Dragon Slayer

Published on: Aug 21, 2014 @ 15:54

In the recent gameplay trailer, after the narrator says that “there are enemies out here you would not believe,” we got to see a new (killable?) monster.


We’ve seen something that looks similar to this in the Beta, in the Shores of Time map on Venus.


Could either of these be the “champion” that the Dragon Slayer achievement alludes to?


Update: We now know at least one of the “champions” that this achievement is referring to.

Achievement Spoiler

Achievement Spoiler

If you’re skeptical, you better be careful! This weapon gives us some insight:


In other news, gamereactorTV talked with community manager David Dague at Gamescom. The lengthy interview covers multiplayer maps and modes as well the inclusion of difficulty levels, lessons learned from the beta, raid checkpoints & much more.

And finally, GameStop added a promotional image for The Dark Below expansion that’s being released in December. Tons of new content being added just 2 months after release!



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  • Joshua

    It’s Batman..

  • Nater-ater

    It would be awesome if they had a Dragon as a Strike or Raid boss

    • Bilal Mvw

      covered in futuristic guns, claws, balsty thingies, slashy thingies, jet pack thingies, and a pokemon move thingy…….

      • Nater-ater

        That’s one way to look at it, but based on this clip, that probably won’t happen.

        • Bilal Mvw

          Well if it’s an open worl mmo, surely we should see our characters evolve? That’s a thing that destiny needs to win fans like me. If destiny are planning to make an ever evolving world- surely that needs ever evolving enemies. It won’t happen, and as I haven’t of heard of it won’t happen, but it seems lately the biggest fear of destiny, is that it’s being sold as something it’s not….

  • Michael Loomis

    “… even planet destroyers beasts.” That was one of the descriptions Bungie gave some enemies in the early development of Destiny. Dragons that have allied with the Darkness could probably destroy a world or two…

  • dobro

    I really like the lore in this game and the writing. the item descriptions on the guns are very funny too. I am really interested in what the darkness enemies are going to be. I wish I had all 3 darkness grimoire cards, but I only got one in the beta. when do those cards unlock lol