Gearing Up for House of Wolves

Published on: Apr 13, 2015 @ 17:22

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Update: “1.1.2 will deploy to your consoles tomorrow morning, Pacific.”

Over the course of the next month, we’ll be revealing exactly what you’ll find in House of Wolves this May. Much like our recent rounds of live update news, we plan on sharing many of the most important details with you right here on

House of Wolves will not have a Raid activity. We didn’t make this decision lightly. Our team has been humbled by the reception of Raids in Destiny and we are creating a new Raid for a release later this year.

House of Wolves will have a new cooperative end game activity focused on variety, replayability, and skill – a new battle Arena called The Prison of Elders.

Below, you’ll find the currently planned calendar of events for House of Wolves news. Next week we’ll be kicking things off by revealing the upgrade path for your existing Exotic and Legendary gear.

We know this is an important subject for you. After, we’ll detail out Trials of Osiris and Prison of Elders, both brand new additions to Destiny’s end game activities.

House of Wolves Calendar of Events

Wednesday, April 22nd

Walking tour of the The Reef, with a live discussion about the upgrade paths for your gear.

Wednesday, April 29th

Reveal and live gameplay of Trials of Osiris and its collection of end game gear.

Wednesday, May 6th

Reveal and live gameplay of Prison of Elders, a brand new three-player cooperative multiplayer arena.

Check out if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)


  • Ryzel

    I see a Fatebringer next to the number 365….CAN I UPGRADE MY FATEBRINGER!?

    • Yes, science bitch!

      • SGT_Pannenkoek

        Do you have to find your Fatebringer at the templar again, or can you just upgrade the fate bringer you already have? I’m wondering about this

        • I guess it’s upegradable, just going for what the picture “says”. Bungie will make a livestream on april’s 22 to explain the upgrade thing.

  • Michael Acuna

    Upgrading gear… I wonder how they’re gonna to handle it this time because the exotic upgrading now is pretty awful and expensive… Also is vendor armor going to make Crota armor worthless like The Dark Below made Vault Of Glass?

  • Alan

    Fingers crossed for a Fatebringer upgrade!

  • Hanayo Asa

    Fatebringer.. Preadyth’s Revenge.. Found Verdict.. Even maybe the Vex Mythoclast ?! Oh boy, the hype train will have no brake whatsoever if it happens.

  • Hoopthiller99

    planet destiny can you make an article about all the stuff we should do to get ready for the HOW? like getting all our rep one bounty away from leveling up and stuff like that…

  • Barry Driffield

    Wonder the vault gear will receive the same treatment?. If so I’d rather use vault gear since the perks and looks are much more better in comparison to Crota gear.

  • True Radiant Free


    • OtherAaron

      365 Z-buster

      • True Radiant Free

        hahahah YES! The similarities between Destiny and MegaMan are amazing. The raid armor, shaders looking like enemy characters, the supers, weapons, the swords haha

  • Lucas Thompson

    Really, no raid? I feel like they might get some backlash on that choice. I don’t have a problem with it personally, and I’m looking forward to the arena mode, but there’s a lot of people who almost only do raids at this point. Waiting til fall for a new raid will certainly feel like a long time.

    • Zach

      They WILL get a lot of backlash for this, I would like a raid but I guess this could add a lot of value

      • TheFossilMan

        Don’t forget a lot of people glitching into walls after 45 minutes of trying and dying so they can get to round 500 over the next 4 hours.

  • Aaron

    A lot of people really dont have the time to put teams together to go and raid plus as of late certain people just join to do a certain part or get a certain thing and then drop. Prison Of Elders mode gives people a whole new way to get stuff I just wonder what the payouts in this mode are and what type of weapons will be created and elder exclusives we will see

    • Matt–

      It takes literally 5 minutes to set up a game on any LFG site. This reeks of “Everyone gets a medal” because a buch of whiners are to lazy to actually do something about a group. We will see pretty quickly especially if this new “activity” allows matchmaking.

      • James Drenning

        Oh no mass play ability with out the need for second site forums . Don’t u hate when we scream for change n they give it to us. Those bastards. We won’t to be bored for six months…

    • Dan

      I’d almost be willing to bet that they won’t have matchmaking for this

  • Ryan Ingram

    I’m pissed because I have a very tight knit 6 person clan who can now, no longer run together.

