Epic Interview Discussing Dark Below

Published on: Oct 29, 2014 @ 8:34

EuroGamer talked with Bungie’s president, Harold Ryan, about the new Dark Below expansion as well as some of the criticisms that Destiny has received. 

What, exactly, is in The Dark Below expansion?

Harold Ryan: There’s going to be new armour, weapons and gear, including new legendary and exotic items for players to earn. The light level cap will go up to level 32, so for players who are playing into the endgame, they’ve got a couple of more levels to go, which is going to really help them with the raid and other competitive weekly strikes and events.

There’s a new vendor character in the Tower, with a pretty interesting story to tell, that you’ll be able to experience and play through once you buy the DLC. Her name is Eris. She’s going to send you on a mission against the Hive to help stop Crota and his efforts to invade and take over the Solar System.

In addition, your options are expanding with three new multiplayer arenas and a new raid, which will come with the expansion, but like the first raid it will unlock over time.

New Story Zone

What are the story missions, exactly?

Harold Ryan: We’re not going into the exact pieces and parts of it. We want people to explore them as they meet Eris. But Eris will send you on a quest that will take you through the new story content of the expansion.

Do the story missions play out in a similar fashion to the story missions we’ve already seen in the game? Will there be new cutscenes, dialogue and characters? Can you talk about their structure? Is there anything different going on compared to what we’ve seen before?

Harold Ryan: The structure of the story in this expansion is different than the story in the core game. Looking at how the story plays and how we wanted to repackage it and reacting to fan feedback, we’re taking a different approach to the story in this one. So it’s going to be driven in a very interesting way for players, as you meet with Eris in the Tower and follow her guidance through the story.

titan dark belowI’m sure you’re well aware of the negative reaction to the story in the core game. You say it’ll be different in the DLC, but how exactly?

Harold Ryan: Have you done the Thorn exotic quest?

I’m right at the end and need someone to help me with the last stage.

Harold Ryan: So, looking at how the exotic quests work, like the Thorn quest, was the inspiration for how we’re attempting to tell the story in this expansion. And so it’s going to feel much more emergent and interactive in the world as you play through and unlock the story of Eris.

One of the things people criticised Destiny for was the lack of story in terms of how it played out within the missions. For example, there was a general lack of characters, exposition, cutscenes and dialogue – the kind of stuff we’ve seen a lot of in the Halo series. Is that something you will address with the story missions in the DLC?

Harold Ryan: What you’ll see in this expansion, it’s going to be a very different approach to telling a new story to players than the thematically-driven story from the original launch of the game. It’s going to feel much more loot driven and story driven in that it’s going to feel faster-paced with more action as you go through it, and with exposition. The important thing about Eris is, this story is going to be her story, and she’s going to send you on a mission that’s a lot of fun.

Omnigul, boss of the new Will of Crota strike.
Omnigul, boss of the new Will of Crota strike.

Recent leaks suggest there are three new story missions. Is that correct?

Harold Ryan: There are multiple missions in the story, but they’re all driven through Eris in the Tower [Bungie has since confirmed The Dark Below includes three new story missions].

What will The Dark Below add on the PVP side?

Harold Ryan: We’re launching three new multiplayer arenas. The Pantheon is set in the Black Garden in a Vex temple, and it’s a pretty interesting close quarters combat map. There’s a new vehicle map called Skyshock. We want players to explore the details of it when it comes out as well. That will give us enough vehicle maps to start working on more interesting vehicle focused game types and hoppers in the future.

Will you add any new vehicles for use in Skyshock?

Harold Ryan: It’s just a new arena. We’re not talking about new vehicles. The last map is The Cauldron. It’s another close quarters arena.

I saw a post recently about changes to Iron Banner, which are welcome. But will you make any fundamental changes to the Crucible in its standard mode?

Harold Ryan: We’re making changes across the board based on feedback and how people are playing, both balance changes and mechanical changes to improve matchmaking times and latency, which are both really good already, but are always the kind of thing we want to dial in.

We’re building a sizeable team just to work on the live game. That group is continuing to get better at taking feedback from the community and building on patches and updates to the world.

Can you speak about any of those gameplay changes in any detail?

Harold Ryan: No. The reason is, we have a bunch planned, but we have to build them and test them, and then depending on how stable they are they get slotted into releases. We’re doing weekly update notes, and as things pass our QA department they get slotted in and announced. There are a bunch in the works, but I can’t overcommit to them until they get through QA.

