Damage Statistics

Published on: Oct 25, 2014 @ 9:34

Reddit user patrickhulce is one of the first to collect a ton of useful data on Legendary/Exotic primary weapons.

Damage & You

So far he’s found out the following:

  • You do ~33% less damage to enemies 1 level higher than you, ~45% less to enemies 2 levels higher than you, and ~53% less to enemies 3 levels higher than you.
  • Scout rifles and hand cannons do less damage to Majors, yet auto rifles do not have such a penalty.
  • Damage for a given gun is a linear function of the attack stat (Impact seems to affect both the coefficient and the intercept).
  • The attack stat is a raw damage multiplier for a given weapon and has nothing to do with being more effective against higher level enemies than lower level enemies.
  • Damage against enemies less than level 20 seems to be scaled down to match the % of damage done to a level 20 enemy. Example: A headshot takes 50% of a level 20 vandal’s 600 hitpoints doing 300 damage. A headshot will take ~50% of a level 10 vandal’s 400 hitpoints doing 200 damage.

He warns that his testing is probably not 100% accurate.

Because I started out testing for my own curiosity and not for public consumption, these numbers might be slightly skewed based on my armor, so your mileage might vary (i.e. your weapon’s abilities might change your results, and I equipped the armor I had that benefitted the class of primary I was using).

Graphs Galore

You can find a more in-depth overview about the weapons he’s tested in this document.

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  • Destinyfanboy

    me no know math) :

  • snerbonite

    so basically the best gun in the game is Vision of Confluence.

    • Raxs

      It would seem.

    • Clau Alex

      The problem is that if you have a big number of enemies you are in trouble…

      • BAMozzy69 .

        Not necessarily. It has a full auto mode and also a larger magazine in its upgrade path. This means it feels similar to Suros (when you have the slower rate of fire upgrade), a 27 round magazine but the beneits of it being a Scout Rifle. Its certainly one of my favourite Primary weapons. I have the Vex Mythoclast as well. If I use an Exotic in my other slots (therefore can’t use my Vex) I use my Vision of Confluence. I rarely use my Mida Multi Tool anymore or even Suros. Shadow Price gets more use as I prefer my exotic Specials – particularly in things like Nightfall as the Elemental damage is more important.
        I don’t yet have Patience and Time but my favourite Sniper is Praedyths Revenge – its much better than Icebreaker.

  • Alan Baez

    how do i read the base damage? what does minus 13.7 means?

  • Huh…kinda ducks that scout and othere do less damage

  • Clau Alex

    Please include Vex Mythoclast, Fatebringer, Haukmoon

  • delta 6655

    i feel like the amount of hurt our weapons can deal is something that destiny really should tell us. i mean, id like to know how much damage my pulse rifle does, but at times it doesent seems like that matters, as most enemys dont really care about that anyway.