Eris Morn, Swords, & MORE!

Published on: Nov 24, 2014 @ 0:09

GameInformer was given an exclusive first look at some of the new content coming in The Dark Below!

Sword Gameplay

Open-world sword combat? Yes please!

Eris (Tower Vendor)

We have a list of all of her bounties/quests (such as Fist of Crota) in this article.

As you can see, she sells the necessary upgrade materials for Husk of the Pit and Murmur.

It appears she will also sell us Radiant materials, which are needed to upgrade the new Legendary raid gear.

Crota’s End Raid (“One Way Trip”)

To see what bosses we’ll be facing, click here.


We’ve listed all of the expansion Exotics (including House of Wolves) in this article.

The GlasshouseObsidian MindDon’t Touch MeMk. 44 Stand Asides, and Radiant Dance Machines are not shown!

Legendary Raid Weapons

Click here to see all of the Legendary raid armor, weapons, and all of the new perks!

Crucible Maps

More Crucible maps are coming in the House of  Wolves, as well as 2v2 and “hardcore (no trackers) modes!

  • Pantheon: First truly symmetrical map.
  • Skyshock: Compartmentalized infantry zones; vehicles dominating one space, infantry dominating another.
  • Cauldron: Unique locations (easy to recognize). Small team/Rumble map.


The Will of Crota Strike is coming for everyone, and The Undying Mind is a PS exclusive until Fall 2015.


  • The Will of Crota – Omnigul, the mastermind of Crota’s armies, nests in the Cosmodrome. Eliminate this horror and purge its spawn.
  • The Undying Mind – An ancient Mind, feared by the Vex themselves, hides among the channels of the Black Garden. Find this machine and end its existence.

Story Missions

  • The Dark Below – Eris Morn has landed in the Tower with fears of recent Hive activity. Something is waking on the Moon. Help her stop the rise of Crota.
  • Siege of the Warmind – Find Rasputin’s bunker. Defend it against the Hive attack.
  • The Wakening – Go to the Temple of Crota and destroy Crota’s soul.


For more about the new “quest” activity mode, click here.


Notice anything familiar? We’ve published videos showing off sneak peaks of these areas!


Check out if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)


  • Shaun Kyle

    oh man, i cant wait! i love the hive, so im really pumped for this.

    • Raxs


  • Theemo Deman

    does anyone know if we will need ascendant shards to upgrade the new armor? or will it require whole new materials?

  • Thomas Harrison

    my god look at no land beyond! i know a few hunters who would adore that rifle

  • Sanctified NSeven

    I would have been lovely if all our grinding wasn’t for nothing and let us upgrade current armor(s) we enjoy. Or some form of Transmog like Blizzy has in WoW.

    • Raxs

      We can, that’s what the “Armour Cores” are for (: They will let us upgrade our Exotics and raid armours alike to level 32.

  • Lara Croft

    So the current legendary and exotics will be useless. Since u can only reach 30, and the new legendary weapons outclass current exotic weapons.

  • Death! The KiD

    I wish i could get the dlc 🙁

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I notice how all the weapons have a very common ‘Hive’ theme to their design. I am hoping to get the Necrochasm as I have not been lucky enough to get either of the Arc based Primaries from the current Raid. I love the sound of its ‘Exploding Thrall’ perk too so its very high on my wanted list. Firefly on Praedyth is great fun. Its stats make it seem similar to Atheons Epilogue.
    I am not overly impressed by much of the Armour but if it helps me reach higher levels then I will of course equip it anyway.

    Just hope they radically increase the vault size to accommodate all the new weapons!!

    • boostedskyline

      Vault of glass had a “vex” theme going with all the raid weapons, so this hive look makes sense and is awesome

      Also hoping for bigger vault space

      • BAMozzy69 .

        I wouldn’t say the design was particularly ‘Vex’ inspired – with the exception of the Vex Mythoclast of course. All the weapons look pretty standard in design with just the brown/brass/dirty gold (however you describe it) camo scheme.
        The only thing that makes them ‘unique’ and particularly beneficial to the Raid is the ‘Oracle Disruptor’ perk. I Know the primaries are also unique in that they have Elemental damage but in terms of design they appear to be ‘standard’ – Atheons Epilogue doesn’t look that different in essence to Doctor Nope.
        Just looking at these weapons, its clear they are aesthetically unique and very much Hive inspired. Itwould have been nice if the VoG weapons had a more Vex inspired aesthetic too.

        Much as I like the additional Bounty Slots (from the previous update), I still find myself having to return to the Tower frequently as my item slots are full. It can sometimes take 10 mins juggling items around (loading different characters, flying to the Tower, juggling items around in the vault etc etc) to get the right set-up for the task (Nightfall, Raid etc). All of which would be resolved easier if we had a bigger vault.

        As it stands at the moment, I have all but 2 exotics (I play on XB1 so not including Hawkmoon and Monte Carlo), I also have the majority of Raid weapons (all but Fusion, Pulse and hand cannon – I do have the Vex 😀 ) I also have at least one Legendary of every type and Element – i.e 5 snipers – 2 Exotics and 3 Legendaries (1 of each element). I know the Raid weapons double up as my Legendary options (ie Praedyth’s Revenge, Corrective Measure are my Void legendary options, Hezen Vengence my solar equivalent to Gjallahorn. Just looking at the Heavy slot this means 10 weapons. Add in the Specials and that’s another 14 (there is only one Legendary Shotgun in this slot). Add in the Exotic Primaries (of which there are 9-11) and at least one Legendary alternative (minimum of 4) you can see that the vault size of 20 is severely inadequate before the adding in these new weapons too. I personally have over 50 weapons currently.

