Exodus Blue Walkthrough

Welcome to Exodus Blue, Guardians, a mid-sized competitive map set in the shadow of a Golden Age colony ship. PlayStation walks you through the ins, outs, and beautiful backdrops of this map which is exclusive to PlayStation until Fall 2015.

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In other news, check out this these quick enemy previews video from PlanetView:


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  • Hodgy

    Didn’t really use hand cannons in the beta but looks like they’ve had a massive ammo buff from looking at the Hawkmoon

    • Micah Yang

      Yeah it was in the changes from the beta. Hand cannons were the most fun weapon but they got destroyed in pvp

  • Trey McCuen

    Finally, they listed the levels of the gear. I’m assuming the exotic weapons will also be at this level too. And with a level set on them, it seems like they would be purchased or collected in game instead of randomly found?

    • Yeah I think all of the Exotics will require level 20. Not exactly sure how we’ll get it though