Dissecting Destiny Culture

Published on: Mar 8, 2015 @ 9:06

Two different cultures can be entire worlds apart. I learned this the hard way when I first taught in China. Stepping back on US soil after such a concentrated stint somewhere else was, without a doubt, the most jarring experience I’ve ever had.

And now here I am again, only this time it’s because of the Destiny community and the culture that surrounds it – so different from the world I’ve come from, so jarring once again.

I need to understand this phenomena. I want to know what shapes the Destiny community’s culture, and how we improve what we have here at Planet Destiny.

No culture is perfect. We all have glaring flaws, if we just know where to look. But even with flaws, some cultures feel like home, and that’s special. That’s worth fighting for.

That’s why it’s time to dissect this beast with scalpel in one hand and magnifying glass in the other. We’ll dig around; see the good, bad, maybe a little ugly, and find what we can improve along the way.

What is Destiny Culture?

As kids we all went from our parent’s homes to our friend’s and saw how drastically the game changes. “I can’t use that word at the dinner table?” and “You want me to clean my dish before putting it in the washer?”

Welcome to the lawless land where rules and regulations can’t touch us.

You see, culture is how people really respond to the laws. Culture is made up of unwritten expectations and appropriate responses that are acted out only in behavior. It must be learned, unlearned, and re-learned as we transition from one culture to another.

Those unspoken laws are vitally important – our comfort and happiness depend on them. If you don’t understand Destiny culture you’ll feel like an alien rejected at every turn, but if you fit – if you really belong – oh what a pleasure every day becomes.

That’s why our happiness hinges on understanding what creates culture.

What Creates Culture?

Every culture has an originator. Like the Black Heart of the Vex (though hopefully less evil), it sets a tone and connects all the members into a cohesive whole. That’s how communities are born.

And so with Destiny, we have a game concocted by developers, and those developers are the originators of a culture. They set a tone, and others take that tone and create their own smaller communities, each with a different culture.

destiny community culture

Planet Destiny is just one of those communities, and the culture it creates is based on several factors. These factors can make a culture an inhospitable wasteland, or a dream, which is why they are so important to our happiness here.

For anyone who’s visited our forums, you’ll notice our focus is on community involvement and inclusivity, which is why we welcome new members with open arms. We offer awards for doing awesome stuff around the forum, like submitting community creations or being friendly & helpful. We don’t have moderators because we barely have any rules, and we don’t have rules because we’ve found that the community is extremely well behaved.

Nature of the Beast

Destiny, the game itself, is the biggest clue we have of what sort of culture might grow from it.

Whether it is co-operative play in PvE or team-based PvP, most people are attracted to Destiny because they can enjoy it with friends. This creates a natural camaraderie among peer groups.

Small peer groups tend to act like gravitational fields that draw more and more people in. They make outliers more comfortable in raids and PvP teams, so individual players feel at ease to open up and become well-functioning members of the group, even when they’re pulling that trigger on the perfect shotgun blast to the chest.

Leadership Examples

This would be your editors, writers, podcasters, and everyone else operating behind the scenes of a website. And really, this is the most powerful influence of culture.

The reason is simple: leadership sets the precedents that become ingrained in a community’s self-identity. Leaders set behavioral expectations in a culture through their behavior when dealing with the community at large, and behaviors are more important than rules.

destiny trolls

If you’ve ever posted something to a community and had it deleted without explanation or looked at the comments section on a site and seen spam messages everywhere, that comes down to leadership’s actions.

Community Response

While community response is often a symptom of a problem rather than the cause, it can also cause a culture shift if a certain type of threat springs up.

Sometimes I wonder if the burnout crowd in Destiny leans towards this extreme at times. You see, this threat starts with seeds of discontent that spread slowly and encompass more and more people. It usually leads to sarcasm or that particular brand of humor that disguises itself as, “Well, at least I’m honest,” as it proceeds to crush everything because it’s miserable where it is.

And then there is a healthy community – people reaching out to help newcomers, raid groups forming through LFG, comments regulated more by the community than the leadership (via votes).