    • Tom

      make a 2 team race?

    • War RiderOfRuin

      I agree, honestly otherwise pretty excited about all the stuff coming, even hesitantly interested in the arena instead of a raid but no 6 player content has me extremely disappointed in how severely limiting that feels. I guess at least since I have some friends that got the game late and only recently hit the vault of glass we can run those old raids to get them those guns and upgrade em now, maybe I’ll finally get that fatebringer and praetorian foil, the only guns I’m missing for either raid.

  • WOLF

    Upgraded gear would be great to use in a new raid. So what’s the point? So we can fight waves of enemies? That’s a basic add on to many games and you don’t have to pay for it.

  • Dennis Popken

    Really? They make us wait an extra 2 months for this? Great work Bungie! The amount of active players has been dwindling rapidly over the last month, do they really think this excuse for content will bring them back?
    I feel cheated. I payed for the DLC mainly for the 2 new raids that were promised…

    • David B

      A raid was never promised for HoW.

      • Dennis Popken

        It was…

        • sycoteck

          Boom!!! There it is

          -Props David b.

          • Dennis Popken

            Posted the link

      • XEGtechnomancer

        This certainly looks like it was promised to me.

        • Jimi Marklund

          Yup it does. A fallen raid will be added, probably the culprit is Activivion not Bungie in this case. The first mentioned is not unknown to push releases to early before everything is truly ready. So instead of releasing a halfass raid with HoW, Bungie probably made the best descicion they could under pressure from their publisher. I will play HoW and look forward to it.

        • MakkinjeM

          So I reckon this later in the year raid will be the Fallen Raid, and will come months before comet. That’s acceptable for me. I’m dying to see what’s been made of Kaliks Prime by Bungie! In the meantime we’ll have a lot of fun with the trials of Osiris and the new arena mode. I think they haven’t made that bad of a decision actually.

        • That was leaked, Bungie didn’t endorse or ever want that image to be seen, for obvious reasons now

          • XEGtechnomancer

            Gotcha. It just looked official and didn’t think anything of it.

      • Dennis Popken
        • Christian

          You do know that was leaked right? That’s not a legitimate public post. You were never supposed to see that so technically they never promised another raid.

        • David B

          That was leak by datamining, and isnt an official picture from Bungie themselves, it is a placeholder; So Bungie never officially advertised a raid.

  • OtherAaron

    Definitely nice to see upgradeable legendaries, I wonder if it will let me do the same for my shadow price, DYK, and Swarm and not just raid weapons. Not the happiest of no raid, but I want to see what the arena is like. If it is a series of mechanics driven boss type battles, that could be fun, especially coming from a JRPG background with things like battle towers. I at least also have the discovery that I am not nearly as bad at PVP as I thought I was, so I can give that a try while waiting as well.

  • QuICK

    Thats some bull shit no Dickensian raid so what was the wait for

  • esaks

    I wonder if the Mythoclast will be able to be upgraded as well.

    • Red Skyward

      I was wondering the same thing. I would assume so, but im not 100% sure cause they said it would be “frozen in time”… hope it does tho!!

      • FriedCats

        Remember that Deej also said the VoC and [Fatebringer] would also be “Frozen in time”. 🙂

        • MakkinjeM

          And therefore Atheon’s epilogue and preadyth’s timepiece as well.

      • XEGtechnomancer

        It’d be even better if they put it back to the way it was before they nerfed it to hell and back.

  • creeping death

    Figured someone would’ve mentioned this already but…
    Must. Have. That warlock helmet.

  • papa suj

    Even though they dropped the raid, it looks like Bungie sure is adding a bunch of other cool stuff

  • Native14

    To me, I wouldn’t care less about the ‘No raid’ because I hardly have anyone to play with the raids, except for my brothers(They’re my raid team, One of them is a hunter, titan and I, a Warlock) and we can pretty much now do the raids with just the three of us and now seeing this, a Three-person Horde mode is pretty much my fave already. c:
    Both of my brothers been having troubles with the hard raids because we don’t normally play with random people to complete the hard difficulty so we just stick to being a three-person team.

  • dstripedape

    Ok if there will be no raid I hope that this arena will be substantial. The biggest problem with this game has been lack of gaming content. Repetitive Story missions with harder enemies is already plaguing this gqme. I believe many will be disappointed if the player is dropped into a set environment just to fend off waves of on rushing enemies. I hope Bungie really puts some effort int qdding some variety to this package.

