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Bungie has officially shed some details about the upcoming Dark Below expansion character named Eris.

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dark below dlc

Who is Eris?

Eris will be an integral part of Destiny’s Dark Below expansion. Eris will be located in the Tower and will guide you through the new story missions.

Bungie says that “this [Dark Below] story is going to be her story.”


From Wikipedia:

Eris is the Greek goddess of chaos, strife and discord. Her name is the equivalent of Latin Discordia, which means discord. Eris is also considered by some to be the 10th Planet in our solar system.

In an interview with PlayStation, Eric Osborne describes Eris as “creepy.”

Players are spending a lot of time in the Tower, so we took the opportunity to craft a new character, Eris, that players can receive quests and missions from in The Dark Below. Not only does she offer up unique bounties and rewards, she also has a story to tell about The Hive and their evil intentions. She’s also pretty creepy!

 Crota’s End Raid

With the Dark Below comes Crota’s End, another 6-player raid.crota end raid

More Content

There’s also more story content as well as a new Strike called Will of Crota (plus The Undying Mind if you’re on PlayStation), which you can read more about here.

Bungie has said that they’ve used the feedback to improve the Dark Below story missions. Bungie is taking a “very different approach” with the Dark Below story, saying that it’s more “loot driven and story driven” with faster pace, more action, and exposition.dlc strike

the cauldron


New Items

There’s also a wide array of new items coming, some of which (there’s more!) you can view below:


If you’d like to see Ultra HD screenshots of some of these items, check out this gallery.


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  • WSquared88

    There is just one new thing that is missing from this set of new items. Where are the new Ghost shells? I don’t know anyone that has a ghost shell other than the people that bought the ghost edition of the game.

    • Shaun Kyle

      good point.

    • David B

      you also got a ghost shell if you bought the Limited edition.

      EDIT: plus I don’t think they have issued an entire list of items been released for this DLC so there is still hope we get to see some ghost shells.

      • delta 6655

        there is a list of ghost shells, i think we can get one for events, and so forth. i think shells should be engram items

        • David B

          yes i know about the list but they have never been seen in game (apart from the black one)

  • DeadArashi

    some cool looking stuff here

  • Shaun Kyle

    i was really hoping i wouldnt have to do a raid to get the hive gear…but im thinking thats the only option. im hoping they let you equip more than one exotic armor in the new expansion.

    • Spidi

      Not happening. 2 exotics would be too much. Some of the exotics skills are insane. Imagine titan defender with saint 14 and no backup plans. It would be too strong.

      • BuckshotGeorge

        There was mention on an article I read that other gear would come into play to help reach a higher level. It makes sense that the Hive gear would come through the Raid. I mentioned that for the new Raid you should be able to equip more than one exotic, but only for the new Raid, not the other stuff.

        • I believe in the next Iron Banner, the actual Iron Banner gear will also help you reach lvl 30+

      • Shaun Kyle

        i want to be overpowered MWHAHAHAA!!!

  • Hemlax

    Vex have been summoning god, now Hive, so yeah, in next expansion it will be either Fallen or Cabal summoning their god. Congrats Bungie.

    • Raxs

      I don’t think the Vex ever summoned a god. The heart had existed there for thousands of years. The Hive are the only one’s summoning a god. The Fallen and Cabal are very anti-religious, also.

      • Hemlax

        Well Ghost called it god anyway. Very poor writing from bungie. Did not expected that.

        • Raxs

          It is a god. But they never “summoned” it. I never said it wasn’t a god 😉

          • Hemlax

            Still, the writing is crap.

          • Raxs

            I would have to disagree. Lol. Oh well.

          • Hemlax

            well, then lets say, they had a great story and they ruined it by cutting half away

          • MrPhePhe

            Wasn’t really bungie’s choice to cut stuff out because the dlc is already on the disc which is why you can glitch into the areas. Probably an order from activision to suck more money out of us.

          • Raxs

            Would’ve been much better had some f the missions not been moved back. But sadly, that is responsibility of the Publisher. Activision, just like any publisher, are just about they money, being inverters it’s their job to make as much money as possible, even if it dents the game. Which just reminds us why life is a bitch.