So which is Destiny in? A healthy community, or one coughing up blood? Some signs can help us determine that answer.

Evaluating Destiny’s Culture

How can we tell if Destiny’s culture is bad?

It’s really not so hard to tell a bad culture from a good one. Look first at the community; of course you can’t see it all, but PD’s community is a good starting point.

planetdestiny community culture

Evaluate the quality of discussions occurring on a daily basis. Are comments generally negative or overtly critical of small matters?

People are surprisingly level-headed in a stable culture. Good cultures realize that information, even bad information, will be filtered through other like-minded people in the community and anything harmful will be naturally weeded out.

What Should We Do?

If you’ve evaluated Destiny’s culture and find it to be unpalatable, you have a few options.

First, you can abandon ship. Sometimes what seems like a bad culture is actually just not right for you. Maybe your time with Destiny has come to an end and the community no longer holds anything for you. That’s fine, but you’d do yourself a disservice to stay. Make a new culture somewhere and follow the list below to ensure it’s good.

Or, if you love the people you’ve met in Destiny’s community (despite our flaws) but see room for improvement, you can choose to make it better. It’s really not that difficult, and it works slowly through small steps.

Here are a few ways to bring about change:

Start Now

Time is your ally in this fight, and the sooner steps are taken, the better. Accepted behaviors are learned over time, which means they are unlearned over time as well.

C.S. Lewis once said, “A sum can be put right: but only by going back till you find the error and working it afresh from that point, never by simply going on,” and the same can be said of culture.

There is no use going forward until you’ve gone back and changed the root behaviors.

Starting today, find like-minded people in the community and devote yourselves to setting some of these other changes into motion. As Eris Morn puts it in her slightly crazed voice, “There’s nothing you can’t do now, Guardian!”

Nurture a Better Nature

If we look inwardly at the nature within our small group and find issues that need to be addressed, then you can be certain that those issues are only magnified when they come in contact with the community at large.

What this means is we have to nurture a better nature in ourselves. With your friends, make it a habit to question learned behaviors.

Do you respond to comments with sarcasm or genuinely useful conversation? Are you constantly complaining about RNG or burnout and ignoring the redeeming qualities?

We must not forget that it’s easier to see flaws in other things than flaws in ourselves, but a healthy community must practice what it preaches. Ask the tough questions of yourself first so your behavior becomes a living example of change. Actions speak louder than words, after all.

Choose Fire Extinguishers Wisely

There are many ways to stop a flame from spreading, but not all are helpful. If there are particularly hot issues in the community that set fire to the discussion, ask which of these scenarios is better.

First, we can try to smother the fire. Just throw everything we can on it. The problem: sometimes lighter fluid gets lost in the mix and things blow up. When we respond vehemently to comments, sometimes we’re just feeding the beast.

destiny fire troll

Then again, we can withhold air and watch the whole thing die of neglect. This method is preferable when the community member has proven to be hotheaded in the past.

Never underestimate the power of deprivation when it comes to dealing with trolls. But if the concerns are legitimate and the fire is burning because some things need a good refining fire, feel free to smother the thing – just make sure you look at what’s in your hand before you toss it.

A Place to Call Home

Destiny has done more for me than many other games. I’ve been in other communities and I feel like what Destiny’s at large has created is rather spectacular. But it isn’t perfect.

We all have room to grow and things that need to change, but my hope is this has given us a better understanding of how these things are cultivated so we can begin to make this place more like a home.

Because that’s what a good culture is: a Tower to hang our hats in. Sure, there might be a few weeds springing up in the Iron Banner’s courtyard, but they seem to be rooting themselves out when the community operates as it should – picking the bad ones and leaving the rest to grow strong in the light of the Traveler.

And like a home, when things are bad, there’s always a way to make them better again.

But when things are flourishing – ah to know that feeling – well, you just might find you’ll never want to leave home again.

Taylor Bair

I write about the intersection between the games we love and the lives we live. When I’m not working on websites and marketing projects, I’m writing with a hot cup of chai tea in one hand and a computer in the other. Makes typing exceedingly difficult, let me tell you.

