Destiny’s Locations

My name is Byf has a great series of informational videos that give an overview about the various aspects of Destiny, from the core basics to tips and tricks. His latest, which focuses on Locations, takes you deep into Destiny’s planets and playable spaces.

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  • Petr Švancara

    Every location that is here on Destiny is far more detailed than everything that I know from the First-Person-Shooters, I mean the huge amount of numerous objects in the environment make it really unique.
    Choose what kind of location you like most, Earth is apocalyptic and old, in the terms of visual, there is numerous cars, airplanes and ships around the territory.
    I never visited the moon, because I play only few hours on my Xbox, but I feel that Moon would be something between larger open places and smaller, but deeper hallways.
    Venus is totally unique for my, just because there are really strange looking, metal like buildings all around the place, and of course the presence of Vex itself.
    Mars would be probably my most visited planet, just because there is amazing sand dunes, and probably some interesting human structures, I hope those structures can be visited by Guardians, like on Earth.
    And lastly, there is Reef, I read somewhere that Reef would be just something that remain from the Neptun planet. So Reef would be another place, not big enough to call it a planet itself, but big enough for Guardians presence. I also hear that Reef would be similar place like the Tower on Earth, another place where Guardians can see their faces and meet other Guardians as well.

    Hello everyone, I am Halogen cz! I’m long-time Halo player, and fan of the Bungie. I’m very happy with this upcoming game, and I hope that you would be too!
    See you on the universe, Guardians!

    – Halogen cz