“Ultimate” Exotic Upgrades

Published on: Nov 1, 2014 @ 15:34

As of now, the Exotics we earn have set upgrades, and after that they’re pretty much stagnant. When the Dark Below is released, will those pre-expansion Exotics still be viable?

The answer is yes!

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Ultimate Exotics

When the Dark Below expansion drops, new and more powerful Exotics are undoubtedly going to become available. We’ll be facing more difficult challenges, and as such, we’ll need ‘Exoticer’ gear.

As we reported on a few days ago, the following items are coming with the Dark Below expansion:

Exotic Armor Shard

For making ultimate improvements to high-quality armor.

Exotic Weapon Core

For making ultimate improvements to high-quality weapons.

Improving Our Gear

What do these materials tell us? Well, admittedly not much. However, they do give us some insight into how Bungie will be supporting the pre-expansion Exotics. It’s clear that using these materials will allow us to improve our Exotics.

The actual enhancements, and what we’ll need to do to activate these “ultimate improvements” is still unknown.

In the latest weekly update, DeeJ hinted that he will be unveiling more about these new Exotic materials soon.

He said that the Dev Team is preparing notes to cover “exactly how Weapons and Armor will be updated and upgraded” and he says that those notes will be available in the coming weeks.

He went on to say that,

We promised to make all of your Exotics worth the price of ownership, and you should expect to hear more about how they’ll continue to be prized possessions in the short term future.

For those unable to acquire and upgrade the new Dark Below Exotics, or even the quality 80+ Legendary gear, you’ll still be able to compete with your current Exotics!

Creating an Exotic?

Another Exotic material that’s much more ambiguous is the “Vex Raid Rare” – possibly a way to craft an Exotic weapon?

Vex Raid Rare

Vex raid rare material for Vex exotic weapon blueprint.

This item could either provide a way to craft an Exotic, or perhaps it’ll be used exclusively to upgrade the Vex Mythoclast.

The description of this item seems to be a placeholder though, so hopefully DeeJ sheds some of the Traveler’s light on this item.


Epoch Splinter

Slivers of glass used by the Vex. Isotopic dating suggests their age ranges across billions of years – past and future.

Perhaps we’ll need this mysterious Legendary material in addition to the Vex Raid Rare for the “blueprint”? What do you guys think the Epoch Splinter will be used for?


Glass Shards

Translucent shards of non-baryonic matter, trembling with contained energy.

Maybe this will be used for upgrading Rare to Legendary items?

First Look at Ship Shaders

While we’re on the topic of the Dark Below, the image below has a few of the ship shaders featured.

We reported on ship & vehicle shaders a few days ago, and as you can see in the first image, the bland grey ship design we showed off has an orange/green color scheme.

dark below shipdark below ships shaders

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  • Raxs

    I’m fairly certain I know how these will work (: Analysing the quote at the top, an anonymous individual questions whether or not pre-exotic gear will even be able to compete with DLC exotics (Supposedly more powerful) and not become redundant when compared. When told this will not happen, we can assume these “Exotic Upgrade Materials” will simply upgrade our weapons and armour by two levels by potentially adding more “Upgrade protection/damage” slots to the “Upgrade tree”.

    Let’s put this into perspective: full raid gear -1 for an exotic will just barely allow you to reach level 30. When the new Raid DLC armour comes out, if we equip it will still wont reach level 32 because the exotic armour item will be under-par for what is required to reach level 32. So, the exotic item will allows us to upgrade out armour, make it more powerful, and have it upgrade us to the next level. The Vex Splinter will do the same, but for Vex raid armour rather than exotics. The Weapon variant will do the same, but for weapons, making them more powerful by potentially adding a couple more “Damage Upgrade” slots on the upgrade tree.

    All a theory, but I have a hunch this is what their ultimate purpose will be (:

    • Godin Intaki

      For some reason, I doubt that, but rather, they will become as strong with this stuff.

      • Raxs

        You doubt it, but you think they will become stronger with these materials. Sorry, but wasn’t that what I said just, haha. You’ll have to explain this to me. I’m a bit confused 😛

        • Godin Intaki

          Your comment translated to not as strong.

          • Raxs

            Ah. Okay, the makes sense. That wasn’t what I wrote but translators can be funny sometimes (: Haha.

  • ORB1T4L

    I had to update Destiny about an hour ago, what was that update for exactly ? I think there was two files, I didn’t notice anything, maybe they patched the Templar and/or fixed the crazy difficulty we’ve experienced recently ? I mean, I don’t know about you, but me and my friends were playing a level 22 strike and it was as hard as a level 28 strike, the funny thing is that level 28 strikes were easier than level 26… weird.

