Fang of Ir Yût Review

This is the shape and the point of the tooth: nothing has ever lived that will not die.

Fang of Ir Yût is a Legendary primary scout rifle.

This weapon can only be acquired by defeating Crota on Hard Mode.


The good: Balanced stats, useful perks.

The bad: Target Mark is situational at best.

Conclusion: Probably the best Legendary scout rifle.

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This is a Legendary Weapon
Scout Rifle (Primary Weapon)
Arc Base Damage/Upgraded300/331
Quality Lvl60
Rate of Fire
Magazine Size

Aim Assist
Equip Speed
Recoil Direction

Talent Upgrades Tree

Arc Damage

This weapon causes Arc damage.


Accurized sight. For precise fire.

+6 Range
+9 Stability


Increases the reload speed of this weapon when its mag is empty.

50% faster base reload when magazine is empty.

Upgrade Damage 1

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.


Oversize rounds built to stagger targets and leave them reeling. Their mass makes a weapon harder to handle.


Radar stays active while aiming down this weapon’s sights.

Upgrade Damage 2

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.

Upgrade Damage 3

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.


Flexible sight. Light, with good recoil control. Strong target acquisition.

+8 Reload
+5 Stability


Enemies hit by this weapon are briefly highlighted.


This weapon has extremely low recoil.

+35 Stability
-20 Range


Increase damage to Hive Majors.

Upgrade Damage 4

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.


Sharpshooter scope. Long range, with enhanced target acquisition. Surprisingly light.

+10 Range


Maximum Ammo capacity.

Increases magazine size to 27.

Upgrade Damage 5

Increases Attack Power, resulting in more Damage.

Video Review

Weapon Review

Fang of Ir Yût can be considered one of the best scout rifles in Destiny. Exclusively obtained from the level 33 difficulty of Crota’s End, it has a chance of dropping from Crota himself.

Its stats are similar to the Vault of Glass scout rifle Vision of Confluence, but Fang of Ir Yût will obviously be better for Crota’s End.

Recommended Perks

Red Dot-ORS
+6 Range
+9 Stability

Spray and Play
1.4 second reload when magazine is empty

Field Scout
Increases magazine size to 27

The Good

Fang of Ir Yût, one of the few primary weapons in Destiny with elemental damage, is a really solid choice for any activity, especially an Arc Burn Nightfall.

On paper, its stats are average. The Fang doesn’t excel in any area, but its strength lies in being balanced.

Its rate of fire is shared by many of the scout rifles such as The Saterienne Rapier, Another NitC, and Vision of Confluence. It can fire a full magazine (15 without Field Scout) in as little as 4 seconds and will ADS in .30 seconds.

Its Impact is also tied with The Saterienne Rapier, Another NitC, and Vision of Confluence. Tier 1 enemies will take 340 damage to the body and 1019 damage to the head. Tier 2 (major) enemies will take 306 to the body and 459 to the head. Guardians in the Crucible will take 41 to the body and 61 on a critical hit.
fang of ir yut target mark
The range of 75 is actually higher than Vision of Confluence, but Badger CCL just barely trumps it. The high range allows this scout rifle to be a worthy sniper rifle alternative in some circumstances.

The base reload speed, without any upgrades, sits at 2.15 seconds. Fortunately with the Spray and Play perk, reloading when the magazine is empty, the reload can be increased to a quick 1.4 seconds.

Fang of Ir Yût comes with a very wide arrange of scopes and perks, and they’re all very good. The perks allow you to to customize the weapon the way you want to, and they’re all useful in their own way, sometimes making it hard to choose.

As with each of the Crota’s End raid weapons, Hive Disruptor will provide 394 additional damage to Hive Majors.

The Bad

This scout rifle only comes with only 15 rounds in the magazine. It’s lower than Vision of Confluence, but it’s about on par with the rest of the Legendary scout rifles.

We recommend upgrading the magazine size with Field Scout, but only if you can live without the extra stability you’d gain from Perfect Balance.

The Target Mark perk is interesting, as it places a large green pulsating beacon for about 5 seconds, but doesn’t really feel useful outside of very niche circumstances. If the cover is low enough you can see exactly where they are, but it won’t allow you to see enemies through walls.

