Guide to Every Exotic Bounty

Published on: Sep 15, 2014 @ 12:00

You can buy some Exotics with Strange Coins, and you might even be lucky enough to stumble across an Exotic bounty, with a lengthy list of challenging tasks that you must complete to earn a guaranteeExotic at the end.

Thorn, Super Good Advice, Bad Juju, Pocket Infinity, Invective, and Fate of all Fools are Exotic weapons found in Destiny through their respective Exotic Bounty mission.

Guide to Pocket Infinity‘s Exotic Bounty

Guide to Bad Juju‘s Exotic Bounty

Thorn Review

Guide to Super Good Advice‘s Exotic Bounty

Guide to Invective‘s Exotic Bounty

Exotic Bounty Guides

Shattered Memory Fragment

Reward: Pocket Infinity


  1. Obtain a Damaged Ghost from Venus’ Shattered Coast by defeating a Gate Lord.
  2. Kill a Vex Gate Lord in a Heroic Story mission to obtain Restored Ghost.
  3. Bring the Ghost to the Speaker to obtain Fusion Rifle Schematics.
  4. Bring the schematics to the Gunsmith to obtain Depleted Exotic Weapon Core.
  5. Dismantle 10 rare or higher quality Fusion Rifles to obtain Charged Exotic Weapon Core.
  6. Bring the core to the Gunsmith to obtain Unstable Prototype Fusion Rifle Frame.
  7. Kill 200 enemies in Weekly Nightfall Strike activities using any Fusion Rifle to obtain Stabilized Prototype. You will only get bounty credit if the enemies you kill are either level 28, or located within a Darkness Zone.
  8. Bring the prototype to the Gunsmith to obtain Pocket Infinity.

A Dubious Task

Reward: Invective


  1. Talk to Ikora Rey to obtain A request from Ikora Part I.
  2. Complete a total of 5 strikes without dying to obtain A request from Ikora – Completed.
  3. Return to Ikora Rey to obtain A request from Ikora Part II.
  4. Earn a Kills/Death spread of 25 in the Crucible (cumulative, not in a single match) to obtain A request from Ikora II – Completed.
  5. Return to Ikora Rey to obtain A request from Ikora Part III.
  6. Complete a weekly challenge mission to obtain A Clot of Darkness.
  7. Return to Ikora Rey to obtain Invective [Uncharged].
  8. Purchase an Invective component from the Gunsmith for 50 special weapon ammo packs to obtain Invective [Charged].
  9. Return to Ikora Rey to obtain Invective.

Toland’s Legacy

Reward: Bad Juju

Steps (see video above):

  1. Complete a heroic or Nightfall Strike to obtain Toland’s Journal [Fragmented].
  2. Bring the journal to Ikora Rey to obtain Toland’s Journal [Fragmented].
  3. Complete 25 Strikes to obtain Toland’s Journal [Encrypted]. Nightfall Strikes counts as 3.
  4. Bring the journal to Ikora Rey to obtain Toland’s Journal [Decrypted].
  5. Bring the journal to the Gunsmith to obtain Black Market Coupon.
  6. Bring the coupon to Xûr to obtain Darkness-infused weapon frame.
  7. Bring the weapon frame to the Gunsmith to obtain Darkness-infused Pulse Rifle.
  8. Defeat Guardians in the Crucible to obtain Sated Pulse Rifle. A Titan or Hunter kill or assist is worth 25 points, and a Warlock kill or assist is worth 75 Points, and you need 10,000 total.
  9. Return the Sated Pulse Rifle to the Gunsmith to obtain Bad Juju.

A Voice in the Wilderness

Reward: Super Good Advice

Steps (see video above):

  1. Find A Recalcitrant Gun by opening loot caches on Mars.
  2. Bring it to the Gunsmith to obtain A Mournful Gun.
  3. Buy an ammunition module from Xûr for one Strange Coin to obtain A Pleased Machine Gun frame.
  4. Kill 500 enemies with a Machine Gun to obtain An Enthusiastic Gun. Kills give 1 point, headshots and sprees give 3 points, and kills with rocket launchers remove 5 points.
  5. Bring An Enthusiastic Gun to the Gunsmith to obtain Super Good Advice.