  • ItsJustinTheGame

    This was a very interesting article. Kinda proves a lot more points than I had first thought it would. Great job as usual!

    • ItsJustinTheGame

      And its purely coincidental that my picture is New Monarchy and I have their Auto Rifle by getting it legit

  • inquisitor314

    thought provoking but in my opinion to neutral in substance. This also in context puts a spot of blame on the community. be it the customer, purchaser or player of games. The article does not give logical evaluation to the cause. This significant part is left out in dissecting a community. The root should be the focus for you to improve the tree or destroy it. unless you forget to identify the root You will a;ways have different forms of leaves.

    • Lee Juriet

      I agree… like a few posts, this one seems to say that those with a grievance, be it legitimate, like the many, many people hating the RNG, or those looking to troll, are to be ignored completely.

      • ProfessionalCitizen

        Trolls should be ignored completely, and banned if excessive. PD also had an excellent article recently addressing hate for RNG.

        • Adept

          This is also a discussion more relating to player culture. Not how we feel about game mechanics. The two are very different, but obviously they can influence eachother.

          Some people can choose to not like the culture or feel it is not worthwhile because they hate RNG. Some choose to enjoy the game regardless of their qualms with the game because they like the culture. I find I’m the latter.

          But the trolls will always come out to derail topics. We just keep on going.

  • Miguelito359

    Love your articles Taylor Bair!, since I usually pick up a thing or two while reading them. This alone makes your discussions well worth reading from beginning to end.

    Although sometimes questionable, I believe that this community is a healthy one filled with awesome members. We have lore seekers, artists, animators, writers, musicians, and the list goes on. We have countless forums that spotlight players, bring players together, and answer any questions they may have. This community is, by and large, one that’s definitely here to stay.

    • Lee Juriet

      And then we have people like I, who have been…. displeased… with the game as it is in ts current, lacking, state. And I know, without a shadow of a doubt, my concerns are not and will not be addressed, or given their fair assessment.

      • ProfessionalCitizen

        So abandon ship. If you don’t like the game, play something else. If you do like the game, and you know “without a shadow of a doubt, [your] concerns are not and will not be addressed, or given their fair assessment.” then stop bothering people and enjoy the game, in its flawed state, in silence.

      • Mykle D Clark

        It’s sad, really. A game held so much promise and fell so short of expectation. They won’t even admit anything is wrong.
        When you try to express this sentiment, people like professionalcitizen will be there to remind you that you don’t belong. It is okay, though. You don’t belong because you deserve better. You also should be in a place where kids don’t exclude you or tell you to be quiet because you want something better.
        PlanetDestiny is a great place full of like-minded people, for the most part. The problem is they are most staunch defenders of the grind. They will tear you down just for sticking around the community. Honestly, you shouldn’t. I’m tied to it at the moment and I have received tons of emails telling me to leave even though I was there before its inception and even saved it from becoming nothing.
        Don’t do yourself a disservice by sticking around people who treat you poorly. White Knights yelling at people with legitimate concerns is just as toxic as a hateful troll. You can always PM me on the forums for a chat or suggestions for a nice place to find non destiny discussions.

  • Lindsey

    Loved the article and the points you make about the community and partnership. This is one of the best games I have played in awhile. I think the what draws me the most is the collaboration between players to defeat a task or enemy. The raids are e perfect example of this. Thanks again and thumbs up on the article.

  • GoombaJuice

    Taylor, another great article, refreshing that another step is being taken into closing the bond between gamer and developer. Keep em coming! ps. Feel free to add me on Ps3 guys! GoombaJuice

  • omg…. this article is fucking stupid. Dude… you wanna be a god damn Social psychiatrist? Go to fucking school and get a degree. Stop trying to play one. Destiny culture (at it’s roots on Destiny’s own fucking forums) is pathetic.
    A game that is plagued with problems undoubtedly will have its own culture problems. You sit here and talk about what a ‘player’ can do when in reality the culture of this game will NEVER get better. If Bungie’s plan is to pump out Destiny 2 with the same amount of content and lacking story…. along with craptastic DLC content. This entire community and culture is doomed.
    How you people get paid to write shit like this is beyond me. Anyone can pull this watered down fake culture bullshit out of their ass and toss it on a website.
    You know what? Fuck PD… I’m done with this site.

