Which Faction is Right for You?

Published on: Sep 12, 2014 @ 15:35

Destiny currently has 5 factions with vendorsDead OrbitFuture War CultNew Monarchy, Vanguard and Iron Banner.

Factions are groups of like-minded Guardians and other citizens of the Tower and the City who have banded together around a certain philosophy. It was not always so; Faction wars once raged in the City’s earliest days…  

This article will focus on DO, FWC, and NM. You can represent each faction throughout the game, but only one at any given time.

How do I gain Faction Rep?

For PvE Factions other than the Cryptarch, reputation is earned in PvE by completing Vanguard Strikes, bounties, and Patrol Beacons, as well as special events.

You can earn Crucible reputation by completing Crucible bounties and competing in PvP special events.

Earn enough reputation with a Faction, and you can gain a reputation level. Reputation levels are required to purchase certain powerful equipment. Once you reach the cap for reputation level (generally 3 for most Factions), every level past the cap earns you rewards!

There is no upper limit to a reputation level past the cap; you can continue to earn rewards every time you achieve a new level.

By default, all PvE reputation you earn goes toward the Vanguard Faction. To represent another Faction, you must purchase a Class Armor item of that Faction and wear it while completing missions that award reputation.

What about Crucible/Vanguard rep?

What about Crucible/Vanguard rep?

Vanguard Marks: Awarded by high-level Strikes, Daily and Weekly Heroic activities, and exchanging materials with Vanguard Quartermaster. Level 18 is required and there is a maximum of 100 per week. Vanguard Marks can buy stronger gear.

Vanguard Reputation: Awarded by completing Vanguard Bounties. Unlocks more powerful gear for purchase.

Crucible Marks: Awarded by high-level Crucible matches and exchanging materials with the Crucible Quartermaster. Level 18 is required and there is a maximum or 100 per week. Crucible Marks can buy stronger gear.

Crucible Reputation: Earned with Crucible Bounties. Improves Crucible rank, unlocking powerful gear.  


Ask yourself: Which Faction is best for my playstyle?

When you pick a faction, you must decide which two armor attributes you want to focus on.

Intellect: reduces the cooldown time of your Super.

Discipline: reduces the cooldown time of your grenade.

Strength: reduces the cooldown time of your melee special ability.

  • Dead Orbit: DIS/STR (Melee and Grenades)
  • Future War Cult: INT/DIS (Grenades and Super)
  • New Monarchy: INT/STR (Super and Melee)

Choosing which factions you want to work with is a simple combination of which abilities you use most and which faction interests you more. Other details such as weapon appearance/patterns and emblems could also be considered. There’s also a question of gun choice:

Faction History

factionsDead Orbit believes that the Guardians’ destiny lies not with the Traveler, but out amongst the stars. They seek to leave the Earth and travel to a new home. Dead Orbit’s theology has developed from mere fatalism into an obsession with worlds beyond Earth. Now their focus is on the building of a starfaring fleet, cobbled together from the ashes of our past and the spoils of war.


Future War Cult believes in the inevitability and, indeed, the necessity of conflict. They seek not to leave or to rebuild, but to wage war, in all its forms. While the origins of the Future War Cult are greatly debated, their mark has been found on ancient chambers and encampments throughout the system, dating them back to the late Golden Age.

Though their secrets are vast, they have proven indispensable in our struggle against the Darkness, earning them power and respect in the City Consensus and among Guardians.


New Monarchy believes that together, the Guardians can rebuild their lost Golden Age, and that true leaders for the City can be found…or forged. The New Monarchy rose from the ashes of the Faction Wars with a simple, inclusive guiding tenet: “Together we will rise.”

Leery of the fragile state of the City’s politics, the New Monarchy maintains a watchful eye on the Speaker, the Consensus, and the Vanguard, seeking the leadership that will properly reign over the City and return our civilization to its Golden Age splendor. If that leadership cannot be found, then it must be created.


Vanguard, the order of veteran Guardians devoted to the protection of the City, the best of the Titan, Hunter, and Warlock orders. All player Guardians belong to the Vanguard initially, as it is the Faction that you automatically represent when you begin the game. All reputation rewards for completing Vanguard Strikes, bounties, and Patrol Beacons go to the Vanguard Faction, unless you choose to represent another Faction.

The Crucible is not a Faction precisely, but an organization formed to test the Guardians in battle against their most dangerous opponents—other Guardians. This live-fire training hones Guardians into lethal weapons against the Darkness. Sometimes being dead and having a Ghost that can revive you is convenient…

The Iron Banner is a Faction led by Lord Saladin, a veteran of the Battle for Twilight Gap, the Iron Banner seeks the mightiest of Crucible combatants to lead the war against the Darkness.


