Elite Hunter Builds

UPDATE: TTK Gunslinger Guide & Nightstalker Guide

Published on: Mar 11, 2015 @ 15:38

This article will focus on some of the best class builds for various playstyles with the Hunter. If you’ve got your own preferred build, be sure to share it with us!


What is a Class “Build”?

A “build” is the selection of talents you choose from your character. It’s the process of carefully selecting your perks and weapons to suit your playstyle.

You’ll want to play around with different combinations to suit different circumstances, it all depends on how you prefer to play.


Tier 1

Path Forgotten +2 Armor, +2 Agility

Path Forbidden +2 Recovery, +2 Agility

Path Unknown +2 Armor, +2 Recovery

Tier 2

Way of the Drifter +2 Armor, +1 Recovery, +2 Agility

Way of the Fearless +5 Armor

Way of the Nomad +4 Recovery, +1 Agility


bladedancer subclass guideSubclass:             Bladedancer

Engagements:     Close Quarters
Strengths:            Rewards patience

Grenade Type: Skip Grenade Primary Weapon: Hand Cannon
Double Jump: Blink Special Weapon: Patience and Time
Arc Blade: Vanish Heavy Weapon: Machine Gun
Blink Strike: Escape Artist  
Path I: Path Forgotten Alt Primary: Pulse Rifle
Ability Modifier: Shadowjack Alt Special: Shotgun
Path II: Way of the Drifter Alt Heavy: Rocket Launcher
Ability Modifier: Stalker Ideal Exotic Armor: Don’t Touch Me

Designed especially for methodical and patient players, this build gives you an advantage in Crucible: stealthily weave through the map and strike unsuspecting Guardians.

This build heavily revolves around the invisibility effect that Bladedancer’s are known for. It encourages players to deceive their opponents and make it substantially more difficult for them to be engaged by combatants.

best hunter subclass builds

This class is more about the use of special weapons, grenades and abilities. Your opponents will find it difficult to react to a charging shotgun user, distant sniper, or grenade disposer. With proper cloaking, you can get the drop on your enemy before they have a chance to fully recognize you’re there.

In raids and other PvE modes, this is an invaluable setup. It makes it impossible for enemies to detect you, making it possible to flank and distract them.


bladedancer subclass guideSubclass:             Bladedancer

Engagements:     Close Quarters
Strengths:            Opponent confusion

Grenade Type: Flux Grenade Primary Weapon: MIDA Multi-Tool
Double Jump: Blink Special Weapon: Shotgun
Arc Blade: Vanish Heavy Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Blink Strike: Escape Artist  
Path I: Path Forbidden Alt Primary: Auto Rifle
Ability Modifier: Quick Draw Alt Special: Sniper Rifle
Path II: Way of the Drifter Alt Heavy: Machine Gun
Ability Modifier: Stalker Ideal Exotic Armor: Radiant Dance Machines

This build is especially deadly when used by someone with nerves of steel and a steady aim. Its purpose is to dent the opposition’s forces by making distracting and divertive actions that make it difficult for them to retaliate to your team’s assault.

best hunter class builds

It is a build like this that will break the stalemate of Control battles; getting behind enemy lines and distracting them with swift & brief attacks. Taking advantage of Blink, Cloaking and powerful long-range weapons will make you hard to kill and may panic the opposing team.

There isn’t much of an advantage in PvE with this build, it’s much better suited for PvP.

Sharp Shooter

gunslinger build guideSubclass:             Gunslinger

Engagements:     Long-Range
Strengths:            Support

Grenade Type: Tripmine Primary Weapon: MIDA Multi-Tool
Double Jump: Triple Jump Special Weapon: Sniper Rifle
Golden Gun: Deadeye Heavy Weapon: Rocket Launcher
Throwing Knife: Circle of Life  
Path I: Path Unknown Alt Primary: Pulse Rifle
Ability Modifier: Gunslinger’s Trance Alt Special:
Path II: Way of the Fearless Alt Heavy: Machine Gun
Ability Modifier: Chain of Woe Ideal Exotic Armor: Achlyophage Symbiote

A build that comes straight from the Hunter’s stereotypical image, this setup is built for long range engagements. Everything is centered around picking off foes from a distance and your focus should be being careful and staying alive.