An Unknown Patron

Reward: Fate of All Fools

Steps (Trials of Osiris):

  1. Win 5 crucible matches to obtain An Invitation.
  2. Bring the invitation to the Bounty Tracker to obtain The First Test.
  3. Perform feats of skill in the crucible to obtain The First Test – Completed.
  4. Return to the Bounty Tracker to obtain The Second Test.
  5. Trade Motes of Light for Osiris Coins. Use the coins to compete in the Trials of Osiris. If you lose 3 times you will need to buy another coin. With 10 wins on a single coin, or 25 wins total in the Trials of Osiris, to obtain The Second Test – Completed.
  6. Return to the Bounty Tracker to obtain The Third Test.
  7. Perform kills, headshots, and killing sprees with any scout rifle in the crucible to obtain The Third Test – Completed.
  8. Return to the Bounty Tracker to finally obtain Fate of All Fools.

A Light in the Dark

Reward: Thorn


  1. Complete “The Summoning Pits” Strike on the Moon for the Depleted Hand Cannon.
  2. Then, harvest the energies of Hive on the Moon to activate the weapon by killing 500 Hive. Killing Majors or Ultras will count for more than “1” kill. After you do that, you’ll have an updated Depleted Hand Cannon.
  3. Use Void Damage to defeat Guardians in the Crucible. Death will slow your progress. 500 points needed, each kill will count for 5 points. Your deaths subtract 2 points. Once you complete this you’ll obtain the Corrupted Hand Cannon.
  4. Cleanse the Corrupted Hand Cannon by buying an Infusion of Light from the Speaker.
  5. Now bring the Corrupted Hand Cannon to Ikora Rey.
  6. She gives you the Corrupted Thorn, and wants you to kill Xyor, the Unwed. Fight up to Phogoth and clear all of the adds. Killing Xyor will reward you with the Unbound Thorn.
  7. Return to the Speaker for your final reward, Thorn.

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  • Did I read that right: for “A Dubious Task” you need to get 25 kills and 0 deaths in a Crucible match?

    • Guy Max

      no you just need to get 25 more kills than deaths

    • Enonumus

      To expand on that, you need to get 25 more kills than death over time, not in a single match. So if after 10 matches you had 100 deaths and 125 kills (1.25:1 K/D), you’d complete the challenge. I’m still in the middle of trying to complete this crazy quest for Ikora. Just got assigned Part III but need to find a couple people ready to take on the Weekly Heroic challenge apparently. Stupid game doesn’t match them up automatically for you like it does with strike missions, so you have to assemble a Level 22+ team before you start it. Since you can only be revived and you don’t respawn in the Heroics, just too much of a PITA to do solo.

      • Connor Ross

        That is not how K/D works, 100 deaths and 125 kills is a 1.25 K/D

        • Enonumus

          100 deaths and 125 kills is a 1.25:1 K/D ratio, no matter which word you put first. Doesn’t matter whether you say kills first and deaths second, the ratio is the same. As I said though, you just need 25 more kills than deaths over time in the Crucible (I’ve completed this Exotic). The ratio is completely irrelevant, I just added it for illustration.

          • Wily

            Do you know if this has to be done after you get the bounty or it clears if you have 25 more before you get the bounty. Right now, I have 2293 kills to 1467 deaths, so would that mean I clear the bounty?

        • Lyric Rosatti

          The text in the bounty is K/D spread, not ratio. Otherwise you would be correct and this bounty would be INSANE.

      • Michael

        For the weekly me and a friend beat it with a titan and a warlock the titan had the bubble shield with weapons of light and the warlock had the radiance damage resistance perk, we killed phogoth in 2 hours plus the time it took us to change our batteries and phogoth’s health filled up again because we had to fall back

    • JeabusIVXX

      It stacks up. You dont have to do it in one match just your K/D overall

  • Austin Jarmusch

    How do you get the bounties though? I haven’t found anything about that. Is it just random?

    • Trannix

      Vanguard rank 2. Never see the answer to this question anywhere. I got rank 2 and it opened up 3 bounties for me to choose from – I took the Dubious Task one.

      • Enonumus

        I’m lvl 24 but not Vanguard rank 2 yet, and I’ve gotten 2 of these exotic bounties, plus I found an exotic weapon randomly. I completed A Dubious Task, and I’m just starting on Toland’s Legacy. In short, you don’t have to be Vanguard rank 2. As to whether or not you get one as a reward for rank 2, that I can’t say.

      • fritz117

        Im lvl 24 and haven’t even levelled up the vanguard at all, and i got the bounties last night.

      • Arngrim

        Got nothing at vanguard rank 2. :S

  • Paul Smith

    This video is no longer accurate. I just got the bounty today after the first Tuesday reset, there is now a 3rd part where you have to farm 500 points through the crucible by killing people with void damage. 5 points per kill -2 per death, so at a 1:2 Kerry you’re looking at about 500 pvp kills to finish this weapon. Personally I’m hoping I make it in about 200 at this rate =

    • KaoGen

      I got that one too, and ~50 or so kills later im at 200/500, But i got lucky with good teams and bad enemy teams.

