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For a much more in-depth look at Factions, check out this article. It’ll answer the question, “Which one is right for me?”

New Monarchy


New Monarchy believes that together, the Guardians can rebuild their lost Golden Age, and that true leaders for the City can be found…or forged. New Monarchy’s representative in the Tower, Executor Hideo, is a vendor who sells New Monarchy-themed weapons and armor for use by Guardians in the Crucible.

They oversee The Grand Arena and Executor’s Challenge. It’s an organization dedicated to the City, attempting to bring back the Golden Age, who support the Queen of the Reef.

Dead Orbit


Dead Orbit believes that the Guardians’ destiny lies not with the Traveler, but out among the stars. They seek to leave the Earth and travel to a new home. Dead Orbit’s representative in the Tower, Arach Jalaal, is a vendor who sells Dead Orbit-themed weapons and armor for use by Guardians in the Crucible.

They oversee Dead Sectors and Ancient Relics.

Future War Cult (FWC)


The Future War Cult believes in the inevitability and, indeed, the necessity of conflict. They seek not to leave or to rebuild, but to wage war, in all its forms. FWC’s representative in the Tower, Lakshmi-2, is a vendor who sells FWC-themed weapons and armor for use by Guardians in the Crucible.

FWC oversees Eternal War and Machines of War. They are known for their military prowess, and are also known for being very secretive. They are also deeply concerned with fate, and whether or not it’s possible to alter history altogether.

Queen’s Wrath

queen faction

The Queen requires the elimination of certain targets, and her Emissary in the Tower will reward you for completing her bounties (limited event).

Iron Banner

iron banner faction

A Faction led by Lord Saladin, a veteran of the Battle for Twilight Gap, the Iron Banner (limited event) seeks the mightiest of Crucible combatants to lead the war against the Darkness.



The Osiris Faction’s name is based off the Egyptian god of death and the afterlife. Little is known about this Faction, but it appears that they promote the Trials of Osiris. To read more about the Trials, click here.

Forces of the City (Vanguard)


The order of veteran Guardians devoted to the protection of the City, the best of the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock orders. All player Guardians belong to the Vanguard initially, as it is the Faction that you automatically represent when you begin the game. All reputation rewards for completing Vanguard Strikes, bounties, and Patrol Beacons go to the Vanguard Faction, unless you choose to represent another Faction by equipped one of their class items.


  1. Christopher Cowgill

    Dead Orbit is best Orbit

    • Isaiah 6:2- Above It stood the seven seraphs: each one had six wings; with two he covered his face, and with two he covered his feet, and with two he did fly

      Seven Saraphs- an inextinguishable light for mankind

      • As long as they don’t prove to be a bunch of crazy zealots, I’m going Seven-Seraphs.

        • Bungie has a way of making their consumers empathize with even the most heinous of villains.. And with a user base in the millions I’m sure there’ll be more conservative sects. hell, you could even join in with my friends and me.

          • It’s gonna be Seven-Seraphs or Osiris, unless Bungie reveal something that makes the other factions real appealing. I doubt I’ll be playing from day one…but i’ll be there.

  2. dead orbit for the win

  3. Alexander Goguet

    FWC ftw.

  4. Dead orbit sounds awesome! I wonder who’s in which faction.

  5. I think the osiris symbol looks awsome im gonna be choosing that!

  6. Seven Seraphs. SEVEN.

  7. I am my own faction
    B.W.V. Division

    not an official faction obviously, more of a clan if anything but still.

  8. On that Dead Orbit hype

  9. Osiris or Seven Seraphs.

  10. can u be: FOTC

    what ofcourse stands for: Forces of The City

  11. I think I’m going to fit right into this Destiny Lore, my name being Broc. In Norse mythology, Brok was the blacksmith that made Thor’s Hammer..Mjolnir 🙂

  12. what the hell are factions?

  13. I will wait until Bungie adds more Info on them all.

  14. hmm, either the future war cult (fwc) the seven seraphs or the new monarchy. so hard to chose

  15. Seven Seraphs because Seven is Bungies favorite Number

  16. I don’t really see a faction here that speaks to reclamation of what was lost. D:

    • Dead Orbit specifically is attempting to branch out from the City and re-establish human outposts in space. You learn this much from their representative.

    • The new monarchy is trying to reestablish the golden age and defend the last city. The future war cult just wants war, and dead orbit wants to ditch earth entirely. New Monarchy all the way!

  17. Bede Fitzsimmons

    dead orbit ftw

  18. New Monarchy definitely! Hmmmmm……the Future War Cult sounds good to though.

  19. Matthew Wayne Carter

    Do you think that joining a faction will be optional or will we have to at some point to finish the campaign?

    • I don’t think we’ll necessarily be joining them

    • Seth Allister Hansen

      you can wear specialized equipment for any faction after lv 20 to get their gear. There is no need to declare any allegiance to any faction. You can work for any faction you want at any time. Without special gear you get the vanguard special currency for equipment.

  20. I would choose FWC but they don’t have any auto rifle rewards, damn. Dead Orbit it is

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