The Crota’s End raid takes place inside the Hellmouth, on the moon.

What new strikes will be added?

Harold Ryan: There’s a new strike, The Will of Crota. You fight a new boss in that, Omnigul. That’s just one new strike that’s global. And then PlayStation users get a new exclusive called The Undying Mind. They get a new exotic as well. It’s centred in The Black Garden as a strike.

What can you tell us about the raid, Crota’s End?

Harold Ryan: This is another raid built with the same experiential goal of being endgame content for players. It’s set in the Hellmouth, which we think is a fun place to go for a raid. But beyond that, we want it to be something people experience for the first time as they work their way into it, get to the right level and can actually survive.

Part of the appeal of Vault of Glass was experiencing new gameplay mechanics for the first time with friends. Will you be switching things up again in a similar way as you did with Vault of Glass, which has a platforming section, a stealth section and encounters that require tactics we don’t see in the rest of the game?

Harold Ryan: Yeah. The only thing I’ll say is, for sure it’s going to require learning and adapting to the tactics required to beat the raid and getting your gear dialled in as well, so you can actually survive the encounters.

Are you making any mechanical changes?

Harold Ryan: We’re adding new bounty slots as part of this, so people can keep doing the weeklies along with picking up the new content that comes with the expansion. We’re going from five to 10.

The thing to know is every single week we’re triaging through what we can add and evolve in the game, both on the platform side and on the user experience design side. There’s a lot of core work that’s been going on over the last three months on The Dark Below, and daily and weekly we’re changing things as well. We literally just finished putting together The Dark Below.

crota raid

We’d hoped we’d be going to a new planet with the new expansion, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. What can you say about the possibility of going to new areas we haven’t been to in the launch game? New worlds, that kind of thing.

Harold Ryan: In The Dark Below you’re not going to a new planet or a new destination. But you will find many new experiences in existing ones.

Is it possible we will go to new planets in the second expansion, House of Wolves?

Harold Ryan: House of Wolves is not something we’re ready to talk about at this point. But we certainly understand the desire for new destinations.

There’s a multiplayer map in the game now set on Mercury, which feels like a tease at what might have been, or what might be.

Harold Ryan: Yeah, Mercury would be a fun place for sure. [Trials of Osiris]

Are there any new modes in Crucible? I’ve seen mention online about a mode called Double Play, which is a 2v2 mode. Is there anything new in terms of modes in Crucible?

Harold Ryan: Nothing we’re confirming at this point. We’re testing a bunch of ideas and concepts that relate to the game modes for the Crucible. You’ve seen already the programmed events, which we turn on over time. That’s part of ongoing work and testing. Then see how people are playing and make changes to the world.

But you can’t say whether there are any new modes coming in with The Dark Below?

Harold Ryan: No. The thing about Destiny for us is, because everyone’s connected, we’re constantly working on what’s going to be ready and what’s going to be the best thing to roll out. We’ll be working on what specifically the Crucible is and how it will evolve week by week, all through the holidays, including when The Dark Below goes live.

I’m sure you sure the recent leaks with players able to see a lot of this planned content already in the game. Based on what you’ve told me, a lot of that doesn’t seem to be in The Dark Below.

Harold Ryan: There’s a bunch of shared-world content we’ve shipped on the disc specifically to limit download sizes for people. Both inside the US and all over the world, how much you download on your local home internet connection can be a problem, and even how much storage space it takes up on your console.

So we share a lot of assets across all the activities in the game. When people get into areas that aren’t unlocked right now, they’re seeing pieces we built and shipped ahead of time, but they’re by no means the finished experiences or even the finished content.

But when we can get into these areas already and see this content, there’s a feeling at the content is finished, cut and saved for DLC.

Harold Ryan: No. Eris and her story were built over the last three months, long after the game was done. For example for The Dark Below, that included the activities and the bosses and all of the polish of it.

More generally, you announced recently that 3.2m people play Destiny every day. That’s an impressive number, but I’m curious to know how the game is doing relative to your pre-release expectations now.

Harold Ryan: In general it’s meeting or exceeding all of our goals for the game. Consumer engagement and people both in the game and on Bungie.net, average hours played a day, the total number of hours people are playing, with the number of people who are getting into the high 20s, approaching level 30, it’s pretty amazing. The number of people who have played the raid is pretty amazing as well.