In PvE, Target Mark is useful to let your party members know which target you are hitting if voice communication isn’t available for you. However, most of the mobs you kill die too quickly for it to really be of any use. Target Mark just can’t compare to a decrease in reload speed though, making “Spray and Play” almost always the better choice.

There’s really not much that Fang of Ir Yût can be faulted for. Each of its stats are balanced and the perks are awesome.

fang of ir yut review


Fang of Ir Yût, like each of the Legendary weapons from Crota’s End, has a seemingly ‘normal’ base model with various bones and other hive looking bits growing out of it.

Small green pulsating lights adorn parts of the weapon as well, which also light up when you press the trigger down.


Due to its versatility, Fang of Ir Yût is easily one of the top scout rifles for PvE/PvP. Its perk set allows it to be a powerhouse weapon in the Crucible due to Third Eye, high stability, and reload speed with Spray and Play.

A few tweaks later and it is destroying Hive with extra damage and a massive 27 round magazine. While it lacks full auto, it is still an extremely easy-to-use weapon for all situations.

Own this weapon, upgrade it, use it.

For PvP this weapon earns a 9/10 and for PvE a 9/10.

fang of ir yut hive disruptor
394 damage from Hive Disruptor


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  • Neil

    These reviews are very well written, state the pros and cons of each weapon, and go into a lot of detail. Well done!

    • glad you enjoy em 🙂

      • SGT_Pannenkoek

        Are you reviewing all the Crota’s end Hard mode weapons? 🙂

        • yes, Abyss Defiant will be out today

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Personally I am a little disappointed by this weapon. I had high hopes for this – especially as the Visions of Confluence is one of my favourite weapons but its quite mediocre compared with the other Primaries. The stats are similar but it feels more like Another NitC or Satirenne Rapier – except my NitC had Firefly 😉 Even its Perks are quite unremarkable. Compared to Abyss Defiants ‘Lich Bane’, Oversoul Edicts ‘Dark Breaker’ and Word of Crota’s ‘Phantom Gift, the Active Radar is a bit ‘Meh’
    I have already maxed out my Abyss Defiant along with Black Hammer and Hunger of Crota – Mainly as each works well in the Hard CE Raid and the only real option to Suros (great for Health Regen), Icebreaker and Gjallahorn. I will probably upgrade either my Oversoul Edict or Word of Crota next but this is likely to end up sitting in my Vault so in terms of priority it will be the last Primary to get Radiant Energy but likely to be upgraded before the remaining Specials/Heavy

    • Mezi-Crochet

      Seriously… Why you give an opinion without trying this and maxed it?

      • BAMozzy69 .

        Of course I have tried it and upgraded it to the point of needing Radiant Shards. However as I also have the other 3 primaries I am in a good position to give an opinion and on where it ranks by comparison to those other 3. Maxing it out to 331 (ie just putting the last 3 damage upgrades on) won’t change how the gun feels or can be tailored to fit my needs. I have ALL 4 Primaries and this is the worst of them. Its not a bad weapon at all but the other ones are just better.
        Oversoul Edict is a Knight destroyer as they are often Arc shielded and this also has the Dark Breaker to go through their shields too.
        Word of Crota hits hard and has the ability to shoot 17 shots without reloading thanks to the Phantom Gift perk.
        Abyss Defiant is a Wizard slayer – especially as it is Solar and the Lich Bane perk leaves them as ‘sitting ducks’ for easy pickings
        FoIY has Active Radar and the ability to mark targets for a few seconds – Woohoo!! Its just an Arc NiTC/Satirenne Rapier with nothing particularly special about it. Like I said I prefer my Another NitC as it has Firefly and a bigger starting mag. I know FoIY can go up to 27 but it will never be as much fun as Firefly!

        • Mezi-Crochet

          The marker is situational… but the spray and play is a FABULOUS perk!

          • BAMozzy69 .

            to me its kind of situational as well. I often reload way before reaching the last bullet anyway – especially with Field Scout. I prefer to ensure I have sufficient ammo before taking on a group of targets so this perk rarely (if ever) comes into effect.

