Dust Palace Walkthrough

Gear up for the Dust Palace Strike, Guardians. In this long-form, loot-dropping mission, team up with two friends and take down the Cabal in an ancient ruin on Mars. PlayStation walks you through this blood-pounding Strike which is exclusive to PlayStation until Fall 2015.

This Strike is available once you reach level 18, and in it you will be able to earn some of the PS timed exclusive gear!

In other news, if you haven’t already redeemed your codes at Bungie.net – you can do so now!


Finally, the control scheme for the Remote Play Vita version has been revealed.


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  • chris

    I think it is interesting how the strike group is lvl 20 yet the monsters are still 18 and they are being erased so fast hopefully its not like that at end levels

    • SyntheticReign

      I believe you can set the level of the Strike. For example, you could set the Strike to Normal (level 18’s) or Hard (level 20’s). Not to mention they’re using exotic weapons. Hope this helps.