Glitch: How To Get Inside King’s Watch

Team Lag did a great job of discovering a way to gain access to the blocked off area of the “King’s Watch”. Follow the tutorial below to try it for yourself, although be warned, the enemies you find within may be a bit more powerful than you bargained for.


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Play on!


  • Sobieski904

    i know your not supposed to be in there but what was the point of bungie putting the lvl 20 enemies in the beta? all they do is kill in one hit there’s like no point in having them in the beta.

    • Drey

      To stop you from going in there.
      To make you want to upgrade your gear and weapons.
      To make you run in fear.
      To make it seem like that you aren’t superior just because you’re the player vs an AI.

      Many smart and strategical reasons.