      Also the hive darkness energy part isnt 500 kills, its closer to how the bounties for 200 of x from planet work, with tougher enemies giving you 20.

  • Paul Overmyer

    wtf it says i have to complete 25 strikes!!!

    • AJ Lee

      thats because you do

    • Micah Yang

      just do devil’s lair on level 8 25 times. It doesn’t matter which strike it is or what level the strike is

      • Bac0nAssassin

        The Vex strike on Venus is easier.
        Just kill the servitors and run past everything else after that until you reach the cave, kill all those goblins and wait at the drop, snipe everyone from up there, watch your back for the minotaur, and snipe the boss. Each strike can take 10-15min depending on everyone’s equipment and skill.

    • ⚾jimmy rizzo⚾

      U know how easy 25 strokes is i did them all o lvl 24 heroic

  • Fruitloop

    I recently got an Exotic Scout Rifle named the Multi-Tool just by playing PvP for a long time, which I found really bizarre

  • Timeforchange

    I’m so pissed I finally beat the exotic bounty a dubious task and when I completed the strike mission I was doing I was given another exotic bounty a clot of darkness. All my bounty slots where full though. So i can’t find it. So I’m guessing I lost it.

    • AJ Lee

      try postmaster

      • Timeforchange

        I did nothing is there I have to everyone in the tower. And now earlier I was doing patrols and got something and my bounties were full at that time too.

        • moose

          That wasnt a bounty. The Clot of Darkness was the item that you needed by completing the weekly strike that you then turned into the questgiver. You’re not missing anything 😉

  • Demi

    For a dubious task you have to get a 25 K/D ratio? How in the world am I supposed to do that?!

    • AJ Lee

      Just 25 more kills than deaths overall, so if you went 10-5, you are +5.

      • moose

        omg… thanks. I’m almost done then, just went +15 in one game and was raging… now I know it’s pretty easy… I was pretty pissed lol

        • Enonumus

          Only problem is, you can go backwards too ;). I started off at like +10, then had a really bad match and was back to like +3. Just a tip for people that want to try and do this as quickly as possible and perhaps need an edge if they’re not every good in the Crucible… Select a Control game instead of one of the deathmatch options, and ignore capturing zones while you just focus on killing people. Other players will at least be partially distracted by trying to capture zones, and if they’re team players, they won’t mind sacrificing themselves to take one. You can lie in wait near a zone your team controls, and when you see it starting to change color, pounce in and kill them. Or find a good hiding spot where players run past going back and forth from one zone to another. Of course if you kick ass in the Crucible, you can do whatever you like.

    • Micah Yang

      Yup thank goodness I want bad juju not fate of all fools

    • Nathan

      Its over multiple games I just played safe for like 4 games and got it.

  • chris

    I now have super good advice and thorn lol my luck both within the day

  • ELION333


    • yoyomo


    • You can drop it, but you will not get another chance at the other exotic bounties “immediately”.

      The exotic bounty “choose 1 of the 3” is a completely random drop from the bounty guy AFTER you turn in a completed bounty (there is like 5 or 6 bounties, they just randomly give you a choice of 3).

      I often wait until I have 2 or 3 regular bounties completed before I go back to the bounty guy to turn them in. Giving them back in rapid succession seems to give the appearance of a slightly better chance of giving me an exotic bounty (as I’ve gotten so many opportunities at them whereas my lvl 27 friend has yet to receive a single exotic bounty).

      I’ve had all of them, trashed those I didn’t want to spend the time on. I’ve even gotten the same one twice (the bad juju for example) just because it was so easy to do that one, so I’m doing it again to unlock a 2nd juju to tear down for the exotic energy (or maybe put in my vault for my other character to use). Just bought a ton of rare fusion rifles from the gun vendor, so I’m hoping to get the Fragmented Memories one again to unlock a second Pocket Infinity 🙂

      • Did you get the second Pocket Infinity bounty? I mistakenly let one slip by (chose the voice in the wilderness – super good advice) and now I’m regretting that I missed out on that sexy beast of weapon.

  • theSupremeVishnu


  • .Z

    So getting exotic bounties is completely random!!!! That sucks I’ve had terrible luck when it comes to random crap…… -_-

  • Micah Yang

    Want bad juju so much now that pulse rifles got a buff and are now my favorite weapon type that and bad juju looks a like a beast. I hear one unlock is you shoot from your reserve and don’t have to reload. That would be awesome in pvp

  • Micah Yang

    super good advice doesn’t look very hard to obtain

    • Andrew Bartlett

      Great rate of fire. TERRIBLE stability/recoil. And it didn’t have any upgrades to improve it either. My legendary MG is better than it.

