Hard Mode World First

World first has been achieved – congratulations! The “One and Done” clan has completed it and received some pretty epic rewards!

world first glowhoo shader
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It took them roughly 30 minutes to complete the raid. As you can see on the left, that’s what the Glowhoo shader looks like, exclusively obtained in Crota’s End hardest difficulty.

There’s speculation that you need to have the Eidolon Ally equipped in order to have the Crux of Crota drop, but we can’t confirm that.

Hard mode comes with a few loot changes, as we’ve outlined in our Crota’s End loot table.

There’s also a new Sparrow called the S-13 “Graverobber”


Some important things to note if you haven’t completed it yet:

  • There’s no Chalice to help out with health regeneration, so if you’ve got Red Death, use it.
  • There’s many Hallowed Knights and Orges.
  • Wizards during the Crota encounter.
  • Shriekers may respawn.
  • No revives, all enemies are 33.
  • The Deathsinger’s song will start sooner.
  • Crux of Crota is not a guaranteed drop.
one and done clan world first
One and Done

World Second?

Bungie also took to Twitter to congratulate what we can only assume is the second place team.

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  • inquisitor314


  • Keith Christmas

    So do we know anything about changes in difficulty yet? What’s different in gameplay terms?

    • I think there’s nothing new but the new bounties.

      • Keith Christmas

        Bounties? For the raid? They said stuff about less opportunities to heal and enemies throwing “temper tantrums” for the hard mode. Presumably there’s some difference from the lv30 version…

    • Oriel76

      I’ve only done the First part and the start of the bridge but stopped because to many lags and bugs.

      Nothing changed in the abyss and the mechanic to cross the bridge is still the same, so I haven’t seen any changes up to that point (only that you can’t revive your teammates)

      • Mawias

        In the Abyss, there is now hallowed cursed thrals and hallowed knights.
        I can’t really see any changes to the bridge part.
        At the deathsinger there isn’t any chances as well.
        But at Crota – Bommes is now hallowed knights, there spawns a wizard in front of Crota nad there is a Gatekeeper in the middle, so that you can’t hide from the ogres.

  • Jealous people will comment that they haven’t social life…

    • Gaou Chrys

      no they ll just say without jealous mind, gg guy but hard mode on this game is a joke.

  • Jay

    Are you sure you’re not jumping the gun here? According the the Bungie’s API stats of Invigorate’s vs. tripleWRECK’s raids, Invigorate’s raid ended 40 mins before triple’s did. Invigorate took 23 mins 24s to finish the raid.

    • article has been updated

  • Cameron Barton

    Too bad they cheesed it. tripleWRECK and his crew were the first to do it without cheese strats, and did it the most skillful way possible. Good job, dudes!

  • NLK3

    Seeing the changes, I doubt they beat this legit. Maybe the exploits came back on hard mode. No way you can do this shit against enemies that are automatically 1 level higher, with enemies having more health than normal, Witches during the Crota encounter… WITHOUT A CHALICE (I have no Red Death, so it’s impossible). This shit seems too completely unfair to be called “hard” mode. Are there any primary arc weaopns? And seriously, this is the only way to get the Crux of Crota? SERIOUSLY?! Fuck it, I’m breaking my damn Eidolon’s Ally. No way in FUCK I’m getting the exotic version.

    • MasterCJ117

      It is no where near as hard as you make it sound it’s 1 Hallowed Wizard that when 6 people shoot at it gets fucked up, they replaced the 1 knight that jumps down next to Crota with that Wizard and it just stands there shoots and gets wreaked the only real problem is the (only ever 1) GateKeeper that spawns with the Swordbearer (acts exactly the same) but it follows you into the room downstairs that everyone typically goes to when the ogres appear.

  • Reflex

    I just ran the raid and got to Crota but couldn’t beat it. There is still an exploit/Glitch for the bridge, which we used. I think Ir Yut is even easier because once you kill the shreikers and wizards, She is already do the liturgy and can easily take her out from afar.

  • wunamon

    My team and I only made it past the bridge section. Hoping to clear the other sections sometime tomorrow.

  • boostedskyline

    Me and a guy two manned the darkness (I can solo it all the way to the end, so could he, but the major ogre at the end is a pita for just one person) then we got stuck at the bridge, I’m gonna try soloing or double teaming it later today since I found it more difficult having to coordinate with others. I was called in to crota before that and was trying him for an hour or two, we only got him to a sliver of health once then somebody fucked up. We got cocky, never got him that low in health again, full team of 32’s, I call bs on this raid completion, they know some cheeses and they’ll probably reveal it after they get all they want from the raid

    • Madidadi

      The ogre is easy. If your standing on the start plate for the bridge and look at the last lantern, there is a rock to the left of it. Jump up after the bridge sequence starts. The thrall can’t hit you and you have a perfect vantage point for the ogre spawn. You should be able to down him before he can attack back. And the bridge should finish construction before the Knights spawn.

      • boostedskyline

        Ya I know that’s the spot I always use (warlock), so far the ogre has been able to kill me towards the end of his life a couple times but I’ve been able to revive and finish him off with either one more gjally shot or a couple sniper rounds

  • Puerple_haze

    If you keep 1 boomer alive, you can avoid the wizzard spawn alltogether, to do this, use the knight killer spot (window ledge outside start room) moving left and right. Vid of our team here, messy as hell but got job done. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjQhuUfclsA

  • Octus

    nice shader!

  • Dennis Popken

    We spend nearly 2 hours on the bridge yesterday, only to find out that the totems activating when the ogres spawn was a glitch. Went back into orbit, started again and cleared it in a few minutes :S

    • boostedskyline

      Thank god, I thought we were doing something wrong, will have to try again today

  • baxterwasaman

    it should not count they cheated

  • Nathan Friesen

    Re: Eidolon Ally. I tried this method when my team killed Crota last night. I had EA equippped and fully upgraded at mid fight until Crota died and loot was distributed. No crux for me :(. I wish Bungie would explain these things better than “Drops from Hard Crota”.

    • boostedskyline

      I’m hoping it’s got a somewhat rare drop rate, because if it isn’t then everybody would have the exotic raid weapons and they wouldn’t be as special exorcist since so many people have eidolon ally already

    • SGT_Pannenkoek

      It’s just like the Vex Mytoclast. It’s a very rare hard mode drop

  • Gaou Chrys

    first down on destiny doesn’t mean nothing, there is no challenge on this game. I think “hard” is just cause player are bad. HOW ll be my last gift to bungie