Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade

The 3 Exotic Class items, 3 Class Emotes, and 3 Shaders are available to purchase separately for $20 from the Xbox One Marketplace & PlayStation (EU) Store & US Store.

Digital Collector’s Edition Upgrade includes:

  • Three Exotic Guardian Class items featuring XP bonuses, three class-specific emotes, and three armor shaders to customize every Guardian class.
  • BONUS: Early Access Weapons Pack – receive a Vanguard themed Auto Rifle, Pulse Rifle, and Side arm.
  • BONUS: SUROS Arsenal Pack – Includes a SUROS Foundry themed Auto Rifle, Pulse Rifle, and Scout Rifle to bolster your combat capabilities, as well as a SUROS Foundry themed Emblem and Armor Shader that you can use to customize your Guardian and show off in Destiny’s Social Spaces.
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