          • DinamykPT

            I also find I’m usually reloading way before going to zero. That’s why I think the Outlaw perk (increased reload speed after a precision kill) is better, because you can quickly reload after a kill and before setting up your next target, rather than risking going to zero to get the faster reload in a situation where you haven’t finished your target yet. Also, it combines well with Firefly in “The Saterienne Rapier” scout rifle, where precision kills create an explosion that can eliminate more than 1 enemy in mob situations, or at least halt their advance (because the blast staggers them), giving you the perfect opportunity to quickly reload and prepare your next shots.

          • BAMozzy69 .

            This is exactly the reason I prefer both the Saterienne Rapier and Another NitC. Both do the same damage and unless you are in an Arc Burn situation these both perform better than Fang of Ir Yut in general.
            I can’t think of another Pulse Rifle that feels like Oversoul Edict and the Perks make it very unique too – its definitely great against Hive Knights. Word of Crota may not have great impact but it has the same impact/RoF as Thorn, Last Word etc but with its Phantom Gift perk, you can extend the mag size to 17 – much higher than any other Hand Cannon. Abyss Defiant feels more like a cross between Hard Light and Suros and again it’s very unique in its perks.
            I am not saying Fang of Ir Yut is bad at all but it doesn’t do anything remarkable. Granted the target marking ability is unique but not that useful in the majority of situations and the other perks are quite ‘meh’. If this had something like ‘Firefly’ or the Outlaw Perk (or preferably both :D) and something similar to Dark Breaker or Lich Bane, I could see its role.
            As the majority of Hive based missions have both Knights and Wizards your fireteam only needs AD and OE to obliterate them.

  • Morgan

    Really awesome work Ryan! I just got this weapon and now I am even more excited to use it now. I have also the word of crota fully upgraded…is this review coming next? 🙂

    • Abyss Defiant is next, but the rest are coming soon

      • BAMozzy69 .

        I like the Abyss Defiant – so much so it was my first CE Primary I fully upgraded. I know its stats have more in common with something like Hard Light but I prefer to take this into the raid over the other Primaries. Its a good alternative to Suros although doesn’t have that opportunity to regen health. I would probably opt for Suros, Icebreaker and Gjallahorn but as I can’t equip Exotics in every slot, I prefer to take Abyss Defiant, Black Hammer and Hunger of Crota as my preferred legendary options.
        I was actually surprised at how good the Oversoul Edict is too. The majority of Pulse Rifles have disappointed a bit and after Praedyth’s Timepiece I expected this to be very similar. Its likely to b my next weapon to put Radiant Energy into although I am considering the Word of Crota next too – I will decide after I have unlocked more of its perks. Both will be upgraded before Fang of Ir Yut as that seems quite average and no better than the legendaries apart from its Arc damage of course but Oversoul will provide that.

        • Mezi-Crochet

          You don’t know what you’re talking about BAM… FOIY is a BEAST. Probably the best primary weapon of the new Raid or at least equal with WOC. But I admit than Abyss defiant is surprising. I love it!

          • BAMozzy69 .

            I find it quite unremarkable and very similar to my Another NitC – except I prefer that as it has a bigger mag (unless I use Field Scout on FoIY which then takes it to 27) and Firefly which makes it more fun. I never said the weapon was bad – just average compared to all the others. The target marker is more a gimmick and the active radar isn’t that great a perk in general. Compared with Lich Bane, Dark Breaker and Phantom Gift it is quite disappointing. I have ALL 4 primaries and upgraded ALL to at least unlocking Hive Disruptor – that means only the last 3 damage upgrades are not unlocked on 3 of my 4. I have spent time using them ALL to get to this point and my least favourite is FoIY as it is pretty average and like I said I prefer my Another NitC which feels exactly the same but with the fun of Firefly!

          • Mezi-Crochet

            Ok the perks is not THAT great… the but the stability, damage and the 3rd Lense make this weapon fabulous to me!

          • BAMozzy69 .