Grab your best sniper and navigate the outside of the map, always with a watchful eye on high-traffic areas. A high Impact scout rifle works awesome for this build as well, to drop anyone quickly who gets too close for comfort.


gunslinger build guideSubclass:             Gunslinger

Engagements:     Medium
Strengths:            Lone Wolf

Grenade Type: Tripmine Primary Weapon: Thorn
Double Jump: Triple Jump Special Weapon: Shotgun
Golden Gun: Gunfighter Heavy Weapon: Machine Gun
Throwing Knife: Incendiary Blade  
Path I: Path Forgotten Alt Primary: Pulse Rifle
Ability Modifier: Gunslinger’s Trance Alt Special: Plan C
Path II: Way of the Fearless Alt Heavy:
Ability Modifier: Gambler’s Dagger Ideal Exotic Armor: Knucklehead Radar

The Stalker is all about pursuit, hunting down the weak and offering one option: death. This build compliments aggressive players in the Crucible and ideal for quickly assaulting easier missions in PvE.

destiny best hunter builds

These perks are all focused on short term, but powerful boosts in combat. After exhausting your abilities or killing your target, a quick relocation and dash for safety is duly necessary to stay alive until your next encounter.

A Tripmine can be great for sealing off escape routes, while igniting knives can make it much more difficult for your opponents to escape.

Your Builds

Have a favorite build not listed here or in the video? Be sure to share it with us! What abilities do you prefer using, and why?

For more “Elite” builds, check out our Titan edition.


Check out forums.planetdestiny.com if you’d like to talk to others about Destiny in a friendly and welcoming community! :)

  • Garrett

    do you think you could do a review in the devil you don’t and the crucible fusion rifle

    • The next review coming up is Secret Handshake, either of those aren’t currently on our radar, sorry.

      • Garrett

        Can I known what youmean by not on your radar. I know the fusion rifle has accelerated coils so I wanted to know bout that. Thxs

        • As in we’ve got other weapons we’re going to review first

  • Grymwulf

    Great write-up, as always. I am currently leveling a hunter and am going the Bladedancer route, and I’m looking forward to trying to be a sneaky-stabby guy rather than a shoulder-charging beef jerky-eating Titan for once.

    What I really like about Destiny as an MMO is that the game doesn’t pigeon-hole you in to selecting certain talents. Each and every talent is viable and is really based around how you want to play. This is coming from a long-time MMO player. Other MMOs give you options, but really there is an optimal way to build your character. In Destiny, the choice is truly up to you and opens the doors for a ton of different customization options. It’s really refreshing.

    • Reflex

      I agree with except the fact that everyone looks the same :/ I wish there were raid gear style variants

      • John Levesque

        How about light shards so you can hit lvl 32 with any armor you want?

        • Jerry Sköld

          That´d be awesome.

        • TDUNN79

          Bungie, you see this guy? This guy has ideas. Good Ones.

        • Jeff Bkallday Francois

          This guy!!!👌👌👌👌

      • Grymwulf

        That’s why I wear the Iron Banner stuff to hit lvl 32. I don’t what to look like a Crusty Crota Crustacean, sorry Bungie.

        • Grymwulf


        • Iceflame99

          I don’t have the dlc so this my way of getting to 32. All I need is the iron banner head or chest. Mwahahahaha!!!!

  • Pino Show

    How can we suggest build for different classes?
    If I have a “complex” or an easier build does that make differences?
    Let us know 😀

  • Sebastian Gomez Gouiric

    I like to be something like an defensive hunter. I use the gunslinger subclass. triple jump, tripmine, chain of woe, 2 throwing knifes. and agility and recovery maxed out. I Usually go with a hand cannon (tfwpk or thorn), a shotgun, and a rocket launcher. I like to stay in the flags and defend them, because no one ever does. Usually put behind cover and when someone gets near the flag y shotgun him. If they are a little further y use mi hand cannon. If i’m overwelmed by number I just place a tripmine, triple jump and start shotguning everybody. Hunters are excellent defenders, they dont necesarilly have to be on the edge on the map with a sniper rifle. Try out this playstyle, I know you’re gonna love it!

    • WSquared88

      The thing is this is for the “ELITE” builds. These are what the pros use, while your build might be good it’s just not what the pros use. Hunter is also not built or themed to be defensive either. Also Warlocks are better.

      • ForeverLaxx .

        Pros. Really.

