Ghost Shell Designs

PD forum member Raxs created some amazing Ghost shells! Click the image to enlarge it.

 I spent a few hours the other day Modelling a Destiny Ghost from scratch in blender, which you will recognize below. I then modified the model and created new texture maps to create my own custom ghost shells. These are some of my interpretations, I have made one for each level of rarity and have included descriptions and how I personally perceive they would be obtained.


You can see actual Destiny Ghost Shells in our database.

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  • Raxs

    Heck, no way 🙂 Thanks a million for posting them here. Really appreciated. Hoping to do some Armour soon.

    • Quazar100bc

      I…how the fuck do you do this wizardry

  • Brandon Freeman

    Cool that you did that, but I wouldn’t pay 32 strange coins for a ghost shell that does nothing, nor would I spend that much time in the crucible. The ghosts are pointless, other than provide light when you go in to dark places, just like the little pets in FFXIV, they serve no purpose. If there was a purpose, I’d spend time hunting them though.

  • Fenrir

    I know it must be pretty hard to do, but i think that the exotic shell is just missing the irin banner emblem. But still, great design.

    And in other comments, someone said that he would not pay 32 strange coins for a ghost shell. I respect it, just remember we paid 23 coins for a different color in the sparrow trails.

  • Ryan

    Cool designs I really wish they had more ghosts designs other than just the generalist shell and frontier.The frontier ghost of mine is pretty cool but I just wish there were others as well.Like why isn’t there raid specific ghosts that you can acquire?The vault of glass ghost could be made of glass or something, and the crotas end one be black and glowing green with the hive symbol on it.

  • PSN DemianPlays

    I was searching on youtube how to get the black/red shell until i found out you made this yourself. good work tho