Hawkmoon vs The Last Word vs Thorn

Published on: Nov 27, 2014 @ 18:13

There’s three Exotic hand cannons, each with a totally different look and feel.

The following video will give an overview of each of these Exotics, and compare them in PvE and PvP scenarios.

We also have a Top 5 hand cannon video!


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hawkmoon exotic hand cannon

Hawkmoon is a timed PS4 exclusive Exotic Hand Cannon, which will be available for Xbox users Fall 2015. This weapon can be acquired randomly as a reward in PvE or PvP. It is not currently sold by Xûr.

In terms of what one would expect from a Hand Cannon, Hawkmoon is the pinnacle. With its high accuracy, large magazine, and exceptional Impact, the weapon is at the top of its class and overall is above average. All this, combined with the chance of increased bullet damage, makes for a weapon that Hand Cannon players will be happy to use.

For PvP this weapon gets a 8.5/10, and for PvE it gets a 8.8/10

The Last Word

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the last word destiny exotic hand cannon

The Last Word is an Exotic Hand Cannon. It can be acquired as a reward in PvE or PvP, or sold by Xûr.

If you enjoy the Crucible, and prefer hand cannons, it doesn’t get much better than this. For 1v1 encounters in close-medium range, it simply dominates! However, if you are looking for a well-rounded weapon as your primary, then this isn’t the weapon for you.

The Last Word is simply outclassed by many other hand canons for PvE, namely HawkmoonFatebringerLord High Fixer and The Devil You Know.

For PvP this weapon earns a 8.9/10 and for PvE a 6.2/10


To read and watch the full review, click here.

thorn exotic hand cannon

Thorn is rewarded to you after completing the long quest line, starting with the Exotic Bounty “A Light in the Dark” mission.

After leveling up the weapon you will end up with a very formidable Hand Cannon that rewards a slow, methodical playstyle.

If you have a conservative playstyle then this gun is perfect for you. In PvE it hits pretty hard, and in PvP it’s definitely a force to be reckoned with, provided you have good aim.

The slow reload and magazine size are the main faults with this weapon, which may be a deal breaker for some, but others can play around it. A Hunter with Chains of Woe, or Warlock with Surge can easily fall in love with this gun.

It’s confirmed to be getting a buff (among others) before December 9th, but in its current state, for PvP it earns a 7.5/10 and for PvE a 5/10


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  • Godin Intaki

    I’ve used Hawkmoon, and I say that Timur’s Lash with Field Scout is the closest thing to it. I would use Hawkmoon over it, but I don’t have it.

    Damn Bungie making me rely on RNG to get the shit I actually want.

    • Raxs

      I’d say “The Devil You Know” is better, A really nice Mag size already so no need to worry about RNG 🙂

      • Godin Intaki

        I have 13 shots in mine, and due to being a Gunslinger most of the time, decently low recoil. For all intensive purposes my TL preforms like a TDYK but with a higher impact.

        • Raxs

          I reforged my TL twice and still didn’t get anything handy on it. Not to mention I was lucky as hell to get it by Playing IB all week. Anyone can pick up a TDYK. That’s why I suggested it. It makes more sense to buy a gun with guaranteed good stats rather than say: Get a gun that is from an RNG reward system as part of an event that is on rarely and just ended. You may also not get good stats with it. Lol.

          Yeah, If you get Timur’s Lash with good perks, it’s simply a winner gun. But it’s very, very rare. TDYK is just an easy to get substitute, really.

  • Axis

    I personally feel everyone underplays the overpenetration ability of Thorn. It can be more useful than anyone realizes in both PvP and pve. In PvP, if you are on control and people are capping a point, just align them properly and headshot them quickly. For PvE, when raiding during the Templar, fanatics usually cluster together if you don’t watch them. Want to quickly remove them? Penetrate them through the crit. It’s how you adapt yourself and use the weapon that can truly make a gun’s worth I feel, provided the gun is decent enough. I mean if the gun gives you a really near useless perk then yup it has to go.

  • Lee Juriet

    I’m rather surprised this whole article didn’t have a disclaimer at the start reading ” For PS3/4 owners only” Because most of it deals with Hawkmoon, which is something that us 360/One guys ‘n’ gals won’t be able to get for a year….

    • JT/FOOL

      You can still compare their notes on TLW and Thorn.
      Microsoft grabbed so many exclusivity-deals over the years, so I don’t really feel bad for them.

      • BAMozzy69 .

