazine only or something like that. Specify trash mobs or test bosses. I finally finished bad juju bounty, time will tell if my hours were well spent. Plus it would be cool to at least test fire Gally…..

  • SaltyChicken17

    Utilize the overpriced Kinect for like say, “Ghost, go to orbit” or “Ghost summon sparrow” and “Ghost, go to the tower” and “Ghost, equip Icebreaker.” This would be a great addition for the Xbox One users that paid for a Kinect

  • Dj

    I don’t like that when iron banner leaves it takes out ep away and when it comes back we have to grind it out all over again. And other then that I was wondering when HoW is really coming out and every time it does it gets set back this is annoying. I agree with some else that said light levels should be out to every one that isn’t always on like that want but other then that you guys are doing an outstanding job keep it up

    • Clapper55

      I think its cool it gives you something to do its not a one done thing it rewards the people who are willing to invest their time and grind out those 10 kill streak everyday just for a little experience.

  • greg

    I would love to have space batles!! That would be great extentions to the game

  • Jonathan Bowers-Bone

    I have been thinking about left 4 dead recently and how that evolved as an online game. In many ways I feel the l4d is very similar to destiny. It is a game about a small team trying to complete an objective. Each player will have a job to pull off if anyone is to survive an encounter. I played l4d1 for hundreds of hours without a destiny style reward system. I think that if bungie looked at its maps and aliens and ambiance they could rebuild a game that is rewarding to play multiple times because it is different each time. l4d had a zombie director why can’t we get an alien director. I don’t think it is acceptable that enemies often just spawn from doors way on to the field. Anyone else play left 4 dead 1 or 2?

  • Lordshiv

    Autoaim should be removed or atleast and option to switch it off completely

  • Charlie Malbaurn

    I understand the need for bigger raids like Vault. And I understand them wanting to make a quicker more accessible raid like Crota. Sometimes people want to do things in a shorter time.

    I think they could solve this by breaking the raid up into separate wings. I think that would be a great common ground

  • Adamms

    HoW is most likely not Do or Die for me. I’ve gotten so involved with the game and community that I doubt I’d quit if this DLC doesn’t turn out to be the “savior” people want it to be.

  • Ted Hess

    I have to agree about the old missions. I have talked about how adding XP based on difficulty would be a great addition. There are several missions that I think are a ton of fun, but I rarely play them just to play them. Even something like adding an achievement for completing every mission on max difficulty would be great.

    Daily nightfall missions would be a neat concept too. Rewards would have to be much lower than the weekly strike, but even just high XP with some marks would be a solid reason to do it.

  • Nikkie Meyers

    My HoW list would be this:

    -Story content. This DLC offers a unique opportunity, to give us background and lore on both the Fallen AND the Awoken. If we really want to be brave, give us a hint at The Nine as well since the Queen obviously has some sort of relationship with them. Even with TDB, and reading the grimoire, I learned very little that was “game changing” about the Hive. This is sadly the reason most lore theories out there are heavily about the Vex.

    -A unique and challenging raid. CE was too short and then artificially increased in difficulty using level disadvantage to the point that it’s almost a slap in the face to players. VoG on the other hand was an adventure. It had the feel of doing something amazing with the various caverns and puzzles involved. That’s why many of us still return. I would rather raid the Vault due to its scope than Crota any day.

    -Material and currency exchanges. Give me something to do with all 500 of my Ascendant shards. I don’t need them. I do however need MoL. Give me the ability to exchange them, even if it’s a 10:1 ratio. It helps higher level players achieve their personal gaming goals while also helping lower level players rank up by enabling them to use their currency and materials as they see fit. It also lessens the grind for all involved.

    -Of course, vault space, no list is complete without it.

    -Let me use my Vangaurd marks at my faction of choice. I level Dead Orbit via PvP and PvE, let me use both types of marks.

    -Re-rolling raid armor for stats and perks. Seriously. I grinded out to get that raid chest piece for weeks, thanks for the increased pulse rifle ammo I don’t need and the Discipline stat that now puts my character at 360 some Discipline and 0 strength/intellect.