      • moose

        I personally prefer my Zombie killer legendary as well. Almost the same weapon perksminus the”shoot every thing but the target” fire pattern

  • Jeremy Imig

    Holy crap. I just found out that i have to get 10,000 Guardian kills in Crucible to finish the Tolands Journal bounty… That’s OVER 9000!

    • Brandon Funk

      It’s 10,000 points(100 points per kill) by killing warlocks in the crucible not 10,000 overall kills

      • Jeremy Imig

        Well, that’s a relief.

        • Brandon Funk

          Yup, I thought it was the same thing too, but my buddy said he helped someone else with the same bounty and it was points and not overall kills.

  • AlecJ

    I got the “Super Good Advice” Bounty at 3pm Sunday……SO….i have to wait the longest possible time to get it done because Xur just left the tower and wont be back until Friday. Also, that means one of my bounty slots will be taken all week leaving me with only 4 to use.

    I should have looked this up before choosing a Bounty….i had three choices and just took one randomly, like a silly rabbit.

    Why U so meanz Bunjy?

    • moose

      Same happened to me lol


    Everyone is over thinking all these bounties. I just completed my 3rd one in a week, shattered memory, dubious task and the thorn pistol. Dubious task in a 25 k/d all you need a 2-1 success rate kills over death, so what I’m saying is get 4 kill per 1 death and that’s3 points. You just have to have 25 kills to the good.

    And for tolands legacy it’s 10,000 points not kills. Any questions on how to get so many exotic bounties quickly or what needs done. Find me on ps4 WHATDAYISITMIKE

  • Enonumus

    Need to add the rest of the Exoctic bounties here, there are others

    • What others? The video has the Thorn bounty

  • Preatorian

    Well, I’m so glad I got an exotic bounty that I cannot do because I just flat out CANNOT play crucible…. I mean srsly… my KDR per match is like 0.2 if I’m LUCKY! and this stupid bounty MAKES me have to get a KDR of 25-1!?!?!? I’m so glad I’m FORCED to play crucible when that’s the LAST thing I want to do. There’s a reason I don’t play CoD or Titanfall…Make a damn exotic bounty for PVE players Bungie wtf!?!?

    • moose

      This and one other bounty requires crucible. The other 5 (?) Are all strike based. What system are you on? Crucible really isn’t hard to obtain a +25 over the course of 3-4 games. Especially in skirmish or control. If you’re on either xbox console add me kamoosekazi.

      I’ve received two exotic weapons through bounties this week, had the Suros Regime opening weekend and working on my third bounty as we speak.. so I don’t mind helping people out with crucible matches across both xbox platforms (hurray sponsership!).

  • Adriel Fulgueira

    Pocket Infinity or Super good advice? Already have Bad Juju

    • moose

      Pocket infinity. SGA had terrible recoil and, honestly, it’s not worth the exotic weapon slot to go to a machine gun

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  • André

    Kill Guardians in the Crucible using void damage. Deaths slow down your progress! You need 500 points ( 1 kill is 5 points, 1 death is -2 points).” That is ridiculous…if you die you lose points. C’mom bungie, make something that we ARE ABLE to do and not semi-impossible ”quests”.

    • moose

      If you are incapable of doing, get better at crucible or drop it. I don’t recommend this on a hunter. Less options for void kills

    • ElectricZealot

      Explain ‘semi-impossible’. You need to use a void fusion, a void shotgun, a void rocket launcher. And the good news – Crucible level-sets weapons. So, get a green or a blue of the above. Frankly, I’m not seeing the problem, and this is from someone who HATES Crucible.
      Oh, and it helps to have a mate who doesn’t mind being your ‘bullet sponge’ or bait. Camp. Wait for your mate to drag some prey back. Blow their head off. Rinse, repeat. Best camping areas – right next to the Heavy Ammo lockers….
      It’s nowhere NEAR as hard as it sounds. But, for crying out loud – it IS an exotic and an awesome POWERFUL exotic at that! Easily one of the BEST guns in the game. Truly worth the trials.