Matching ambition is always an interesting goal, because we have some competitive history to deal with at Bungie. I’m optimistic, but humbled by the challenges ahead of us as well.

The reception to the game was interesting. There were heavy criticisms around the story. What was your reaction to it?

Harold Ryan: We’ve always been very critical of ourselves internally as well at Bungie. We’ve built a really big game with a lot of activities that suit a lot of people really well. You always want to iterate more on your artwork when you roll it out to the world.

There are bits and pieces of the feedback for sure we agree with internally, as far as, we wish we had put more time into some areas.

Expansion_I_strike_shot_2 (1)

Is there anything in particular you can point to in that regard? For example, what was the most common piece of feedback you received?

Harold Ryan: It’s so broad. When I read a lot of the feedback, and I see it’s after playing for 100 hours, it’s hard not to couch that in, well if you played the game for 100 hours… What other game do you play for 100 hours, right? As we play the game and test the game, there are all kinds of things we want to improve and evolve, and we are improving them and evolving them over time.

We had our challenges getting the game out on four consoles. Three of those consoles, most of us had never shipped on before. I’d only led the team to ship games on Xbox and PC. All the PlayStation stuff was an interesting learning experience.

But overall, the fan reaction, the reviewer reaction based on how they’re playing, is pretty inspiring. We just committed to address the feedback. Because we’re getting the feedback from people who are playing so much, including the reviewers, there’s a lot of it over time, as you read the updates along the way, that’s pretty actionable and becomes common across a lot of people and their feedback.

So you can address a lot of the complaints in the future? The thing people talk a lot about is the story, which you say you’re addressing in the expansion.

Harold Ryan: Yep. The interesting thing is, in The Dark Below you’ll see us casting a new approach to rolling out story in Destiny. We’ll see how that works. There’s not a game exactly like this that exists. We’re learning as we go what works for people and what doesn’t work for people. It’s completely different for us and for players to engage with the game, in the way that Destiny plays.

Can you give us an update on matchmaking for the raid and some of the tougher challenges such as the weekly nightfall and weekly heroics? I know Bungie has talked about this issue and is exploring it. Is matchmaking something that might be added to the game in time for The Dark Below, or maybe even sooner?

Harold Ryan: It’s hard to commit to when matchmaking would roll out for weeklies for sure. It’s an active discussion with all of the designers about whether a raid should or shouldn’t. We’re testing and playing with that mode internally to see how we think how it feels.

It’s a common ask for the raid, but it’s also interesting to see the number of people who actually successfully complete the raid without it. There are some other pieces as well. When you matchmake into a group, you don’t necessarily get people who play the way you want them to play.

My colleague plays on Xbox One. I play on PS4. We wish we could play together. What is the issue there? Why can’t I play with my Xbox One friend?

Harold Ryan: That’s a question for Microsoft and Sony. They seem to have a few competitive disagreements.

It’s a shame, really. This is nothing new of course. But when a game like Destiny comes along that is so ingrained in multiplayer, it shines a light on the division.

Harold Ryan: If you look at the service we built behind Destiny, there’s nothing from our point of view that would stop you guys from playing together. Technically, actually there are reasons why an Xbox and a PlayStation can’t play together. Anyway, the characters are all in a common back end.

To read more about the Dark Below, click here.


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  • Destiny LFG

    This was an awesome interview! You asked all the good questions! I wish he would have had better answers though :/

    • echelon

      EuroGamer talked with Bungie’s president, Harold Ryan, about he new Dark Below expansion as well as some of the game’s criticisms.

  • ErisTaireJ

    Soooo, to get to level 32 i have to buy the DLC? :l

    • boostedskyline

      Ya since the new dlc has higher level armor

    • Raxs

      It would see so. I expect, like most mentioned, it’s all to do with better legendary armour included in the DLC or the ability to equip more than one Exotic.

  • Berend Van Beers

    Yes! great interview! But the thing is; Harold keeps mentioning that they’re going to take a different approach to storytelling. That makes me curious, whether they’ll be using more, or should I say, at least more than 1 cutscene, in both strikes/raids and story missions, The one thing I’m missing.

    I just hope Bungie does the right thing and doesn’t cut back on content, this is a great game and I personally can’t wait for all the new content that’s about to come!