    – Let me rep up my faction using something OTHER than their cloak/bond/mark. Perhaps an emblem or even a switch to simply “select” that faction. I really like my various class items I have acquired and I’d love to wear them, but can’t if I want to rep a faction and not vangaurd/crucible.

    My comet Playlist would be as follows:

    -More explorable areas. I have memorized the current PvE maps to the point that it makes me sad. I need new maps to run bounties on, new places to experience, sights to see. A new planet would be great, but I’m not holding my breathe.

    -Horde/survival modes. Easily done. Use the larger PvP maps and drop 6-12 players randomly on this map with random enemy spawn generation. They need to fight to the rest of their team and then survive the onslaught. You could also create a new PvP mode with crucible play interrupted by random enemy drops. At least it’s a change of pace.

    -A Cabal raid would be awesome, even some story involving them is needed. I still have no clue why I shoot their heads off, even after a solid reading of the grimoire other than the fact that they are on Mars, and we used to be there.

    -Sparrow races, done. Use current maps and story content. It will breathe new life into our old stomping grounds.

    -Quarantine PvP. PvE weapons should not be affected by PvP balance needs. Nuff said.

    -Transmorg gear. There are some awesome looking lower level armor pieces out there, I’d like to wear them.

    And for crying out loud, Bungie, give use a better way to earn glimmer. I highly doubt grinding the Exclusion Zone was how you envisioned your players spending time in your game. Sooner is better than later, but I won’t place it under either.

  • Ryan Ingram

    How did they release CE? Is it released at midnight? Is it released at the reset point? So essentially, all day Wednesday 5-20 starting at 5am EST people can play HoW?

  • Ben R

    1. Faction gear should be different and unique aesthetically. Currently every faction has the same gear but just different colors and very small cosmetic differences
    2. the shipmaster actually sells new ships/sparrows and shaders for these vechicles, because she is currently useless
    3. crucible and vanguard commendations should allow for reforging of weapons and armor. And on that note the iron banner should allow armor reforging as well.
    4. it would be awesome for the raids to have multiple armor sets for each class. This would help add to the variety in terms of looks
    5. more in game cutscenes and allow for skippable cutscenes
    6. an in game lfg system would be amazing
    7. more explorable area that has value. The game does have pretty large maps and areas but most of that space isnt really significant, its just something to drive through to get to the next area. Its so awesome to look out from the mothyards and see all the planes and the entire length of the wall and i want to be able to explore that (and similar ares of other planets) and find new groups of enemies, new patrols and easter eggs
    8. some way to make old gear and weapons still relevant and at the same level as the new stuff, maybe by upgrading with motes of light or strange coins
    9. eris should not have capped rank and should reward gear and weapons similar to the way factions reward them
    10. The vanguard masters should give out quests or bounties specific to that class and grant rewards and experience for them. because they are also currently useless, the only time i see them is when xur is in their room

    then of course there are the obvious changes like more vault space, better crucible rewards, more storytelling etc.

  • NLK3

    I think all armor should reach max light level, but still find a way to make raid and iron banner armor more relevant than regular vendor armor. Here is my ideal: Normal legendary armor has 2 regular perks; Iron Banner armor has 2 higher-leveled perks (like orbs healing you, more super energy per kills, etc. like the ones on exotic armor that aren’t exotic perks); raid armor should have 1 regular, 1 legendary, and 1 raid perks; and Exotics should have the 2 legendary and 1 exotic perk. This may differ between the armor type, but this is the main idea.

  • ceedoubleyou

    If House Of Wolves just incorporates one new raid and a few new missions to grind, I think a lot of us are going to feel silly for hanging in there and waiting for it.