    • ryan

      I think he brought up a lot of valid points regardless of his credentials. I think overall the culture is pretty reasonable and fair… Ive met a lot of genuinely nice people and had a lot of fun doing raids and strikes with them over the past six months.
      I feel like everyone has bought a game that they have been disappointed with at some time in their life… I think its impossible to totally please everyone. As far as I know every game that has ever existed has had some problems in one form or another. What is surprising to me (and I think the point of the article is this as well) is the amount of nastiness observed in the comments and forums about this game. I don’t know of another form of media where it’s normal for someone to be unhappy with a product they bought months ago and continue to vocally complain about it in ways that are often downright nasty over and over again…. I think in any other situation that would be perceived as abnormal behavior.
      I think its normal to be disappointed with a developer over something, or to be a little angry when you spend money on a game and you think it isn’t very good. But I think most well adjusted people move on after that… Its the malingering and negative sarcastic comments that ruin the culture for everyone else.

    • ProfessionalCitizen

      Glad you’re leaving.

  • Grymwulf

    I have a bit of a unique perspective on the game, since I just started playing in January and am not suffering from the “Destiny burnout” that so many complain about. Coming in to this community as a fresh face, one that has traditionally loved MMOs and abhorred 1st person shooters, Destiny was an exciting experience for me. Having rarely played FPS games, I royally sucked at Destiny. It took A LOT of practice to get to the level I’m at now 2 months later, and I’ve loved every minute of Destiny.

    Now I’m at the point where I have (almost) all the armor I want, I’m very close to level 32 (waiting for Iron Banner to come back around), I have most of the weapons I want, and one could argue that I am close to the point where there will be nothing left for me to do in the game.

    Shoot, I even got the “Revenant” shader from Dead Orbit two days ago, something I discovered early on and made it my goal to get (I look amazing now, just so you know).

    Destiny has been kind to me, the RNG has occasionally favored me, and the community has been supportive and overall very kind. Sure, you run in to frustrated whiners and trolls who can’t seem to spout anything other than profanity, but those people just lack the ability to articulately express their frustrations. Let them complain, I say. Soon they’ll be gone, and the rest of us can continue to pop some skulls.

    • ProfessionalCitizen

      Well said! I’ve been playing non-stop since launch (and the beta too), but I’m actually in a similar spot. I just reached 32 for the first time, with the help of some IB gear, and have most of the weapons I want. Despite this, i’m not feeling burnout hardly at all, and always have plenty to do!

  • The horse you rode in on

    My god the amount of nut swinging PD has been doing on Destiny/Bungle’s balls lately is vomit inducing… Seriously, starting to think you’re getting some kickbacks from Bungle and/or their Activision evil overlords for it…I hate to sound like a conspiracy nut/”ohh those evil corporations” guy, but seriously…

    Destiny is a hollow vacuous grindfest of a game that keeps you running on a hamster wheel the whole time going nowhere fast. It’s a broken loot based game that fails to excel at any of the genres of videogames it tries to encompass. It does core gameplay mechanics (stuff ripped from Halo) and art style well. THAT IS IT. The amount of things this game is lacking that virtually every other AAA game has had as standard in it for the last 10 years is simple staggering…and unforgiveable.

    It’s a dream shattered to many many players, a lot of which came in with complete trust and love for Bungie…that trust and love is long gone now that we have come to know…Bungle. Especially with the amount of money they’ve charged us for the little little amount of poorly made content they’ve pushed on us…some of which we’re paying for twice essentially (on disc locked dlc…)

    All this “community” analysis is crap…it’s the same as any other multiplayer game “community”…Get over yourselves…we’re not special snowflakes for playing Destiny…we didn’t become legend.

