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Playstation revealed what their Destiny-exclusive content will be. I’ve included the full blog post below, but you can also read it on their site.

This is a timed-exclusive.

During last week’s PlayStation E3 2014 Press Conference, you might remember the illustrious Adam Boyes noting that PlayStation owners were set to receive a ton of exclusive Destiny content — literally too much to detail in the show itself. Now that the E3 hubbub has died down, I asked Bungie and the PlayStation elders to share those details right here on PlayStation.Blog for the first time.

At launch, PS4 and PS3 owners will get exclusive access to a unique co-op Strike located on Mars, an exclusive competitive map, and a slew of exclusive guns, gear, and ships. Read on for the full details below. Oh, and if you tried out Destiny’s PS4-exclusive First Look Alpha over the weekend, let us know what you think in the comments below!

Destiny Exclusive ContentDestiny Exclusive Content

The Dust Palace Strike: An exclusive three-player cooperative Strike that can be played with friends or match made. You’ll track a Cabal extraction team through the husks of an ancient human skyscraper, the Dust Palace, buried in the shifting dunes of Mars and face a new enemy, the Psion Flayers.

The Exodus Blue Competitive Multiplayer Map: A mid-sized Crucible arena that pairs perfectly with Control and Skirmish game modes. The Exodus Blue, a long-dead vessel, once brought hope and humanity to worlds beyond Earth. Here, Guardians challenge one another, forging a new hope and future in the fires of the Crucible.

Destiny Exclusive Content

Destiny Exclusive Content

Destiny Exclusive Content


For the Warlock class, Manifold Seeker armor that was built to help Warlocks survive the secret realms of the Vex.
For the Titan class, Vanir, a battle-tested armor set forged to protect Titans against the heavy firepower of the Cabal.
For the Hunter class, Argus, a durable all-environment wire-weave for those out to scout the frontier.

Destiny Exclusive ContentDestiny Exclusive Content


The Monte Carlo, an exotic assault rifle, is a handcrafted showpiece with a sleek look that masks the cruel reality of its function — the efficient elegant delivery of war against any who would tarnish its legacy. Upgrades increase the weapon’s “hip fire” effectiveness and boost melee cool down, providing a firm grounding for close range domination.

The Hawkmoon, an exotic hand cannon, is a true gunslinger’s weapon — a smooth sidearm that makes every bullet count with intricate “hawk feather” etchings carved into the weapon’s silvered barrel. Damage boosts increase the combat effectiveness, making it a formidable weapon.

Destiny Exclusive Content

Destiny Exclusive Content

Destiny Exclusive Content


“Aurora Wake”

A hull lined with arcane instruments, crafted by a circle of Warlocks – gifting the ship with a preternatural sense for the strange.

“Crypt Hammer”

A deep-strike insertion variant, built to carry Guardians safely through contested space. Carries hardpoints once used to hold Suros TL-SEAD anti-radiation missiles.

“Outrageous Fortune”

A rugged, versatile explorer for those ready to gamble everything in search of ancient secrets and alien power.


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  • Luiz Junior

    die, you playstation bastards…

    i want the Manifold Seeker set….. (T-T)

    • WSquared88

      I’m mad at them too, but I talked to Jerry at Bungie and he said that since Phil Spencer is head of the Xbox development team now that the Xbox guys will be getting something equally as good. Still though exclusive content hurts.

    • bray

      They can have all the exclusive content they want. Im sure theres equally as awesome stuff to be found in the wilds.

  • Daan de Jong

    tip: to find the most loot, put on a headset, when near loot you can actually hear the loot. It sound a bit like sparkels

  • Michael Loomis

    That gun has a 2 foot bayonet…. OMG!

  • Drew Michael

    Is this exclusive only at launch and xbox will be getting it later or will this never be available for xbox? “At launch, PS4 and PS3 owners will get exclusive access”

    • Mykle D Clark

      I want to know this too. Everything I’ve read until now has only stated time exclusive content.

    • TimAuthor

      It will be a timed exclusive, therefore everyone will get these items eventually.

  • Mykle D Clark

    I played at least 30 hours of the Alpha. It was really enjoyable, addictive and what we’d expect from,”the guys who made Halo.”

    Just needs a few tweaks and it should be ready to go.

  • Heidi Holappa

    I can’t help feeling a bit butthurt about exclusive content. Makes me feel like I’m being ripped off since I pay the same price for a stripped down product. I know I’m being overly dramatic and the extra content isn’t that much, but it just leaves a bad taste in mouth and a small wound in the heart. And as my heart bleeds, it’s kinda hard to be 100% into Destiny at the time. But, I know once the game launches all this will be forgotten and I’ll be locked to the screen every work- and family-free moment I can spare!

    • TimAuthor

      This is a timed exclusive. So while PS users will get these items way sooner, Xbox users will get access to them eventually.

      • Heidi Holappa

        Can you post a link or quote the source that clearly states that this is a timed exclusive? I think the news have been a bit vague on that.

        • Sausage_Fingerz
          • Heidi Holappa

            Ah, thank you very much for that. No need to feel butthurt at all then. 🙂 I guess it’s natural that bungie wants to show the PS-audience that they’re serious about playstations. I get that. Timed exclusives are a good way of doing that I think.

    • Yhgi117

      Though I feel your hurt, I thank you for not being a classic Butthurt Mad poster and being reasonable. I wish there were more people on the Internet like you.
      I’ll see you Starside.

      • Heidi Holappa

        Thank you!

  • Sara

    Are we sure this is a timed exclusive? All the articles I could find about the topic only said that it was “exclusive”.
    If it is a timed exclusive then I don’t mind but if it’s not… :/
    X-Box users have been ignored so far in all mentions of Destiny so this would be another blow to the community.
    I don’t think the content it self is a big deal since it doesn’t seem to affect the campaign or game experience. I’ll still be getting Destiny no matter what but it would be nice to get some love from Bungie.

  • Scabies

    You’re ruining my life right now, Activision. I hate you.