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PSN is currently online!


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  • Jason Filar


  • Sean Logan


  • Mykle D Clark

    It is spotty but better than complete denial of access…

  • Sean Logan


  • Anton Knutsson


    • you’re very welcome

  • V1nn1P76

    It doesn’t work… Unless for me livin in italy…

  • Alesk

    Doesn’t work for me (i’m living in France).
    Thanks in advance Sony for compensation 🙂

  • How does one play a game before even attempting to sign into PSN, you’ll just get stuck at the connecting screen and never actually sign in, I’m going to test this for the third time now if it doesn’t work I’ll let you know, just more false hope by the looks of it

    • Still does not work going to the support site to tell them this is definitely not online.

  • Seth

    How do I restart it so the code will work?

  • Can’t seem to find the restart button on my PS4 😛 I mean unless you mean just turning it off and on again, then i’d say shut down, then boot up, instead of restart which does all that for you.

    • right, that’s what I meant

  • Doesn’t work.

  • Jacco Broere

    i did this and it worked but when i turned off my ps4 and turned it back on it didn’t work anymore and i got a new error. A few minutes ago a friend told me that you can better not touch the mtu is that true??

    • “a friend told me that you can better not touch the mtu is that true??”

      I’m not sure what you’re asking is true or false. If you’d rather wait for PSN to work properly and not try any workarounds, that’s perfectly fine.

    • Jereme Sischka

      Don’t see why it would be bad to change the MTU. You are just changing the maximum packet size your PS4 will send. Smaller packets are better for slower connections and server lag problems. The 1500 setting is a standard packet size. The only thing that might be causing the error is that all the devices on the network must have the same MTU setting. If any of them vary from one another then it will cause problems.

  • Scrwby

    Nope, doesn`t work

  • Chris Ballew

    I’m completely signed out of PSN, to the point where I need to put in a PW to manually log back in instead of the “click your name and youre signed in” feature. I’m attempting to play FFXIV and it said I need to sign into PSN. Only when I try to sign in I get the same crap as I did without the MTU fix, which is “Connection to the server was lost”
    Any workaround for this?

  • Jose Manjarrez

    Quick question.. should i be worried about changing the mtu?