    • Raxs

      I certainly agree. I put my faith in Bungie. They are listening to the audience and sincerely doing their best to redeem the story.

    • darminiam

      I’m scared of what they are saying about story. They mention that the Exotic Quests is what they are hinting at with story content. That means, it’s only going to be text whenever you go talk to Eris.
      This means, no cutscenes, no voiceover, just read text (that is now in the game and not a grimoire!), then go do the mission. Which is more like last gen MMOs (reading text) but I guess it’s much easier to implement for them.
      It also makes me wonder where all the great story elements are going. Story looks like it will still be a great big sore spot for this game.

      • Raxs

        Don’t make assumptions just yet 🙂 I think what they mean by the exotic bounties being similar is that there will be a lot of context and story will have more of a, well, story. You can bet on the fact they’ll have new cut-scenes.

        • darminiam

          True Raxs and Andros. Maybe I’m being a wee bit pessimistic. We will just have to wait and see. I do hope that they tell the story well. I just keep remembering the rumors of what they had before and wishing they had done that, if all that is true and it was an option.

      • Andros

        Perhaps what they mean when comparing the new story elements to the Exotic Bounty is the many steps you need to take and different activities you need to do, at least where Thorn is concerned. Maybe saying three new story quest in reality is longer depending on how many steps and activities you need to do/complete for each one. I guess we will have to wait and see.

    • Jason David Anderson

      If they were using cut scenes he would have been all over it, “Yes! We’ve got a lot of new cut scenes that fans are going to eat up! We’re telling things in the grand scale that this world deserves!”

      Instead he dances around the question and basically tells us that the DLC is going to be a one time bounty that leads into other one time bounty’s, and that they’re taking a “unique” approach to it – i.e. you’ll read it in text and that’s about it.

      Bungie really dropped the ball here, and I don’t think they want to invest the funds to pick it back up, or they lack the story telling power to do so with the loss of their core team.

      This stuff is really, really, really lazy – man. It’s such a let down, but don’t you think he’d be touting cut scenes if they existed? Don’t you think he’d be playing up the fact that they’re giving the fans what they want if they were doing so?

      The more I see these interviews, and the actions Bungie take towards this game – the more I believe that they failed to make the deadline for Activision by a long shot, and that when Activision didn’t extend the deadline the core team left – leaving a bunch of guys new to Bungie to pick up the pieces in one short year.

      If you look at the credits, maybe 20 people from the original Bungie team still exist – that’s only 20 people who know what it means to build a game from the ground up that has the scope of Halo. The rest are just talented game developers/designers who were told what to do by the people with the vision.

      If the people with the vision left because they knew their game would not come to fruition when Activision denied the extension – then what is left? Solid core gameplay with no soul. That’s exactly what it feels like, too.

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  • Dan Spencer

    As much as I like Planet Destiny I can’t help but feel that often you guys lift too much from your source. Take this interview for example; it’s not a couple of the Q/As followed by a link to the source, it’s the full article. There’s a brief mention of Eurogamer at the top but judging by some of the other comments on this article not everyone even notices that.

    I’ve seen similar for guides posted on Reddit that get reposted here. You briefly mention it was posted on Reddit, then proceed to post the entire thing.

    Beyond the obvious moral issues around reposting someone else’s work whole, you could run into legal issues from companies like Eurogamer.

    If you posted small excerpts then linked to the main source I wouldn’t visit this site any less, and I’d probably respect it a lot more!

    • Jason David Anderson

      This is an important thing that the owner of this site would do well to take note of – I don’t know how big they thought this page would be, but it’s become the go to site for Destiny related information.

      It’s nice that they’ve condensed it all into one central hub for people – but they need to be wary of plagiarism. It’s one thing to take public domain like a Reddit post and repost it – it’s another thing to remove an interview word for word from a magazine.

      Either way, it’s morally right to start giving credit where credit is due in it’s entirety and not just making it a side note in fine print somewhere on the page.

  • Lerel Ashley

    They keep dodging questions that need answers which is the main problem right now. We do not care if its in testing we want to know what you are doing when the negatives are brought up and crap is hitting the fan. We don’t want to know that you can’t tell us spoilers. Whats lacking and you know it is, us the compassion for the players needs seems like they need more then just content now to satisfy people. But respect.