  • bizzysgs

    At the very least, I want them to stop forcing me to wait weeks/months in order to upgrade my exotics when Xur arrives. I have spent hundreds of hours and have every exotic weapon in the game. I’ve paid my dues and I don’t think I can endure another round of RNG for my exotics. There’s only so much RNG a person can take before going insane. They should automatically increase the level cap and damage of exotic gear and make me grind a bit to gather the materials required to upgrade them. But don’t make me wait until Xur finally decides to bring upgrades for my Hawkmoon, which I’ve already invested hundreds of hours to get in the first place. For the love of God… Bungie, just please don’t…

  • Irishmen420

    I want to see a horde mode introduced in comet and then i will be happy

  • Josh Paul

    okay here we go i may sound bitter but it’s because we are talking about things that need to be improved/added. Not things that are already great or in the game.
    Wishlist: exotics that are not at the bottom of their classes or have a use(not asking much but TDB exotics are a joke especially the weapons), symmetric and even maps (actually fix blind watch and others for fucks sake)(think valhalla or bloodgulch how awesome would a map like that be? heavy spawns middle), auto rifle buff (lol), sparrow racing (im dreaming), forge mode/custom games (hey they called it a wish list), ship battles (why do ships have guns and theres a ship that has a description about how intersteller travel is dangerous?just teasing us), no super/no heavy pvp game type (too many unpreventable deaths in pvp imo), cut scenes in HOW (and also be able to skip em everywhere), vault space (i know it’s coming, i would like a vault on the ship), do something with ascendant shards/ energies for gods sake, grimoire cards accessible in inventory( i know bungie likes traffic to it’s sight but stop being greedy and if you wont give us a story than at least give us the option to look at the cards we’ve earned in game), equal time to complete strikes (too many people quit the longer ones (TDB ones are the worst of course), pvp rewards(duh, some devs have addressed this in a q&a-it will be fixed…eventually), get rid of ascendant materials getting dropped from nightfalls ( i don’t need to explain this), and most of all please test things diligently before you put it into the game a lot of people put so many hours into this game it’s messed up when you don’t put the time and effort into fixing issues correctly. I want to end this on a nice note. I have faith in Bungie and they are listening. For example, if Bungie really did not care then we would all still be farming upgrade materials, remember that struggle? They listen and they care, it is up to us to help them with the future of this great game. Some of these wishes would take so many hours of man power and coding i would not begin to start as a layman. But that should not stop us from using our creative side, we all can be developers. I know I missed some so help me out

  • Thebearsnake

    Transmogrification is a must as I’m sure many would agree. Would make a world of difference in adding variety to the characters.

    • Agreed, or at least a new type of cosmetic item would be great

  • TheDaywalker

    Next to the obvious, how about (re-)forging stuff?
    For example getting another scope on a rifle as a perk, by using all those materials you get from “deleting” items. Let us also add damage to it, color decals etc.

    Let us personalize our heroes, if I want to be a pink warlock ,LET ME BE A PINK WARLOCK!

    Make a bot in the Tower, like the bounty one, where i can register to play a raid, weekly. Whether or not a microphone is connected, if I have experience in the raid (x amount of times done/bosses killed etc).

  • Kylo Ren

    Just add some story and interesting NPC’s, Eris was so interesting heading into TDB and then winded up being a complaining nag in loading screens and completely mis-used. What happened to cut-scenes also?? I swear Bungie didn’t want to spend money so those got scrappped to or more accurately both of the “expansions” were already part of the game hence no cut-scenes since it’s not new material. Also, I swear if they put a new “story mission” like they did with Fist of Crota running the same level backwards I’m done.

  • Kaiden

    I would love to see some spit-screen action in Destiny. I have a twin and we always used to play Halo with our friends on the Xbox 360, but now with Destiny, we can’t. I think Custom Game would be very satisfying for a lot of people. Then again, it would lower the number of people who play Crucible but personally, I think they should take a stab at it…

  • BAOH76

    i would like to change my armor…now im on level 32 ok ,but if i try to change with another glowes or some else my level go down…sometimes i have a very cool helmet or glowes,but it’s blue or violet with no light 36,so i can’t use it…i would like to change my armor for be different…cause now everyone have Crota’s suit or Iron Banner suit,but i want to be different…or give the player the chance to upgrade the other armor i found on my way..and maybe more color or just change 1 pieces..
    Another things i would like to have it it’s more planets…i not understand why there is no SATURN ??or JUPITER…
    For the rest it’s ok for me.