    • James Drenning

      Waves of enemies over n over is a dream come true for every die hard pve fan. U will love it

      • dstripedape

        Maybe but more content is my main gripe, I think a raid and “horde mode” would have done a lot to appease destiny players concerns

        • ROBOLIC93

          I see what you’re saying for those people like…Ramez05 on who streams lots of Raids, if not ONLY raids. I think the new concept will be a good refresher for destiny’s PvE. Can you believe this games been out 7 or so months? We only saw one PvE event, so I think hordes will do good to add to the new, plus comet will have that raid you wish for

  • BaeSuzy

    Are Trial of Osiris and Prison of Elders only available to players who have purchased the expansions?

    • James Drenning

      It better be

      • ROBOLIC93

        IKR I paid good money for my PvP variant, and my extra PvE. PAY TO WIN

  • Native14

    Anyway… Dat Warlock Anubis Helmet! :U
    Sadly, I don’t play much crucible with my potato router.

    • ROBOLIC93

      Hey dude if you saw my last comment, want to join?

    • Lassiterman

      Does potato router refer to its relation to GLaDOS?


    Hey fellow planet destiny users! I just created a Destiny clan lol little late. We’re on Ps4 and its called the Xazers join up! Anyone can join and we did this to gear up for the HOUSE OF WOLVES, am I right?!!?!?!? Anywho, I will be upgrading my Praedyths revenge and quickscope those scrubs in the Prison of Elders

    • Bumblebee5253

      This bro. This.

  • Bumblebee5253

    I can NOT wait for this. Trials of Osiris, 365 Found Verdict and Praedyth’s Revenge, THis new activity (which looks promising), it’s just too much….

    • MakkinjeM

      Don’t Forget; it’s an assumption VoG weapons will be upgradable to 365. Don’t get your hopes up just yet! Next to that I totally agree. It would be freaking awesome. My faithbringer, vision of confluence and preadyth’s revenge will get some new tender love and care, that’s for sure!

  • Tenabrus

    upgrading legendary gear? thank god if this is true, the amount of time and effort I put into maxing out Iron Banner every single time for weapons and armor won’t go to waste.

  • Arctic

    So we’ve patiently waited. Dealt with all of these cheese patches, played glitchy raids, broken strikes, ran out of room in our vaults and 3 characters, left out teammates because almost everything is 3 man when we have a group of 5, and dealt with a bunch of excuses from deej and bungie. “We listen to the community”… No you listen to the retards on your staff that make this game unplayable. Bungie should be brought up on charges for this thing they call a game, and everyone should get refunds. So many people have voiced the problems that need fixed and it has fallen on deaf ears. And then they spit in our face with this announcement. Atleast dice is on their 5th dlc, even iw does better ( considering all 3 cod brands drop a game and 4 dlc a year) and even never winter is better and it’s free. Goodbye bungie, you never should have never tried to come back after halo

    • Arctic Wolf

      I respect you for your name.

    • FriedCats

      Blame Activision.

    • Attic Monkey

      You have to be kidding me right?!?! You have paid next to nothing for hours and hours of gameplay!!! Stop being an idiot and trust in one of the best game developers out there. The game is obviously great or you wouldn’t feel so passionately about it.

      • Arctic

        paid next to nothing? Tv=$200, xbox 360=$300 xbox one = $450 Destiny on both consoles = $120 dlc passes for both =$40 and thats leaving the equipment for streaming, custom controllers and what not out. now add up all of the players who are upset and tell me how much. bungie and activision are funded by us. when i go to work i am expected to perfom. just as when they go to work they are supposed to perform. when i tell my boss i will fix something i am expected to fix it or suffer the consequences. bungie told us what this game will be, what we will get, and then delivered a broken game. i was so excited to play this game originally, then i was dissapointed. then bungie said they were going to fix it, and they have yet to fix one issue that we have been asking for since the beginning. this game had the potential to be great, but now they are falling on their face.and honestly they don’t care. they are making money hand and fist, and people like you obviously are helping convince them its ok to keep screwing around. there is an entire community that will back me up on every word i have said.

