EVOLVING Necrochasm!

Published on: Nov 20, 2014 @ 2:54

This article may contain spoilers!

Update: Bungie removed the rare version of Murmur; you can access the Legendary Murmur immediately after completing The Wakening.

We touched on this already in our huge database dump article, but this article will focus on the brand new weapon upgrading mechanic in The Dark Below.

We’ll also explain how Necrochasm will be obtained – it might surprise you!

All of these items can be found in this article, as well as in our database.

New Materials

Before we talk about the newest materials that were recently added to the database, it’s worth mentioning that the Exotic Armor Shard & Exotic Weapon Core have already been confirmed to be for upgrading gear.

To start off, let’s review some of the new materials are coming with The Dark Below expansion:

You can see the rest of the Dark Below materials in this article.

Radiant Materials

As you can see, Radiant Energy & Radiant Shard look extremely similar to the updated icons for Ascendant Energy & Ascendant Shards.

These new Radiant materials will be used exclusively for upgrading your raid gear.

Common to Legendary, to Exotic?


That’s right! Currently Necrochasm is the only Exotic that will be be obtained by starting with a Common rarity weapon.

Husk of the Pit

As you can see from the “Cannibalism” upgrade on Husk of the Pit, 1 Embalming Orb will transform this weapon into its Legendary version: Eidolon Ally.

nercochasm upgradeCannibalism

The Husk exudes a sense of sinister satisfaction when used to expire it’s former allies.

Eidolon Ally

Notice the perks on Eidolon Ally? They’re nearly identical to the Exotic Necrochasm, along with its thumbnail.

Eidolon Ally also has an upgrade perk called the “Burgeoning Hunger.”

nercochasm upgradeBurgeoning Hunger

What power drives this appetite that grows after each meal?


This perk will transform the weapon into Necrochasm for 1 Crux of Crota!

Upgrade Materials

You might be asking yourself: How am I going to acquire this Legendary and Exotic material for upgrading the auto rifle?

Once you have the required reputation rank, the Embalming Orb will be acquired from Eris Morn for 10 Black Wax Idols.

As for the Crux of Crota, this will be obtained in the Crota’s End raid on hard mode. Essentially this will make Necrochasm obtainable from the raid, without physically dropping there.


murmur dark below

Update: Bungie removed the rare version; you can access the Legendary Murmur immediately after completing The Wakening.

Another weapon that’s going to change dramatically over time is Murmur. It starts out as a rare weapon, gifted from Eris Morn for completing The Wakening quest.

This is one of the few weapons that has the ability to change its damage type!

Once you earn enough reputation with Eris, you’re able to upgrade it to its Legendary version using the Imbue perk with 1 Runed Core.

Update: You need the Runed Core to fully upgrade its damage.

imbue murmur dark belowImbue

Increase the base quality of Murmur by gaining Eris’ favor.


Once you have the required reputation rank, the Runed Core can be bought from Eris Morn for Black Wax Idols to obtain the Legendary Murmur.

“There’s so much more, Guardian”

If you haven’t already seen our mega article that goes over all this and more, please check that out. The Dark Below includes new missions, strikes, quests, bounties, Crucible modes/maps, and much more.

If you’d like to see HD in-game screenshots of Dark Below content, click here.

Do you think it’s cool to obtain Necrochasm this way? What are your thoughts on Rare to Legendary weapons?


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  • jovianghost

    I hope Bungie communicates this properly, as I can imagine a ton of people dismantling the rare version of Murmur not knowing it can be upgraded.

    • Brighton Molina

      no, that way we are the only ones with a solar and arc fusion rifle, while everyone else has a one type of damage fusion rifle.

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I really want ‘Necrochasm’. Its stats make it look similar to Atheon’s Epilogue but obviously this is Arc based. I can’t wait to see enemies explode like a cursed thrall…

    • Micah Yang

      oh yeah

  • joerendous

    Painted Big Chief is asking for a new coat of purple paint. So is my BFF. Make it happen Bungie!