        Look, the game is about twitch shooting and chaining supers. Your class talents are going to be purely preference-based as most of them hold no significant advantage over the rest. The possible exceptions are the talents designed to give you many sources of the same thing, such as Bladedancer invis or Sunsinger DoT which are still just play style choices.

        Just because this lists the title as “elite”, it doesn’t mean these are “pro” builds. You aren’t going to stop being bad if you adopt one of these setups if you still can’t aim. This isn’t your typical MMO where there’s only one top DPS spec for each class and anything else is suboptimal.

        • WSquared88

          Having a good build does not make you instantly better, that’s not how the game works and that’s not what I’m saying. Builds help you synergize and do better. These builds are what create the maximum amount of synergy for a certain playstyle. There are pros in this game it’s just that no one knows about them because there isn’t a big competitive scene for Destiny

      • cool_herc

        I’m quite sure you don’t know precisely what build(s) all Pros use.

        • Sebastian Gomez Gouiric

          This is my playstyle, it is the best one for me, maybe not for you. I just play for fun, i don’t necessarilly play to be in 1st place in the scoreboards. I’m not a pro, not even near to be one. But. at. least. try out this build before saying it’s not good. I think this picture is the proof that this build is fucking awesome. 😛

          • edrfswde

            faggy score

  • Fenrir

    hello, first of all, nice article, i am gonna try the assassin and marksman build.

    Talking about the marksman, which rocket launcher do you recommend?

    Another thing, don’t you think that in the marksman case, radiant dance machines would help to protect you in case your opponent starts shooting at you?


    • Somewhat yeah, it’s all up to personal preferences at the end of the day

    • WSquared88

      If you have Gjallerhorn use it. If you don’t then One Way Ticket or Hunger of Crota are pretty good. Radiant Dance Machines might be all right in this build, but the Symbiote helmet is just too good to not use in this build. If you don’t have that though you could definitely use the Radiant Dance Machines.

      • Christian

        I would honestly suggest “Arachnid”. It proves very useful when using golden gun at this range and it has honestly lead me to a much more comfortable experience when firing off from afar. The enhanced accuracy perk for Golden gun included in the build on top of Arachnid’s enhanced zoom makes it very easy to hit very distant targets.

      • Andrew

        Truth is also a beast in the Crucible. Especially because it has 3 in the tube. If you don’t have a Gjallarhorn, use Truth. If you have a Gjallarhorn, then use Truth. Truth is my go-to rocket launcher in the crucible, Expecially thanks to the 4 rockets that I get when I have my “extra heavy” perk on my armour.

        • Adept

          I’ll never understand why people use Truth or Gally in Crucible. Unless you literally don’t have an exotic primary or secondary that’s worth using, or you just really love a legendary primary.

          To each their own obviously. But I don’t think the benefit of Truth outweighs the detriment (for most, not all) of not using an exotic primary. Just me though. Could be totally wrong.

          • Andrew

            This is why I try to have a good legendary weapon for the crucible, so that I can do this. That is not always possible though and I will roll with a Heavy Machine Gun more often than not. If you have a good Timur’s Lash, it can beat most exotic primaries in the game. I also have a very good roll on a Vanquisher and a decent scout rifle that I will be leveling up soon.

            Basically, I use those rockets when I want to have fun and not try hard.

          • Adept

            What roll did you get on a Vanquisher? The vendor standard is pretty darn slick.

    • Christian

      I’d personally recommend anything with High Velocity and Tracking. The great thing about using rockets from afar is that foes wont know until they are right on top of them and likely wont attempt to evade them.

      So, if you can get “tracking” or “Grenades and horse shoes”, amazing. Then try to max out the velocity as much as possible, rather than blast radius.

  • Obiwanfluffy

    I have been reading articles here since I started playing in November, and you guys are the best. Really appreciate all the hard work that you all put into the content. Just wanted to throw that out there.
    I have a lvl 32 gunslinger that is my main character that I play regularly. I use something very close to the stalker build. Instead of incendiary blade, I use knife juggler because a headshot with a thorn/last word/most hand cannons and a throwing knife is enough to kill someone pretty quickly. I feel like if you’re playing a gunslinger, you need to be pretty decent with your throwing knife. It’s one of the few things in the game that can do that amount of damage that fast. I use chain of woe instead of gamblers dagger for my 2nd ability modifier. That ones better suited for pve; because you usually don’t get precision kills quick enough to warrant the perk, but I use Against All Odds (HMG) and if you can get a few kills going, it can make your reload speeds pretty quick which is important. Nobody wants to die in between reloads

