Guardian Cloaks, Bonds, and Badges

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FWCreddit posted a few awesome screenshots showcasing some of the status items unique to each guardian class. Hunters have the cloak, Warlocks have the bond, and Titans have the badge. Each one is beautiful in their own right.


Another redditor, w0odyallen put together this image which highlights all of the possible shaders that could be found in the Alpha.



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  • Sigh Nigh

    Those cloaks are freaken amazing!

    • Jeuthy

      i really like the titan badges, on the alpha i played a Warlock but on the final game ill start with a Titan just for the badges =D

      • Sigh Nigh

        Oh, I most certainly will be playing a Titan, just lamenting that the Hunter Cloaks are so beautiful and I wont be wearing one for a bit

        • Jeuthy

          yeahhh its something that will make us play like other class, thats great =D

  • Jeuthy

    the more dissapointing is the warlock ones, hope they look cool once you wear them, by the way still no comments on the level cap ?

    • Mykle D Clark

      They don’t.

      • Who needs such niceties when you weild SPACE MAGIC? You keep your frock or skirt thingy I’ll proudly adorn my bond as I rain the light of the Traveler down upon you in the Crucible.

  • Mykle D Clark

    Previews of the shaders didn’t work for me in the alpha. Thanks for finding a set and posting it.