Grimoire Card Bonuses


Grimoire Cards are unlocked from completing objectives, and uncovering new things. After your complete these accomplishments and objectives, you’ll unlock additional lore for Destiny with these cards. You can check your Grimoire progress over at once Destiny is released.

Does the Grimoire Card do anything else for you though? DattoDoesDestiny sheds some light on this subject in his latest video!

In other news, MoreConsole has another video showing off some rare & legendary items. If you missed the first one, check it out at the bottom of this article.


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  • chris

    Had most of the cards in the beta so far what I understand from the game is…The darkness will be the ultimate enemy who basically destroys all life and chased the “light” away and it was about to die so it made a base and protected humanity then infused light into ghosts who then were sent out to revive the past heros with light which fight darkness while the darkness sent out its hive as well as its “champions” (dragon/raid bosses/world bosses) to destroy the guardians.
    The cabal,Vex,Fallen have been chased away from their home planets and seek a new place to make home so they came here because of the darkness destroying their solar systems
    so halo/destiny Flood=Hive Cabal=Brutes Vex=Forerunners Fallen=elites/covenant