        • boostedskyline

          Praedyth’s revenge is another one that is clearly vex inspired, found verdict is pretty original too

          • BAMozzy69 .

            They don’t look any different from practically every other sniper or shotgun apart from the colour. You can hardly tell the difference in silhouette between something Like Epitaph and Praedyth for example. I know the end of the barrel is different (I’d argue that Epitaph’s barrel looks more Vex inspired).
            The only thing that distinguishes them visually is that yucky brown colour scheme – same as on the ships we find…
            They certainly are not unique in design – not like the Vex or these weapons

          • boostedskyline

            Idk what the epitaph looks like, I’m only working with rares in my special slots (besides found verdict) and from what I’ve seen most sniper rifles are shaped with edges and are real jaggedy. Praedyth’s revenge, from what I’m used to, is the only sniper I’ve seen that is smoothed out, just like the vex mythoclast

          • BAMozzy69 .

            I have most of the Raid weapons (inc the Vex) and they are all exactly the same as at least one other Legendary non-raid equivalent. I certainly would NOT consider Praedyth and theVex to be similar aesthetically. I have (and have had) quite a few legendary sniper rifles and they are all similar to look at with a few variations. The Raid weapons certainly are not unique in design or Vex inspired as these are evidently hive based

          • boostedskyline

            But vex are more futury mechanical looking, they are definitely vex inspired as opposed to the more organic look of the hive stuff. And for sure the house of wolves expansion weapons will be more “rustic” mechanical looking, just like the fallen stuff is. The hive weapons are much more evident since they are so different themselves from the other enemies

          • mayhem_x178

            boosted so ur saying that the ice breaker looks like the praydeth and epitaph

          • boostedskyline

            Does it? Because I have neither

          • Dexion

            Maybe the normals weapons i.e Shadow Price, Doctor Nope, Epitaph, and others are inspired in Vex themes.

          • BAMozzy69 .

            To me they look quite standard or as expected to a degree. The Vex is probably the most unique in terms of design.
            I suppose you could say the camo of the Raid weapons is potentially ‘Vex’ inspired as it does have a bit of orange coloured glowy things on them but their shape is nothing unusual.
            If you didn’t know these specific weapons were Raid only, you could easily mistake them for any other weapon aesthetically. The Raid weapons for the new Crota Raid look more unique. I know underneath all those ‘Hive’ inspired bits that look stuck on, the basic shape is still very much like the rest of the weapons too although Murmur and Necrochasm (and its lesser derivatives) do look different in shape.
            Its not a criticism of the design of either the current or future weapons – more an observation. It seems to me that Bungie have considered the aesthetics more for the DLC Raid. The current Raid weapons appears to have just a specific camo.
            I am still looking forward to collecting these too

        • ORB1T4L

          Yeah, about that, how come my Mythoclast doesn’t have the Oracle Distruptor perk ?

          • BAMozzy69 .

            Mine doesn’t either but in truth it doesn’t struggle with killing them….

  • Michael Watkins

    It’d be nice to have an exotic armour for Axion bolt and Nova bomb together hehehehe which I both love!!

  • Murat Ozcan

    Sword in pvp?
    While the thought is fun, I am imagining a Blade Dancer super being half as squishy. Bad.

  • rairomusicboy

    what is the “sword” item that eris sells, top row 3rd from left, i saw it in the video also, but they didnt hover over it with the controler so i couldnt see

  • Micah Yang

    One story mission with a sword was enough. This is a shooter

    • boostedskyline

      It works with the story, so stop complaining about a few missions with swords or go play cod

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  • Lee Juriet


    I’m guessing the “Sniper Primary” is going to be a pain in the ass to get, no?

    • Raxs

      Who knows. Just remember it will be hard to use, you will have to land your head-shots in crucible as 2 shots might be too slow for a kill. I assume you are concerned about it being hard to get as it might come across as over-powered at first, but I can see this weapon will only reward the most skilled players.

  • chris

    I found out why Destiny has been sucking a bit lately…Bungie is using Dell fucking computers…I could build you a better computer out of toothpicks and coconuts on a deserted island in a day and it would be better than any Delll

    • Raxs

      Haha XD I’m sure that’s not the reason Destiny lacks in some areas, but a very funny comment. That’s one for the books.

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  • Phillip Viera

    Eris was apparently part of a fireteam to stop crota and all of the team did not survive except one. She was that last one. I am wondering was it a team of guardians? Or randoms (the exo stranger comes to mind bc she is not a guardian). So I am trying to understand wtf Eris is exactly because she is creepy looking. I mean her eyes are bleeding black goo LOL. She has a third eye? She pretty much looks like a mutated warlock that has lived with the hive and basically became part hive herself or something. Those eyes especially look like the hive knights’.

    • Raxs

      That’s a nice thought. Gets you thinkin’.

    • CommanderKeen

      I imagine in order to survive deep within the Hive territory for so long she had to hide her light. The best way to do that would be to shroud herself in the darkness. That could explain her ‘hive-ish’ look.

      • mayhem_x178

        Yeah and cut a hole in her head and call it a 3rd eye. LOL

    • Matt Davenport

      Actually they did say she was a guardian in a fire team of guardians.

  • Raxs

    Yes! I knew it! 😀 Haha. one of eris’s bounties (revealed a while ago) said we’d have to kill enemies with a sword on earth!

  • Raxs

    Also, anyone notice how half of the Hive weapons have a bony rocky appearance while half have a sharp and metallic one? We might end up with double the raid weapons! Yes!

  • Alastor Lakiska Lines

    I so hope, that “No Land Beyond” is a Bounty-Exotic (given its name it might be one of the treasure map rewards)

    • Treasure Maps aren’t coming until HoW