  • Mr Stain

    The Pocket Infinity is da bomb in any activity with the full auto mode ! <3

  • Zac

    Me and my bro are doing the Exotic bounty thorn If we both have to do it can we both get it at the same time

    • Sure, don’t see why not, especially if you do each step at the same time together

    • moose

      Yes. You can. And if you have the ability to, I recommend it. Just got a thorn. Took a solid hour for the boss

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  • IonaItova

    The Shotgun is not actually 25 K/D it is simply more than 1 kill per death 25 times. The more kills you get the better but say you get 2 kills die the get 5 kills you will get I believe 7 points towards the 25 you need.

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  • xcross

    I did the summoning pits but i didn’t have any exotic bounty D:

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  • Fec83

    I got my third exotic bounty couple days ago… and for the third time i recieved the same three bountys to choose. Anyone else had the same “problem”?

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  • Decdog2

    Is it possible to obtain more than one exotic bounty at a time? I have the pocket infinity bounty and I am just curious because I also want the Bad JuJu bounty.

    • moose

      If you’re lucky enough to get another one, yes.
      You’re actually super lucky right now because they upped the bounty slots to 10. I had Invective and SGA at the same time with 5 bounty slots. Pain in the ass when I had to wait a full week for Xur to come back

      • Decdog2

        thanks man. I’ve been working my ass off trying to get an exotic bounty and i thought that I couldn’t get another. But know that I know that I can get a second one that makes me happeh

  • Gav Black

    Shattered Memory Fragment
    Obtain a Damaged Ghost from Venus’ Shattered Coast by defeating a Gate Lord.

    Should be pick up damaged ghost from room inbetween entrance to Ishtar Academy and room where servitor spawns in Shattered Coast

  • Michael Dierer

    Just got another Vangard Missive (it will be my 4th active exotic bounty) but for some reason Xander wont open/accept it ?? It’s just sitting there in my bounty’s and Xander has that green diamond above his head !! Anyone know if its a glitch or maybe it’s one I already have open and therefore it wont accept it ??? Any ideas anyone ??

    • Barry Hopcroft

      You can only have 3 on the go at once, but don’t scrap it, as soon you’ve completed one of the existing ones you’ll be able to redeem the new one!.

      • Barry Hopcroft

        oh, and btw, you wont get any new exotic bounties given to you until you’ve done that!.

  • G.K.

    Yesterday I received Thorn’s exotic bounty.When I finish it, will I get the upgraded version of Thorn, or will I have to upgrade it at Xur?I own the Dark Below DLC.Thanks to all

    • it’ll be 302/331

  • Matthew Berg

    I need help I got three amounts to choose from. Toland’s, a voice in wilderness and shattered. I don’t have a lot of time to play. I don’t do nightfall cause I don’t have a group to do them with and I’m an average destiny player
    I also play as a titan . What one should obdo

  • Bigdaved8

    I have 3 exotic weapon bounties I’m working on got a 4th but won’t let me open it is it because I have 3 active already?

    • Kenshiro Genjuro


  • Alejandro Bortoni

    Fellows, in the pocket infinity bounty, you might want to suggest Bungie to get the translation correct, my mates dow here in Mexico, are having an awfull time trying to dismantle legendary fusion rifles, since the bounty asks you to dismantle 10 rare or legendary, in the spanish translation it only states that you HAVE TO DISMANTLE LEGENDARY FUSION RIFLES, hence I try to explain it to them, Ive had +20 friends that ae having quite a discourage in persuing any more bounties.

  • Decdog2

    If you are deciding which bounty to pick, go for the Thorn bounty if you have the option. If not, go for Pocket Infinity. If you STILL don’t have that option, go for Invective. I have gone through SGA and Bad Juju, and Pocket Infinity, and while SGA is an easy bounty, it is not a rewarding weapon, and the Bad Juju bounty is just plain tedious, but it rewards you with a decent, above average pulse rifle. Pocket Infinity is a challenging bounty and it rewards a beautiful fusion rifle. now Im not one to use fusion rifles, but after the recent buff that they’ve received, Pocket Infinity is a tank in PVP. I am currently working on Thorn and while it is a tedious bounty, it is definitely worth the effort and time that is required for it. It also is a truck in PVP. After participating in the Iron Banner, i always come across teams with fully upgraded thorns and it is just straight out over powered. As for Invective, I have not acquired the bounty yet, but I have heard so many positive things about this shotgun. It is an absolute truck in PVP and while i was visiting my friend, he had the Invective and i went through on his account taking down tier 2 enemies like it was nothing. So for me personally, I recommend Thorn, Invective, and Pocket Infinity.

  • Jeff

    Only been playing Destiny around a month, just discovered this today. Are exotic bounties still a thing? I’ve done a few of the actions here )completed strike on moon for example), but didn’t get the start of the bounty. Is it a random drop?