            I suppose each to their own…. The stability isn’t that significant on a Scout Rifle as it often centres very quickly anyway so yu can get another shot off. The damage is no better than any other Scout Rifle in this category and that Active Radar isn’t that much of a benefit in PvE and it seems quite common to find it on other weapons too.
            From my perspective, I would rather take Fatebringer or Oversoul Edict on an Arc Burn weekly. I would rather take Abyss Defiant into the CE Hard Raid. I would rather use OE or AD in any of the Dark Below content as both are great at either taking out Wizards or Knights. WoC is the only Void 331 primary and the only void weapon from CE so that is likely to get more use than FoIY.
            As I said its NOT a bad weapon but the Other Primaries I feel are better and likely to get used more too. FoIY though will get upgraded to 331 before SoIY, LotA and Swordbreaker. (I have already upgraded BH and HoC).
            I would rather take Fatebringer into any high end activity than FoIY even though it is only 300 attack so that says a lot

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I suppose you could use that Target Mark to tag the Swordbearer who has an annoying habit of hiding…

    • Dan

      That’s actually a really great use for it! I didn’t think of that

      • Mike Menkes

        This is its intended use. Hive majors bonus damage. I want to see what level of knockback it has. I just got it last night.

    • Deloren Lee

      Just tried it on the raid earlier . Its a pretty good idea BUT it wears off too fast. and when the sword bearer hides behind the boulder you can barely see the marking……

      • BAMozzy69 .

        I really don’t see the point of this Perk at all – its nothing more than a ‘novelty’. I was just trying to find a positive use for it and in particular within the Crota Raid as it is a CE weapon. Personally I much prefer Abyss Defiant and Oversoul Edict myself and both of these worked very well for this weeks Nightfall.
        I even rank Word of Crota above the Fang (but only just) as it has Void and along with Atheon’s Epilogue, are the only Void primaries. We are not that short of good Arc or Solar Primaries so the Fang has more competition. Like I said elsewhere, I would rather take Oversoul Edict or Fatebringer than use the Fang. I know its a good weapon but in my opinion its not great and the perks are mediocre at best. I will still upgrade it to 331 (I have upgraded everything but just need to put the Radiant Energy into it) after Word of Crota and before Light of the Abyss, Song of Ir Yut and Swordbreaker – everything else is already upgraded.

        • Mezi-Crochet


        • MarcoLorenzo

          I don’t have the weapon but I can imagine one use for it being to tag someone and then shooting them whilst they are behind cover with a secondary weapon, in PVE or PVP (but mostly PVP). I’ve often killed enemies after first shooting someone with thorn and then seeing their health going down behind cover and then following up with my trusty LDR (with default perks from the Vanguard vendor). I’d imagine this would work even better with the Fang.

    • kyle

      Or in the next raid tagging cloaked vandals and skirmishers

  • Royale With Cheese

    Just a heads up to everyone using this weapon that the high caliber rounds perk really comes in handy with those Hive Knight Majors that love to charge, in addition with Hive Disruptor this weapon will keep those Knights in check.

    • Samatas

      Yeah they are good for keeping the knights at bay, I’m using them with my suros so I can also heal.

  • Dan

    Ugg now I want this! I’ve beaten hard twice and received no primaries. Better luck next week I guess

  • DinamykPT

    I got two of these today, and have yet to upgrade them and try them, but I strongly suspect that Fang of Ir Yût will not replace either my Fatebringer or my The Saterienne Rapier for PVE. Ever since I’ve been using these, I noticed that Firefly is really the best perk for primary weapons, since more often than not you’ll be shooting groups of smaller enemies and thus damaging and even killing surrounding enemies, not to mention stagger them with the explosion. The prime example of this is on CE’s raid Abyss/Lamp area – shoot one Thrall, kill 3-4 or more. The Saterienne Rapier also has High Caliber Rounds that stagger opponents, making it easier to halt their advance and to get subsequent precision shots on them. Last but not least, both Fatebringer and the Rapier have increased reload speed after a precision kill, enabling you to keep dishing out damage and negating Rapier’s low ammo clip.

    If there’s Arc Burn, I strongly suspect that I’ll keep preferring Fatebringer’s firefly, since the bonus burn damage is high enough to compensate for having only 300 attack. With no arc burn, what does the Fang have to make up for not having Firefly? Only bonus damage on Hive Majors, which is situational. If you need Arc damage only to take out a few shields here or there, use a special weapon, that’s what they’re for. Also, don’t forget that you can buy Rapier on the tower from the Crucible Quartermaster with 150 crucible marks and you need only ascendant (not radiant) energy to upgrade it – quite accessible.

    • Mezi-Crochet

      Conclusion. I have a opinion, but didn’t try it!