  • Anonymous

    Looking forward to the titan editon

  • Lan Tolleson

    I run a blade dancer with blink, razor’s edge, fast twitch, path unknown, way of the drifter, and hungering blade. My strategy relies on hand cannons such as Thorn or Fatebringer and a solid shotgun. Generally if I’m within shotgun range, I fire off one shot with the shotgun, and if that doesn’t do the trick, I finish off with a blink strike, which regens my health for the next encounter. It’s best suited for one v. one encounters, so a lot of baiting is involved. But arcblade is often an option for the nore crowded fights.

  • dstripedape

    Speed build with health regen secondary bladedancer w/dance machines, universal remote, and a good sniper rifle. Also master blink strike and slide distance, with these you will hold your own in crucible.

  • Jerry Sköld

    I like these builds, but I can never seem to master Blink to a level where it becomes reliable rather than me pathetically trying to reach places and getting shot in the back.

    • Christian

      It is certainly a tricky thing to master, but very effective one you get it. As you probably know, the location you Blink to is based on your trajectory before you Blink. It’s good to get into Patrol and just have a load of practise. Some fun things to try out is jumping and just as you start to fall again, Blink, and you will activate a surprising forward teleport right into your opponent. This is great for shotguns in just about any Situation. Lots of fun and effective things can be achieved with this ability (:

    • Adept

      Christian said this already, but in very simple terms: Blink takes you the direction your momentum is currently taking you. If you are still moving upwards and forward blink will exacerbate that movement. If you jump and don’t blink until you’re on the descent again you’ll just go forward, but it will not make you go up.

      If you want to maximize ups with Blink use it right before the peak of your jump. It also helps ot get in the habit of sprinting before. More momentum = further movement with Blink.

  • Finlay Jones

    hunter build guide for pvp:

    pick hunter- either class is fine.

    pop super for easy multi kills


  • BeeffyDaffOdil

    I have my Hunter running the 4 shot gunslinger with the suros regime with , of course , iron banner gloves with fast AR reload so i keep my lvl 32 and a very sweet looking hunter . Triple jump, tripmine , chain of woe and of course gunslinger trance … Best streak 38 kills with that build .
    BeeffyDaffOdil , over 1k played hours , 2760 grimoires (xbox 😉 3 lvl 32 characters with all ALL EXOTICS MAXED OUT 🙂

  • Shallow as a soup bowl

    Holy shit you guys are scrapping the bottom of the barrel meow and trying to add depth to shallow ass fps shooter with very very light rpg mechanics….damn…

    What you play ass barely makes a fucking difference in this game….only a few few very specific instances (manly a couple sections of the raids) does it make a difference in game play. Your class, subclass, race, gender, etc rarely…rarely…matter at all…

    Can we just stop with this build non-sense already…. Your character “builds” make such an infinitesimally minor difference in minute to minute game play it’s just silly to talk about it…

    This coming from a someone with just three lvl 32s (one of each class) and nearly every exotic who has played around with different set-ups longer than I should have…

    Can you just start being honest about what this game is??

    • Grymwulf

      These kinds of posts make me laugh. First, the person trashes the game, saying how horrible it is, how it lacks content, etc. etc. Then they feel the need to validate themselves at the end of their post by saying that they have 3 level 32s, or that they’ve played for hundreds of hours, etc. etc. What makes me laugh is these people don’t realize that they’ve invalidated their comments by attempting to validate their comments. If this game is so bad, so shallow, so lacking, then why did you sink so much time in to it?

      “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

      Also, the excessive use of expletives automatically proves that your brain is a frustrated brain, incapable of articulate expression.

    • Grymwulf

      Also, I think you may be a cat…

    • Adept

      In pve they do matter. Not to an extreme degree, but they definitely do matter.

      Then again in a lot of mainstream MMOs they also don’t matter that much. Even in WoW with so much homogenization minor changes in talents (for some, not all) equate to on a percentage basis minute differences in performance/dps.

      In pvp they matter a lot. Different talents perform -very- differently. Maybe you just aren’t good at using your talents properly?