        • MakkinjeM

          Why the hell would you want to play it on both consoles. That’s completely your own waste of money. Next to that, I’ve you cincerrely bought 2 consoles and a TV pure for one game. You’re out of your freaking mind, which you most likely haven’t, so you can’t count that in. In terms of what you get for your money, you’ve paid solely for 1 destiny and 1 season pass. Over here that would be 90 euro’s for a lot of content if you play it to the full extend. Quit complaining man.

          • Password?

            I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts that he’s got three level 32 characters, fully kitted out and a vault full of exotics. I love these guys and how they play the hell out of the game, sink hundreds of hours of their lives into it, then say “What? That’s it? I got four months of entertainment out of this for $80? I want a refund!”

          • SW

            ^word! loool

          • Arctic

            its stooges like you that make it possible for them to pull this crap.

          • Password?

            Pull what crap? Make a great game that tens of millions of people are having a great time playing? You’re right, we’re terrible people and should be ashamed of ourselves for supporting a company that makes things we enjoy. We should be doubly ashamed of ourselves for not asking for our money back for a piece of entertainment that has paid for itself more times than anything else I’ve purchased in the last six months. It’s people with an inflated sense of entitlement like you that ruin games for stooges like me.

          • Arctic

            i play it on both console because i owned it on 360 then about 3 months later got my xbox one. kind of haqrd not to pay for it twice.and its not a lot of content, i get more content in battlefield 4.

          • dbushik

            So, you bought an X1 solely because you wanted to hate Destiny on multiple systems? If you didn’t, then why would you be pinning the cost of the new console (and TV and your water bill and gas for your car and everything else) on your expenses around Destiny? You aren’t even whining coherently…

        • shankin12

          What! You can not count the TV an Xbox in that . they have nothing to do with destiny and you weren’t forced to buy it on two consoles so harden the f up

        • dbushik

          Don’t forget your rent and food bills and utilities, because of course Bungie is responsible for all that stuff too. Divide $120 (the cost of the game twice) by the number of hours you’ve played and cry about how your entertainment dollars are so poorly spent. The joy you get from expressing your entitlement and immaturity and the privilege owning the game gives you to the hours of endless crying about everything have to be worth it to you for the cost…

        • Jacob Westmoreland

          I bought Destiny for Xbox 360 and later upgraded to Xbox One getting a new Xbox One copy on sale at Amazon. Also I didn’t have to pay for dlc on both consoles you wasted money since the data rights from any dlc redeemed on Destiny for Xbox 360 transfers over to Xbox One when you upgrade.

      • Cesc

        Here here mate! Bunch of ungratful babies

  • FriedCats

    Can’t wait to upgrade Vault armor, should we be able to, and use that against vex. Same goes for Crota armor against hive.

    After this, Fatebringer should outclass WoC in pure damage.

  • blaqe

    Dat Warlock Anubis helmet doe.

  • Arthur Dent

    Excited to upgrade my Fatebringer
    bummed there’s no raid
    excited for a horde mode
    love the Trials of Osiris gear

    So overall pretty happy with the announcements. I would REALLY like to know if the ‘later in the year’ raid will be part of Comet or a separate release.

  • MakkinjeM

    I reckon this next raid (later in the year) is the long anticipated Fallen raid? I think that question should be answered as well by Bungie, since it’s now clear the raid won’t come during how’s launch.

  • I think that every legendary weapon at 300 will be eligible for the upgraded to 365. The picture is clear: 300 > 365. The Fatebringer is obviously an example, just to let you know. This issue was addressed many times to Bungie, it makes sense they are fixing it now. I’m not so upset for a missing raid per se… honestly, I prefer more story and more strikes, smaller groups and even solo missions. And, anyway, they are gonna put the raid anyway in the future, as no one said that the HoW raid is not existing. They simply put it out for this round.

  • J.T

    The lack of a new raid isn’t all the surprising, honestly. Only 18% of Destiny’s players have completed a raid, so it seems like they are trying something else that might have a larger appeal. I can only hope the Prison of Elders will actually require some strategy. If it’s just some kind of button mashing horde mode, I’ll be very disappointed.