    • Raxs

      They can’t just answer everything. They have a huge list of things they and may not do. If they share an idea people will get hyped about it and then it may not happen. How foolish would Bungie look then? You might not, but everyone else will take it the wrong way. Let’s generate a scenario:

      “So, what plans do you have to elevate game-play experiences in larger maps?”

      “Honestly, we are throwing around ideas for new vehicles, not sure what is even going to happen yet, but we want this to work.”

      And then when the new DLC comes out and there are no vehicles, fans will take it the wrong way an absolutely loose their shit. “Where are the vehicles Bungie? Still lying to us I see!” (More hate and bad reviews follow further given their company and product a bad name).

      They aren’t concerned about spoilers in this case, they are concerned that they can’t start revealing loads of stuff that may never end up with a place in the game. They know fans will take it the wrong way because fans always make assumptions. Gamers these days are not exactly the most diversely intelligent group of people you’ve ever known. If the audience was mature enough to actually play games we could be rolling in Bungie’s wonderful answers by now :/

      • Lerel Ashley

        Like I said for people that buy a game and then to tell us oh just cause its locked onto the game doesn’t mean it won’t be unlocked later. Well okay but there’s still question of more important things that need addressed whether anyone thinks it does or not it needs to. You and other people spent maybe 100$+ on this I expected more not from just expectations but content that wasn’t small and repetitive due to them making changes last minute with 5-6 ppl fired that made bungie from the ground up. Now we have lackeys trying to do their job.

  • boostedskyline

    The only problem is they aren’t going to be addressing the hacked up story in just one dlc, not even in the 2nd one. The back story is all their but you have to leave the game in order to read up on it using an external source (the app). That’s just not how you make a games story. Everything else alot this dlc is fine, they just aren’t going to save the story with just 3 *confirmed* story missions

  • Raxs

    This is fantastic. The way they are revamping the story telling aspect is really interesting and inspiring.

  • BOoya956

    Sorry, but starting to lose interest. Still feel like they fail to delivere on their promised that the main world would be evolving. I remember hearing about world bosses but I guess not.

    • Jason David Anderson

      I’m pretty sure world bosses were downgraded to public events.

      It seems like they had this huge scope of ideas for this game that all got shot down when they failed to meet the deadline a year prior to Destiny’s release.

      Then the people with the vision left the team, because they knew it wouldn’t come to fruition, and they were left with a bunch of guys who are talented at what they do – but lacking in any kind of vision.

      It’s really sad, with 9 years to work on a game, and 300 people at your disposal resource wise – I am having a really hard time wrapping my head around how they could have delivered so little in the end.

      • BOoya956

        They promised a lot of things and it sounded like they had it all done. Then as I played the game I was like “is something missing?” They also stated that PvE would be evolving overtime but it feels very much the same to me and the only thing evolving is Iron Banner (because they had no choice). I hate sounding like cry baby though.

      • BOoya956

        Public events were mention as well as world bosses. They just removed the world bosses which they claim required a lot of guardians to bring down. Devil walker don’t count because one person can bring it down in less than 2 mins.

  • Lee Juriet

    Wow. Shitting on Xbox users with the PS stuff us Xboxers don’t get to see for a year… I seriously doubt I will be playing Destiny in a year. Really, really doubt.

  • Lee Juriet

    Wow. Shitting on Xbox users with the PS stuff us Xboxers don’t get to see for a year… I seriously doubt I will be playing Destiny in a year. Really, really doubt.

  • icwhatudidthere

    So if the new storytelling is like the Thorn exotic bounty, we’re all gonna be forced to do the Crucible for dozens of matches and still end up with zero points.

  • Arkham Inmate

    I usually dont complain since Xbox use to get a lot of stuff before PS ever did, but I am a bit mad that Xbox is going not going to get a new strike and is paying the same price as PS uses, and we also do not have the Dust Palace that PS has too. why is Xbox not getting the new strike or at least the Dust Palace yet.

    • Raxs

      I can tolerate core exclusives for the game. But DLCs are when players want to expand the content, to take away stuff at that stage gets on my nerves a bit.

      • Arkham Inmate

        Totally agree. I get exclusives but at some point Xbox players want that stuff too, and I am paying the same amount, Very annoying and UnBungie like

        • Raxs

          It’s very much so. But this is Activision’s shots and thankfully not Bungies.