  • Resident

    Race and gender don’t mater at all. You could have a alien race with assholes for eyes. Aside the point if you really wanted to haul ass in crucible. Blade dancer: Flux or arcbolt grenade, blink jump, show stopper the first training skill. +2 armor +2 speed. Way of the Drifter, Fleet Flooded, and hungering blade. Bladedancer: Focus on speed. (dumbfucks)

  • Adept

    So I wanted to share a build that I know is popular among a lot of high end Bladedancers. I know the point of these builds are to be “elite”, and I can attest to the strength of this build. It provides extremely fast game play, and allows you to chew through opponents at rapid rates. I use this build strictly for pvp; my pve loadout is much more stealth oriented.

    Grenade Tye: Arcbolt (Could use Flux or Skip, I strongly recommend Arcbolt.)
    Double Jump: Blink
    Blink Strike: Fast Twitch
    Arc Blade: Razor’s Edge or Vanish (preference, also depends on map)
    Path I: Path Forgotten
    Ability Mod: Fleet Footed
    Path II: Way of the Drifter
    Ability Mod: Hungering Blade (This is the most important part)

    Primary: Hand Cannon
    Secondary: Shotgun (pref with Rangefinder or Shot Package)
    Armor: Use something with Switchblade (increased melee attack speed). Mask of the Third Man is clearly the best option for this; however Lucky Raspberry is actually fairly good for this spec as well due to increased arcbolt, raw intellect, and grenade on respawn. I used no exotics with this build for a long time. My main priority was having Switchblade at all times, and then Int/Str.

    This spec excels at moving around the map extremely quickly. Armor needs to be str/intellect focused (I go for 280 int/280 str roughly, but sometimes I use a little Disc just because you don’t need a full 280 str to have insanely fast Blink Strike cooldown). Most of your kills are going to come from Shotgun, or Shotgun->Blink Strike combos. You really want to score the kill with Blink Strike if at all possible because of Hungering Blade. This will allow you to quickly dispose of an enemy, regenerate health, and move on to the next. This also gives you an insane advantage with Arc Blade as you will start regenerating after every kill with Arc Blade. This makes it much easier to chain 3+ Kills with Arc Blade even with the enemy knowing you’re there.

    Blinking into position to land a shotgun->blink strike is something you want to refine, and also understanding how to not get caught at medium-to-long ranges without your Hand Cannon. I regularly switch to my Hand Cannon in areas I know I won’t be able to close gaps super fast. I switch up between Thorn and The Last Word based on maptype (longer maps I use Thorn.) Thorn also allows you to pop off shots, get Mark rolling, and then switch positions to take advantage of the distress they’re under. I can’t stress enough how fast you can move around maps with this build. The extra agilty is -extremely- noticeable if you play with it and then play without it.

    I like Arcbolt grenade because I can arcbolt an area with 2-3 people, bring them all to half, and easily dispose of one with a shotgun from decent range as I enter into a blink strike on the other, and hopefully dispose of the third with a subsequent melee or shotgun. Obviously you can use flux, but when you get the hang of taking advantage of arcbolt its hard to switch back.

    There’s a lot of variations on this spec, i.e. using razor’s edge or vanish with Arc Blade. I like both; depends on what kind of mood I’m in. I pretty much never switch out of the other talents though. Quick Draw seems nice, but the loss of agility, sprint speed, and slide distance feels awkward for me. I’m pretty fast at pulling a Thorn out and firing away so I don’t see much advantage.

    This spec gives me 30-40 kills quite often in control. Stealthing is fun, but I like to be able to just keep flowing and moving. Once you get your momentum going and you’re in a flow you start to become a swift and crushing force in the match.

    Sorry for the long post, but I feel that anyone looking into Bladedancer pvp should be exposed to a build that has almost no reliance on stealth. Fast movement, good positioning, and refining your ability to decide how to engage multiple opponents will allow you to excel with this build.

    • ForeverLaxx .

      Mida Multitool would work better for this build theme, but Blink+Shotgun is nothing new and neither is Third Man+Hungering Blade. Most players forgo stealth in PvP because it’s ultimately nothing but a personal radar jammer. You’re still easy to spot, so building a “no stealth” Bladedancer isn’t exactly novel.

      • Adept

        I don’t think I said it’s novel, nor presented it as new, so I’m not sure what the point of your post was. I was just sharing a build that wasn’t listed that I know is a top performing Bladedancer build in pvp that does not incorporate stealth.