  • John Lucky

    Wish lists:

    For somewhere in HoW or Comet that they add a new planet like Mercury or Jupiter where Xur comes from that would give us the fresh new story’s and raids we need. Also that maybe on earth you can go to more places than just old Russia to show that players are actually making a difference in the game. The last thing I want is more vehicles that you can take during a mission. I mean who didn’t love a pike or an interceptor but everyone compares Destiny to Halo so if the creators are gonna beat Halo the gotta step up their game.

  • Troy Heere

    In my humble opinion, asking for the raids to be more complex (e.g. having a more diverse role for players, as suggested) is not necessarily a wise idea. If you come at the raids from the standpoint of a consistent team that plays together on a regular basis and understands the roles and tactics very well, then I can understand the appeal of what you’re suggesting.

    Unfortunately, a lot of people (perhaps most?) aren’t part of a regular group with those characteristics. My own experience of the raids (because like many people I don’t have five friends who play Destiny regularly) is largely as part of a pick-up group of guardians assembled through LFG sites, most of whom have never played together. In these circumstances it’s hard enough just to get everyone to shoot their rockets at Crota all at the right time.

    You can also see this manifest in the way groups will tend to cheese the bridge encounter rather than try to coordinate sufficiently to get everyone across the ‘right’ way, because a lot of groups will fail to coordinate with enough effect to be successful at this, in spite of everyone having a mic.

    Is this a failure of leadership, or a structural failure of the raid content? Perhaps both. In my opinion, the principle that a raid should require a high degree of coordination among players that have never played together (and probably will never play together again) is something that should be applied cautiously. The complexities of Crota’s End are just manageable under these conditions. I would not like to see raid content that required even more complexity management than this. Because the upshot of that would be that fewer people would be able to play the raid successfully.

    And before you say, “That would be a good thing”, consider the possibility of those people rage quitting and never supporting the game in the future by buying expansion content. Be careful what you ask for here, because designing the raids so that only highly disciplined clans could be successful would be a very bad idea.

  • Leedleleedleleedleeeee

    They need to add trading cuz ppl that get lucky and get a good weapon twice should be able to trade it to a friend

  • Rashad Pickett

    I would like to carry more exotics and be able to trade weapons and gear.

  • DorkFace0209

    For the next DLC bare with me I have put some thought into this. First of all I do not have an issue with Bungie adding new weapons and armor and discarding the old weapons and armor from the vanguards and factions. I am okay with that, I am not okay with Bunige making the new weapons stronger and the new armor a higher light level and here is my reasoning.
    Not everybody can actually get all the raid armor before the next DLC comes out, I myself did not get any of the VOG glass armor I ran it one time and beat it with friends I only got ascendant materials and suros. Granted suros is an exceptional weapon. I did not get any raid armor thank God because it would have been a total waste. I only got to level 28 before the DLC came and after the DLC came I realized I could no longer get the full armor set from my vanguard. The new armor the vanguard had, allowed me to reach level 31 which the raid armor from VOG only gets you to level 30, this right here is my issue, I do not think it is neccasary to raise the level beyond 32. Rather I would appreciate keeping my raid armor from VOG and CROTAS END when the new DLC hits and heres the plan I would like to see happen. Vanguard, crucible, and factions sell armor whose light level get you to level 30 flat. I dont really care if they keep switching the weapons and armor it gives the game more content when it comes to how your character looks. What I would like to see is the VOG promoted to level 30 NM and level 32 HM. This is the reason, all the upcoming DLC should be NM 30 HM 32. Only raid gear can get you to level 32, next have the raid gear only be usable in crucible, patrol, iron banner, and weekly strikes, nightfalls, and daily missions, any NON DLC story mission. That may sound confuing but I will clear it up. I am looking too a raid specific armor meaning VOG raid armor cannot be used in CROTAS END raid and vice versa you also cannot use the VOG raid gear in the ERRIS missions and when the HoW comes out you wont be able to use VOG or CROTAS END raid gear in the HoW raid or the HoW story missions anything else like what I mention aboved is fair play for the Raid gear.
    I suggest this only because if the level cap rises as of now I do not have VOG raid gear or CROTAS END raid gear I recently switchd over to PS4 from xbox 360. That being said when the DLC comes out being level cap 34 all I have to do is skip CROTAS END and VAULT OF GLASS and buy me some vanguard armor. I dont think that is fair to other players who have been grinding nonstop to upgrade their armor. So my plan makes all armor VOG, CROTAS END, HoW and future DLC armor usefull because if you want to take on VOG and CROTAS END on HM your probably gonna want to use the raid gear you get from completing the NM raid. I realize I skipped the part about obtaining raid gear just like we all do mow just play NM raid and RNG will do its thing.
    The weapons I said i didnt mind if they changed them add variety and make diffrent stat set ups etc. But dont make weapons stronger making my current weapon garbage and unusable. I loved my THE DEVIL YOU DONT KNOW and now its crap. I wouldnt mind if the new weapons had the same damage that way I can still show off my hand cannon with 13 clips and have people wondering how did you that hand cannon, you shoulda got destiny sooner.
    The reason for the armor also is sometimes you grow attachedto the armor you grind so long for so why not be able to use it when you want without the penalty of being six levels lower in iron banner or weekly nightfalls. I think it would be cool to say O we are going into VOG let me ut my VOG armor, etc. And for iron banner and every other mission you might actually have variety in the destiny community not everyone wearing CROTA ARMOR

