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  • Sparroo

    Yeah, this needs to happen. Sparrows with something different than a paint job.

  • Petis17

    we need these

  • dallygordon

    SPARROWHORN looks amazing, i want it, devs please make it

  • Alex Howden

    Seriously, when I heard about a time breaker THIS is what I imagined, why wasn’t something like this the sparrow design from the get go. Vex sparrowclast is what the time breaker should have being, and Grave robber should have being more like a haunted sparrow infused with something like necrochasm, this is what we need in destiny people.
    P.S love the description of Sparrowhorn

  • ORB1T4L

    200 Durability. Alright, I hope someone at Bungie wakes up to this and decides to make it real.

  • Sohel

    It’s crazy that reddit users can make better sparrows than bungie

    • Deciver95

      Right? Now imagine if bungie could create Sparrows using photoshop. How sick would that be!

  • T-bot

    Sparrow of Crota

  • wilMaster04

    holy crap those are nice

  • Ben Redenbaugh

    I want that Invective one..

  • Christopher Torres

    How are these not already in the game! Haha love everysingle one of them. Exotic Sparrows. If we add anything to HoW new social space I would love to see ability to use sparrow.

    Even a small little sparrow circuit would make the new social space so awesome to go to and people wouldnt complain about how boring it is and how they wished they just started in the tower to get their “errands” over with.

    The tower should be fun. People should want to go therw and i think sparrows are the way to make that happen.

  • Scrwby

    Love the Thunderbird and Foul Language. Please make them happen!

    • MakkinjeM


    • Alastor Lakiska Lines

      I would kill for the Foul Language…the beauty of the Invective in the shape of a sparrow….talk dirty to me pls~

  • Bryan W

    That looks badass as hell!! I this idea.

  • Jimi Marklund

    Well, first off amazing work.

    Secondly , give me the Thunderbird now Bungie!

  • Thelubricant

    These guys should be the ones working at bungie. They not only show that they put time and effort into these designs but implement things from destiny’s universe into it. Whoever at bungie working on the sparrow and ship designs should take a lesson or two from these guys.

  • MakkinjeM

    Wow. Absolutely amazing. These should be implemented instantly. Going for the Thunderlord and Invective versions for sure!

  • MakkinjeM

    Ryan A, Can’t you use some of you PD influences to promote this to Bungie?
    This would be an incredible way to let bungie show their involvement in their own community, wouldn’t it be? 😀

  • DangerousDonnyD

    tip of the hat to the artist that came up with these concepts. These are so extremely cool. I’m not sure which is my favorite they are so awesome. That vex really looks amazing though.

  • dojiijii

    The description of Suros is the best.

  • Mica T

    I love these and their descriptions. I would love to see a bad juju sparrow covered with bones and a description parodying the regime’s: “This used to be actual shit, now it is one hungry machine.”

  • Jimi Marklund

    Planet Destiny : Get this to Deej and demand him to run into Bungie and give this to the dev team and , if required, hold their children hostage, this must happen!

    (Of course, the hostage remark is a joke)