        That being said I don’t honestly get that many kills with “blink+shotgun”. I get most of my kills with just shotgun/shotgun+blink strike, or Thorn/Last Word. Blink I use for mobility and getting someone quickly. Sure I blink to someone and land a shotgun from time to time, but it isn’t near as often as people seem to think.

        Also, disagree about Mida. I’d use a scout rifle with third eye before I’d use mida. You don’t want to be running around fast on most maps with your primary out, so the added agility isn’t benefitting you that much because if you run into a shotgun you’re gonna get dropped around a corner. Thorn also allows you to take advantage of Mark by popping off shots into a melee and then continuing about your business, or simply shooting and then bolting somewhere else. It can net you kills & assists while you’re running. The throughput from that is tremendous.

        • Grymwulf

          Adept, I like all the talents you’ve chosen for bladedancer and was planning on copying exactly what you’ve posted above. Great advice. I agree that Thorn is a more useful primary that Mida, though Mida is nice since you’re radar will always be active. I have a Badger CCL with Third Eye/Zen Moment/Explosive rounds, so I’m not sure I’ll ever go with Mida.

          Totally agree with this too: “Thorn also allows you to take advantage of Mark by popping off shots
          into a melee and then continuing about your business, or simply shooting
          and then bolting somewhere else. It can net you kills & assists
          while you’re running. The throughput from that is tremendous.”

          Thorn is an absolute beast in PvP and I get SO many assists with it. It’s tremendous for softening up enemies, really helps teammates and yourself out.

          • Adept

            Thanks! Yeah, if I was going to use a scout rifle I’d definitely use one with Third Eye. I have 2-3 diff ones, but my favorite is my Badger I got from the Christmas gift. Third Eye, Send It, and Luck in the Chamber. Things a beast if I want to go with the playstyle of using a scout. I advise Third Eye because you’re gonna post up quite often and having that radar is invaluable.

            When you say you’re planning on copying it did you mean to advise as a build, or are you intending to give it a good solid run in the Crucible? I didn’t play with that build initially, then started to. My crucible experience was night and day. It fits my playstyle; super fast, finesse involved, and lets me deal with a variety of situations. It also helped A LOT when I got a Felwinter’s with Rangefinder.

            On the topic of Rangefinder; I prefer it to Shot Package when Im playing Hungering Blade/Bladedancer. I find that with Shot package its extremely high risk/reward, and I normally either get the kill with a shotgun or I miss entirely. Rangefinder allows me to either 1.) get the kill, or 2.) commonly get half of their health with spread and finish with Blink Strike. And finishing with Blink Strike is almost always more valuable in my eyes, unless I’m completely blindsiding the person. Then it’s an easy shotgun kill either way, so the discussion between the two becomes moot.

          • Grymwulf

            By copying I mean that those are the exact talents I’m planning on using on my hunter once she levels up fully (currently she’s only lvl 12). I just really like the concept of the fast-moving, stabbing hunter that regens health on melee kill. That health regen is critical for opening up other talent trees, enabling you to spec full speed and toughness.

            And I totally agree with Rangefinder on Shotguns and then blink-striking in for the kill. That’s an extremely deadly combo, one that can be helped by Blink, but doesn’t rely on it.

            If you’re on Xbox 1, look me up! I’m Grymwulf9.

        • ForeverLaxx .

          Implications are a funny thing, considering yours was that not using stealth was somehow this standout idea. In fact, practically all hunters that aren’t Gunslingers are running Hand Cannon/Shotgun with Third Man when I face them in the Crucible. I suppose I found it difficult to understand why you’d post this “amazing build” when it’s so common, but then again it somehow missed being listed in that article in the first place.

          You only disagree with Mida because you failed to recognize why it fits in your description better than Thorn. You use Thorn when getting close would take too long or would be unsafe, and Mida fits here far better while making you more mobile to boot. Throw on Dance Machine for funsies. Thorn promotes a “duck and cover” play style that rewards patience and utilization of the burn. It’s the opposite of the play style you’re trying to promote. The only advantage it has is tagging someone for a quick melee and hoping the burn finished them off, but if you use the radar at all you’d have you shotgun ready instead.

          • Adept

            Except I never implied it’s a new thing or unheard of. It simply wasn’t posted here, and the author asked for suggestions. Do you just troll around the internet looking for an exchange?

          • ForeverLaxx .

            Do you always get so defensive when called out?

          • Adept

            What are you calling out? The author asked for people to leave suggestions, so I left one with a thorough explanation.