  • Brandyn

    I think it’s pretty clear we all need a radio to listen to like Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Bring us Radio Free Cosmodrone

  • DK1nG5L3Y

    Storyline – aside from cut scenes and acutally making use of grimoire cards in game, I would love to see bungie do something along the lines of a web series that goes into real depth with the story too.

    Class items – I would love to see class items given buffs so that they become more than just cosmetic or something you just wear for faction rep.

    Factions – Currently factions are more or less meaningless once you have the gear you want (especially as that gear never changes). Throw in some story missions strictly for specific factions, even crucible events that put one faction against another, and faction bounties as well. It would make them much more relevant to the game and expand the current universe.

    Quests and Quest rewards – I enjoyed the Eris quest as something different that needed some real time and effort put into it, but when all you get out of it is some legendary gauntlets its not worth the time. Give us more quests and exotic bounties etc. but make the rewards worth something too. Also, how about exotic armour bounties?

    Raid – Fully agree that more puzzles, more team work is needed. Generally you are currently only working on 1 or sometimes 2 objectives … break it down more so that everyone needs to do their part and contribute!

    Explore – Let us go into patrol with a fireteam of 6 players. When me and my mates are just screwing around and having fun its annoying that we have to split up when we just want to have a 6 man sparrow race or see who can do the most back flips.

    Sparrow races – make it a real thing! Halo had some fun party game style things you could do to just have a bit mindless fun, throw some of that in to Destiny too.

  • Sawyer Greisen

    I’d like to see Patrol/Crucible hybrid bounties: Every day you can pick up a bounty for a certain player, then when you go into PvE content the game will try to match you with said player so you can hunt them down in a spontaneous 1v1 fight

  • finger23

    I’d really like to see more exotic bounties, and chained quests like Eris’ urn. The exotic bounties make for a small text based quest chain. They give the world and weapons a bit of flavor. They’re an easy way to encourage the community to play forgotten story missions again, or place a goal in esoteric regions of the world. It seems like it would be easy to do and is more satisfying than just buying whatever xur’s selling.

  • hobo_bob123

    some more events would be nice like iron banner and queens bounties.

  • overthetoppickle

    One thing I would absolutely love is the addition of more cutscenes that explain the lore, maybe special cutscenes when you find a Ghost or a special lore item, and finally, SKIPPABLE CUTSCENES. And also, the Shard of Light idea where you turn in ~7 motes of light to get a Shard that upgrades the light factor of armor and the level of weapons. I dunno if I’m going to get flamed, but i feel like raids should have a solo mode since sometimes its hard to get people that know what they’re doing to do raids with you, but they would make solo mode MUCH, MUCH harder. Lets not forget an infected game mode, like perhaps you, as infected, play as a hive thrall, and your goal is to kill others. With each kill, you become an acolyte, which you them max out as a knight. That sounds like a cool way to take infected, since hive “Feed” on guardian Light.