More Gamestop Exclusives?

According to a Reddit post from an alleged Gamestop employee, it was announced today in a manager’s meeting for Activision games that if you pre-order the new Call of Duty: Advance Warfare when you pick up Destiny, you’ll get an exclusive black & gold shader. The Redditor seems reliable based on his history but says an official announcement won’t happen until 8/28/14. A local Gamestop was unable to verify but didn’t deny the possibility.

Credit – Reddit, creator unknown

Shaders are in-game items used to change the color of the armor your Guardians are wearing. They come in many combinations and can be gained a variety of ways from a variety of vendors.

Update: It’s been officially announced!

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This follows Gamestop’s other exclusive item for Destiny, an upgraded Sparrow available as a preorder bonus. As of now, Gamestop is the only retailer offering exclusive in-game items for Destiny. Other pre-order bonuses, such as the Vanguard Armory, are available at most retail locations.

Gamestop also has a bonus for COD: AW when you pre-order Destiny.

  • Michael Loomis

    So preorder a mediocre game when picking up a superior game and get a free can of spray paint… no thanks

    • hshade

      Lol exactly. Must be Activision at work. Bingie ain’t that stupid.

  • Squatchmen

    GameStop is going under, they’re trying to be aggressive in marketing and strategies, aka, they’re a bit desperate

  • Robert Mott

    Preorder cod put 5 bucks down get shader go home play destiny come back to GameStop 2days later cancel preorder get your 5 bucks back. All profit no regrets.

    • KiLLaCaM607 .

      You probably have to have Destiny and COD both pre-ordered at Gamestop to get it. Doubt they’d just print the code on your receipt when you pre-order COD. It’s a way to get you to get both games at their store.

      Forget that though, if you can get the gold and black shader (supposedly the same as the Iron Banner shader) then this is dumb. Have the Limited Edition pre-ordered at Amazon anyway so IDC about this.