      • DinamykPT

        I have tried it now, even it it’s not fully maxed out (needing radiant energy). And I have used Rapier A LOT. As predicted, The Saterienne Rapier’s firefly is really much more useful than anything on Fang of Ir Yût. As mentioned in this review, the stats on both of them are almost all the same, especially rate of fire of 37 and impact of 48. So, the damage output will be the same, except on enemies with arc shield or hive majors, which is most of the targets. Rapier has stability 52, range 74, reload 74 vs Fang’s 49 stability, 75 range and 67 reload, so no big differences there. And I’m telling you they feel exactly the same. But Firefly is really a better option for PVE, I’m able to kill multiple enemies with one shot most of the time. And I’m not the only one on this comments saying they’d rather bring Fatebringer than Fang of Ir Yût for high end activities and arc burn.

        • Scrotalbatwin

          Yea, I would go with the SR in about any regular engagements of this, but in an arc burn, especially come HOW, this will come in handy.

        • Kenshiro Genjuro

          I agree about firefly. Any scout rifle with firefly > any scout rifle without firefly. There are situational conditions where having a primary burn or other specific perk can give the latter an advantage but if forced to choose only one firefly wins every time.

    • Scrotalbatwin

      But keep in mind, that come HOW, the damage model of the fatebringer probably wont be able to hang. Its still a good idea to hold onto these rifles just in case…

      • DinamykPT

        Sure, I’m not dismantling Fang any time soon. In arc burn or with lots of hive majors around, like some parts of Crota’s End hard mode, I use it from time to time. I don’t feel like it’s the best option, but it’s very usable nonetheless, and like you say, who know in the future?

        • kyle

          It marks cloaked vandals and skirmishers

      • kyle

        And it marks cloaked vandals and skirmishers

  • Andrea Grifoni

    What about it against Badger CCL with Firefly perk?

    • Kenshiro Genjuro

      Don’t ever break down that Badger, says I. It’s utility in being able to one-shot just about any lower-tier enemy at any range cannot be overstated, and firefly is the best PvE perk in the game. It’s like a high RoF pistol with sniper-like range. I was using a vendor-purchased Badger to one-shot most of the enemies from across the bridge in the second stage of the Crota raid providing cover for my friends. Just mows everything down. My friends had to ask what I was using to do that. I have three scout rifles with firefly right now but none of them have the range and impact Badger has. SO wish I had your gun.

  • Niklas bomber

    anyone else notice the triangle on the side of it the same triangle thats the scope of thorn and on the side of bad juju

  • Shane

    Personally… I have an NITC with Rodeo, High Caliber (or) Armor Piercing rounds (or) Send It which leaves just a sliver from max range AND Firefly… With 20 Rounds in the mag……

    Can’t say I’m impressed enough to change… Arc you say? Oversould Edict I say… Just saying.

    • Deloren Lee

      Agreed man . FoIY is just a decently good Scout rifle. I have both the The Saterienne Rapier and Another Nitc. they perform more or less the same and better in other ways. Among all the raid weapon Oversoul Edict is the most overlooked. maybe cos ppl are so used to writing off Pulse rifles they didn’t really bother to use it. in short most of the new raid weapons are just reskinned decently good but unspectacular mods of current legendaries.

  • Skarush

    still not sure, but yesterday in hard raid, a friend used fang with the target mark perk. all others including me dealed about 10% more damage to the marked targets (usefull at knights/swordbearer)
    can anyone confirm this?

  • whtciv2k

    probably awesome for those fallen invisible blade dancers

  • whtciv2k

    The target mark perk, i mean

  • Scrotalbatwin

    Is the hive disrupter broke for this like it is for the hand cannon?

  • Havaclu

    Being Don’t Touch Me gauntlets were around before the lantern run, I’m guessing the mark perk might come in handy months down the line. Something we aren’t even aware of now, it might be indispensable for it then.

  • /?/

    The highlighting perk would be greatly improved if it had the same effect as when you were killed by an enemy and it is highlighted and a 1 to 2 second increase of mark time would help

  • Reuben

    its average mate. no firefly, spray and play is useless on a 27 round weapon, and no auto. VOC craps all over it.

  • FriedCats

    In the Database of PlanetDestiny, the magazine size for “Fang of Ir Yut” is 40.. dafuq.

  • kyle

    Oh and by the way it marks cloaked vandals and skirmishers