First Look: Fate of All Fools!

Bkbunny87 took to Reddit today to share that her husband received the Exotic Fate of All Fools scout rifle from DeeJ!

Yesterday I had a post talking about my husband and his Doctor recommending Destiny to serve as a form of physical therapy for him following several brain surgeries. This community was amazing, and raid groups are being organized for him out of all the people who offered to help him.

But just as amazing, Deej contacted me and has sent my husband a care package from Bungie that is on the way. Then this morning, a message from Deej told us to have my husband check the post master. Lots of screaming ensued.

That’s currently the only Fate of All Fools in the game right now!


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  • That’s really fuckin cool of Bungie

  • Hakesh

    That’s amazing and shows the good side of Bungie, but this also shows that they can send items at will, which bothers me.
    I have several friends who have lost recently obtained items randomly when logging out, and friends who accidentally deleted characters with full raid gear and all their exotics etc, and not being able to regain their lost items or characters because the game simply don’t “support it”. After seeing this guy getting a Fate of All Fools in a matter of hours/days just shows how bullshit their statement is. If they can send any item at will, then they should be able to send accidentally deleted/lost items as well…

    • Christian Jimenez

      I think it was fate for your friends to delete their characters because they were foolish enough to accidentally deleted their characters.

      • Hakesh

        Foolish and their fault? Yes. That however doesn’t change the fact that Bungie can EASILY create a item-restoration system and their lame excuse for now is pure BS. World of Warcraft have had this feature for years now, and even before the item-restoration system were in place you could make a ticket and the game masters would restore your character. I REALLY doubt that the character is lost forever in their system once its deleted…

        • keefer

          Their excuse is bs? They said they don’t support it not that they couldn’t do it. Totally different things. I get loosing things sucks. Making mistakes also sucks, but wiping the problem away isn’t the way to go about it. I once for a screen shot dropped 148 legendary items on the ground in Diablo. I then got disconnected… they could offer me no restoration so I am no stranger to this stuff.if your friends delete their characters by mistake I’m gunna bet that’s the last time they will make it. Besides bungie is a game maker not an insurance company. If they fixed everyone’s mistakes in a strange way it the game and everything in it. They just need to keep on keeping on. Oh and if you ask me they should limit bounties for fate of all falls by like 10k. Keep that thing rare and desired!

          • Kou Vang

            Since it deletion, they got no record of what was on the account. Who know if he even had raid gear. Bc anyone can claim it but without actually proof, it pointless to rage on.

    • Josh Browne

      I imagine deleting a character removes it from their player database, as opposed to choosing one person to send a singular item to. You could argue that they could backup the database to retain the lost character information, but that would shut down everyone playing the game on that platform. Not to mention that backing up the database would also wipe any changes that occurred for all players in that time period.

      So their statement is not “bullshit”

  • Why doesnt Bungie give us a “gifting” system if they dont want us to trade??

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  • Obaid *Thr33X* Dumas

    Trifecta01 is like a celebrity now. Good for him, fine job on the part of DeeJ/Bungie. And hot damn do I want that in my collection! It’s like a second sniper rifle!

  • Dylan

    I would’ve gotten this weapon if I hadn’t chosen Bad JuJu, I had no Idea what Fate of All Fools was. I really regret my decision and want to stab myself repeatably for my stupidity. It was the first exotic bounty I have every gotten and I chose Bad JuJu over this weapon. Fml.

    • Matt

      Impossible. You get it through something called Trials of Osiris which hasn’t been released yet. The guy in the aerticle is the ONLY one that has one right now.

      • Matt

        Looked into it a little more. At launch, An Unkown Patron, Fate of All Fools’ bounty, could appear It was quickly pulled because even if you picked up the bounty you couldn’t have completed it due to Trials of Osiris not being out yet.

  • delta 6655

    no one can physicaly aquire this weapon, its bounty has not yet been added due to the fact the trials of osiris are not yet active. im honestly very pleased by this, bungie made a good move. and im very happy for this man, very happy. and will be sure to send my regards if i ever see him on the battlefeild.

  • André

    Just 7 bullets??? Wtf, it must hit like a truck though.

    • xX Hyper Xx

      Scout rifles are the kings of headshots now. I think it takes like 2-3 to down someone.

    • Niklas bomber

      if you look the first upgrade tree upgrade is extended mag size, so it will go up and be more ammo filled mag, anyway the impact is above 50 so its entering the stages of hand gun impact.

  • Lee Juriet

    huh. Interesting. So it IS in the game, Bungie is just being lazy and waiting for DLC opportunities it seems….

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  • Dylanlucas

    Very nice from Bungie. Hope your husband will be ok ofcourse.

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