    EDIT : Oh and also, there is a bug with the Praetorians and the Gatekeeper, everytime we finally got to kill them, their life bar refilled two or three times, sometimes they just didn’t stop regaining their health and we died sooo many times because of that, it was really, really, REALLY annoying !

    • Thomas Harrison

      that my good sir was our most infamous adversary, Lag tis not a glitch so do not worry just use a party leader with a good internet connection

  • Donnie Stuart

    how aobut u change the number of exotics we can use at one time……

    • I would absolutely love to have an entire set-up of exotic equipment!

      • delta 6655

        for weapons, that would be fine, but not with armor. simply becouse of all those upgrades. haveing 2 grenades while haveing al the upgrades for your super while haveing a whole bunch of other upgrades would be game breakeing.

        • Donnie Stuart

          true, but i mean for campaign only

          • delta 6655

            they cant do that, thats not how you do things in an rpg, being overpowered is never acceptable, in the degree your emplying, what would you do with your armor dureing crucible, the weapons wouldent impact anything that much, but the armor would add more issues then its worth.

          • Donnie Stuart

            just go back to like it is now in crucible only

          • delta 6655

            but where would that exotic armor go? the transition between pvp and pve right now is perfect in a way that anything i find in pvp or pve can be used in vice versa, what you are sugesting is that it takes away some of my armor, becouse where else would that armor, and what about players who dont want to carry extra armor on them, while i admit haveing more exotic slots would be fun. its not worth all the extra trouble the developers and us would have to go through. its not worth it and would only unbalence things more.

          • delta 6655

            imagine being on the reciveing end of that kind of power.

    • Warlock Holmez

      To make legendaries obsolete? I like having to choose which exotic advantage I want. It makes exotics feel extra special. It’s like choosing a build. I do think they should make legendary perks a little more noticeable though.

  • Christian Jimenez

    I’m very excited for the next two expansions. As of right now I am fairly disappointed with the game that was delivered to us. It was certainly overhyped. But bungie is listening to us more than many people think. I’m interested to see how much the game is thing to change within the next 6 months

  • Lee Juriet

    Personally, I’m already massively bored with the game; hopefully, The Dark Below has enough to keep me entertained.

    Also, that ship has fraking ENORMOUS engines… good thing Ghosts can revive us from death, because I’m pretty sure that anyone who isn’t a Exo would be dying from the radiation a engine that size would throw off!

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  • Paratrooper2000

    Since I am Level 29, there is not much todo…

    Sometimes you have enough people for a raid (to maybe be lucky and get raid gear = Level 30). But besides that… you have more strange coins than you could ever spent. I even store ascendent materials. Tiger-Strikes have become boring, and the rewards (99% blue engrams) are not worth the time. You could do the nightfall, but why? You do not need an XP boost. For what? Get more motes of light, to buy what exactly? A cloak? I think you got my idea. I hope I can find new joy with the DLC. Else, Destiny will sooner or later lose me. And I really love that game…

    • Talentino Max

      Nightfalls drop legendary and exotic gear… thats why you do it.

      • Nick L

        Once per week….and my last two gave me 5 strange coins a pop. :p

        • Raxs

          Really? Man that sucks ): I only got strange coins from Nightfall once and I got 18! 5 sounds like a rip off :/

    • Zach Dolbeare

      Just got ghorn from the nightfall. That’s why you do it.

  • delta 6655

    does anyone know if bungie has a customer service #. i want to play with one of my friends, but he just cant connect to destiny, he can to everything else just fine, he just cant get destiny, and we want to ask bungie how we can fix this, becouse they say thay want to connect with the fans, im waiting to see that happen.

  • echelon

    This is a smart move. Between offering higher level PvP gear such as through Iron Banner and also having the ability to further level owned exotics, this ensures that players who choose to not purchase the DLC will still be able to raise their light levels without having to be “forced” to buy the new content.

  • Kou Vang

    I think that these shards will be used to upgrade current weapons and armors to match those of the DLC. If the new raid armor out level the VOG, then the VOG will become dead content thus killing a section of the game out. If they provide upgrade materials (which can be hard to get), then current gear can be upgraded to meet the standard of the new DLC level as well as give value to current gears.

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  • plasmacutter

    The upgrade system in this game does not lend itself to the “replace with better” method of gear progression.

    Ludicrous amounts of time, xp grind, and difficult-to-farm upgrade materials are required to “level” an existing piece of gear.

    Either legendary items need to be much easier to upgrade, or expansions need to provide the same upgrade path being proposed for exotics for all legendaries.

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