Detailed Multiplayer Exposition


If you haven’t already seen the many Destiny PvP gameplay videos, you can check those out here. However the video below from DattoDoesDestiny explains the mechanics of The Crucible (at the time of the Alpha). The video describes in great detail the maps that were available during the Alpha as well as the Control gametype.

There’s likely to be more PvP maps and gametypes in the July 17th Beta, so be sure to keep following our updates for more juicy info!


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  • Sara

    That’s a very nice analysis.
    I’m soooo glad they don’t have kill streaks (except for super).

    • Nater-ater

      Even though I don’t like kill streaks (not very good a CoD, so I never get them anyways), a small kill streak mechanic could be cool. Similar to Halo 4’s Ordnance system. Or maybe going on a “kill streak” grants you a glimmer bonus or an extra piece of gear?

  • Scabies

    I had a hunch that the hunter class would be overpowered. I hope they recognize and fix that problem.

  • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader

    I think titanfall is right about how many shots it should take to kill – it takes 2 body shots or 1 head shot to kill.

    • Sara

      That’s still pretty much COD. It shouldn’t be about who sees who first or who takes the first shot.
      It’s why Bungie is calling it a “Skill based system”.