    Bungle doesn’t care about this game anymore…they made their money. Now they’re busy trying to duplicate their results again with Destiny 2 at the people foolish enough to buy it’s expense, literally. Just like the COD or Assassin’s Creed series do…

    You’ve got to be either the most simple minded and most easily pleased/pandered to person or the most sheepish of sheeple to still be please with this game at this point in it’s life or to have hope for it’s/Bungle’s future….

    People are leaving this game in droves…people who’ve been there from launch day (like me- three lvl 32s, nearly every exotic, over 400 hours played, etc, etc)…it’s a sinking ship and Bungle seems pleased to let it sink.

    Good luck to anyone who plans to stay on board much longer…you’ll need it.

    • metalman5150

      If I burn myself out on a movie, game or song (a girl, drugs, or work) – then whose fault is that, but my own?
      Moderation is paramount to avoid burning out on anything!
      No one else is responsible for my behavior, other than myself!

      For many folks, the burn out is real. And that sucks for sure it would be nice if we as individuals did not have to consider moderation. But over consuming anything will leave a bad taste in your mouth.

    • ProfessionalCitizen

      If you’re leaving, could you leave us alone while you’re at it? Thanks.

  • MyName

    So, when can we expect articles over the game itself? I don’t care about this crap. Unbelievable how you can have so many words without actually telling something.

    • ProfessionalCitizen

      There are hundreds of articles by now. Take your pick. And this article is full of meaning and thought. If you don’t like it, don’t bother to read it or comment on it.

  • metalman5150

    Excellent read, Taylor!

    One comment that you wrote, really resonated with me:

    “Small peer groups tend to act like gravitational fields that draw more and more people in.”

    The group of folks that I run Destiny with are a perfect example of this comment & the reason that I keep coming back to Destiny: like-minded individuals that enjoy the camaraderie, challenges and bringing new guardians up to speed.

  • BOoya956

    Sorry guys. I loved coming here for the articles but not so much anymore. You guys are great by the way but not very genuine. Wish you guys the best.

    • ProfessionalCitizen


    • Not genuine? Could you expand on what you mean?

      • BOoya956

        This is article sound very much like one of Deej weekly updates. You guys are good but have the potential to become great. I stop visiting the Bunjie forums because is filled with incompetent individual, so PD became my main source of anything Destiny. Now I feel like PD got hijack by Bunjie.

        • Our goal is to provide constructive criticism for the game, which we do this in this article, and much more in our burnout article.

          We aren’t paid or affiliated with Bungie in any way, I just think you underestimate how much we personally enjoy this game.

          • BOoya956

            Thank you for the clarification and I apologize if I offended. My statement is nothing but my opinion (not important). This is article is right about one thing though and that is how the community leaders steer the mindset of a lot individuals.

            Is good that you like the game but are you really satisfied with Destiny?
            I was forcing and lying to myself that I was, but as more time passes not so much. In the beginning I was mesmerize with Destiny. I told my friends how awesome this game was going to be. I convince them to all get PS4 so we can play this game together (which they did). I had total of 7 friends that bought the game and system. Now only I remain. Don’t get me wrong. I am not a lone wolf in Destiny. I have help and train many newcomers. I am also a member of one the smallest most powerful clan. We have accomplished much together and formed a strong bond. Yet somehow is not enough. Even they are feeling the struggle and the struggles is real.

            If you are satisfied then good but if not, become the voice, the leader the community really needs. The pen is truly mightier than the sword (gun).

          • Nope, I’m not satisfied and likely never will be. I don’t think there’s ever been a game that I was completely satisfied with. The great thing about Destiny is that it’s going to evolve and improve as time goes on.

            As much as I’d like to to have everything (or at least most) of what I want right now, we’ll just have to wait for the improvements, but I’m confident they’re coming. It’s not like Bungie doesn’t want the game to be good.

          • BOoya956

            Maybe improve but I am not sure about evolve. Is not about having everything. Is about integrity. Bunjie does wants the game to be good but for extra $$$. Destiny turn out to be the most disappointment expensive game ever to release (my opinion). You are a good community leader because you actually communicate with the community. That’s enough ranting from me and good luck.