  • LokeMata

    Ppl talk a lot S**t. I cant wait to play this and neither can you. You guys complain BUT WILL STILL PLAY IT. Im just gona keep on playing. That’s its. On behalf of all the players/guardians GREAT & WONDERFUL JOB BUNGIE. We all love you, even the haters because they still playing. Never seen such an @$$ backwards community. XD

    • sycoteck

      It’s the same band wagon bitches that complained when halo was popular or COD or battlefield

      What ever games popular there is a hate group. Just remember for every one pissed off winner there are 10-15 people enjoying the game, people really don’t go on forums to praise the work dev do to support games

  • Backlash

    Honestly, I hope Bungie gets sued. A raid was said to be included. It’s not being included. Really simple. Let the backlash begin, and you deserve EVERYTHING nasty that people will say about you, Bungie.

    • esaks

      When did they say that a raid would be included? Do you have a link to prove this?

  • insanetrasher

    Looks like I won’t need a new primary.

  • metalman5150

    Albeit 18 % of Guardians have completed the Raid, I am torn by the decision to forego a Raid in the HoW. Primarily bc I so desperately wanted to snag the Twitter handle for the HoW raid boss, as to tweet obscenities to would-be Raiders. Crota’s twitter account is well done, with tweets, every Tuesday about how Crota will screw every last Guardian out of a crux or drop nothing but shards, lol.

    Six – guardian raid events have become an awesome testament to guardian adaptation, resilience, perseverance and comradery. There were Guardians, too, whom made known the difficulties of finding five, other guardians, with which to raid with. There were even guardians clamoring for Match Made Night Falls. I can’t help but wonder if this move, by Bungie, was made to satisfy those guardians?

    Until I can play the Arena, I will withhold judgement. I am excited, too.
    I can’t help but wonder: why no six-guardian content? I guess the Raids truly did not appeal to the masses.

  • Mike S

    Hmmmm. I know this isn’t a popular opinion, but I really dislike the idea of upgrading previous legendaries. The point of these types of games is to get new gear! Using the same gun for a year seems like it misses the point.

    • metalman5150

      On top of your comment, there is the issue of having numerous weapons to upgrade. With every expansion, there will be new weapons, however, I will not be able to upgrade every piece. Imagine having to decide whether or not to upgrade your vault weapons; Crota weapons? On top of each new expansions’s weapon table.

      That would be ridiculous.

      • Mike S

        Yep, agreed. Though you could pick and choose, it would get tedious.

        I come from a MMO background, and this sort of breaks the mold. You get better gear to do better content, which gets you better gear until you max out the content. The expansion resets your gear (though having raid gear gives you an advantage and head start on the new content), but once you get over the attachment to a certain item, it’s exciting to get new things.

        This system seems like it means people will just upgrade Fatebringer, then…do what with it exactly? Use it for a year? Why would you need to run anything else to get more gear? Unless the content itself is interesting and fun enough to sustain interest, it seems like a dead end.

        I suppose I should withhold judgement until the Arena details are released. If it is well crafted endgame content, then maybe new gear won’t be such an issue.

    • Bob LeNoob

      See, some people can’t play 5 hours a day and it kinda sucks that their work go to waste every time a new expansion comes out. In my opinion, gear should decrease in quality over a long period of time, and not instantly, after every DLC. I would like it if they gave you the possibility to upgrade gear from the past 2 expansions only (for now it means TDB and vanilla game). That way, weapons and armor from the previous raid would still be relevant (perks and stats) but you wouldn’t be able to upgrade some of them (here, gear from the vanilla game) after the the next expansion comes out, so you would still have to get some new gear for the future. Also, it would diversify weapons and armours and people wouldn’t complain about the fact that every lvl 32 looks the same. I hope i’ve expressed my opinion clearly and that you guys can understand what i mean :p

      • Mike S

        I think I see what you’re saying. I guess my concern would be the reward system. Destiny isn’t exactly content rich (access to new content with better gear is a great reward system, one of my favorites), so the rewards are the weapons and gear.

        If I can upgrade my TDB gear (forget vanilla for a moment), why am I still playing the game once I’ve done that?

        I guess what I’m getting at is, lets say all your gear remains relevant when the expansion comes out. Fully upgradable to the current levels. What are you going to work towards after you complete those upgrades?

  • Yunglu06

    Will the live streaming only be on twich? Or will post full videos ?

  • highburygooner

    would rather upgrade my vision of confluence before my fatebringer

  • ethan

    No raid?! That’s a load of BS, I understand there not being a raid in this particular DLC, but we are getting 1 DLC for every race and we aren’t getting a raid?! That means we don’t get a Fallen raid, that fucking sucks