Everything We Know About Raids

MoreConsole dives into Raids, going over what we know so far about them, including Raid Bosses, The Vault of Glass, Expansion Passes, Matchmaking, Raid Location and More!


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  • ReallyDudeReally

    Do you ever post your own content or just rip off of every YouTuber in the world? Articles are a thing you know,

    • Our Analysis “Destiny Focus:” articles are completely unique. All of our “pages” (in the menu) are unique. However we’re partnered with a few Youtube channels, obviously including Moreconsole, and we promote his content as much as possible.

      • ronin

        Love the site. I love the fact that I can come to one place to find everything I need to know about destiny no looking required , it’s all right here keep up the good work.

      • ReallyDudeReally

        I would rather read then listen to a babbling idiot with an annoying accent. It’s also sad how you sponsor his channel just for some pathetic advertisement of your website.

        • Yhgi117

          Then become a writer of DestinyNews. Prowl the internet for news and information. Watch every video and write down exactly what the video says about Destiny. Get yelled at over the Internet because people say you’re being unoriginal and totally stole it from XXX’s video. Realise that anyone will hate anyone for anything, as long as they even remotely don’t like it.
          Not everything can go exactly how you would like it too, and that’s how the world works. Sad, but true.
          And man, refrain from picking on people just because they sound different. That’s just an unnecessary argument.

  • Bubbais55

    @ReallyDudeReally well, why type up a article when you can get great Destiny info from all around the web? This is Destiny News. This site’s purpose is to give you (new) information about the game, not necessarily original content. Think about it.