  • Happy Gamer

    I have had “issues” I wished Bungie addressed from day 1. Yet Inplayed well into around december ish with friends. as my friends all left for various reasons (mostly from being bored), I stopped as well. During the time I had alot of expectations toward the game and had a pretty calm mind about Bungie improving on it.

    I have been playing constantly updating games from Various MMOs to others for years. EQ, WoW, Diablo, Ohantasy Star, Tabula Rasa you name it.

    So it’s pretty easy to see trends and potential of the game in one sight for me.

    Destiny unfortunately falls into the category of “had potential…as a concept.” category. I have explained this numerous times on the official forums so I dont feel like diving into it again, but im sure people know what I mean.

    To make things short, I dont think I will be returning to play at the leadt until a big content patch like Comet, but most likely until Destiny 2.

    The frame work of Destiny is extremely shallow and unless they use an incredibly huge path or rework (like final fantasy realm reborn), this will never be the gamd many people dreamed of. This is fine, perhaps this is Bungie’s design choice all along.

    That being said though, I have faith the sequel will bring the depth and realized world setting when they finally isolate the release to next gen consoles etc.

    I really hope they dont use this asinine dlc method too. large initial content, and large expansion packs would be really nice instead

  • sbrozzi

    I always find it interesting how many people complain or rant on PD & Bungie forums about Destiny. Any video game that I have disliked I never cared to follow the publishers website afterwards, why waste my time? Or a fan site related to it either for that matter. But here some of you people are. If you hate Destiny so much WHY do you read PD articles related to Destiny culture? One poster on here is complaining about content & how broken the game is after putting in more than 400 hours & levelling 3 characters to 32. Sounds to me that you may just secretly LIKE the game to put in that level of commitment. Anyways, just an observation…

  • Mykle D Clark

    “Don’t have moderators?” Not correct. Noles has done a great job of almost solely moderating the forums. I have also done my share, more so in the past…

    The tide has turned on PlanetDestiny’s forums. It seems like critical discussion has given way to infinite threads about loot, finding a group and championing Destiny as the greatest game ever. If that last item were true, it would be a great place to be. If the die hard destiny defenders would just let us have our mopey indulgences, we’d have a place too. Alas, we are not welcome.

    I’ve seen a lot of people come through the forums, hyped as hell and ready to play. I’ve seen most of them fade away too. I can even find the early posters playing casually in Destiny but the repetitive white knighting is too much to handle with the repetitive nature of the game.

    • I meant moderators like other staff members besides the admins (myself and you)

  • BonelessMedusa8

    Great article! In my humble opinion the Destiny community is largely positive, but just like everything else there is that 10%, if you will, that makes it difficult or puts
    a damper on the experience. Maybe it is the way I was raised, maybe it
    is that I’m older… I don’t know, but all the caustic negative comments/posts
    that I have seen on this site and other sites bothers me. Not that they shouldn’t be able to make comments or remarks it is just the way they make said comments and remarks. So if I offend I apologize in advance.

    Before I get too involved with the statement above I want state this right now,
    Destiny has it’s problems. Are they insurmountable? I personally don’t think
    so, but I also understand that the flaws cannot be fixed overnight. Nor do I
    believe that Bungie is ignoring the comments from the community or is not
    actively working on correcting the issues as many would have us believe. One
    only has to look at the updates they have put out to see this isn’t so,
    although they could do a better job in communicating with us and have gotten
    better at doing so lately. I know, I know they keep messing with our weapons… so it is a little more fair or not as skewed in the favor of a certain type of weapon(s). Or fixing glitches like being able to push Atheon off the ledge instead of having to shoot him in the face and hacking him with the sword multiple times, instead of giving us
    personal shaders, in game trading, modifying our weapons, grimoire cards
    available in game, RNG and the list goes on and on and on… If I worked a Bungie I
    would be contemplating hari kari due to the total and utter failure in not making
    Destiny the perfect game for every single person on this planet.