            Why would I think it’s old news considering I learned of the spec by watching a video from October? Makes no sense mate.

          • ForeverLaxx .

            “High end Hunters”. Only real thing I took issue with was the obvious undertones of “if you’re good you’d be using this”. I even tried to point out things that work better for your pitch of an old concept, but you were too lost in the Special Snowflake maze to notice.

            Posting the “build” is fine, as it should have been here anyway. Treating it like it’s some secret power build was just nonsense.

          • Adept

            Not sure how you interpreted in that I think it’s an end all has to be used spec. I didn’t discount any attributes of other specs, I merely stated what I like.

          • George

            Girls…. Girls…. Both of your dresses look cute. Save the irritation for in your bathroom while reading about the latest celebrity screw-up on the John.

          • Adept

            3 weeks late bud.

          • Adept

            Oh, and not to bring it back up…but no. Thorn is not promoting a contradiction to the playstyle I’ve described. You shoot, and you get moving again. Attempting to play at anything past Medium range or posting up anywhere to take advantage of a scout rifle is quite the opposite of the playstyle I’m describing. That’s why I don’t use a scout rifle with Third Eye & Luck in The Chamber, even though I could probably up my rolling K/D by doing so. It just isn’t fun for me.

            But to each his own. I did not describe Thorn as a duck and cover playstyle; I actually outlined an example where you use it to land some shots and keep moving towards the melee from an alternate route. I specifically worded it as such so that it would not be confused with a duck & cover playstyle. But people only read what they want to read, and considering you seem to have negatively viewed my post I’m not surprised you misinterpreted my rationale for using Thorn.

          • ForeverLaxx .

            I stopped because it was hopeless trying to get you to read the words that you yourself wrote, and yet you come right back in here to do it all over again. -I- said that Thorn’s design promotes a duck and cover play style, and that -your- use of Thorn would be better filled with Mida as you valued maneuverability and speed when forced to engage at range. As I main a Scout Rifle on my Warlock and Thorn on my Hunter, I know exactly how each performs in any given situation, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of each.

            You underutilize Thorn for personal preference, unless you also favor small maps with plenty of sharp corners that make Scouts less effective. But based solely on -your- description of your play style, I was merely offering a better primary for the role.

            I won’t be replying further, as it’s obvious to me that you have issues putting what’s in your head into words.

          • Adept

            Still never said a word about duck and cover. Not sure what’s making you be so condescending. Can you not handle someone disagreeing with you and just accepting it? Scout rifle is intended for the play style I’m describing. I’m not engaging any long range fights, I’m merely moving on for a different position.

            Oh well. Everyone is rude on the internet.

      • TC0072

        I wanted to post another build which uses mida but using Radiant Dance Machines. The rest of the build is almost identical except quickdraw instead of fleet footed which seems to help even more with shotgun speed.

        This isn’t my own build I found it here:

        Arcbolt grenade
        Razor’s Edge
        Fast Twitch
        Hungering Blade

        Armor: Radiant Dance Machines

        Primary: MIDA Multi-Tool
        Special: fave shotty or sniper
        Heavy: fave machine gun

        I’m not very good at PVP but just moved back to using my hunter after running warlock for iron banner. In my first two games with this got 25 kills and 2.5 K/D which for me is really good. This build does seem to allow you to stay alive much easier as you can quickly get out of gunfights you know you’re going to lose.

  • roDIZZZZle

    Subclass: Gunslinger
    Playstyle: Aggressive
    Engagements: Close Quarters
    Strengths: Darkness Destroyer (Support)

    Primary Weapon: Word of Crota
    Special Weapon: Shotgun
    Heavy Weapon: Gjallarhorn

    Alt Primary: Fate Bringer
    Alt Special: Black Hammer
    Alt Heavy: Machine Gun (Against All Odds)

    Grenade Type: Swarm Grenade
    Double Jump: Triple Jump
    Golden Gun: Gunfighter
    Throwing Knife: Knife Juggler
    Path I: Path Unknown
    Ability Modifier: Gunslinger’s Trance
    Path II: Way of the Drifter
    Ability Modifier: Chain of Woe
    Ideal Exotic Armor: Don’t Touch Me

    Gunslinger’s Trance & Chain of Woe is a deadly combination with any guns, Hand Cannons really shine with these perks. Knife Juggler provides an easy percision kill as well. This build rewards a skilled shot with amazing stability and reloads for all your weapons. (Build is great for any PVE activity)

  • Nirvash

    Just thought I’d share a build I run when using my Gunslinger Hunter. While I won’t go out on a limb and say it is “Elite”, I will say that as far as PVE goes it is the bee’s knees if you like wrecking stuff with your supercharge. That being said this build is very armor specific and may take some time to put together, although there may be alternates the set up I will be providing is guaranteed to be functional all while maintaining level 32. I call it the Generator Build.