            Still, Destiny’s story hasn’t even started, the DLCs are going to hold the real fireworks. Bungie said they are changing the way story missions work completely because of the criticism. So we might have a very reasonable pay-off. I’d be lying if I said I thought the story was perfect. Granted it’s interesting and gets you exited and thinking about a lot of things, but It certainly didn’t knock me off my feet. Did I expect more from Bungie? Perhaps, do I feel disappointed, no. Just because I know things are rapidly changing and will work in our favour.

        • Shaun Kyle

          i pretty much loved everything that had to do with the Hive and the Reef in the story. i cant wait for more of that. if you havent had a chance to read the grimoires, you definitely should, there are some really good story and back-stories in there

      • Shaun Kyle

        i think from what i read about the Vex and the Darkness, is that the Darkness was so far beyond what the Vex(with its extreme intelligence)could even comprehend that the only thing they could even think to do was worship it. its in one of the grimoire cards.
        and im not sure…but i think i either remember hearing or reading that Sepiks Prime(the earth strike boss)is considered a sort of god and thats why the Fallen were sacrificing themselves to it at the begining of that last battle. i could be wrong, but i feel like it heard that.

        also, i dont think the writing was poor either. i enjoyed the story so far.

        • Raxs

          Ahh, that’s a very nice selection of information. The thing about Destiny’s story is that the best parts are always hidden so well rather than exposed. Still makes it great to read when you find out this stuff.

          I have noticed that all of these Factions have these tenancies to find some high power to give them guidance and purpose. The way I see it, is in Destiny there are no gods. It’s like magic. Magic is simply something we do not understand. It’s science that is so vague we can’t comprehend it. Gods are the same. There are entities with power beyond our understanding, so we have no choice but to brand them with this name and accept their mysterious nature and let them go unchallenged. When you actually come up against a god it is an awesome feeling because it feels like you are breaking the illusion and the laws of nature by being so reckless as to challenge what is so incomprehensible. That is what I like about Destiny most. You break so many rules and laws to get where you want to be (:

          • Shaun Kyle

            i like it. to me it seems like if basically every culture on our planet has a religion it makes sense that a majority of other races would also. it doesnt bother me at all, i think its fun to learn about other religions and this isnt any different.
            i also agree that its fun to go against a huge enemy that is considered a god. it brings back a lot of fond memories playing monster hunter for me.

          • Raxs

            I’m glad we agree. It’s very interesting.

            And yeah, haha. Sounds great. Sure gets the nostalgia going 🙂

  • II me Gustav II

    Dat Hive handcannon tho!!

  • Raxs

    It’s surprising to see more of the concept art come to life! The new titan helmet had concept art from a while back but I never saw it in the core game. But to see it now is certainly a pleasant surprise.

  • BuckshotGeorge

    I’ve said it before, but I love the Hive story. If you haven’t checked out the Hive Lore article on here it’s definitely worth a read.
    There’s just something about the new Raid which really gets me interested and excited to play. A lot of people are going to be ready to take on the Raid straight away which will be interesting, so rather than your major pro clan teams it’ll be some smaller groups that made friends during the previous Raid that will be trying on the first day too. By the time I first tried the Raid most things were already discovered and I’d read the guides so I kind of had an idea of what to expect. It’ll be fun going in blind.
    Plus the story, Hive trying to resurrect a fallen God, Guardians battling to beat him before he reaches the surface. Loads of other enemies like Massive Ogres. I would like to see Crota twice the size of Atheon, with the abilities of both Knights and Wizards. Plus if he could fly no-one could knock him off a ledge 😉

  • chris

    I hope we eventually get a raid mission where we must retrieve all our stolen engrams from the cryptarch raid boss it will sell millions

    • delta 6655

      ha. i think that, in a very well defended spont on cosmodrome, that one can only reach with a team of three, you find a secret chest, defended by the strongest minions the darkness can muster. and if you make it through, you can have any one item an ingram could have given you, but you only can get this once. and it must be an engram item.

  • Mike

    Is she wearing the Lucky Raspberry?

  • sycoteck

    ever since the update i cant play destiny, i keep getting error code: (wasp) can anybody help?

  • sycoteck

    ever since the update i cant play destiny, i keep getting error code: (wasp) can anybody help?

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