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  • Kathedrul Xeal

    Dead Orbit weapon info is wrong.They do offer an auto rifle for 150 crucible marks, It is called Unwilling Soul-09.

  • andrew wagner

    hey there great article, wanted to let you know you have the guns backwards on FWC and Dead Orbit

  • Roxy loves Zexy

    So, from my understanding I would want to align myself with New Monarchy due to their story and them specializing in Int/Str. I plan on mainly using Auto Rifles and Snipers. I want to choose that faction, but I was wondering if it has the best items in terms of pve, mostly, but also pvp. This guide helped me decided where I want to go, but not necessarily if it’s the best option for what I’m looking for. It also lists the regular Vanguard and Crucible, but makes it seem as if they are somehow inferior by not giving a bit more info on if those are viable or not.

    • inquisitor314

      well dont trust what the article is saying. while it does mention how these factions are different. In truth they are not. You will find that all the factions have similar attribute gear that are the same with respect to your character. It is sad to say this but the factions only have small tweaks that are different while there ideals are greatly apart. It is not shown in the gear you can get from them.

  • Pedro Fabrino

    So, if I join a faction, say NM. All the Vanguard Marks I’ve gathered so far will be useless? They only accept Crucible Marks for equipment?

    • inquisitor314

      well they wont be useless and you join a faction but just changing your colar as i like to call them. its a peice of cloth that gives you points in a faction. your points remain and go up to a max of 200 points. As long as you wear that cloth points will go to that faction reputation. marks where go where they are suppose to go.

    • Chris Counts

      What I do is when I play pve I wear a non faction piece of gear. So I can receive rep for vanguard. When I do pvp I put on my faction gear. So I can receive faction rep. This way I can use both sets of marks when I get to a high enough level to buy the gear I want.

    • Guest

      Use your Vanguard Marks to buy armour, gain xp for the armour but don’t spend anything on upgrading it, then dismantle it for Ascendant shards.

  • Azulaalwayslies

    Ryan what rewards are there for getting ranks 4, or 5 with a faction? Could you give details?

    • Mac Domingus

      I’ve started to receive packages from the postmaster with engrams, motes, and strange coin; granted I’m lvl 8 on my hunter.

    • inquisitor314

      he wont be able to because its not the same for everyone. each rank you get gives you mail and in that mail you can get anything from the faction. more or less an engram.

  • Micah Yang

    Looks like I’m joining FWC. Pulse rifles and super/grenade

    • Mac Domingus

      Honestly, I’m so happy with my choice I’ve got three characters 28(H), 26(W), 27(T); Pulse rifles work best in PVP and PVE especially. Story wise they also seem the most logical and when placed in combat think completely irrational, it’s incredibly intimidating and effective. FWC is by far the oldest, and the faction with the highest success of continuing to last in the story, lol it’s hilarious to me that they focus on Intellect and discipline…..

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  • I’m having the hardest time deciding cause I feel like it takes forever to level up, I don’t want to waste my time. Thinking FWC for the intelect and discipline armor, but not crazy about their fun selection. So I’ll have to switch gears and start leveling up either New Monarchy or Vanguard/Crucible to get the weapons I want.

    Curious how long I’ll rock the faction armor before replacing it with better dropped gear. Anyone already experienced this?

    • inquisitor314

      in truth i lvl up all my orders in a month. it does not take long if you set a goal. your first goal mark should be rank 3 for each faction. You gain mail. items for each time you lvl up. choose one by buying their bond.mark, cloak. I dont know what guardian you are. then do the crucible and most importantly the bounties. it helps when you do the patrols along with the bounties. also it is smart to hand in a bunch of bounties at once say min 3 to hand in together. The main problem with people in their game is no plan setup. The bounties along with mission give you exp points. these points can go to gear/wpns just make sure they are in the active slot. for example i am on a mission daily. and the final boss is at 5 percent health. learn to back off from them go hide and change out a peice you want to lvl up. it can be side gear you want to gain exp with while you use your main gear for pve. once this gear/wpn is on go kill the boss with a super and some well placed head shots and the mission is over. that xp goes to the gear/wpn and now you go to the tower and turn in the bounty and more xp is placed in that gear. switch back to the other max out gear and repeat. when you are in special missions. i hope this helps and i suggest you read it a few times to get the principal down. message if you have further questions

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  • inquisitor314

    Well the problem with all of this is that these factions are not distinct. They are just that factions in Name and not true form. The game lacks a clear story of the factions and clear gear forms. The weapons alone as well as they gear only represent factions in name but in truth have the same stats and profile application. If they were true factions one would have different roles. Bungie made factions but did not focus on the true faction philosophy. They must change how the factions not only look but what they are meant to represent.

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  • Mauritsfb

    For my warlock I use FWC because I like to be able to spam grenades and my super
    For my hunter I use NM, because I want to get my melee back as fast as possible for invisibily :]