    Playstyle: Agressive
    Engagements: All Ranges (Depending on weapon set-up)
    Strengths: Orb of light generation and high damage output

    Grenade Type: Tripmine (A personal favorite for area control but any one will work)
    Jump Skill: Triple Jump (Mobility is always key when charging the hordes of darkness)
    Golden Gun: Gunfighter (Get that super back a little faster)
    Throwing Knife: Knife Juggler
    Path 1: Path Forgotten
    Ability 1: Gunslinger’s Trance (Great for stabilizing any weapon and keeping you scoring precision hits for around 12 seconds or so)
    Path 2: Way of the Drifter
    Ability 2: Chain of Woe (Score 3 quick precision kills and you basically have a super speed reload for 9 seconds)

    Now like I said this is a Hunter build centered around constantly working to have your supercharge back ASAP so now I will delve into the weapons and armor best suited for this.

    Primary Weapon: The Bad Juju (After its buff and upgraded stat from a previous update this weapon is a PVE monster when it comes to wiping out lower tier enemies and generating absurd amounts of super energy) (If you don’t have the Bad Juju any other favorite weapon will work for this build, the Juju just helps with extra energy generation)
    Special Weapon: Shotgun/Sniper/Fusion Rifle (Totally your call based on engagement, this allows for the playstyle to maintain its all range functionality)
    Heavy: Machine Gun/Rocket Launcher (Again this serves the purpose of allowing you to play comfortably and using whatever weapon floats your boat)

    Now I know as far as weapons go the build is built on having the Juju for max energy generation and nothing else really matters, which it fine because once you take a look at the armor required you will see why not having the Juju won’t slow down your ability to get that super back ASAP. (Side note the armor listed is what I use stat for stat)

    Gauntlets: Don’t Touch Me (Light = 36 Discipline = 97) (DTM has the inverse shadow perk on it which appears to stack with the one from the custom raid helm)
    Chest Armor: Relentless Harness (Light = 36 Intellect = 81 Discipline = 76)
    Leg Armor: Tireless Striders (Light = 36 Intellect = 75 Discipline = 74)

    At the end of the day you have a build (if you have this exact or similar armor) that leans on Discipline (100%) and Intellect (57%). Now for the important part, just how fast can you get your super. Well I know it may sound ridiculous but with a proper stream of low tier enemies you can have your Golden Gun back every 20 – 30 seconds, with ultra or major enemies you are looking at around the same time frame maybe a bit faster because they are harder to kill however they generate more energy per kill (4 major or ultra enemy kills will get you your super back if using the Bad Juju to land a killing blow).

    Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy the build if you decide to try it and good luck out in the great beyond Guardians.

  • Kxsbo

    My PvP builds are:

    Gunslinger: (Passive)

    P: The Last Word
    S: LDR / Spear
    H: Jolders Hammer

    -Triple Jump
    -Incendiary Blade
    -Path Forgotten / Way of the Drifter
    -Gunslingers Trance
    -Over the Horizon


    Bladedancer: (Aggressive)

    P: The Last Word
    S: Felwinters Lie
    H: Jolders Hammer

    -Arcbolt Grenade
    -Razors Edge
    -Fast Twitch
    -Path Forgotten / Way of the Drifter

    -Quick Draw
    -Hungering Blade

  • Jmaster213

    Just a suggestion for people (like me) that really only use bladedancer if all my team is dead and I need to revive them. Anyways my suggestion would be to run the Crest of Alfa Lupi instead of the mask, just to get in and out as quickly as possible. I remember many times where I’ve saved a nightfall because of that exotic. But that’s just a thought.

  • James

    Yeah so my build is pretty simple it’s for gunslingers just the last word, shotgun, and machine-gun with triple jump trip mine grenade and dual throwing knife and the perk that has throwing knifes reset with head shots with throwing knives and for
    exotic armor achrypholage symbiotic