    Now back to the negative/caustic comments. When complaining or offering
    criticism it should be articulated clearly and tactfully, examples of the
    problem should be offered, possible solutions etc. be forwarded, and finally
    letting them know what they got right to ensure getting your view across
    without the recipient instantly going on the defensive and immediately
    dismissing your criticism and anything else you might say. People are more
    receptive to this form of criticism (it is call constructive criticism for a
    reason) and listen without instantly going on the defense. I know, I know f
    bombs articulate the way one feels so much better and brings that added
    emphasis of letting people know just how truly and deeply one feels about the
    topic. But think about it this way, if someone came up to you and told you that
    you are a total loser and all F bombed up what would be your response/reaction?
    You would either be throwing down or getting ready to and would instantly
    ignore/dismiss anything else said by the person offering the criticism and justifiably
    so. I dare you to tell me that you wouldn’t do so. If you do, I believe it is my civic duty to remind you that lying is not a good thing and is generally frowned upon unless your a politician, then it is a vocational requirement.

    Another issue that contributes to this, (and I blame this on hand held devices
    ect.) is that we are so used to getting what we want when we want it (instant
    gratification). I bet a lot of people will not read this post as it is longer
    than 128 characters…, takes too long and is too much work. Remember when you
    actually had to go to a pizza joint and wait for your order to be prepared and
    brought to the table instead of having it delivered hot to your door in 30 mins
    or less?. Or you actually had to cook a meal not just pop it in a microwave for
    a couple of minutes? (See I told you I was old!) Problems (especially in games
    the size of Destiny on multiple platforms) can’t be fixed/corrected with a wave
    of the wand or an application of magic pixie dust etc. IT TAKES TIME AND HARD
    WORK. Like any problem it takes time investigate and isolate the cause of the
    problem, find the best solution/compromise for ALL INVOLVED PARTIES (not just
    for the one individual) and apply the solution while ensuring the fix does not
    break something else. To be honest Bungie may not be able to fix some problems
    or add wanted features due to the constraints in the structure of the programming
    of the current game, we don’t know (cue Bungie communication). But in Bungie’s
    and Deej’s defense would you want to be them and have to tell us it can’t be
    done? People would be on their door step with the pitchforks and torches so fast Frankenstein would think his little reception was an unruly party. But
    people don’t want to remember this they just want what they want and they wanted
    it yesterday much less now and screw everyone/everything else. So they throw a temper tantrums and rant and rave like a little child until someone gives them what they want. Just as long as they don’t have to pay the cost for it (I refer you to our political system). I want it now and I want it for free. Me, me, me, me, mine, mine,
    mine. I remind all of you that nothing is free, even freedom; nor is it guaranteed. When Bungie does fix problems it is never enough or fast enough. Reminds me of
    trying to raise children who haven’t been taught or fully learned the lessons
    of life yet. Reminds me of the RNG problem that everyone hates as it doesn’t give us what we want or believe we “earned”. Just think of it as a reminder of life’s
    greatest lesson, life isn’t fair so suck it up…
    Isn’t that what people were saying to the kid who got his characters and
    exotics deleted by a budding psychopath (read the interview with the person who did the deleting and then read the definition of psychopath).

    Will there ever be a perfect game for all players? NO! Because what one person thinks is perfect another thinks is crap. So it boils down to this, if you’re unhappy with how things are being run or done, work to change it in a POSITIVE format. If you don’t want to spend the time or effort to do so leave the rest of us who do and move on. Personally I would like you to stay and help us help Bungie make Destiny the game we would like it to be and know it can be.
    But if you feel this strongly that the game is that bad/broken that you bring that negative attitude with you when you play online (it is readily apparent) it isn’t fair to the rest of us who enjoy the game, flawed though it is.
    I know, no really I do and I can feel your pain. We’re wrong and have our head so far up our back passage we couldn’t possibly know what we are talking about much less what makes a game enjoyable. So it is we, who enjoy the game, that should leave the game so you can be miserable with the rest of the people who feel the same way can continue to play Destiny, as it isn’t fair to you for us to be enjoying the game.
    Again. I apologize in advance.