    • Jason David Anderson

      Nobody to blame there but Microsoft for not ponying up the cash when they had the chance. Exclusives get bought, that means Sony put faith into Destiny before it had any core evidence to show it would succeed – and they are getting paid in return for that faith.

  • RealSpit

    Although i do the raid with a few of my friends we work different hours/days and plus not everybody’s friends are gamers and may be hard for other to do the raid. Im level 29 and i get alot of messages from random low level players asking me if i could do the raid with them and teach them the ropes. Why make it so difficult for players to play certain of your game??? I dont understand why it seems so hard for Bungie to understand that?? It shouldnt even be a debate!! Halo MMC and Dragon age are just around the corner and the way Bungie keeps dragging their feet with fixxing this game but, quick to take away/nerfing the fun parts of the game and taking their sweet time to make the game better(Buffing the the Bad Juju,Vex Mythoclast, etc. Adding Match making, and so on. I’ll be already long gone playing Dragon age or Halo.

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  • Jason David Anderson

    So, no cut scenes, and more story that doesn’t really exist outside of reading a bit of text, is what I gathered from this.

    That’s too bad.

    I really want a story out of this game – like really bad – why are they being so restrictive with the cut scenes and epic scope that the world is supposed to have? I really don’t get it at all.

    I’d imagine if there were going to be cut scenes he wouldn’t have danced around the question like he did and flat out said “Oh yeah, there will be EPIC cut scenes that will blow the players minds!”

    Instead he kind of nicely said “Remember the exotic bounty’s? Yeah, like that. You’re going to get a one time bounty from her, read through what it says, and it will lead into other one time bounty’s. It will be unlike anything you’ve seen, unless of course you’ve played other MMO’s – in which case it’ll be exactly like that.”

    • ElekTriX

      If you really need cutscenes so much, then there’s always the option of watching a movie? I can’t understand how people didn’t get the story of Destiny while playing, it wasn’t that difficult to comprehend…

      • Jason David Anderson

        What little story there was told in Destiny was told through cut scenes.

        People get the story, they’re just let down by it – it’s beyond generic, and to say some one had 9 years to polish that turd leaves me scratching my head and wondering what else they were doing.

        Everyone says “You just gotta wait, Destiny is an evolving world.”

        Yeah, they also should have dropped some pretty big bombs in the initial release to keep people interested.

        As it stands now, the Patch looks like it’s literally going to be a new NPC with BOUNTY’S that you do – and mission’s that are on the same planets, in the same area’s you’ve already been.

        • darminiam

          Totally agree with what you are saying Jason. The story we are getting is not up to the par of anything we have seen in any of the previous Bungie games. Not even close! Halo 1 had a better/longer story than we we got in this playthrough. (Ok, maybe it feels like Halo 1’s story is longer.)

          As for the cut scenes, I have an idea why we may not see them. it takes a while to create those and maybe they didn’t have enough time to get them done before this DLC. It sucks, but that may be a legit reason why they don’t have it.

          Now if we don’t see any cutscenes by the next DLC, well then things are not looking good. I’ve already lost interest, but plan to come back when the DLC drops.

      • santohauper

        Destiny doesn’t have a story, it has an outline. There isn’t even enough to follow the game. I bought it after the Queen’s Wrath event started and I had no idea what it was, what it was for, or what I was getting for doing bounties. That’s what people mean with lack of story. I don’t need epic tragedy or plots with subplots (although in my mind I feel the great thing about today’s video games Destiny excepted is that they are interactive movies), but something more than ‘we call this ball the traveler. Now go shoot those aliens.’ would make for some better gameplay.

        This quote tells me all I really need to know about how Bungie is really reacting to player feedback –
        “Harold Ryan: It’s so broad. When I read a lot of the
        feedback, and I see it’s after playing for 100 hours, it’s hard not to
        couch that in, well if you played the game for 100 hours… What other
        game do you play for 100 hours, right?”

        I really want to like this game, and it has a lot to like. But not enough, and with an attitude like this one instead of, ‘hey these people are really invested in the game, maybe what our core audience is telling us is worth listening to.’ they clearly aren’t going to change enough to make me buy DLC or continue playing this game long enough to even make it to when that drops.

  • BOoya956

    I don’t want to play crucible when doing story missions or strikes. Just PvE.