Engram Statistics

Published on: Sep 18, 2014 @ 14:54

The Cryptarch:  Identifying Engrams, bringing him special items from each enemy race in the game, and purchasing Engrams from him all serve to increase your reputation with the Cryptarch. Earning sufficient reputation eventually allows you to purchase Rare Engrams from him, and further levels earn you rewards just as they do for any other Faction in the game.

Engrams share the same rarities as other items in the game, and they appear as glowing crystals in the world. Any enemy can potentially drop an Engram, though Majors and Ultras have a better chance of doing so. Very rare Engrams may contain additional bonus items, such as Glimmer or Ascendant Materials. You can earn Exotic Engrams from completing high-level Strikes, from PvP, from Raids, or from Faction reputation rewards.

Engrams sometimes contain items of a different rarity than the Engram. This means that it is possible (albeit very rare) to find a Legendary item inside a Rare Engram. Unfortunately, this also means that you may not get a Legendary item from a Legendary Engram…

Have you ever wondered what the odds were for getting an Exotic from a Legendary engram? How about a Rare from a Uncommon Engram? Thanks to Reddit user GrievouzOCE and friends, they decrypted nearly 600 Engrams, and have gathered some interesting statistics. 

Total engrams gathered

  • Uncommon (Green): 290
  • Rare (Blue): 250
  • Legendary (Purple): 55



  • Common: 68 \ 23.45%
  • Uncommon: 201 \ 69.31%
  • Rare: 21 \ 7.24%
  • Legendary: 0
  • Exotic: 0


  • Common: 0
  • Uncommon: 53 \ 21.2%
  • Rare: 186 \ 74.4%
  • Legendary: 11 \ 4.4%
  • Exotic: 0


  • Common: 0
  • Uncommon: 2 \ 3.64%
  • Rare: 33 \ 60%
  • Legendary: 19 \ 34.55%
  • Exotic: 1 \ 1.82%
engram stats
Chart courtesy of Reddit user alanpep

Of course these stats are just based on their findings, and are not official. Many people aren’t happy with the low chance of getting a Legendary item from a Legendary Engram, so hopefully those odds will be tweaked in the future.

In other news, DestinyOverwatch has a new video giving a good overview about some of Destiny’s materials. He explains what Destiny’s materials are for and how they can be obtained.


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  • Nater-ater

    But seriously, fuck the cryptharch. He’s nothing but the gaming worlds biggest troll ever to exist

  • bob

    Love the picture

  • Xelement

    Have to agree with that big time.
    And to make matters worst, if you are lucky enough to get a legendary item it could be for a different class.

  • MrWaffles

    I got an exotic helmet from a legendary engram which I earned from the crucible to which I earned the medal “On the bright side” from that match.

    One hell of a bright side xD

  • jorg17h

    so like 35% for legendary engrams? i decoded over 40 legendary engarms only got 2 legendary items that around 5-6% ,and i never got a legendary from a rare engram ever and i have decoded a lot of them , i am 17 lvl with the cryptarch and i had to buy 90% of the legendaries i have with marks, fml

  • Indoctrin

    Funny.. I’ve had 2 legendary engrams… got 2 legendary items…

    Bet bit being the first engram got me over the Cryptarch level, which rewarded me with two legendary items 😀

  • Rithronnir

    I got a legendary engram from a Crucible end reward. From it, I got the exotic sniper Ice Breaker. Needless to say, I was freaking out XD

    • Micah Yang

      You are so lucky. I would do anything for that gun. Only one I want more is patience and time…and thorn…and suros regime…and thunderlord…ok I want them all

      • Fenske212

        Those weapons exactly + pocket infinity

        • Alastor Lakiska Lines

          Hawkmoon (which probably will never be in Xûrs stock until it is released on the XBox-Systems too) and The Last Word

  • fizziepanda

    I got Plan C from a Legendary Engram out of 4 I got on Venus.
    I think my Cryptarch rank is like 6 or 7

  • .Z

    I’ve had crap luck…. 7 legendary weapons 0 exotics….. And of course xur only has a rocket launcher this week! I’m going to loose it if I don’t get a exotic primary!!!!

  • Nate

    My first purple decoded to an exotic warlock chest armor. Something vestments. Not sure of the name. I was pretty pumped until o remember I am a titan :/

  • BAMozzy69 .

    Personally I think the Legendary Engrams should give a higher percentage of Legendary gear. Considering the number of hours I have played, I find very few Legendary engrams – they are incredibly rare enough without the disappointment of getting rare items (or lower). Personally I think that the Engrams (regardless of colour) should be the minimum grade of item received. If you get a blue then it should be blue or above, purple should be purple or above!
    It is incredibly disappointing to ‘grind’ that long and then get some rubbish from them

    • BAMozzy69 .

      Even if they don’t give a legendary item, I would still prefer upgrade materials (ascendant energy/shards), strange coins etc.. than rubbish like rare items as I get quite a few of those from ‘grinding’ anyway and they get dismantled instantly!