        And so have Sony for a number of years too. They have had deals with Ubisoft and EA for a long time and had extra game content in games like AC, Watchdogs etc – free games AC with one of the Assassins Creed games, BF1942 with BF3 as well as 2wks of Exclusivity on DLC.
        I know MS has exclusivity on CoD but it is NOT one sided. As far as I know MS has never had exclusive gameplay or free extra games like PS have. I also cannot think of ANY content that has been exclusive for a year…

        Having this on XB1, I try and look at it kind of like we get 3 DLC drops with the third being the ‘exclusive content’ which so far contains a few weapons, armour, cosmetic ships and strike – obviously this will increase as each expansion gets released.

        However that is off-topic…

        • Octus

          the only thing that I can think of that comes close to the length of this exclusivity is Bethesdas Oblivion and Fallout and Skyrim dlc’s. Those effectively made me decide to never buy one of their games on a console ever again.

  • Raxs

    We don’t get hawkmoon (Xbox Users), so it’s sad to say that neither of the two other I have are that great in PVE. It’s my focus of the game and I love handcannons. I’d be lying If i said “The Devil You know” and “Timur’s Lash” aren’t good, because they are. Better than the exotics I say. It just means I really hope to see an exotic handcannon good for PVE soon 🙂

    • FriedCats

      Hehe… problem is.. unless they add another one in, you won’t be getting one until the fall of 2015. But with the new update, Thorn is a much more formidable weapon. Also, a hand cannon may be coming as a “raid exotic”. We already have the mythoclast (FR), necrochasm (AR), and soon, the 347 Vesta Dynasty (SCR)

  • BAMozzy69 .

    As an Xbox One player I can’t comment on Hawkmoon. I do have both the Last Word and Thorn and both upgraded too. I predominantly play PvE so my impression of these is based on that area. I cannot believe that Thorn is better in PvE (5) than PvP (7.5) as the score suggests (I think you have that the wrong way round) as I find it too slow for the Crucible. It suits a long range conservative playstyle in PvE and with the ‘Send it’ perk it allows you to sit further back – often out of the attack range of enemies. The Devourer Perk will also go through Cabal shields to finish them off with the DOT. I know its low ammo and slow reload can be an issue but the reload speed can be shortened with the right armour – its still slow but will put it on a par with the Last Word (without specific armour)
    Due to its range and DOT, I would much rather use Thorn than the Last Word in PvE. The Last Word has great aesthetics and animations but its Range and slow reloads make it useless for high level activities (especially if Lightswitch is active) but it can still be fun to run around in Patrols with it – just for the animation!
    The problem with both is that they are very much outclassed by Lord High Fixer and the Devil you Know. I get the impression that Hawkmoon is the Exotic equivalent of these.
    I think that the 2 other Exotics are more quirky/niche weapons than actual weapons of destruction and usability. The Last Word obviously suits PvP where combat is often up close and personal, Thorn suits PvE better where you keep your distance, pick off enemies and allow the DOT to finish them off/keep shields down etc. Whilst both have their specific area of use, If I want to go all ‘Try Hard’, I leave both in my vault in favour of a legendary alternative…

  • Fatebringer dominates all of these, especially in PVE due to Arc Damage… Again a legendary who dominates Exotics… Fix this Bungie!

    • Vestrel

      Well I don’t know about most people but I like when Bungie makes some legendaries (just a few though!) that are just as good as exotics. That way those legendaries don’t take up an exotic weapon slot that I could use for something else like Icebreaker or Gjallerhorn

    • Hydreigon530

      Well Fatebringer deserves to be the best PvE Hand Cannon, it does only drop at Templar on Hard after all

  • Octus

    can’t wait for the rng to drop hawkmoon. I really wish all exotic weapons were attainable through bounties.


    Have the hawkmoon and I’m feel sorry for you people with xboxes (ps4 user) I feel like it’s one of the select exotics worth your slot, pray you grt this when it get’s out xbox users



  • Larry

    please redo thorn review since it just got updated

    • We will, along with Bad Juju & others

  • NLK3

    After the update though… WOAH!!! I didn’t use the Thorn yet, but… um… NINE SHOTS?! I thought 8 on the Last Word was great, but NINE?! And they increased the reload speed, which (from the graph) looks about THREE TIMES BETTER!!! Yeah… can’t wait to get off work today (plus my Warlock got the handcannon reload speed gloves).

    My problem with the Last Word, regardless of me merking mofos in PVP recently with it, is that I tested out the recoil on it after the last upgrade with the stability perk and, unless it’s only when you aim down the sights, there is little to no difference. Maybe the Last Word perk gives you that stability perk automatically that the other one already has and doesn’t stack. Meaning, when you get the Last Word perk, use one of the other perks instead of stability.