    • Brighton Molina

      they will add custom shaders in the dark below, so no need to wait on them t make the emblem, but i’m pretty sure they will common shaders, and not legendary ones. i guess you would have to get a bungie made one in order to get an exotic shader. maybe you can get a self made shader, through acquiring certain materials to make your shader and make it a legendary

      • joerendous

        I appreciate the reply! But I was kind of hoping to be able to upgrade any rate weapon to legendary – another perk tree, a second specialty perk. Can you imagine? Khostov now in rare flavor? Lol

        • Brighton Molina

          no, not really. specially since i currently don’t anything lower than a legendary and have over 25 legendary items

        • Micah Yang

          I saved mine lol

        • Micah Yang

          You know, Khostov is one of the coolest guns in the game because it’s different. It has cracks and battle damage, which is basically what some exotics are. I couldn’t say the same of some legendaries…

  • Destiny’s Guardian

    Ooooh yeah! My Red River MK. 40 is greedy for a purple background, better modifiers and an attack upgrade!

  • Micah Yang

    I wonder if this means that my common auto rifle that you get in the first mission will be able to be a legendary…I assume Nechrochasm is the only one that will be able to be exotic though because then every weapon would be exotic and that would make them all a little less…exotic. I know that rare hand cannons are pretty awesome (the amount of impact on a my rare hand cannon is as good as thorn and with more impact, ammo, reload speed and rate of fire) but I’ve always wanted to take it into a strike but it doesn’t have enough damage. Now it will!

  • Joe Friedenson

    so you get the necrochasm from the raid, but you can “evolve” it also? seems odd that you can get hard mode content in other ways

    • Godin Intaki

      I don’t think that’s what it is, rather you get the common weapon from some way, then level it up, and the last part you need is in the hard raid.

  • pulseimpact

    Now all we need is a little love to pulse rifle users…like a solar pulse rifle exotic….if not Crota i hope DLC2.

    • FriedCats

      DLC 2 Is the House of Wolves. With that comes the Reef Raid, and I presume, the 347 Vesta Dynasty. Patience. It will come. Now that we have the Fusion Rifle, Auto Rifle, and Scout Rifle are raid exotics, the hand cannon, pulse rifle, shotgun, and sniper rifle are due.

  • Gamerrr

    So how do we get Husk of the Pit?

    • My guess is a reward from a bounty/question/mission.

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  • Riley Freeman

    so is this there now or part of the dlc? whats the rep rank?

    • David B

      Part of dlc.

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  • plasmacutter

    hopefully this applies to all the other pre-expansion weapons. I don’t much like AR or FR’s and would prefer to have Fatebringer and VoC upgraded properly for the new content.

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  • William Ketchersid

    well will both of these new evolving weapons available for purchase through eris or is it just Murmur being purchasable through Eris just wondering.

    • Not sure how Husk of the Pit will be obtained

      • William Ketchersid

        Same way as Murmur through eris by via quest.

  • Soberinsac

    The Murmur was all ready legendary when I received it today from Eris, just a fyi

    • Shard Falcors

      Ha ha! I was looking for this article to post this exactly! I love this little beast! But Bungie needs to seriously retool the UI to allow item use and weapon switching on the fly! This going into my inventory, then clicking to customize my weapon just to use Murmur’s main feature is tedious. Not to mention deadly in the Nightfall…

  • Gour Kernow

    It seems that if you complete Eris’s final quest on Hard level 30, Murmur is gifted already legendary, which asks the question, if you complete the final quest on normal mode, will you have to wait while you upgrade the rare version to be able to buy a runed core, or can you simply buy it as soon as you turn in the quest bounty?

  • Shauneepeak

    Husk of the Pit is obtained off of the Blades of Crota easiest way to do this is to repeatedly run the first Eris mission Fist of Crota.